Joseph B. Casagrande:

An Inventory of the Joseph B. Casagrande Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.




12 Prospectus, dissertation, 1967-70
American University course, 1954-55
Cross-cultural analysis papers, 1955
Anthropology 161b, Ethnoscience, 1967
Anthropology 270 (2 folders), 1965-81, 1966-81
Linguistic Anthropology, 1979
Linguistic Analysis, 1980-82
Papers and exams,, Spring 1981, 1982
Anthropology 370, Language, Culture and Society, Handouts, 1963-65
Language and Culture--Bibliographies and Bibliographic Notes, 1958-70
Anthropology 370, Linguistic Communications , Fall 1965
Word Association studies, 1966
Anthropology 370, Language, Culture and Society , Fall 1967
Interrelations of Language and Culture, n.d.
Cross-cultural Communication; Problems of Translation, 1952, 1970
The Ethnography of Communication; Verbal Customs; Functions of Language, n.d.
Speech & Gender, 1981
Language and the Contact of Cultures, Marginal Languages, Pluralingualism, , 1938-81
Anthropology 370, Language, Culture and Society: Linguistic Acculturation
Linguistic Perspectives on Culture History, 1963-81
Language and the Nation, 1962-81
Esperanto, 1981
Pronouns of Direct Address in Spanish, 1967
Sociolinguistics, 1966-67
Anthropology 370, Spring 1962, Spring 1963
Plurals for Fish, 1962-63
Language and Culture
General materials, 1958-64
13 Language reprints, 1945-61
Language and Culture, American University, Fall 1955
D.D. Karve, "The Linguistic Problem in India," working paper, 1960
Anthropology/Linguistics/Communications 370, 1963-65
Analyses of Pronomial Systems, student papers, 1962
Student papers
Adam-Eaton, 1962-65
Hagedorn-Johnson, 1962-65
Katz-Meinecke, 1962-65
Nasr-Wilson, 1965-66, 1968
Linguistics materials, 1979-81, 1978-82
Anthropology 370
A Model for the Course, 1966-67
Linguistic Relativity: Language and Cognition, n.d.
Language and Aspects of Social Structure, 1967-81
The Nature of Language; Language Universals, 1968-69
The Evolution of Language, Culture and the Self, 1969-81
14 Semantic Analysis, Lexical Domains; Dictionary Making, 1961-81
Papago Folk Definition, n.d.
Anthropology 371-373, Personality and Culture, 1961
Lecture to Communications 471, 1961-64
General Anthropology 401-402, 1948-62
Anthropology 402, 1962-63, Spring 1964
Anthropology 401, 1963
Sociology 172, Social Theory, University of Rochester, 1949-50
Primitive Mentality: Theory-Benedict (notes), 1939
Conference on Comparative Method in Anthropology: Schafer's Paper and Comments, University of Chicago, February 21, 1953
Resources for Teaching and Research on the History of Anthropology, 1962-71
Great Books in Anthropology (Casagrande's compilation), n.d.
Course outlines and bibliographies, UIUC, 1960-64
History of Anthropology-Bibliographies, 1962-65
Anthropology 460
Schedules, lists of earlier years, 1966-79
History of Anthropology course notes: Gower, 1937; Benedict, 1940
Components of Anthropological (Ethnological) Theory, 1980
Proto-anthropology: Classical & Medieval Antecedents, 1979
American Anthropology, pre-Boas, ca. 1976
Notes on theory, Boas, primitive art, 1939
Gregory Bateson, 1976-80
Ruth Benedict--History of Anthropology, 1940, 1966-70
Franz Boas, 1938-81
Kenneth Bock, The Acceptance of Histories, n.d.
E. Durkheim, L'Annee Sociologique, 1963-70
Loren Eiseley--Darwin's Century and John Greene--The Death of Adam
The Enlightenment
E.E. Evans-Pritchard, 1963-79
Minor Evolutionists, Evolutionism; McLennan
The Evolutionary Theories of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer, Derek Freeman, 1972
15 Sir James Frazer, 1966
Sigmund Freud, 1966
German anthropologists: Bastian, Graebner, Schmidt, Rivers
Maurice Godelier
Marvin Harris
Melville J. Herskovits
Margaret T. Hodgen, Early Anthropology in the 16th and 17th Centuries.
Abram Kardiner
A. L. Kroeber
Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Edmund Leach
Levy-Bruhl and Heinz Werner, History of Anthropology
Sir Henry Maine
B. Malinowski
Mauss, Herbert, Hertz
John Ferguson McLennan
Margaret Mead
Lewis H. Morgan
G. P. Murdock
S. F. Nadel
Karl Polanyi
A. R. Radcliffe-Brown (ditto master)
A. R. Radcliffe-Brown
Radical anthropology
Paul Radin/A. Goldweiser/ Lowie
Robert Redfield
William H. R. Rivers
Marshall Sahlins
Edward Sapir
Grafton Elliot Smith
Julian H. Steward
John R. Swanton
The Establishment of British Social Anthropology, a proposal by George Stocking, 1971
Edward B. Tylor (2 folders)
Max Weber
Heinz Werner and Levy-Bruhl
Leslie A. White
Clark Wissler
Karl A. Wittfogel
Anthropology 489, A History of Anthropology, M. L. McCall, 1962
Anthropology 490, Term paper/proposal, Race Relations in Posorja, Ecuador, 1963
16 Urban Anthropology, 1968-69
Bibliography, 1970