University of Illinois Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Projects

This page provides links to electronic copies of finding aids, including box and folder listings. The list below includes only finding aids in Encoded Archival Description format. HTML and PDF finding aids are available for other collections through the alphabetical listing or database. In some cases, digital surrogates of documents in a collection are also available via hyperlink, particularly within the James B. Reston Papers finding aid.

Online EAD finding aids:


Adams, Roger, Papers, 1812-1971
Atmospheric Sciences Grant Proposals and Reports, 1971-92
Bardeen, John, Papers, 1910-1991
Barr Jr., Andrew, Papers, 1919-95
Beaty, Harold, Papers, 1928-73
Brooks, William, Papers, 1977-2001
Brundage, Avery, Collection, 1908-1975
Casagrande, Joseph B., Papers, 1938-1982
Chang, Iris, Papers, 1937-1938, 1981-1990, 1998, 2002
Dawn, C. Ernest, Papers, 1950-2001
Duke, Doris, Indian Oral History Program Archives, 1908-1995


Houbolt, John C., Papers, 1932-2000
Hughes, Earl M., Papers, 1948-88
Kyle, Carol, Papers, 1957-1995
Lowry, W. McNeil, Papers, 1941-93
Mosely, Philip, Papers, 1922-84
Nalbandov, Andrew V., Papers, 1924-80, 1986-87
Osgood, Charles E., Papers, 1939-82
Pachmuss, Temira and Vladimir Zlobin Collection, 1901-1966
PLATO Notes File, 1972-76
President's Office Administrative and Personnel Actions File, 1914-71


Rensch, Roslyn, Papers, 1900-1993
Reston, James B., Papers, 1935-95
St. Louis Public Library Vertical File on Librarianship, 1874-1973
Stauduhar, George, Papers, 1886-1928
Steward, Julian H., Papers, 1842-1976
Student Alumni Association and Student Ambassadors Files, 1979-2001
Taft, Lorado, Papers, 1857-1953
Third Armored Division Association Archives, 1941-

Technical Information. Questions regarding this EAD project should be directed to Assistant University Archivist Chris Prom.