University of Illinois Student Alumni Association and Student Ambassadors

An Inventory of Their Records at the University of Illinois Archives

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More Student Alumni Assocation Files

2 Alumni Association Family Camp, 1993-1994
Alumni Association "Reality Park" Mousepad, 1990s
SAA Alumni, 1976
Articles, 1990s
ASAP District 5 Convention Welcome Packet, 2001
ASAP Convention-Session Evaluations (2 folders), 2001
"Be a Part from the Start" Program Information, 1993-1994
"BAPS" Slides, 1994
"BAPS" Soundtrack, 1994
Campus Tour Information, 1990s
Commencement Breakfast, 1993
Constitution, n.d.
Correspondence and Business-Related Materials, 1990s
Events/Programs, 1990s
Executive Officer Application Materials, SA and SAA, 1990s
SAA Homecoming, 1993
SAA Homecoming Photo Contact Sheets and Negatives, 1993
SAA Homecoming, 1994
Homecoming-Millinium, 1999
SAA-Homecoming Publicity Material, 2000
SAA-Homecoming T-shirt, 2000
SAA-Homecoming Publicity Material, 2001
SAA Illini Achievers, 1992
SAA-Illini Comeback Program, c. 1994, 1997, 1999
SAA-Illini Comeback, 2000
Illini Fact Flashcards, 1990s
Inaugural Siblings' Weekend, 1993
Interview Guidelines and Evaluations, 1990s-2001
"Lou N You"/"Team Up With Tepper" Events, 1993/1994
Meetings, SA-Agendas, Minutes, Attendance Records, 1994-2001
Membership Application Publicity and Information, 1990s
SA Membership Development Slide Show-CD/Slides, 1999
Member "Fun" Surveys, 1990s
Member Surveys, 1990s
Member Lists and Contact Information, 1980s-1990s
New Member Retreat Packets, 1995-1996
Organizational Information-Other University Sas/SAAs
Photographs, ca. early 1900s-1990s
Picture CD, 2001
Posters (ARC Map Case 2), 1990s
SAA Relay for Life, 1994
Retreat Materials, 1990s
Recognition Banquet, May 3, 2001
SAA/SF International Network Convention, 1999
Senior 100 Honorary Programs-Class of 2001, 2001

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