Joseph B. Casagrande:

An Inventory of the Joseph B. Casagrande Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.




8 Papers from the Conference of Linguists & Anthropologists, Indiana University (2 folders), July 21-30, 1952
Conference on Communication and Influence, 1952
Conference on Africa, Carnegie Corp., New York City, February 11, 1953
Seminar on Acculturation, Stanford University, 1953-54
Conference on Research in Bilingualism, New York, May 10-11, 1954-55
Comparative Psycholinguistics, Bilingualism, 1954-55
Conference on Cross-Cultural Research and Personality Development, 1955
Proposed 1956 Seminar on Acculturation, 1955-56
Paper for International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Philadelphia, September 1-9, 1956
The Culture Concept," FSI Lecture, April 29-30, 1957
Seminar on Aphasia, Boston (2 folders), June 16-July 25, 1958
Conference on Peasant Society, 1958-59
Urbanization, economic development (SSRC summer seminar?), 1959
Internationaler Amerikanistenkangres, Vienna, July 18-25, 1960 and XI International Congress of Anthropological-Ethnological Sciences, Paris, July 31-August, 1960
SRRC Conference on the History of Anthropology, 1962 Papers (2 folders), 1962
International Congress of Americanists, Spain, 1964
Seminar on Agricultural Economics, U. of Ill., April 13-15, 1964
Summer Seminar, Midwestern Universities Institute for Cross-Cultural Research Sociology (3 folders), 1966
Peace corps training for Ecuador, Montana State University, June 1966
9 Summer Seminar cont. (2 folders), 1966
Applied Anthropology Mexico City meeting paper-Ecuador, April 9-16, 1969
XXXIX International Congress of Americanists, Lima, Peru, August 2-9, 1970
IX Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Chicago, 1973
41st International Congress of Americanists, Mexico, September 1974
Seminar on Ethnicity, 1975
Bishop's Conference on Ecuador, 1976
Spring Hill Conference, October 1976
Conference paper, 1976-79
Spring Hill Conference, volumes 1 and 2 (4 folders), 1976
Conference on Anthropology and Literature, 1977
Maya Conference, St. Paul, May 18-19, 1979
Illinois Latin American Conference, November 19, 1977
Midwest Regional Conference for Senior Fulbright Scholars, 1978, 1980
Papers for International Congress of Americanists, 1982