Lorado Taft :

An Inventory of the Lorado Taft Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.

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L'Ecole des Beaux Arts-Paris

3 Catalogue and description of the Beaux Arts School, Paris, 1880
Sketchbooks - believed to be from Paris years or before (many signed "Rado" Taft) although some later clippings are enclosed, and one contains material from his lecture series at Yale, 1915
Manuscripts, 1880's
Many individual items not precisely dated, some are from the Paris years and others immediately afterward
Includes: Thesis; The Salon; A Story; French Morality; McAll; Ecole des Beaux Arts; Paris from a Mansard; The English Language of the 20th Century, a Prediction; First Death Mask; The American Nouveau, Horatio Greenough
Expense Account Book, second year at Paris, 1881-82
4 Photographs - classes and friends at Beaux Arts School, Taft's Paris Apartment (sketch)
Textbook from Beaux Arts
Other items from Paris
Membership cards in art groups, expenses at McAll Mission, clipping from Champaign Gazette on his progress in Paris, receipt for bronze casting with revenue stamp, photographs of Paris sculpture, mementos.
McAll Mission in Paris - A Cry From the Land of Calvin and Voltaire
McAll Mission in Paris - La Mission Populaire Evangelique
Nos Peintres at Sculpteurs
Anatomie des Formes du Corps Humain
Mme. Celine Fallet / L'Ecole des Beaux - Arts, Rouen, 1872
McAll Mission records, 1887
23rd Report, 1895

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