Andrew V. Nalbandov:

An Inventory of the Andrew V. Nalbandov Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Memoirs, Correspondence, and Emigration Files

2 "The Personal Memoirs of Three Families Nalbandov-Schneider-Schlee" by Vladimir Sergeevitch Nalbandov, 1874-1954   A 70 page summary translation by Alexander Galchenko, November 1986 - February 1987 based on the V.S. Nalbandov Journal. The account covers Armenian-German-Russian-French -English intermarriage and traces the life histories of relatives, relations between Crimean ethnic groups, agricultural methods, and the impact of the Russian Revolution and emigration on individuals and families.
V.S. Nalbandov Emigration Documents
Andrew Nalbandov Alien Registration Certificate, Hatfield, U.K.
V.S. Nalbandov, Alexandra/Nalbandov & Olga Egger Certificates in lieu of passport, May 9, 1947
Emigration documents, 1946
Nansen passports, December 13, 1940
Bavarian Committee for Russian Refugee Assistance (letter), March 20, 1924
Temporary Netherlands pass, Constantinople, November 22, 1920
Passes for Trip to France (Dutch), December 9, 1920
"The Presentation in the Temple" British Museum reproduction
List of Russian language students, 1925-46
Commercial Bank of Azov-Don & Banque Fonciere de la Noblesse securities, 1914-16
Snapshots, Munich
Treasury bills & securities, 1916-18
Russian stateless emigrant certificate, June 15, 1945
INS Alien Registration Card, 1947
French Identity Card, January 12, 1921
German Identity Card, May 24, 1927
Military Government Work Permit, November 22, 1945
3 Journal with related correpondence (Russian)
ca. 300 pp., 1934-36
ca. 100 pp., 1936-41
Correspondence with American consul in Munich concerning emigration, 1936
A.V. Nalbandov
Claudius Popov (industrial oven maker) documents, 1947
Order for foreigners to report to Dachau, March 4, 1945
Immigration correspondence & forms (3 folders), 1946-48
V.S. Nalbandov, Memoirs - Personal   Family history translation by A. Galchenko 13 pp. with marginal page notations 1-100, 1986
"History of the Revolution in the Crimea"
Parts I-VIII, Appendix ABC 1-3
Index and 9 pp. A. Galchenko translation , 1987
"The Revolution in the Crimea1917"   A or Part I by V.S. Nalbandov. 90 pp. with m arginal page notations for pp. 1-221 by A. Galchenko, 1987

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