Atmospheric Sciences Department Grant Proposals and Reports

An Inventory at the University of Illinois Archives



1 Anderson, John R.
NSF COLO SBC: National Science Foundation and Colorado State University subcontracts, 1984-86
NSF ATM 86-04171, 1987: Miscellaneous grant contracts and approvals, 1986-87 NSF: tropical oscillation, 1986-87
NSF: contract with Massachusetts Institute of Technology,1987
SBC U of WISC: Subcontract with University of Wisconsin, 1988
Beard, Kenneth V.
RES BRD: UIUC Research Board application and account summary, 1993-94
Bowman, Kenneth P.
NSF ATM 86-12413: climate, 1986-89
NSF ATM 86-12413-REU: National Science Foundation budget proposal, 1987
NASA: Research proposal submitted to NASA,1987
SENR WR-40 ATM SCI: climate change and ground water, 1990-91
RES BRED IC BOWMAN: UIUC Campus Research Board, 1991
KPB NASA 90-92: ozone,1991-92
NASA NAGW-992: ozone,199-93
Burpee, Robert W.
Proposals and Amendments: North African waves, 1973
Geller, Marvin A.
Proposals and Amendments: National Science Foundation budget report,1974-78
Gyakum, John R.
11/1/83-6/30/86: synoptic and sub-synoptic scale disturbances, 1983-86
NSF ATM 85-16263: synoptic and sub-synoptic scale observations, 1986-88
Kidder, Stanley Q.
NASA NAG 5-132: Tropical cyclones, 1983
Lewis, John M.
10/74-12/79: squall lines and larger-scale circulations, 1974-79
Mak, Mankin
NSF GA-32443: planetary study, 1972-74
NSF DES 7401188: monsoonal circulation, 1974-79
NSF ATM 78-12341: monsoonal circulation, 1979-81
NSF ATM 80-19423: monsoonal circulation, 1981-84
NSF: Research on atmospheric dynamics, 1983-87
(NCAR):National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1984
AMER MTR ATMS SC EDT: American Meteorological Society Editor, 1984-87
NSF ATM 86-10329: atmospheric dynamics, 1986-90
NSF ATM 89-13249: atmospherical dynamics, 1989-93
RES BRD IC: UIUC Research Board, 1992
NSF ATM 91-08520: atmosphere, 1992-94
Ogura, Yoshimitsu
Proposals: cumulus clouds in tropics, 1971-72
DAHCO4-71-C-0016: cloud populations, 1971-74
(NSF): Miscellaneous expenditures and salary statement, 1971-72
AF44620-74-C-0003: cumulus clouds research, 1973-75
(NSF) ATM 73-00238: cumulus clouds research, 1973-78
NSF ATM 75-19336: severe storms, 1975-76
US COMM NOAA 04-7-022-44026: U.S. Department of Commerce and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration grant for research on storms, 1977-78
NSF ATM 78-01010: storms, 1978-79
Proposals: clouds in fields, 1979-80
NSF ATM 75-11642:clouds in fields, 1978-81
NSF ATM 80-13719: clouds in tropics, 1980-82
NOAA NA80RAD00022: mesoscale storms, 1980-82
NSF ATM 80-11984: convective storms, 1980-82
(NSF): clouds and fields in tropics, 1982-85
F19628-82-K-0030: cumuli and Arakawa-Schubert scheme, 1982-83