Joseph B. Casagrande:

An Inventory of the Joseph B. Casagrande Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.




3 Field guide for a study of socialization in five societies, ms, 1955
UNESCO, 1959-60
Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, 1982
HEW Award, 1963
HEW Research Review, 1965
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 1965-66
Conference on Ethical Issues in Behavioral Science Research, Denver, 1966
NIMH Behavioral Science Research Review, 1966
NIMH Social Science Research Review, 1966-68
Social Science Research Review, 1966-69
4 NIMH Reviews, 1967-68
Social Science Research Review (4 folders), 1967
Henry Lundsgaarde research, Gilbert Islands, 1967
Susan Freeman, Spain, 1967
William B. Rodgers, Bahamas, 1967-68
Social Science Research Review (4 folders), 1968
Vogt research, 1968
Social Science Research Review Committee (2 folders), 1968-69
NIMH meeting, New York, 1969
HEW Research Review, Hall-Northwestern, 1970
NDEA Title VI, Washington D.C., 1972-74
NRC, Committee on Military Psychology, 1955-57
Committee on International Directory of Anthropologists, 1956-59
National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council, 1964-65
National Science Foundation, Advisory Panel
A Comparative Study of Intergroup Relations in Ecuador, application, 1966
5 NSF Field Research Seminar, Ecuador , Summer 1968
Ecuadorian Research Review, 1968-69
"Social Change in Developing Areas," Cornell NSF proposal, 1969
"Position of the Indian in Colonial Ecuador and After Independence," revised budget, 1970
Site Visit, University of Texas, April 1966
Columbia proposal review for Peruvian research, 1972
SSRC/NIMH Research Review visit
Navaho trip, 1974
Berkeley trip, 1974
Visit to Marquette-Albany, Anthropology Department review, 1974-75
SUNY-Albany, 1974
SUNY-Binghamton, 1974
Dartmouth, 1975-77
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1975-76
University of Notre Dame, 1976
SSRC Research Review site visit, Evanston, Illinois, 1976
University of Pittsburgh, Anthropology Department review, 1976-77
New York State Regents Doctoral Evaluation Project, 1978
Review of Graduate Programs, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1980
Social Science Research Council
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda (3 folders), 1950, 1952, 1954
6 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda, 1955, 1957-59, 1961, 1963-65
Board of Directors, Committees, 1962-63
Committee on Problems and Policy, 1950-60
Summer Seminar Proposals, 1954
Summer Seminar on Kinship (2 folders), 1954
7 International Cooperation Among Social Scientists, 1951-54
Foreign Students in the U.S., 1951-56
Foreign Students Look at the U.S., 1953-58
Committee on Cross-Cultural Education, 1954
Literature review on acculturation and social change, and role of industry in these processes, 1950-52
Ithaca Conference, Cross-Cultural Education, 1952-53
Anthropology and the SSRC, 1952-61
Cross-cultural education notes, 1950-51
Committee on Cross-Cultural Education
Hyman list of core variables, 1952
New York (2 folders), 1953
Pending, 1955
Review of Evaluation Studies, R. H. Heindel, 1950
Indian Domestic Study , 1952-53
Allerton House Conference on the measure of subjective culture, 1960
Japanese Domestic Study, 1952-53
Scandinavian Domestic Study, "Initial Impressions" , 1952-53
S. Brewster Smith, Memorandum on research topics, 1953
Mexico/Foreign, n.d.
Correspondence/Useem, 1952-53
Japan/Foreign, 1953
Foreign/Data Sheets, n.d.
Correspondence/Passin, Herbert, 1952-53
Staff memoranda, 1952
Correspondence and miscellaneous papers, 1951-52
Foreign Research Group, Princeton Conference, 1952
Conference of Project Directors, Ithaca, New York, 1953
Committee on Preventive Medicine, 1956
Committee on Linguistics and Psychology
Correspondence and Research Projects, 1952-53
Conference on Word Association, 1955-59
Southwest Project on Comparative Psycholinguistics, 1956-57
Anatomical Atlas, 1956
Committee on Language and Culture, Laurence Wylie , 1955
Subcommittee on Child Development, Cambridge, Mass., 1954
Committee on Research Training, 1956
Middle East Research Conference, 1957
Intermediate Societies, 1957-59
Consultation on Sponsorship of Human Relations Research, May 1958
Contrastive Cultural Analyses: Buffalo Conference, 1959
Research on Juvenile Delinquency, 1959-60
Auxiliary Research Awards, 1961-62
Spring Meeting, 1963, 1964
Correspondence, 1964-65
Spring Meeting, 1965
Casagrande/SSRC personal correspondence, photos, 1967
Committee on Sociolinguistics, 1967-68
SSRC/American Council of Learned Societies meeting, 1973