Joseph B. Casagrande:

An Inventory of the Joseph B. Casagrande Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.




24 Ojibwa-Chippewa Field Notes (5 folders), 1941
American Indians, Medical Diagnosis Study of the Navaho, 1957
Argentina, 1971
Papers by Elmer Miller, 1970-77
Materials on Bolivia, 1962, 1968-70
Reportaje DESAL (Chile), 1969
Colombia brochure, ca. 1967
Guatemala notes, no name, no date
Map of Mexico
Bilingual Population, 1950
Papaloapan region, Mexico, 1956
Mayan materials, 1958, 1966
Field reports from Mexico (2 folders), 1961
Mexico, 1973
Cornell Peru Project, ca. 1961, 1972
"Peru," S. Miller (J. B. Casagrande)
Peruvian Archives, no date
Peru materials (Arequipa), 1975-76
Peru Project, 1977
Universidad Central de Venezuela, 1964
Ecuadorian circle correspondence (5 folders), 1970-82
25 Columbia-Cornell-Harvard Program of Summer Grants in Anthropology (Carnegie), 1959-61, 1962-64
Columbia-Cornell-Harvard-Illinois Summer Field Training Program, Ecuador, 1966, 1969
Mision Andina/Andean Mission, United Nations (4 folders), 1959-63
Ecuador materials (2 folders), 1959, 1960-61
El Indio e El Negro de la Provincia de Imbabura, Cesar Villacis Guasi, 1950s
On Catarama, Ecuador (photos), 1961
Ecuadorian materials, 1961-63
South America trip, August 1961
Ecuador trip, JBC, expenses (3 folders), 1962-63
Medical Information, 1962
Structural Transformation of a Highland Ecuador Parish, n.d.
Ecuador materials, 1962
"On the Pronunciation of Spanish in Ecuador," readings, 1962
Student papers from CCHI program, 1962
Ecuador materials, 1962
Correspondence re Ecuador, 1962
Ecuador (2 folders), 1962-65
Appendix, The Ethnozoology of Zinacantecan Indians, 1962
Paper on Colonization in Ecuador, 1962-63
Ecuadorian materials, 1963
Ecuador, 1963
Papers on Ecuador, 1963?
The Banana and its Ecuadorian Adaptation, student paper, 1963
Hennessey, Sheila; Ecuador Summer Research, 1963
Miki Crespo papers, n.d.
Colonization in Ecuador, ms (Casagrande a joint author), 1963-64
Ecuadorian Book List, 1963-64
S. Swigert - Ecuador, 1963
Vistazo, Ecuadorian magazine, 1963
Copies of El Comercio, Ecuador newspaper (Quito), 1962
26 Clippings, El Comercio, 1963-65, 1968-69
Brochures for public distribution, Ecuador, 1964
Ecuador, student applications for CCHI summer study, 1964
T. L. Spiegel, Achievement Motivation, CCHI student paper, 1964
Ecuador summer program, 1965
Johanna Lessinger, Weaving in Agato, Ecuador, 1965
Expenses, summer 1965
Ecuador, 1965-66
Problems in international and Ecuadorian research, 1966
Pedro Morocho Genealogy; Censo de San Francisco; Genealogy of Juan Paca, 1966
Ecuador, NSF Grant, 1966-69
Receipts & accounting - Ecuador, 1966-69
Ecuador trip, 1966-67
Ecuador materials, 1967-68
Ecuadorian art, 1967
Trip to Ecuador, November 30, 1967
Bonifacio Tenesaca, 1967-68
Carol Robinson, An Analysis of Contemporary Ecuadorian Highland Indian Dress, M.S, Thesis, Cornell University, 1968
27 Quichua, Spring 1968
Saraguro, Belotes, n.d.
Notes on Hacienda Pesillo, Muriel Crespi, Summer 1968
Notes on Guabug, Summer 1968
Guabug - Arthur Piper, n.d.
Notes on Guaslan Seminar, Summer 1968
Transcripts del Seminario Experimental de Guaslan, transcripts of Pedro Medina, n.d.
Ecuador ms, 1969
Materials for Ecuador, 1968-69
Ecuador - Research notes and talks, 1968-69
Ecuador Survey Volume, 1969
Fishing data, 1969?
Antropologia social, Cuenca, Ecuador, 1969
Position of the Indian in Colonial Ecuador & After Independence, 1969-70
Peace Corp Project - Ecuador, 1969
Peace Corps - papers, 1970
Photos, postcards - Ecuador, n.d.
Ecuador materials, 1970
Notes on Pesillo, Crespi, 1970
Pesillo - draft, Parts I & II, Peasants and Indians, n.d.
H. S. Strouth, "A Window to the Morrow, An Archaeological Phantasy", 1970
NSF Grant, Research and microfilming at Arquivo de las Indias, Seville, Spain, 1970-71
Correspondencia - ayudantes, 1970-71
Notes from Seville (2 folders), 1970-71
Ecuador - Correspondence, Piper et al, 1971-72
Lawrence Greene, "Growth and Development in Highland Ecuador" , 1972
Ecuador - Accounting, 1972-76
Hugo Burgos, 1973-80
Summer Seminar - Ecuador, 1973
Ecuador - notes, mss, 1973
Ethnic Identity in Ecuador, other notes, 1974
Census of Ecuador 1974; Boletin del Banco Central del Ecuador, 1975
Jacob Peter Klassen, Fire on the Paramo, M.A. Thesis, 1975
Norman R. Stewart, Saraguro ms, 1975
Photographs of Indians found inserted in Emilio Bonifaz's book on Highland Indians , 1976
28 Ecuador, 1975-76
"Strategies for Survival," Casagrande, 1976
Weavers at Otavalo - draft, 1977
Spain/Ecuador, Summer 1978
History of Peguche, K. Klumpp, n.d.
Variable Attitudes Toward Change: Peasant Responses to Agrarian Reform, M. Crespi, n.d.
John Peter Ekstrom, Colonization East of the Andes: Responding to a New Ecology, Ph.D. dissertation, UIUC, 1979
Field Diaries (14), 1966-78
Tape I/Transcription I: Life history of Pedro Morocho from San Francisco. Taped in Riobamba, 69 pp., 4/1/67
Tape II/Transcription II: Life history of Pedro Morocho, 66 pp., 4/4/67
Tape III/Transcription III: Morocho, 51 pp., 4/4/67
Tape IV/Transcription IV: Morocho re borrowing on land, songs, santos, witchcraft, treatment of Indians, forms of greeting, selling of children, haciendas; 103 pp., 4/26-27/67
Tape V/Transcription V: Morocho re account of those who have fallen into the quebrada; diseases caused by arcos and whirlwinds; taped in Guayaquil; 32 pp., 4/28/67
Tape VI/Transcription VI: Morocho re regidores, alcaldes, apus, agricultural practices, inheritance; taped in San Francisco; 56 pp. , 4/13-14/67
Tape VII/Transcription VII: 1) interview with Bonifacio re Indian groups in Chimborazo and elsewhere in Ecuador; 2) with Pedro Morocho and Anselmo Ilbay re role-playing; 3) with Pedro Morocho re events in San Francisco during 1967-68; 4) with Anselmo Ilbay re working on a coastal hacienda in Bolivar; 5) with a young man who works in Quito; 6) role-playing with Tomas, Cayetano and Pablo Yuquilema, Santiago Pacos; 134 pp., original of first 12 pp. of track 1 missing, duplicate substituted, n.d.
Tape VIII/Transcription VIII: Guatlan seminar I: members of indigenous communities talk together about their lives. Participants: 1) Pedro Morocho and Anselmo Ilbay from San Francisco de Calpi, Chimborazo;2) Jose Quimbo and Florentino Teran from Peguche, Imbabura; 3) Rafael Calcan and Leonidas Catacuamba from Hacienca Pesillo, Pichincha; 4) Mariano Masaquisa and Mariano Huarango from Salasaca, Tungurahua; 140 pp., (no date given on transcript) , 7/29-30/68
Tape VIIIa/Transcription VIIIa: 1) interview with Apuof San Francisco, Jesus Quinancela R.,19 pp.; also on tape, but not transcribed:2) Interview with Pedro Morocho and Cayetano Yuquilema re rice harvesters from San Francisco; 3) with Pedro Morocho re election of alcalde; 4) Harvest song "Hahuay" in Flavio Jara's field, taped 5/17-18/67, 6/2/67
Tape IX/Transcription IX: Interview with Santiago Mejillones and Gustavo Garcia, fishermen in Playas re fishing; 42 pp.; , 3/24/?
Tape X/Transcription X: Guatlan (Guaslan?) Seminar II. Participants:1) Mariano Huaranga from Salasca; 2) Remigio Inga and Manuel Paca from Guabug; 48 pp. , 7/31/68
Tape XII/Transcription XII: 1) Bargaining game at Guaslan, 8/7/68;2) Mariano Masaquisa: evaluation of Indian groups at Guaslan; 9 pp.; , n.d.
Tapes I - IV
Tapes V - VIIIa
Tapes VIII - XII: Tape X: copy of Guatlan tapes with material on San Francisco
Tape XI: Mass at San Francisco during Carnival; also at home with Jacinto and Mary
29 Tapes: Seminars I-III, VI-VII, 1968
Tapes: San Francisco 1969; Mesa Redonda 1970
Tape: Implications of Language Universals for Anthropology (Casagrande)
Transcribed materials, pp. 246-644, Ecuador, n.d.
Correspondence and index cards for Sevilla, 1972
Biblioteca Ecuatoriana, Cotocollao, Ecuador    Collection of xerox copies of chronicles and scholarly articles relating to the history of Ecuador. 122 numbered folders, arranged by author and cross-indexed according to the same number-code employed in the AGI microfilm collection. Box 29 - 53 folders. Box 30 - 31 folders. Box 31 - 31 folders. Box 32 - 7 folders.
Cotocollao index cards
Illinois index cards
30 Index to AGI Microfilm, Quito; folder contains various indices: index to The Social Position of Ecuadorian Indians in the Colonial Times and After Independence, Joseph B. Casagrande, Principal Investigator, Hugo Burgos-Guevara, Research Associate (Index designed by Ines and Hugo Burgos-Guevara.); indice de rollos; indice abreviado; indice alfabetico de lugares (2 copies).
Copia - legajos 1 - 922
912A, Camara
922A, Escribania de Camara (2 folders)
1, 4, 5, Q8 y 10, 12, 13
25, 27 y 33, 47, 48, 57
59, Q69 (Ordenanzas de Obrajes)
114, 156, 187, 213, 397
Q435 (Tributos - Quito)
Q447 (Tributos - Ambato)
Q448 (Tributos - Alausi)
Q460 (Tributos - Cuenca)
Q483 (Tributos - Guayaquil)
Q491-492 (Alcabalas y Chimbo, Tributos Guaranda)
Q494 (Tributos - Ibarra)
Q500 (Tributos - Loxa)
Q504 (Tributos - Latacunga)
Q537 (Tributos - Riobamba, 1780- )
Q506 (Tributos - Otavalo); Q508 (Aguardiente - Otavalo)
Atroces Agravios a los Indios de Pelileo en el Obraje y Encomienda de Antonio Lopez de Galarza (15 de noviembre 1666; version paleografica de Hugos Burgos-Guevara)
AGI 683 (Justicia) Visita de la Encomienda de Francisco Ruiz, 1559
Biblioteca Ecuatoriana, Cotocollao, 31 folders
31 Biblioteca Ecuatoriana, Cotocollao, 31 folders
Lilly Library, Latin American Manuscripts Department, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana: Collection of xerox copies of documents relating to colonial Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. Compiled by J. B. Casagrande. In 6 red envelopes. The contents of the envelopes are as follows:
I. Vols. 2-9, 10 Obispado, Quito: 40 documents, handwritten and printed, from 18th to 19th centuries, relating to Ecuador.
II. Vols. 19-20 Obispado, Quito: 33 documents, handwritten and printed, from 17th and 18th centuries, relating to Ecuador.
III. Document 15, Peru: A single document in manuscript dating from 1744: "Relacion critica sobre la administracion colonial."
IV. Lima section (no reference as to specific call number): 14 documents, handwritten and printed, from 16 to 18th centuries, relating to colonial Peru.
V. Tributos del Corregidor de Quito, 1678-9: single document, handwritten, of tributes from 1673-75 of communities belonging to the Crown. Typewritten table of contents included.
VI. Vols. 1, 11-12, 14, 16-18: 68 documents, printed and handwritten, from 17th and 18th centuries, relating to colonial Quito and Colombia
32 Survey materials from San Francisco, 1967
Copied documents (6 folders)
History of Settlements and Trade in the East and West Indies; Los Cabildos Seculares en la America Espanola
Los Obrajes en el Virreinato del Peru, 1964
El complejo de inferioridad en el indio otavaleno, 1955
Servidumbres Personales de Indios
Relacion Historica del Viaje Hecho de Orden de S. Mag. a la America Meridional, Primera parte, tomo II
Universidad Central de Ecuador, Social survey materials
Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Ecuador, Antropologia, informacion, 1975-76
El Sector Agropecuario, n.d.
Matrimonio Civil, Calpi, 1973
Matrimonia Eclesiastico, 1930-72
Student (?) paper, "Problemas Sociales Indigenas en el Putumayo" , n.d.
Mision Andino del Ecuador, Questionnaires: Inventario de Trabajo por Comunidad; Diario de Pesca, n. d.
Nelson A. R. Simancas, "Estructura Agraria y Clases Sociales en el Ecuador", 1970
33 Congreso Indigenista Interamericano, Ecuador, 1964
40th International Congress of Americanists, Rome, 1972
Boletin Informativo, Savings and Credit, 1963
Piper, Arthur, Unedited fieldnotes from Guabug, Ecuador: includes a sampling of a series of tests (picture, sentence completion, circle) of 33 individuals from Guabug. Also general census information, data on landholdings, general descriptions of individuals. In English and Spanish; collected between May and August 1967.
Klumpp, Kathleen, Unedited fieldnotes from Peguche, Ecuador: Notes include test results (sentence completion and work association); data on marriage patterns; oral histories; commentaries on attitudes toward Indians and beliefs held about them; application of kinship terminology; observations of interaction between Indians and non-Indians; historical data; synthesized census data; the writings of Michi Quimbo de Guerrero. In Spanish. , Summer 1967
Belote, Linda and James Belote, Unedited field notes from Saraguro, Ecuador: Notes are typed and arranged chronologically. Information is identified in each entry by subtopic, informant and date. A table of contents is provided, and chronological entries are cross-indexed by topic (kinship, Indian-white relations, community organization, Oriente, cattle, economic, religious). There is also a more detailed alphabetical index of subtopics. In English. Collected between 2/68 and 8/68.
Folklore y artesania - A. Fuentes, 1976-77