Charles E. Osgood:

An Inventory of the Charles E. Osgood Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Institute of Communications Research and Department of Psychology Subject Files

4 ICR staff, sociological, 1958-62
Institute staff meetings, 1957-60
Research plans and proposals, 1955-57
Institute Committee (work programs), 1950-54
Institute, budgetary, 1955-63
Institute, all day meetings, 1960-62
Institute, organization, 1953-60
Institute Advisory Committee, 1957
ICR job requests, 1957-71
ICR post doctoral, 1962-66
Job openings elsewhere, 1957-71
Requests for information about the Institute, 1960-64
ICR reprint exchange, address list, 1963
C, 1960-67
M, 1963-67
Letters by others re assistantships and research.
Departmental Business (2 folders), 1950-71
Includes 1963-64, 1967-68 annual reports.
Department of Psychology Advisory Committee, minutes, 1949-62, 1965, 1981
Undergraduate Advising Information, 1966
Center for Research in Social Psychology (Crisp), 1959-61
Includes annual reports, 1960-61.
Committee on Public Information, minutes and correspondence, 1954-56
Council of Professors, minutes and by-laws, 1965
Department of Psychology, curriculum, 1950-51, 1969
Department of Psychology Experimental Division Communications, 1975-77
Ph.D. Students Correspondence, 1965-71, 1973, 1979-80
Division of Experimental Psychology Memoranda, 1951
Division of Social Psychology, minutes and memos, 1950-51, 1953, 1966
Evaluation Committee, faculty and graduate students, minutes and memos, 1952, 1954-56, 1965-66
5 Staff Promotions, William F. Brewer (2 folders), 1971, 1973-74, 1980
Proposed Research on Subliminal Advertising, 1957-58
Departmental Business, 1972-75, 1980
1972 program evaluation reports, minutes and memos
Proseminar Committee, 1950
Senior Honors Course, social issues, 1965
Staff correspondence, 1956-59, 1961-67, 1971-72
Dulaney, Triandis and others.
College of Communications, correspondence, 1975, 1977, 1980
College of Journalism and Communications, 1957-62
Meetings, minutes and memos
Illinois Survey Research Facility Proposal, 1962-63
Visiting Staff, Manfred N. Wettler correspondence, 1970
Visiting Staff, Norman Ginsburg, J.F. Kess, correspondence, 1973-75
Proposed "Case Studies of Ethical Problems in Mass Communications," 1977
Psycholinguistics Colloquium, correspondence, 1975-76
Comparative Psycholinquistics Institute visitors, correspondence, 1962, 1969, 1971-72, 1974, 1977
Correspondence with Thomas Bever, 1967-68
Psycholinguistics 426, 1956-73
Lecture notes, syllabus, correspondence
Linguistics program, 1952-76
Memoranda and correspondence
Linguistics and Psycholinguistics, 1953-61
Correspondence and meetings
Linguistics staff, 1961-77
Vitae, correspondence re prospective staff
Internal Relations/teaching, 1970
Correspondence re course
Psycholinguistics Seminar, Indiana University, 1953
Linguistics Institute, Indiana University, 1951-79
Research Institutes and Papers, 1957-77
Maclay and Sleator, "Responses to Language: Judgments of Grammaticalness," 1960
McGuire, Wm. J. and Demetrius Papageorgis, "Selective Immunization Against Persuasion, Report II, and the Relative Efficacy of Various Types of Prior Belief - Defense in Producing Immunity Against Persuasion," 1960
Hamilton, Herbert, "The U.N. and the Public: A Multidimensional Analysis of the Meanings of a Social Institution"
Taylor, W.L. and H. Kumata, "Unipolar vs. Bipolar Semantic Differentials," 1957
The D-Method of Factoring
SWPCP-Suci Cross Cultural Generality of SD
SWPCP - Control of SD's
Suci, George J. and Percy H. Tannenbaum, "Relationship Between Perceptions of Political Concepts and Roting Behavior"
"CP File" (Crackpot), correspondence, 1960-77

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