Lorado Taft :

An Inventory of the Lorado Taft Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.



1 Lists of Work
Lists of his sculpture, (1908-32), and short list of major works, 1887-1936
Lists of his articles and publications, 1895-1937
Additional articles by Lorado Taft, 1896-1922
Key to file of Lorado Taft newspaper and periodical material, 1938
Bibliographies of Lorado Taft, 1890-1936
Lists of organizations of which he was a member
List of exhibitions, 1882-1936
Autobiographical and biographical accounts (for articles about Taft and his work, see box 28)
Genealogical outline and short typed accounts of incidents in his life by himself, family, acquaintances, students
Typed accounts of his life by friends and family
Hamlin Garland and Zulime Taft Garland (sister)
Memories of Lorado and childhood in Champaign and Kansas
Items copied by Lorado Taft
Periodical accounts of Lorado Taft during his lifetime
Webster account of death of Lorado Taft, typed manuscript
Newspaper obituaries, 1936
Expressions of sympathy, letters and telegrams
Periodicals containing obituaries
Disposition of the Taft estate - records, correspondence, 1937-39
Microfilm copy of a dissertation titled "Lorado Taft: American Sculptor and Art Missionary" by Lewis W. Williams, II, a Ph.D. dissertation in art, University of Chicago, March 1958. Cross referenced to box 6.
The dissertation includes extensive quotations from documents in the Taft Papers. Pages 1-49 relate to youth and Paris, pages 50-55 to Chicago, and pages 86-110 to the "vast schemes and vast accomplishments" of the 1910-22 period. Pages 111-145 relate to his final years from 1922 to 1936. Mr. Williams gives an evaluation and criticism of Taft's work from pages 146 to 223. There is a summary on pages 224-225. An excellent catalog of Taft's work is included on pages 227 to 301. An appendix including documents and publications by Taft is on pages 302-325. Bibliography is given on pages 326-377. Photographic plates are reproduced on pages 377-400.
2 Taft family materials; parents and homestead
Diplomas, Amherst and Union Theological Seminary
Typed manuscript (4 pages) - Father Taft's Reminiscences
Notebook for Professor Taft's accounts, 1857-
Mary Lucy Taft; Ladies Improvement Society, Hanover, Kansas, eulogy
Map of Don Carlos Taft's house and garden, 1874 by Lorado Taft
Photographs of Taft homestead, Elmwood, with notes
Catalog of Books in Lorado Taft's library - handwritten, 1872 and after
Dr. John Milton Gregory
Art collection at Urbana
Newspaper notice, 1873-74
Excerpts from the Board of Trustees Report, 1880
Grandparents Gazette, copies of boyhood newspaper for his grandparents, 1874-75
Grandparents Gazette, originals, 1874-75
Diary and Mementos, Philadelphia Exhibition, 1876
Don Carlos Taft lecture on natural history
Promissory note of Don Carlos Taft to Lorado Taft
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad timetable, 1876
Clippings of hair, Taft family
Journal Excerpts, Europe, 1926 (from RS 35/3/125)
Diaries - handwritten, 1876, 1877, 1878
Notebooks from courses at the University of Illinois
Mental Science/Political Economy, ca. 1878
Logic/Constitutional History, ca. 1879
Themes and compositions, University of Illinois, 1875-79
Mental Science, Political Economy, History, Literature, Science
Photocopy of 1879 B. L. Thesis on English Orthography
Honors, University of Illinois
Upon receiving Master's degree, June, 1880
Testimonials from classmates, 1879
Lorado Taft to parents
from Honduras, 1879
from California, 1879 - found in the attic of the Taft home in Champaign
Letters from parents and grandparents, 1870's

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