Lorado Taft :

An Inventory of the Lorado Taft Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Special Projects

21 Dream Museum
Plans and Photographs, ca. 1929
Chicago Day, October 9, 1899
chapter: "Chicago Past and Present" picture of Taft Group
Pamphlets - a series of essays and descriptions by Lorado Taft about the Dream Museum
Correspondence: regarding location of Dream Museum, 1918-36
Correspondence: regarding Dream Museum, 1919, 1923-25, 1927, 1929-35
Endorsements of the Dream Museum, 1929-31
Clippings: Chicago Fine Arts Museum (restoration of the German Building), Jackson Park, 1922-24
Clippings: Dream Museum, 1928-34
Proposed Dream Museum for Los Angeles, 1930-34
List of Statues and descriptions
Other Special Projects, 1908-37
Art Extension - Citizens in Art
Drama Players - High School Art
Peep Shows
"Tenth Floor Fine Arts Building"
Literary and Artistic Group
Florentine Carnival
Art Extension Committee, 1919-36

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