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An Inventory of the Lorado Taft Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Articles about Taft

28 Articles about Taft, 1908-12, 1913-21, 1925-36
"The Leading Sculptor of the West," Literature and Art, May, 1908
"Lorado Taft and the Western School of Sculptors," The Craftsman, April, 1908
Model of the Columbus Statue, picture and caption, Bulletin of the International Bureau of the American Republics, March, 1909
"A Sculptor's Dream of the Chicago Beautiful," Fine Arts Journal, March, 1912
"Lorado Taft, Interpreter of the Middle West," Architectural Record, July, 1914
Bust of Edward Snyder (picture), The Alumni Quarterly of the University of Illinois, July, 1915
Lorado Taft Number, (pamphlet), 1916
"Lorado Taft's Foundation of Time," The American Magazine of Art, November, 1920
"A Magnificent Conception, Lorado Taft's Foundation of Time," The International Studio, March, 1921
"Lorado Taft, Dean of Chicago Sculpture," Art and Archeology, December, 1921
"Lorado Taft's Sculpture in Gravure Pictures," The Mentor, October, 1913
"He carves mysticism into stone," The Dearborn Independent, September, 1925
"The Pioneers by Lorado Taft," R. E. Hieronymous, July, 1928
"The Midway Studios," The University of Chicago Record, July, 1929
Lorado Taft, Kelvyn Park Junior High School, February, 1929
Field Notes, The American Magazine of aRt, November, 1931
"Lorado Taft," Lane Tech Prep, March, 1935
Excerpts, The Heart of the School, Volume 3, number 3
"Sermons in Sculpture, The Story of Lorado Taft," Illinois Journal of Commerce, April, 1936
29 Articles printed in The Arts magazine
Articles printed in Arts for America
Short notices of Taft and his work, 1897-1929
Short notices of Taft and his work, 1929-37
Awards and Honors    cross referenced from box 21
Editions of Progress for the Promotion of the Fine Arts
Lake, E.J. ᾢ Beginning of Article on Art Department history, 1939
Photographs by Taft   cross referenced from box 24
Dream Museum: List of statues and descriptions   from box 20
Exhibits and Articles on Taft's works, 1983-91

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