Lorado Taft :

An Inventory of the Lorado Taft Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.

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12 Sculpture - Partial list of casts of Lorado Taft's works with short descriptions. The following folders contain photographs, correspondence, clippings, financial notes, blueprints, sketches and other records of individual works, arranged chronologically.
State Street Studio "notre atelier", 1888
Early Commercial Reliefs, 1880's, 1890's
Chicago Board of Trade Panel, 1883
Mercury, 1883 (not executed)
Excelsior, Urbana, Illinois, 1884
Captain Mollie, 1884
Schuyler Colfax Memorial, Indianapolis, 1887
Civil War Reliefs
Civil War Monuments
Grant Monument, Levenworth, 1888
Ella McGuiness Memorial, Indianapolis, 1888
Michigan Regiments Monuments, Gettysburg, 1888
Jackson - Defense of the Flag, 1889
Pioneers, Elmwood, 1889 - sketch
Soldier's Monument, Winchester, Indiana, 1889
Soldier's Monument, Yonkers, ca. 1890
Hygia, 1891
13 Despair - Knowledge
Nymph Fountain, 1898
Pylons, 1898
Defense of the Flag, 1903
Fountain of the Great Lakes, Chicago, 1903-06
Washington Monument, Seattle, Washington, 1908
Columbus Memorial, Washington, D.C., 1908-12
Columbus Memorial, Photographs
The Blind, Urbana, Illinois, 1908
Midway Bridges, Chicago, 1909
14 Taft's Indian Statue, Black Hawk, Oregon, Illinois, (2 folders), 1909-10
Taft's Indian Statue, photos, 1909-10
Trotter Memorial Fountain, Bloomington, Illinois, 1909-11
Fountain of Creation, Chicago, 1910
Iroquois Memorial, 1911
Soldier's Memorial, Oregon, Illinois, 1911-16
Soldier's Memorial, Oregon, Illinois, photos, 1911-16
Pastoral Groups, Chicago, 1912
Monument, Chickamauga, Georgia, 1913
Lincoln Park Bandstand Figures, Chicago, 1914
Infant Welfare Emblem, Chicago, 1914
Thatcher Memorial Fountain, Denver, 1916-18
15 Small Park Fountain, Oregon, Illinois
Orpheus Consoled, 1922 - for Thomas Edison
Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Danville, Illinois, 1922
Alma Mater, University of Illinois, 1922-29
Fountain of Time, Chicago, 1922 (6 folders)
Foote Memorial
Shaler Memorial Angel, Waupun, Wisconsin, 1923
Omaha War Memorial, 1925 (not executed)
Photos of Work by Taft
16 Lincoln, Urbana, Illinois, 1927
Hackley Memorial, Muskegon, 1927-29
The Pioneers, Elmwood, Illinois, 1928
Annie Louise Keller Memorial, Whitehall, Illinois, 1929
Cherry Memorial, Bowling Green, 1929-36
Page Memorial, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, 1930
The Crusader, Chicago, 1931
Patriots, Pioneers, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1931-32
Come Unto Me, 1933
Boulder Dam Reliefs, ca. 1932 (not executed)
Lincoln-Douglas Memorial, Quincy, Illinois, 1935-36
Portrait Reliefs
Bob Roberts Memorial Hospital
Katherine Lucinda Sharp
Stephen Moulton Babcock
Delta Tau Delta Memorial
George Westinghouse
Jonathan Prentiss Dolliver
Frances E. Willard
Portrait Busts
Thomas D. Gilbert
Professor Emerson of Beloit
Senator Carter
My Father
Culver Bust, Culver Military Academy
Col. Briggs (photo includes Turbie Taft and C. F. Browne, 1896)
Senator Farwell
Governor Oglesby of Illinois
Clement Studebaker
Dr. Davidson
Statues, photographs of display
David and Jonathan, Urbana, Illinois - Illini, June 10, 1884, p.12
Babler Memorial (not executed)
Speaker Rainey Memorial (not executed)
Purdue University Memorial (not executed)
Other Works
Texts about Taft's work - Dioramas

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