Temira Pachmuss, Tatiana Manukhina, Anna Hippius, Zinaida Hippius, Dmitrii Merezhkovskii, and Vladimir Zlobin:

An Inventory of the Temira Pachmuss and Vladimir Zlobin Collection at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Dmitrii Merezhkovskii Papers   Dmitrii Sergeevich Merezhkovskii (1865--1941) was a prominent Russian writer and religious philosopher. His literary corpus includes poetry, novels, dramas, critical essays, and translations from several languages. Merezhkovskii's European fame, however, rests primarily on his historical novels, first of all, on his trilogy Christ and Antichrist (1896 --1905). Merezhkovskii came from an aristocratic family and was educated at the Historical-Philological Faculty of the University of St. Petersburg. In 1989 he married Zinaida Hippius and they settled in St. Petersburg. Merezhkovskii's second book of verse Symbols (1892) and his treatise "On the Reasons for the Decline of, and on New Trends in, Contemporary Russian Literature" (1893) made him a leader of the new movement called "decadent" or "symbolist." In the late 1890's Merezhkovskii, by then more a novelist and critic than a poet, turned from Nietzschianism to Christianity. Merezhkovskii, Hippius, and Dmitrii Filosofov developed the concept of a "church of the Holy Flesh and the Holy Spirit", in which they sought to integrate the life-affirming traits of Greek paganism into Christian spirituality. In 1901 Merezhkovskii, Hippius, and D. Filosofov founded the Religious-Philosophical society of St. Petersburg. Two editions of Merezhkovskii's Collected Works appeared in 1911-1913 and 1914, and many of these works were translated into various European languages. The Merezhkovskiis were among first Russian writers who actively opposed the Bolshevik regime. In 1919 they (along with their secretary V. Zlobin and D. Filosofov) left Soviet Russia via Poland. Together with Boris Savinkov they tried to organize military opposition to Bolshevism in Poland, but their attempts failed. In 1920 the Merezhkovskiis left Warsaw and settled in Paris, where they continued to play an important role in the intellectual and literary life of Russian emigration. Merezhkovskii remained an extremely prolific author for the rest of his life. Works written in emigration include Napoleon (1929) Messia (1928) Taina Zapada. Atlantida -Evropa (The Secret of the West. Atlantis-Europe, 1930), Iisus Neizvestnyi (Jesus, the Unknown, 1932-34), and books about Dante, Francis from Assisi, Jeanne d' Arc, St. Augustin, and St. Paul

10 Publications
Articles and Essays, Newspaper clippings, 1928-1957
"Liuter, Cal'vin, Pascal'." Neizdannoe predislovie k "Paskaliu" (Unpublished Preface to "Pascal"), Russkaia mysl', March 14, 1957
"Psalom tsaria Akhenatona" (A Psalm of King Akhenaton), Zveno, Feb.21, 1920
"Qui commes-nous?" (Who Are We?), an unidentified French newspaper , undated.
"Suvorin i Chekhov", an essay, Vozrozhdenie,, undated.
"Taina Tiutcheva" (The Secret of Tiutchev) , 1914 and 1957
"Zacholust'e. Itogi malen'koi polemiki" (Out-of-the way-place. Results of the Brief Polemics), Vozrozhdenie, Jan. 26, 1928
"Zacholust'e. Itogi malen'koi polemiki", II, Vozrozhdenie, Jan. 28, 1928
"Iisus neizvestnyi" (Chapter "Nazaretskie budni"), Sovremennye zapiski, 1931
"Le Carnet de Notes", (from the book Tsarstvo Antichrista1921) , 1920
"Messia" (Messiah), Part I, Sovremennye zapiski, no. 27 , 1926   the first page is missing.
"Napoleon -- chelovek" (Napoleon, a Man), chapters from the book, Sovremennye zapiski, undated
"Sud'i Napoleona" (Judges of Napoleon), chapter from the book "Napoleon - chelovek", Novyi korabl', no. 2, 1928
"Ukrotitel' chaosa" ( Tamer of Chaos), chapter from the book "Napoleon - chelovek", Vozrozdenie, 1928
"Napoleon - rabotnik" (Napoleon, the Worker), chapter from the book "Napoleon -chelovek", Ibid , undated
"Commediante", chapter from the book "Napoleon-chelovek", Ibid., undated
"Napoleon i Rok" ( Napoleon and Fate), Ibid, no.1018, 1928
"Napoleon i Rok", Ibid., no. 1021, 1928
"Napoleon i Rok", Ibid., undated
Napoleon, t..II, Belgrade, 1929
Volume II from Merezhkovskii's Polnoe sobranie sochinenii, Moscow, 1914
Volume undated from Merezhkovskii's Polnoe sobranie sochinenii, Moscow, 1914   The cover and first 35 pages are missing.
Newspaper clippings about Merezhkovskii
Mandel'shtam, Iurii. " D.S. Merezhkovskii", Vozrozhdenie, Dec. 5, 1935
Pil'skii, Petr. "O Merezhkovskom" Segodnia, Dec. 14, 1935
Teffi, N. "O Merezhkovskikh", Novoe Russkoe Slovo , Jan. 29, 1950
Vishniak, M "O predvidenii. Aldanov, Dostoevskii, Durnovo, Merezhkovskii, Rasputin" (About Foreseeing), Russkaia mysl', Apr. 16, 1957
"Il Sindicato Romano degli Autori in onori di Demetrio Merezhkowski", Il Messagero , Dec.8, 1936
"Merezhkowski Festeggiato Rome" , undated
[Review on Merezhkovskii's "Pascal"], La Petite Gironde, July 16, 1941
"La Belle Manifestation en l'honneur de Dmitri Merejkowski", La Gazette, Sept. 20, 1940
Articles and Essays
"André Gide et l' USSR", handwritten copy made by Hippius, in French, 1-7 pp. , undated
"Budushchee Evropy" (The Future of Europe), handwritten copy made by Hippius, in Russian, 1-6 pp. , undated
"L'avenir de l' Europe" (The Future of Europe), handwritten copy, in French, 1-11 pp. , undated
"Krasnyi diavol" (Red Devil), typewritten copy, 1-2 pp. , undated
"Kotoryi zhe iz vas. Iudaism i Christianstvo" (Which of You. Judaism and Christianity). 1 handwritten copy ( 1-25 pp.) and 1 typewritten copy (1-13 pp.).    Published in Novyi korabl', in 1928 (as indicated by Zlobin)
"L'ame Russe et L'ame Europenne", an article, handwritten copy, 1-18 pp.
"L'avenir du Christianisme" (The Future of Christianity), 3 items
1 typewritten copy 1-17pp.
"Consideration sur L'avenir du Christianisme", handwritten copy, in French, 1-7 pp.
Lecture on Bolshevism, typewritten copy, in Russian, 1- 9 pp., 1920
"Lektsia ob antisemitizme" (Lecture on anti-Semitism), handwritten copy, in Russian, 1-17 pp.
"Le Mystere du communisme Russe", an article translated by J. Chuzeville, typewritten copy, in French, 1-78 pp. + Notes to "Taina russkoi revolutsii", in Russian, 1-2 pp.
"Nash put' v Rossiiu" (Our Way to Russia), handwritten copy, in Russian, 1-79 pp. and typewritten copy, 1- 40 pp. with irregularities., 1927
"Qui commes-nous?" (Who Are We?), handwritten copy, in French, 1-5 pp., 1924
"Taina Tiutcheva" (The Secret of Tiutchev); 2 articles under the same title, handwritten copies, (1-16 pp.) and (1-22 pp.), respectively. In Russian.
Poetry, 13 items typewritten copies in Russian , undated.
"Vecherniaia pesn'"
"V Bulonskom lesu"
"Tsarskosel'skii barel'ef"
"Pesn' Parok"
11 Prose and Drama
"Dante", 8 folders, handwritten copy , 1936-1937
Materials and preliminary notes (2--32 pp. with irregularities; 50-52, 55 --59 pp. with irregularities).
Materials and preliminary notes in three notebooks.
Materials and preliminary notes for Part I (Zhizn' Dante), 1- 85 pp., 1-33 pp.
"Dante i my", 1-64 pp. with irregularities
Part I. Chapters I-- XI, 1-192 pp.
Part I . Chapters XII- XVI192 - 352 pp.    pages 287 - 317 from Chapter XV are missing.
Part I. Notes to different chapters of Part I    "Dante i my", 1-4 pp., " Novaia zhizn' nachinaetsia", "Drevnee plamia", "Dva vmesto trekh", "Pozhiraemoe serdtse", 1- 9pp.; "Eres' liubvi", "Liubit -- ne liubit'", "Beatriche neizvestnaia", 1-7 pp; "Smert' Beatriche", 1- 6 pp.; "Temnye luchi", 1-3pp.; "Mezhdu zemnoi i nebesnoi", 1-2pp.; "V zubakh volchitsy", 1- 4pp., "Malen'kii Antichrist", 1-4pp., "Dante izgnannyi",1- 4 pp., "Rai", 1-5 pp.
Part II . "Chto sdelal Dante." Notes to different chapters of Part II   "Incipit Comedia", "Voskreshenie mertvykh", "Est' li ad ?", 1-36 pp.; "Budushchaia tserkov'", 1-27 pp.; "Vera i znanie", 1-16 pp.; "Dante i on", 1-13 pp.; "Dante i ona", 1-7 pp.; "Chudo trekh", 1-13 pp.; "Dante i Uliss", 1- 4pp.
12 "Dante i Beatriche" (Dante and Beatrice), a movie script, typewritten copy, 1-86 pp., 1937   "Dante i Beatriche" was published by Temira Pachmuss in Merezhkovskii D.S., Gippius, Z.N. Dante -- Boris Godunov. Kinoscenarii, New York, 1990.
"Dante i Beatriche" (Dante and Beatrice), a movie script, Part I. Handwritten copy, 1-33 pp., 1937
"Frantsisk Assizskii" (Francis of Assisi), 5 folders1938    "Frantsisk Assizskii" was published in Sovremennye zapiski, 1939, No 3.
Materials and preliminary notes in four notebooks - 2 folders.
Chapters: "Nachalo Frantsiska", 1--25 pp, with irregularities; "Zhizn' Frantsiska", 1-86 pp. with irregularities, -- 1 folder.
Notes for "Frantsisk", 1-7 pp.; chapters "Iochim I", 1-6pp., 1-15 pp.; "Iochim II", 1- 30 pp., 1-16 pp.; "Iochim and Frantsisk", 1-17pp.; "Frantsisk", 1-38 pp., -- 1 folder.
Vstavka II ( Addition II), 1-33 pp., Vstavka III (Addition III), 1-- 41pp. + 3 pp., -- 1 folder.
"Iisus neizvestnyi", (Jesus the Unknown), handwritten copy, -- 16 folders , 1931-1933   "Iisus Neizvestnyi"was published in Belgrad in 1932 -1934.
Part I, 1931
Chapters 2- 4. "Neizvestnoe Evangelie", 1-30 pp; "Mark, Matfei, Luka", 1-27pp.; "Ioann", 1-37pp. (Chapter I is missing), --1 folder
Chapter 5. "Po tu storonu Evangeliia", 1- 44 pp.,-- 1 folder
Part II, 1932
Chapters 1-2, "Raduisia, blagodatnaia", 1-34 pp.; "Utaennaia zhizn'", 1-53 pp., -- 1 folder.
13 Chapters 3-4, "Nazaretskie budni", 1-40 pp., "Moi chas prishel", 1-66 pp., -- 1 folder.
Chapters 5-6, "Ioann Krestitel'", 1-52 pp; "Ryba-Golub'", 1- 44 pp., -- 1 folder.
Chapters 7-8, "Iisus i d'iavol", 1-29 pp., "Iskushenie", 1- 43 pp., -- 1folder.
Chapter "Ego Litso", 1-79 pp., -- 1 folder.
Part III, 1933
Chapters 3, 4a, 4b, "Kana Galileiskaia", 1-26 pp. "Pervyi den' Gospoden'", 1-33 pp., "Blazhenstva", 1-55 pp., -- 1 folder
Chapters 5-6, "Tsarstvo Bozhie", 1-45 pp., "Osvoboditel'", 1-71 pp., -- 1 folder.
Chapters 7-8, "I mir Ego ne uznal", 1-54 pp.; "Prishel k svoim", 1-34 pp, -- 1 folder.
Chapters 9-10, "I svoi ne priniali", 1-57 pp., "Kesariia Filippova", 1-48 pp., -- 1 folder.
Chapter 11, "Preobrazhenie", 1-66 pp., -- 1 folder.
14 Part IV, 1933
Chapters 13- 15, "Vshestvie v Ierusalim", 1-40 pp., "Bich Gospoden'", 1-36 pp. "Seryi Ponedel'nik", 1-39 pp., -- 1 folder.
Chapters 16-18, "Strashnyi sud", 1-30 pp.; "Iuda Predatel'", 1-27 pp., "Tainaia vecheria", 1-41 pp., -- 1 folder.
Chapters 19- 21, "Gefsimaniia", "Sud Kaify", "Otrechenie Petra", "Sud Pilata", 1-86 pp., -1 folder.
Chapters 22 - 25, "Raspiat",1-50 pp.; "Umer", 1-25 pp., "Voskres", 1- 43 pp., "Voistinu voskres", 1-34 pp.,-- 1 folder.
"Primechaniia k Iisusu" (Notes to "Iisus Neizvestnui"), 1- 78 pp., -- 1 folder.
"La Mort de Paul I" (The Death of Paul I), a play. Translated into French by Albert Touchard and Paul de Chévremont. Typewritten copy, 1- 49 pp.,-- 1 folder.
"Leonardo da Vinchi i My" (Leonardo da Vinci and Us), 3 items, 1932
"L' Avenir de Crictianizme"    published in The Dublin Magazine, undated. Retitled as "Leonardo da Vinci et nous" and re-edited, including handwritten additions (1-4 pp; 1-13 pp.), in French. "Leonardo da Vinchi i my" in Russian, handwritten copy, 1-40 pp, + 1-5 pp.; "Leonardo da Vinci i my", Preliminary notes, handwritten copy, 1-34 pp.
"Malen'kaia Tereza" (Little Theresa), handwritten copy. 1--106 pp. with irregularities + a fragment entitled "Smert' otsa" (Death of the Father), 1- 4pp., 1941   "Malen'kaia Tereza" was published by T. Pachmuss in 1984, Ann Arbor.
15 "Messiia" (Messiah), handwritten copy, 5 folders, 1925
Materials and preliminary notes, (1-22 pp.); fragments of the Part III: III. 1 (1- 4pp.); III. 3 (1-14 pp.); III. 4 (1--27 pp.); III. 5 (1-- 20 pp.), -1 folder.
Part I, "Bunt", (1-- 189 pp.), -- 1 folder.
Part II, "Kto on", (1- pp.), -- 1 folder.
Part III, "Ia ne on", 1-- 110 pp, -- 1 folder.
Chapters 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 from Part IV (chapters 4, 5, 6 are missing), -- 1 folder.    "Messiia"was published in Sovremennye zapiski1926, No. 27-29, 1927, no. 30 -32.
"Napoléon", Part I, 1-26 pp. with irregularities, Part II , 1- 31 pp.with irregularities, + 9 pp.; Notes to "Napoléon", 1-23 pp. with irregularities, -- 1 folder, 1928
"Paskal'" -- 2 folders.
Materials and preliminary notes, handwritten copy, 1- 55 pp. In Russian, -- 1 folder.
"Pascal." Part I. "La vie de Pascal", typewritten copy, 1- 43 pp. with irregularities. Part II. "L'oeuvre de Pascal", typewritten copy, 1-38 pp. with irregularities. In French, - 1 folder.    Published in Paris in 1941.
"Pavel" (St. Paul), 4 notebooks + 1 folder.
Materials and preliminary notes -- 2 notebooks.
16 Chapters I--VII, -- 1 notebook;
Chapters VIII -- XLV, -- 2 notebooks.
"Pavel" (St. Paul), Notes to "Pavel", 1-69 pp., -- 1 folder.
"Sv. Avgustin" (St. Augustin) -- 6 notebooks.
Materials and preliminary notes, -- 2 notebooks;
Chapters I -- XXIX, -- 1 notebook
Chapters XXIX-- LV, -- 1 notebook
Chapters LV -- LXXX, -- 1 notebook
Chapters LXXXI--XCVI, -- 1 notebook
"Sv. Ioann Kresta" (St. John the Baptist), 5 folders. Photocopy of the handwritten manuscript.    "Sv. Ioann Kresta" was published by Zlobin in Novyi zhurnal, 1961, no. 64-65, 1962, no. 69.
Early draft, chapters "Chto sdelal Ioann Kresta" (1 -- 13 pp. with irregularities); "Tvar' i Bog" (1--11pp); "Temnaia noch'" (1--22 pp.); "Svetlyi den'" (1-23 pp.); "Sv. Ioann Kresta i my" (1-16 pp.); "Zhizn' Sv. Ioanna Kresta", (1-29 pp.), -- 1 folder.
Early draft, chapters: "Odinochestvo" in two variants (1-11 pp) and (1- 4pp.); untitled chapter (1-11pp.), "Novye goneniia" (1-5 pp.), "Smert'" (1-12pp.); and pages 13, 15, 16, 30-68 + 4 pages of notes, -- 1 folder.
Later draft, chapters 1 - 9, untitled (120-156 pp.with irregularities) and typewritten copy of these pages (made by Temira Pachmuss), -- 1 folder.
Later draft, chapters 10-18, untitled (157-203 pp. with irregularities) and typewritten copy of these pages (made by T. Pachmuss), -- 1 folder.
Later draft, chapters 19 -- 28, untitled (69-119 pp.with irregularities) and typewritten copy of these pages, -- 1 folder.
Notes to the novel, - 1 folder
17 "Taina Zapada. Atlantida-Evropa" (The Secret of the West. Atlantis- Europe), -- 8 folders. Handwritten copy , 1929   "Taina Zapada. Atlantida - Evropa" was published in Belgrad in 1930.
Part I. "Atlantida."
Preface "Bespoleznoe predislovie", 1-34 pp., Chapters 1-6, "Mif ili istoriia", 1-20 pp., "Belaia i chernaia magiia", "Umiraiushchii lebed'", 1-31, "Atlas -- Enoch", 1-22 pp., "Rozhdenie voiny" 1-22 p., "Ot Enocha k Iisusu", 1-25 pp.,- 1 folder.
Chapters 7-14, "Atlantida-Amerika", 1-19 pp., "Raduga potopa", 1-19 pp., "Lunnye titany", 1- 21p., "Otchego pogibla Atlantida", 1-15 pp., "Krest v Atlantide", 1- 26 pp., Atlantida - Predistoriia", 1-26 pp., "Lednikovyi krest", 1-28 pp., "Soshestvie v ad", 1--33 pp., -- 1 folder.
Notes to Part I, 1-21 pp., "Gibel' Atlantidy -Evropy" (preliminary notes., 1- 38 pp., "Umiraiushchii lebed'", 1-24 pp., -1 folder.
Part II. Bogi Atlantidy (Gods of Atlantida).
Chapters 1-3, "Evropa-Sodom", (1-28 pp.), "Stydnaia rana", (1-25 pp.); "Iz Atlantidy v Evropu", (1- 49 pp.), -- 1 folder
Chapters 4-7, "Kreshchenye bogi",(1-35pp.), "Adonis - Atlas" (1-21 pp.), "Raspiatyi Eros (1--26 pp.); Attis-- Atlas (1--28 pp.),-- 1 folder
Chapters 8-9, 'Androgin", (1-38 pp.); "Siniia--chernaia- belaia" (1- 47 pp.), -- 1 folder.
Chapters 10-12, "Elevzinskie tainstva" (1-- pp.), "Dionis rasterzannyi" (1- pp.), "Dionis Chelovek" ( 1- pp.),-- 1 folder.
Chapters 13-14, "Dionis budushchii (1-60pp.)",K Iisusu Neizvestnomu" (1 --48); Notes to all these chapters (1-46 pp.),-- 1 folder.
18 "Zhanna d'Ark" (Jeanne d'Arc), 3 folders. Handwritten copy.
Materials and preliminary notes, 71 pp., -- 1 folder
Part I (1- 55 pp.) and part II (1- 61 pp.), -- 1 folder
Part III (1- 63 pp.) and part IV (1- 60 pp.),-- 1 folder.   "Zhanna d'Ark" was published in Berlin in 1938.
Articles about Merezhkovskii
Schourlo, Alexis. "La Pensee de Merejkovski." Typewritten copy, 1- 37 pp. In French., 1957
Zlobin, Vladimir. [On Merezhkovskii and Hippius]. Typewritten copy, 1- 26 pp. In French , undated
Drafts of different articles, notes to "Tereza Ispanskaia", and "Liuter i my", -- 1 notebook.
Notes and bibliography, -- 2 notebooks.
Private Correspondence
Bunin, Ivan. 11 items , 1921-1924   Ivan Alekseevich Bunin (1870-1953) began his literary career in 1888, and soon achieved a reputation of the major Russian prose writer. In 1920 he left Soviet Russia and settled in France. In the emigration Bunin wrote some of his most important works, such as his fictionalized autobiography "Zhizn' Arsenieva" (The Life of Arseniev). He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1933.
3 letters from Bunin to Merezhkovskii and Hippius, 1921
8 letters from Merezhkovskii to Bunin, concerning literary and political matters, health, money, etc., as well as mutual acquaintances (1920-24).   Bunin's letters were published by T. Pachmuss in "Iz archiva Merezhkovskikh: pis'ma I.A. Bunina Z.N. Gippius, D.S. Merezhkovskomu, V.A. Zlobinu", Russian Language Journal 40, No. 1351986.
Kaplan, D. (Los Angeles, USA). 2 items, including a letter in Russian and a letter in Hebrew, 1934
Merezhkovskii, Nikolai. 2 items, including a letter from Nikolai Merezhkovskii (Dmitrii Merezhkovskii's brother), with the elaborate discription of his living in the nursing home in Shipka (Bulgaria), and a letter from D. Merezhkovskii, in which he promised to continue his financial support, 1927
Mussolini, Benito. Merezhkovskii's letter to Mussolini concerning his plans to write about Dante, and with the expressions of admiration of Mussolini's literary and political activities. 2 typewritten copies, 1-7 pp., one contains corrections. In French , undated
Pope Benedict XV. A draft of Merezhkovskii's letter to Pope, concerning Bolsheviks' crimes against Russian people and Russian Church. Handwritten copy. In Russian, undated    Benedict XV, original name Giacomo Della Chiesa (1854-1922), was pope from 1914-1922.
Zveginstova, E. 1 letter to Merezhkovskii, In Russian, 1929
2 Merezhkovskii's letters to unknown people.
Business Correspondence
Albin Michel, Publisher (Paris). 2 agreements, on publishing Merezhkovskii's works , undated.
Albert Bonnier, Publishing House (Stockholm), An agreement on publishing Merezhkovskii's works, 1920
Association des Auteurs de Film (Paris). 2 items, including 1 letter to Merezhkovskii and a receipt, 1937
Athenaeum, Publishing House (Budapest). An agreement on publishing Merezhkovskii's works , undated
Bernard Grasset, Publishing House (Paris): 10 items, including 9 letters to Merezhkovskii and an agreement on publishing his works , 1932-1939
Bibljoteka Groszova (Warsaw). 2 letters to Merezhkovskii and a receipt, 1926
Bloch, Alfred. Agent Général (Paris), A letter to Merezhkovskii and an agreement on publishing his works , 1938-1939
Borchard, A. Publisher (Paris). A letter to Merezhkovskii, 1938
Bradley, W. A. Literary agent (Paris). 3 items, letters to Merezhkovskii, 1939-1942
Bruno del Amo, Publishing House (Madrid). 5 items, including 1 postcard and 4 letters to Merezhkovskii, 1928-1932
Bureau Sulamerican Rour La Litterature Moderne (San Paulo). 6 items. 4 letters to Merezhkovskii, an agreement on publishing his works, and a letter from Merezhkovskii (a copy written by Zlobin)., 1934-1935
Calmann-Lévi, Publishing House (Paris). 7 items, including 2 letters to Merezhkovskii, 3 agreements on publishing his works, and 2 financial statements , 1932-1935
Centrum, Publishing House (Prague). 3 items, including 1 letter to Merezhkovskii and 2 financial statements , 1930-1935
Dante Könyvkiadó, Publishing House (Budapest). 4 letters to Merezhkovskii, 1924-1927
Drei Masken Verlag (Munich). An agreement on publishing Merezhkovskii's works. , undated.
Editorial Sempere (Valencia). 10 letters to Merezhkovskii, 1925
Editorial Cervantes (Barselona). 2 items, including a letter to Merezhkovskii and a letter from Merezhkovskii (a copy written by Zlobin).
Eliasberg, A., Translater. 2 agreements on translation of Merezhkovskii's works , 1921-1922
Elkin, B. (Berlin), A letter to Merezhkovskii, 1925
Ernst Flammarion, Publishing House. A letter to Merezhkovskii, 1934
Espasa-Calpe, Publishing House (Madrid). 7 items, including 6 letters to Merezhkovskii and a letter from Merezhkovskii (a copy) , 1929-1930
Fayard, A. Publishing House (Paris). An agreement on publishing Merezhkovski's work , undated.
Foundation Chaliapin, A letter to Merezhkovskii, 1939
Gallimard, Publishing House (Paris). 4 items, including 3 letters to Merezhkovskii, and an agreement on publishing his works , 1934-1938
Gotthelf Verlag (Bern-Leiptzig), 1 postcard, 1934
Grethlein and Co, Publishing House (Leipzig -Zurich). 7 items, 2 letters to Merezhkovskii, an agreement on publishing his works and related documents, 3 letters from Boris Elkin, the literary agent (Berlin) and a letter from the notary, 1931-1932
Gustav Altenburg Verlag (Leipzig). 2 letters to Merezhkovskii, 1931 and 1941
Jonathan Cape Limited (London). 3 items, including 2 letters to Merezhkovskii and an agreement on publishing his works (3 pp), 1933-1934
Knight Publishers (New York). 2 items, including 1 letter to Merezhkovskii and an agreement on publishing his works , 1939
Kriger, E. Translator (Warsaw). 2 letters to Merezhkovskii, 1928
Ksiegarnia i antykwarnia Arnold Bardach (L'vov). 2 letters to Merezhkovskii, 1925
Kvasnicka a Hampl, Publishing House (Prague). 8 items, including an agreement on publishing Merezhkovskii's works, 6 letters to Merezhkovskii, and 1 financial statement, 1925 and 1935-1936
Komisarjevsky, Theodor and John Alford Esq. (London). An agreement on translation Merezhkovskii's works , 1927
[Theater] Král-Vinohrady (Prague). 2 letters to Merezhkovskii and 2 agreements on staging two of his plays , 1919-1920
[I.] Ladyschnikow Verlag (Berlin). 3 items, including an agreement on publishing Merezhkovskii's works and 2 letters , 1908 and 1921-1922
Lorentowic, J., the Director of Public Theaters (Warsaw), an agreement on staging Merezhkovskii's plays , 1920
Lutetia -Press (Paris). 2 letters to Merezhkovskii, 1939
Mednyi vsadnik, Publishing House (Berlin). an agreement on publishing Merezhkovskii's works , undated.
Mondadory, A. Publishing House (Rome). A letter to Merezhkovskii, 1936
Morkovin, B. (Prague) A letter to Merezhkovskii, 1920
Narodno Delo, Publishing House (Belgrade), 2 letters to Merezhkovskii, 1933
[Mr.] Niscott, The P.E.N. Club, London. A copy of a letter from Merezhkovskii, in French, 1923
Piper and Co, Verlag (Munich). 11 items, including 4 letters to Merezhkovskii, an agreement on publishing his works, 3 financial statements, and 3 documents of money transactions , 1937-1941
Plamia, Publishing House (Prague). 4 items, including 2 letters to Merezhkovsskii, 1 letter to Hippius, and a financial statement, 1924
Produits Agricoles (Bordeaux), a transaction receipt, 1932
Renaissance (Paris), 2 letters to Merezhkovskii, 1928
Russkaia Zemlia, Publishing House. 2 items, including an agreement on publishing Merezhkovskii's works and an agreement on publishing Hippius' works , 1920
Ruski Kulturni Odbor, Publishing House (Belgrad). 9 items, including 6 agreements on publishing Merezhkovskii's works, 3 letters, and a financial statement , 1928-1932, 1937
Russkii Kul'tirno-Istoricheskii Musei (Museum of Russian Culture and History, Prague): 2 items, including a letter to Merezhkovskii and a letter to Hippius, concerning their manuscripts and photographs , 1936
Savremena Biblioteka, Publishing House (Belgrad). 4 items, including 3 letters to Merezhkovskii and an agreement on publishing his works , 1931
ScialtielMarguerite and Jeanne, Publishers (New York), an agreement on publishing Merezhkovskii's works , 1922
Service Litteraire. Anglo-Francais de "Synops", A letter to Merezhkovskii, 1939
Skerik, R. Publisher ( Prague), An agreement on publishing Merezhkovskii's works , 1923
Slovenija, Literary Journal (Ljubljana). 4 items. Letters about translation and publishing Merezhkovskii's works , 1932
Towarzystwo wydawnicze "RÓJ",( Warsaw): 2 letters to Merezhkovskii, 1928
Tsitron, M. Publisher (Paris). An agreement with Merezhkovskii on editing V. Rozanov's collected works , undated
Vindrak, S. (Prague). 1 letter, 1920
Volzhsko-Kamskii Kommercheckii Bank (Russia). A financial statement, 1917
Financial statements issued by an unidentified publishing house, 3 items , 1928-1930
Letters to Merezhkovskii written by unidentified people, 3 items. In French.
19 Miscellaneous
La opere di Dante (Works of Dante), MCMXXI.    The book contains Merezhkovskii's comments in the margins. It also had an inscription by Zlobin to Franco Mazzoni in French ("A Franco Mazzoni / Exempliare annoté par Dmitry Merejkovsky / Paris le 17 fevr. 50 / W. Zlobine).
Merezhkovskii's passport.
[Poems by Boris Savinkov], 16 items. Handwritten copy. In Russian , 1911-1917.
Memorabilia. 2 items, Including an announcement of Merezhkovskii's reading in Strasbourg on May 8, 1933 and a newspaper advertisement on staging Merezhkovskii's play in Prague (NovostiMarch 17, 1936) , 1933 and 1936.

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