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An Inventory of the Avery Brundage Collection at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Scrapbooks    Numerical List of Scrapbooks Received June 19, 1975   
Scrapbook NumberTitle
1Sport, 1928-1944
8,8A 1960-1963
9,9A 1964-1967
12A,12B1916, 1918, 1930-40, 1945-61
16,16A,16B Visit to Tenri, Japan 54th Session of I.O.C., May 1958
17Visit to Tokyo, 1955
18Avery Brundage's Participation in Athletic Events, 1910-25
19,19A Visit to Sofia: 53rd Session of I.O.C., September 1957
20Visit to Madrid,
21Visit to Partenkirchen, 1934
22Visit to Hungary, 1953
23Field Museum Expedition to Alaska, 1927
24,24A,24B Visit to Iran, 1956
25Olympic Games, Berlin, 1936
26Olympic Games, Melbourne, 1956
27,27A Visit to Korea, U.S. 8th Army, May 1955
28Beta Reunion at the University of Illinois, 1960
29Pan-American Gares, Mexico City, 1955
30Olympic Games, Squaw Valley, 1960
31Deutsches Turn und Sportfeld, Leipzig, 1956
32Original Stoke Torch
33Australia Visit, 1955
34Sport, 1914-1930
35,35A,35B Visit to Tokyo: 54th Session of I.O.C., 1958
36Visit to Munich: 55th Session of I.O.C., 1959
37Visit to Madrid
38Red China's Participation in Olympic Games, 1959
39Visit to Taiwan, 1964
40,40A La Pineta, Brundage's home in California
41Visit to Iran
42Mexico Visit, 1962
44Visit to Baden-Baden: 60th I.O.C. Session, 1963
45Visit to Republic of China, June 6-8, 1964
46Visit to Matsu
47International Club, Olympic Village, Tokyo, October, 1964
48Visit to Kyoto, Japan, November 1964Scrapbook Number Title
48A Visit to Barcelona, Spain, Feb.-March, 1967
49Visit to Rome, April 26, 1965
50Visit to Athens: Celebration of Olympic Day, April 6, 1967
51Visit to Tehran: 65th Session of I.O.C., May 2-11, 1967
52Visit to Mexico, January 1968
53,53A Visits to Grenoble and Lisbon, February 1968
54,54A Visit to Korea, June 1968
55,55A Visit to Korea, June 1968
56Visit to Ostersund, Sweden, March 1969
57Visit to Leipzig, German Democratic Republic, July 1969
58Visit to Hungary, September 1970
59Visit to Hungary, September 1970
60Lyon, France
61Visit to Mexico, August 1967
62Executive Committee of I.O.C. at Santa Barbara, California, October 1966
63Visit to Greece, September 1970
64A Tribute to Alfred Hajos, the first Hungarian Olympic Champion, 1896: held in July 1972
65Visit to Mexico, 1968
66Sport, 1968-1970
67Visit to Pakistan, November 15-16, 1970
68Reception by the Los Angeles Olympic Committee Honoring Brundage in Munich, September 4, 1972
69XI Olympic Games, Winter 1972, Sapporo, Japan
70Articles by or about Avery Brundage, 1929, 1934, 1938-41, 1948-55
71Articles by or about Brundage, 1951-53
76Action Photographs: IIa Nostra Fotografica dello Sport
77Olympic Games, Melbourne, 1948
78Trip to Pakistan, November 13-17, 1970
79Construction of Olympic Sites in Rome, 1960
80Brundage's 80th Birthday: Speeches and Photographs from Banquet, Sept. 29, 1967
81Brundage's 80th Birthday Messages, Cablegrams, and Letters
82Brundage's 80th Birthday: Messages, Cablegrams, and Letters
83Brundage's 80th Birthday: Thank you Letters, Press Clippings and Personal Messages
84Brundage's 80th Birthday: Motion Pictures, Tape Recordings and Photo Negatives
85Crisis of South Africa's Participation in 1968 Olympic Games
86South African Readmission: Information I
87South African Readmission: Information II
88South African Readmission: Pro
89South African Readmission: Against I
90South African Readmission: II
91Boycott of USA Black Athletes of the XIX Olympic Games in Mexico City, 1968
92South African Controversy, 1969-70
93Visit to Mexico, May 8-12, 1972
94XI Winter Olympiad, Sapporo, 1972: Book I
95XI Winter Olympiad, Sapporo, 1972: Book II
96XI Winter Olympiad, Sapporo, 1972: Book III
97Schranz, Disqualification
98Sport, 1972
99Controversy over the Olympic Games Scheduled to be held in Denver, 1976
100Controversial Opinions by or about Brundage, 1936, 1948, 1959, 1962, 1964-70
101Encomium Clippings on Brundage, 1936, 1947, 1948, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1962, 1964-70
102Trips, Interviews, and Special Events, 1956, 1964-70
Scrapbooks received October 13, 1976
3Honors and Awards, 1907-1959
3A Honors and Awards, 1957-1972
10Business, 1907-1961
11Art, 1948-1967
12General, 1916-19, 1925, 1928, 1931, 1935-44, 1947-52, 1955-60
12C General, 1892, 1900, 1924, 1930, 1949, 1952-54, 1960-65
13Miscellaneous, 1912-13, 1916-20, 1924-26, 1929-45, 1948
14Business, 1925-3I, 1936-38, 1942, 1951
15Olympic Diplomas, 1908, 1912, 1924, 1932-33, 1936-40, 1946-52, 1956, 1960-65
43DeYoung Museum Vote, 1938-60
103Avery Brundage Collection, 1965-1967
104Family, 1900-1915
105Japan, 1958, 1964, 1968, 1972-74
106Japan Visit, April 5-23, 1974
107Europe, 1963, 1966
108XI Olympic Games, Leni Reifenstahl, 1936
109XI Olympic Games, Leni Reifenstahl, 1936
   All scrapbooks listed below are boxed, except for those volumes in oversized flat storage and oversized shelving, which are listed first. More specific information concerning the contents of each scrapbook is found following this listing, in numerical order, except numbers 3, 3A, 10-12, 12C, 13-15, 43 and 103-109.   

Oversized Flat Storage, Scrapbooks

L: Sport, 1928-1944

2: Sport, 1938-1944

76: Action photographs: IIA Nostra Fotografica dello Sport


Oversize Shelving, Scrapbooks

3,3A: Honors and Awards, 1907-1972

4: Sport, 1944-1947

5: 1948-1951

6: 1952-1955

7: 1956-1959

8,8A: 1960-1963

9,9A: 1964-1967

10: Business, 1907-1961

11: Art, 1948-1967

12: General, 1916-1960

12A,12B,12C: Sport, 1892-1965

13: Miscellaneous, 1912-1948

14: Business, 1925-1951

15: Olympic Diplomas, 1908-1965

19,19A: Sofia, I.O.C., September 1957

24A,24B: Iran, 1956

26: XVI Olympics, Melbourne, 1956

33: Australia Visit, 1955

40: La Pineta, 1964 1936

42: Mexico, 1962

43: DeYoung Museum Vote, 1938-60 1936

47: Olympic Village, Tokyo, Oct. 1964

48: Kyoto, Japan, November 1964

49: Rome, April 26, 1965

53A: Lisbon, Portugal, Feb. 21, 1968

56: Ostersund, Sweden, March 1969

62: I.O.C. Executive Committee, Santa Barbara, Calif. Oct. 1966

67: Pakistan, November 15-16, 1970

69: XI Winter Games, Sapporo, Japan, 1972

80: Brundage, 80th Birthday, Sept. 29,1967

81: Brundage, 80th Birthday, Sept. 29,1967

82: Brundage, 80th Birthday, Sept. 29,1967

83: Brundage, 80th Birthday, Sept. 29,1967

84: Brundage, 80th Birthday, Sept. 29,1967

103: Avery Brundage Collection, 1965-1966

105: Japan, 1958, 1964, 1968, 1972-74

106: Japan Visit, April 5-23, 1974

108: XI Olympic Games, Leni Reifenstahl, 1936

109: XI Olympic Games, Leni Reifenstahl

n/aScrapbook Number 1: Sport, 1928-1944   
P. 1Clippings: AAU Approves New Ohio Association, Dec. 1930
Name 130 Honorary Rockne Pallbearers
Sports Committee of 1933 Fair Starts Ball Rolling
Amateur Baseball Group Makes Plans for 1932
Photograph: US Amateur Baseball Association - Executive Board
P. 2
Clippings: From: Who's Who in America - Avery Brundage
Avery Brundage '09 Given New Acclaim
Brundage to Run Chicago Fair Sports (Note: Photo shown as Avery Brundage is another person.)
Avery Brundage Named World's Fair Sport Committee Manager
Article: "Brundage Ideal Man to Assume Charge at Once" - E. J. Geiger
Characteratures: Of AAU Officials at Kansas City Meeting, Nov. 17, 1931
P. 4 Photographs: 43rd Annual AAU Convention - Kansas City, Nov. 17, 1931
Dinner Tendered to Wm. B. Simpson by Directors of CAA, Jan. 19, 1933
P. 5 49th AAU Convention, Boston, Mass., Jan. 8, 1938
Executive Committee of the AOA at NYAC, Jan. 8, 1938
P. 6 Members of the Congress of the International Amateur Athletic Association, Los Angeles, July 29, 1932
Dinner in Honor of the AOC, July 29, 1932
P. 7 White House Reception of AOA with H. Hoover, Nov. 19, 1930 (Section of Hoover and Brundage cut out and sent to Germany)
White House Reception of AAU 42nd Annual Convention, Nov. 17, 1930
P. 9 Article: "Parity is Adoped for Sports Bodies" - Arthur J. Daley
Clippings: Colleges Strike at AAU Control, Oct. 19, 1937
See International Aid for Colleges in Olympic Fight, Oct. 21, 1937
Brundage to Aid Colleges in Olympic Fight Report
Compromise of Olympic Representation is Effected
Brundage May Head AAU, Dec. 7, 1939
P. 10 Certificate: From AAU to Avery Brundage - Veteran Membership, March 1, 1940
Article: "AAU - Golden Jubilee Convention" - Bill Boni
"AAU Meddlers Stiil Hound Grid Players", Jack Miley
"About World Affairs and Meters", Jesse Abramson, Aug. 13, 1940
P. 11 Picture of News Page: "Following the Delegates Around During a Day at the 52nd Annual AAU Convention", Dec. 8, 1940
Clipping: Invitation of Nazi Boxing Head Prompts Quick Action, Dec. 8, 1940
New Set-Up for International Participation is Proposed, Dec. 8, 1940
Sports Federation Proposed by AAU
P. 12 AAU Reinstates Luisetti, Dec. 9, 1940
AAU Officials Debate Yards Versus Meters, Dec. 6, 1940
P. 13 Broader Program of Mass Athletics Urged by Brundage, Dec. 13, 1942
Brundage Asks AAU to Widen Program of Physical Education, Dec. 13, 1942
AAU Fails to Receive Bids for Swimming Meets, Dec. 13, 1942
Brundage Urges Level of Axis Sports Program, Dec. 13, 1942
AAU Delegates Learn of Navy Sports Program, Dec. 12, 1942
P. 18 Articles: Articles of Olympic Games covering the period 1928-1944:
Hahn and Hamm Make New World's Records
P. 20 Articles: Articles of Olympic Games covering the period 1928-1944: (cont.)
US to Send Hockey Team to Amateur Tourney in Poland
Fight Looms Over Site of Olympic Tryouts
P. 21 Los Angeles Olympiad to Lead All, Says President Brundage
P. 22 Chicago Organizes to Raise Olympic Funds
P. 23 DIPLOMA: Lake Placid - 1932 Games . . . to Avery Brundage
10,000 Meter Speed-Skating Trials in Olympic Games Ruled "No Races" After Long Dispute
P. 25 Clippings: Olympic 1896 Track Records Not So Flossy, Jan. 16, 1932
US to Back Normi in Olympic Fight, July 23, 1932
IAAF Commission Rules on Matter...Paavo Nurmi Barred with No Appeal From Verdict Possible, July 29, 1932
Complete Success is Assured for Olympics (1932), Brundage Says, Jan. 16, 1932
German Lauds Arrangements for Olympics
Starting Blocks Ruled out for Games (1932), July 28, 1932
P. 26 Olympic Men Find Competition is With Self, Not With Others
Olympic Games Provide Success in Every Phase
P. 27 Avery Brundage Will Direct Track Meet
50,000 Fans Cheer International Stars in Daily News Meet
P. 28 Call to Athletes Issued by Hitler, Dec. 15, 1933
See Brundage OK on Games in Berlin
Brundage Sails to Decide if US Will Enter Olympics, July 29, 1934
US Delays OK on Berlin Olympics . . . Brundage to Probe Nazi-Jewish States
Nazi's Satisfy Olympic Men, June 21, 1934
Benthron Mark Gains Approval
Germany is "Uncivilized State" Says Brundage, after Studying Policy on Jews in Olympics, Sept. 26, 1934
US Participation in Olympic Games is Assured, Sept. 1934
Olympic Group Makes Peace with Germany
P. 29 Olympiaden Hotad...USA - Medverkan under Debatt
P. 30 Suomen Urheilen Johto oi ole maan urheilutulosten Tasolla . . .Sanoo Amerikan urheiluliiton Puheenjohtaja Avery Brundage
P. 31 Olympiad Despite Hitler Will be Held Hans Nusslein (Pro Tennis Star) In 1935 Indoor Tennis Debut to Raise Funds to Send US Team to Germany...Newspic...Avery Brundage with Nusslein
Article: "Pressure on AAU Against US in Games" - Maxwell Stiles
P. 32 Clipping: Hockey Opens Olympics Today, Two English Players Barred...Canadians Are Ruled Out After Protest on Eligibility
P. 33 US Olympic Body Takes More Temperate Stand Than AAU on Racial Issue, Nov. 23, 1933
Olympic Body Backs Water on Jewish Ban
P. 34 Reopen Attack on U S Entry into Olympics
Brundage Warns AAU of U. S. Decline in Sports....Brundage Says US Must go to Olympics, Dec. 8, 1934
Brundage Thinks US Must Work
Brundage May Back Mahoney As Successor to AAU Presidency
Mahoney Succeeds Brundage as AAU President, Dec. 10, 1934
P. 35 Article: "Rejects Proposal to Abandon Meter" - A. J. Daley, Nov. 20, 1933
Clippings: AAU Delegates Debate Berlin Olympic Site
Text of AAU's Resolution to American Olympic Group... Motion Threatening Withdrawal of US Athletes to be Offered Tomorrow
Metric System to Be Retained by AAU
P. 36 Clippings:Vote of American AAU to Shun Olympic Games Falls Like Bomb in Berlin
AAU Hurls Jewish Defi at Germany, Nov. 21, 1933
AAU Boycotts 1936 Olympics Because of The Nazi Ban on Jews, Nov. 21, 1933
AAU Tables German Protest of U S "Boycott" of '36 Olympics
British Consider Boycotting Games
Olympic Group to Meet Today in Washington
AAU Receives German's Pledge
P. 39 Committee Action Recommending Boston to be Brought up Again; Three New Records Accepted...Brundage's recommendations
Brundage points out Dangers and Evils of System .... Starting Blocks to be Used
Brundage Again AAU Chief
Schools Given Right to Name Eligible Stars
AAU Favors Starting Blocks But Will Not Permit their Use
Brundage Right Man for AAU Presidency, 1928
Brundage Favors a Fund of $2,000,000 for Olympics
AAU Starts Drive Against Ring Outlaws, Nov. 28, 1929
Pamphlet: Of Avery Brundage Addresses:"In Defense of the Amateur Code," "Athletics and Industry"
Clippings: Amateurism Must Reform, Brundage Says, Nov. 19, 1929
P. 41 AAU'S Mysterious Backer Believed to be Brundage...Donor of $2,000,000 Fund will be made known soon
Brundage Aims to Cement Amateur Body Truce
AAU Plans National Merger with YMCA
Article: "Brundage Again Heads National AAU" - Clarence A. Bush
P. 42 Clippings: AAU Honors Jones at Banquet Tonight Jones Presented James Sullivan Medal
The Bobby Jones Love Feast, by Ernest Heitkamp
Jones Given Sullivan Medal, Highest AAU Award
Honor Golf in Honoring Jones
P. 43 Brundage Seeks British-Yank Meet Here
Stars to Compete at Soldier Field Tomorrow Night, Aug. 26, 1930
City Welcomes World Track Stars Today
Knute Rockne Speaks at Luncheon for Track Stars
Newspicture: Avery Brundage with Lord David Burghley
Of 40,000 at Solders Field for Track Meet, Aug. 27, 1930
P. 44 Clippings: Brundage Envisions Greatest Cage Meet
U.S. May Meet Germany in Chicago Track Meet
Brundage Foresees Olympic Struggle
Article: "The Vanishing Long Distance Runner" - Wm. S. Forman
P. 45 Clippings: Retain Brundage as MU President, Nov. 18, 1931
Ruling Made to Prohibit Any Role on Screen
He's An AAU Fixture, Nov. 18, 1931
AAU President Speaks Highly of Kansas City Athletic Club
P. 46 Brundage Plans Sweeping Probe of Southland AAU, Aug. 11, 1932
Article: "U S Team Plays Pros but Still Amateurs, How Can That Be", M. Stiles
Clipping: Olympic OK Sought for Coast Favorite
Article: "New Deal" Expected in Local Amateur Athletic Circles this Fall" George T. Davis
Clipping: Paid Simon Pure Fighters Answer Charges This Week
P. 47 Clippings: Track and Field Events of AAU To Be Put On Metric Basis. Nov.23, 1932
AAU Votes Record Recognition to Losers At Olympics
Meters to Boost US Prestige on Track, Says A.C. Gilbert, Dec., 1932
New AAU Code Hits Promoters and Fighers
Central AAU Upholds Ban on Matched Bouts
AAU Honors Brundage...Metric System Adopted for Track and Field
Article: "Brundage Thinks Lovelock May Clip His World Mark" H. MacNamara
Clippings: Brundage Set to Resign
Brundage Not To Run Again, Report in East
Table Tennis Zone Tryouts Start Here Tomorrow, Nov. 16, 1933
P. 48 Brundage Announces Retirement as AAU Chieftain
Brundage Drafted to Serve AAU as President
Brundage to Remain as AAU President...Avery Brundage to Head AAU for 6th Time, Nov. 21, 1933
Garland Named First Recipient of Sullivan Medal for Service, Nov. 21, 1933
Locarno Row May Affect Olympics
Pro-Jewish Resolution Adopted by AAU...Jews Welcome Germany
Germany Gets Warning on Olympics
P. 49 AAU Will keep Olympic Issue Open Pending Future Attitude of Germans, Dec. 10, 1934
Article: "Avery Brundage Not Entirely at Fault in Olympic Errors" E. J. Geiger
Clippings: Brundage Back From Olympics U S Leader Lauds Owens, Despite Ban
Brundage Back, Defends Action by Committee in Jarrett Case
1940 Olympics Being Booted Around Again
Article: "Amateur Athletics in Good Hands" George M. R. Holmes, 1934
P. 50 Clippings: War Strikes AAU, Dec. 15, 1937
Avery Brundage Heads Bain Probe Grand Jury, Dec. 7, 1931
Olympic Chief is Chosen Head of New Grand Jury
Brundage Takes Hand in AAU Election Plans, Dec. 15, 1937
Hoyt to Be Named AAU President, Dec. 15, 1937
AAU Carries Olive Branch to Washington, Dec. 15, 1937
P. 51 Clippings: Brundage Sees U S Win New Good Will, Jan. 17, 1936
Olympic Athletes Face Close Fights in Games...Champions Will Get Real Tests, Brundage Says, Jan. 18, 1936
No Alibi for U S In Games, Feb. 26, 1936
Brundage Praises Olympics, Feb. 25, 1936
Brundage Admits Worry Over Lack of Funds for Olympic Team, Apr. 21, 1936
Brundage Back, Asks Princeton to Raise Olympic Funds at Meet, Feb. 26, 1936
Nazi Praised For Fair Treatment, Feb. 26, 1936
Brundage Returns with Praise for German Olympic Direction...US Committee Head Says He Saw No Propaganda Efforts or Discrimination, Feb. 26, 1936
Only War will Stop Olympics, Mar. 11, 1936
Avery Brundage Back at Mail-Covered Desk After Sojourn in Germany, Mar. 6, 1936
P. 53 Amerikanische Olympia...Gaste Im Rathaus
P. 53-59 Miscellaneous Articles and Clippings from German Newspapers on Olympics in Berlin...1936
P. 60 Clippings: Brundage on Resignation of W. J. Bingham, June 10, 1938
Brundage Reports on Cairo Congress, Apr. 15, 1938
P. 61 Olympic Ban Faces U S Nations Would Ban U S From Olympics, Oct. 25, 1937
Olympic Ban of U.S. Yarn is Discounted, Oct. 25, 1937
Avery Brundage--Deutschlands Freund, Aug. 13, 1938
P. 62 Noted Figure (Avery Brundage) in Athletics Visits Island (Jamaica)
P. 63 Telegrams: Telegrams to Avery Brundage on Visit to Japan
P. 63-64Photographs: Candid Photos of Visit to Japan
P. 65 Clippings: AAU Moguls Meet on Tatuta Maru
Brundage Praises Japan's Athletes, Apr. 14, 1939
Famed Athlete to See Brundage at Tea Party
Brundage Glad to Find Amateur Spirit in Nippon, Apr. 27, 1939
Brundage Tells US Side in Olympic Tangle
P. 66-67Miscellaneous Clippings from Japanese Newspapers
P. 69 False Hopes Raised for '40 Olympics
War May Force Japan to Give Up Olympics
Olympic Meet Set for Finland, Says Brundage
Article: "Finland Prepares for Olympics" - J. B. Kearns, Apr. 15, 1939
Clippings: Brundage Tells of Preparations Seen in Finland, June 29, 1939
Finland Abuzz Over Olympics, Says Brundage
P. 70 Victory Stamp Aids Olympic Fund Efforts
P. 73 Olympics This Year Opposed by French, Mar. 17, 1950
Brundage Says U. S. Might Hold Olympics If Finland Withdraws
U.S. Resumes Plans for Olympic Jaunt
Olympic Games in Buenos Aires?...Difference in Seasons a Difficulty, Mar. 26, 1940
American Olympic Group Signs "Death Warrant" to 1940 Games
P. 74 American Sports Are "Rotting at the Roots", Says Avery Brundage
P. 75 Brundage Envisions Next Olympics in 1948
Avery Brundage Aids Proposal to Return Thorpe's Trophies
P. 77 Winter Olympics Called Off, Nov. 24, 1939
Olympic Trials Likely to Be Held, this Year, Even If Games Are Not
P. 81 PAN AM GAMES (1939-1942):
Pan-Am Olympic Scheme Gains in Favor
Pan-Am Meet Will Be Held in U S, Jan. 20, 1942
"Pan-Am Games Could be Great Event" - Bob Considine
Miscellaneous Articles from South American Newspapers
P. 83 Brundage Favors Olympics Here If City Needs $500,000 for Pan-AmTournament, Oct. 13, 1939
Editorial: Hold Pan-Am Games Here...Oct. 28, 1939
Clippings: Board to Rule on U S Part in Pan-Am Games, Oct. 17, 1940
Pan-Am Games Report Lists 15 Sports, Oct. 17, 1940
Group to Consider Brundage Report, Oct. 17, 1940
P. 84 Olympic Body Here Changes Its Name, Feb. 25, 1941
Brundage Again Named Sports Federation Head, Nov. 20, 1941
Pan-American Games Given Brundage OK, Feb. 7, 1942
Article: "First Pan-Am Games" by Avery Brundage, Mar. 1941
Clippings: Pan-American Entry Withdrawn, by Avery Brundage
War To Keep US Out of Pan-Am Games
U.S. Urged to Save Argentine Games, Apr. 23, 1942
Pan-Am Games Will Be Held...Argentina
P. 86 Clippings: Brundage Airs Views on Games, Mar. 5, 1942
P. 87 Invitation: President Herbert Hoover to Avery Brundage
P. 89 Pamphlet: Chicago Athletic Association
P. 90 Clippings: New York-Chicago Golden Gloves Bouts Here, April 2nd
P. 91 Clinnin, Brundage Welcome Word of French Invasion (Boxing)
Spikes Effort of NY To Stop Transfer
Big 10 Coaches Hear Warnings on Proselyting
P. 92 CAA Splits Over Sports; Brundage Quits Board
Brundage Lauds the Daily News Four Mile Run
Cherry Circle Faces Civil War on Athletic Policy....Resignation of Brundage may Climax Sports Fight
P. 93 Brundage in Lead; Clinnin Close Second (To Select Judges for Londos-Lewis Championship Wrestling Match)
Great Year for Amateur Sport Seen by Brundage
P. 95 Revive Illini Spirit . . . Brundage
P. 96 German Talk Misrepresented, Declares Brundage
P. 97 Keep Eye to Future, Says Brundage, Nov. 26, 1939
P. 100 Ruler of the Rules, Dec. 27, 1943
P. 101 Be Like Nazis, Brundage Plea America Must Follow Nazi Example Brundage (Stamp Out Communism), Oct. 5, 1936
P. 102 Principles of the America First Committee
P. 103-120 Miscellaneous Invitations and Photographs
Scrapbook Number 2: Sport, 1938-1940   
P. 1 Clippings: Brundage On Way to Major Sessions, 1938
Pete Miller Named Coach of Olympic Skate Team
Editorial: Japanese 1940 Olympic Games
Clippings: Army Chief Asks Japan to Cancel Olympic Games
Change is Urged in Olympic Dates
Editorial: Boycott of Japan's Olympic Games, Feb. 19, 1938
Clippings: No Olympics If Japan Isn't Ready, Jan. 12, 1938
British Control Body Votes to Shun Olympics
Editorial: "What Next" William J. Bingham Resignation
Article: "Sportin' Gossip" - Sparrow Robertson
Clippings: U. S. Official Tells Stand on Olympic Dates
Brundage Outfoxes Self
P. 3 Colleges Ask Control of Four Olympic Teams
Brundage to Aid Colleges in Olympic Fight, Report
Change of Site of 1940 Olympics Still Possible, Brundage Reveals
Article: "Tutors for Olympians" - C. E. Parker
Clippings: War May Force Japan to Give up Olympics
Germans to Restore Olympus
Olympic Site Set in Opinion of Brundage
Article "Brundage on Sport (Political and College Opposition)" C. E. Parker
Clippings: Nations Prepared to Act on Games
Brundage Says Only War can Halt Olympics
Article: "Olympics Open to Older Athletes" - Joe M. Butler, May 25, 1938
P. 4 Clippings: Business Urges Olympics Here
Helsingfors Selected for 1940 Olympics
Brundage Home, Tells Olympic Date Fight
Bingham Quits Olympic Work because of War
Article: "Are You Opposed to 1940 Games" - Bill Henry
Clippings: Bingham Move Hit By Olympic Group
Tokyo Leader Here to Boost 1940 Olympics
P. 5 Clippings: Chicago Bids for Olympics 1940 Games
Tokyo is Confident; Olympians Aren't
Article: "Cultural Olympics Originated bere" - Joe M. Butler
Clippings: Finland Ready to Take 1940 Olympic Meet
Finland Accepts Olympic Bid
War Forces Japan to Cancel Olympics, July 14, 1938
Japanese Cancel '40 Olympic Games Due to War
Brundage Sure Olympics Will Go to Finland
1940 Olympic Games Called Off by Japan
Finland Gets '40 Olympics, Brundage Belief Action by Japan is Surprise, July 14, 1938
P. 6 Olympic Aids Study New York Bid
Finland Organized to Care for Olympics
Tokyo International Exhibition Planned for 1940 is Postponed
Conservative Army Clique Back of Japan's Decision, Expert Says
Olympic Program Likely to be Cut, July 16, 1938
Brundage Backs Berlin Games (1936)
Article: "A Nation of Marathoners" - E. W. Cochrane
P. 7 Clippings: New York Olympics Drive Gains Momentum, July 15, 1938
U. S. Sports Heads Okay Finland for Olympics
Finland, England Cool to '40 Games
Finland Favored for Olympics Host as Japan Drops Bid
P. 8 Clippings: Helsingfors Told it Will Be Offered 1940 Olympic Games
After Japan Resigns Officially, July 16, 1938 Finland May Get Olympics Japan Does Not Want
Article: "A Unique Track Meet" - J. Abramson
Clippings: Japanese Shamed by Loss of Games, July 15, 1938
Detroit Seeks 1944 Olympics
Detroit's Olympic Hopes Seen Brighter for 1948 than 1944
P. 9 Olympic Drive for Cash Gets a Fast Start
Olympic Ring Plan
Plans Made to Pick Olympic Boxing Team
Campaign For Olympic Funds Makes Progress
Europe Seen as Power in 1940 Olympics
London is Given 1944 Olympic Summer Games
$85,500 Needed to Finance U. S. Olympic Teams
P. 10 Leni Riefenstahl Gay as She Tells Chicago Hitler Just Her Boss
Article: "Once In a Lifetime" - A. J. Daley, Dec. 31, 1938
Clippings: Shimek, Kucera, Heckenbach Join Olympic Squad
Olympic Ice Team Called Best Ever
U S May Get Winter Olympic Games
Article: "Glenn Wants Olympic Win" - Tom Meany
P. 11 Clippings: Schroeder Skates For 5000 Meter Title Freisinger Sets New 500 Meter Skate Mark, Jan. 19, 1939 150 In Olympic Field Ice Tests
P. 12 Article: "Finland: Olympic Host" - R. M. Stead
P. 13 "Finland Prepares for Olympics" - J. S. Kearns, Apr. 15, 1939
Clippings: CAC Finds City Lagging, Mar. 19, 1936
Make Chicago Sport Capital, Brundage Asks
P. 24 American Olympic Committee Issues New Olympic Stamp
Issue Olympic Victory Stamp to Aid U.S.
Poster Stamps, Aug. 1939
Editorial: What are 1940 Olympics?
P. 25 Clippings: New Olympic Stamp to Aid in Financing American Team
Victory Stamp Aids Olympic Fund Efforts - Design Selected by Brundage, Shows 1932 Contest
Article: "The Stamp Act" - John Kieran
Clippings: "Stamping" for Olympic Funds - Wrong Picture
P. 26 Editorial: Issue Olympic Victory Stamp
Clippings: Brundage Says No Transfer of Olympics Likely
P. 27 Detroit In Line for 1940 Olympics If Finland Relinquishes Them
Editorial: Wandering Olympics
Clippings: Games to Be Cancelled if Finns Defer
Finland Faces Ten Million Dollar Loss on Olympics
Article: "If I Were 21" - Avery Brundage
Scrapbook Number 4: Sport, 1944-1947   
P. 1 Article: "Avery Brundage Discusses the Olympics" - Arthur Daley, Sept. 1944
P. 2 Clippings: Olympic Tilts Will Give Okay to Japs, Nazis, Dec. 5, 1944 Seven Point Physical Fitness Program Recommended by AAU, Dec. 10, 1944
P. 3 German, Japanese Participation in Next Olympic Games Opposed, Dec. 12, 1944
Foi Proposto--para vice-presidente do Comite Olimpico Internacional, Avery Brundage, Feb. 16, 1945
P. 4 Article: "National Handball Headquarters Here" - Bill Ranft, Feb. 1945
Clippings: Brundage Accepts Irophy from Uruguay, April 29, 1945
Brundage Sees Pan-American Games Revival, April 29, 1945
Article: "Brundage Predicts Resumption of Olympics in 1948" - George T Davis, June 6, 1945
P. 5 Article: "Olympics Are Most Effective Instrument for Peace of World", W. Dyers, June 21, 1945
Clipping: Brundage Names Honorary Referee
Articles: "Hint Games May Be Revived Next Year" - H. Sheer
About Avery Brundage - "The Barber Shop" - J.P. Carmichael
P. 6 Article: Avery Brundage - Champion, Aug. 1945
Clipping: Brundage Predicts Lausanne will Get '48 Olympic Games, Aug. 27, 1945
P. 8 Clipping: Will Renew Olympic Games - Brundage, Aug. 15, 1945
P. 7 Clippings: -Olympiadens ode avgores per post Artig Brundage, Sept. 6, 1945
-Finland framsta idrottsnationen i hela varlden, Sept. 11, 1945
P. 8 Clipping: -Ystavia ollaan edelleenkin Yhdysvaltain urheiluliiton Puheen-jontaja Averyn Brundage kaynnilla Helsingissa, 1945
P. 10 Clipping: -Suomi on urheilun paakaupunki, Sept. 11, 1945
P. 13 Articles: "Avery Finds Sick World" - Ralph Cannon, Oct. 18, 1945
"War Knocks Idealism For Goal" - Ralph Cannon, Oct. 16, 1945
P. 14 Clipping: International Sports Federation Bid to Russia May Put USSR in '48 Olympics, Oct. 23, 1945
Article: "Shattering Another Precedent" - Arthur Daley Oct. 25, 1945
P. 15 Article: This Man's World---"Press Errs in Accusing Brundage"--Paul Gallico, Nov-Dec. 1945
P. 16 Article: "Mr Brundage Was Right" - Dink Carroll, Dec. 19, 1945
P. 17 Article: "Chips from the Blarney Stone"- Dan McGuire, Feb. 20, 1946
P. 18 Clippings: Articles on Meeting in Finland-Avery Brundage och amatorismen
P. 23 Clipping: Med IAAF Bomb I Oslo Sverige Bryter, Aug. 27, 1946
P. 24 Clipping: Norges Fri-idrettsforbunds 50-ars jubileum, Aug. 28, 1946
P. 25 Clippings: 6 Cities Bidding for 1952 Olympics, Sept. 4, 1946
Russia is Invited to 1948 Olympics, Oct. 23, 1946
El Vice Presidente del C.O. Internacional Partio Ayer, Dec. 16, 1946
P. 26 Article: "Los Ideales Deportivos del Aficionado" - Prof. Jesus FerrerGamboa, Dec. 28, 1946
P. 27 Clippings: Avery Brundage, president olympisjskeho vyboru USA, piseMF, April 13, 1947
-New Hockey Body Planned by AAU, Feb. 24, 1947
-Select Figure Skating Team for Olympics, May 1947
-Olympic Chiefs Chat a Bit at City's Airpprt...Brundage Meets Cecil Between Planes, May 13, 1947
P. 28 Article: "Calling Mr. Brundage:" - Newsweek , May 19, 1947
P. 29 Clipping: Sagern och oliven allt for hellenerna Nu livstidspension for olumpiavinnare....Amatorrevision mot os-iden, sager Brundage (Transliteration: Victory and Olive all for Hellenes Now Lifetime Pension for Winner of Olympics...Amateur Revision against Us...Idea, May 7, 1947)
P. 30 Clippings: -Brundage on Way to Olympic Talks, June 5, 1947
-Olympics Shelve 'Broken Time' Issue, June 9, 1947
-Brundage Off for London on Payment Issue, June 4, 1947
'Broken Time' Waits Until 1948
P. 31 Clippings: -Amateur Rules Unchanged for 1948 Olympics Brundage Declines IAAF Vice-Presidency, June 10, 1947
Kukaan ei voi muuttaa amatoorisaantoja...Avery Brundage mielipiteita, May 18, 1947; June 2, 1947
P. 32 Clipping: Op en aan de Sintelbaan...Amerika en de Amateurs, June 11, 1947
P. 33 Clippings: -Tribune Man Carries City's Olympic Bit...Fulton to Address Officials, June 19, 1947
-Olympic Group at Wits' Ends over 'Amateur' June 16, 1947
- Helsinki and Oslo Awarded 1952 Olympics, June 21, 1947
Article: "The Hyland Fling" - Dick Hyland, July 8, 1947
P. 34 Articles: "U.S. Olympic Head Now Hard at Work Raising Funds to Send Team to Games" - Walter L Johns, July 11, 1947
"Olympic Body Gives Ruling on Amateurism" - Harry Keck, July 13, 1947
Clipping: Brundage and Kirby Review Visit Abroad, July 1947
P. 35 Articles: "Playing the Field" - Dink Carroll, May 1947
"Commanded to Win" - Paul Gallico, July 29, 1947
Picture: Of US Olympic Officials Newspic Planning United States Participation in Olympics
P. 36 Article: "Sport in U.S. " - Jesse Abramson, July 28, 1947
Editorial: Brundage Urges Free Football
Articles: "Brundage OUt to Ban Hockey from Olympics" - Montreal Daily Star, Sept. 6, 1947
"Canada Is Voted Out of 1948 Olympic Hockey Picture...Dudley's Ultimatum Turned Down by Vote of 13 to 1 in Switzerland", Jack Sullivan, Sept. 8, 1947
P. 37 "Hockey War May Keep Us Out of Winter Olympics" - Dan Parker
Clippings: Brundage States Olympic Six Will Drill at Princeton
P. 38 Sees Olympic Games as Fine Vehicle for World Peace, Nov. 19, 1947
P. 41 Article: "Avery Brundage Arrives to Be Guest of Honor at Olympic Ball" Gordon Robinson, Nov. 19, 1947
P. 43 Clippings: U.S. Balks at Dictation of Ice Hockey Team
Olympic Group to Confer in Chicago Today, Dec. 3, 1947
U S Threatens Withdrawal of Winter Teams, Dec. 4, 1947
Brundage Defiant in Olympic Feud, Nov. 24, 1947
Follow Rules - Brundage
P. 44 Brundage Seeks Aid for Games, Dec. 7, 1947
Le Co. O. americain dira s'il approuve M. Brundage, fossoyeur de l'olympisme, Nov. 24, 1947
Brundage offside om hockeyspelen
P. 45 Russ Won't Compete in '48 Olympics, Believes Brundage
IAAF To Study Amateurs' Status, Aug. 21, 1946
P. 46 Clipping AhA Plans Set to Organize U. S. Olympic Sextet, Dec. 1947
P. 47 Clipping: Detroit Threat to Minneaplis Olympic Hopes - Brundage, June 23, 1946
Article: "Brundage Smiles" - Jesse Abramson, July 29, 1947
P. 48 Clipping: Brundage Attacks Pay Plan for '48 Olympics
Scrapbook Number 5: Sport, 1948-1951   
P. 1 Clippings: U.S. Body Adamant in Hockey Quarrel
U.S. Olympic Sextet Set to Fly Tomorrow for Winter Games, Jan. 17, 1948
Article: "Man With Loins Girded" - Red Smith, Jan. 17, 1948
P. 2 Article: "IHSG IOC USOA NCAA AHA AAU Confusing Isn't It?" by J.A. Burchard, Jan. 17, 1948
Clippings: US Olympic Body Names Hockey Men
Olympic Rivals Fail to Agree on U S Hockey, Jan.24, 1948
P. 3 Clipping: Brundage Backed in Threat to Ban Winter Games U.S. Olympic Group Supports Chairman by Vote of 68 to 6, Jan. 20, 1948
P. 4 Clippings: -Action Follows Failure of U.S. To End Own Rift, Jan, 24, 1948
-Rivals' Chat Fails to End Olympic Feud
-Stars from 28 Nations to Open Olympics Friday, Jan, 25, 1948
-Brundage Expects Decision on Hockey to Be Far-Reaching, Jan, 25, 1948
P. 5 Clippings: -US Games Committee May Quit...Brundage Fires New Ultimatum, Jan. 27, 1948
-Was sagt Avery Brundage? Jan. 26, 1948
P. 6 Clippings: -Defer Olympic Decision...May Rule on Ice Team Thursday, Jan. 27, 1948
-Entire Olympic Setup Threatened, Jan. 27, 1948
P. 7 Clipping: -Brundage May Resign in Feud, Jan. 27, 1948
P. 8 Clippings: -Decide Olympic Hockey Squabble Today
-Committee May Drop Ice Sport..Brundage, Kraatz Stand Firm, Jan. 28., 1948
Swiss Defy Ice Ban, Jan. 29, 1948
P. 9-Reflexions pre-olympiques
Ce n'est plus le moment de rire!, Jan. 28, 1948
Editorial: Bill Corum Making Effort for Thorpe
P. 10 Article: "By the Way...On Ice Hockey" - Bill Henry, Jan. 28, 1948
"And Who Stuck His Neck Out? Brundage!" - Bill Leiser, Feb 11, 1948
P. 11 Clippings: The Winter Olympic Games are Resumed After a Lapse of Twelve Years, Jan. 31, 1948
P. 12 Article: Avery Brundage: Das SOC hat irgendeine Avmachung mit der LIHG getroff, Jan. 29, 1948
P. 14 Clippings: Olympics Open Today: Hockey Fight Rages, Jan. 30, 1948
Article: "Brundage Tries Sled, Doesn't Break Leg, as One Had Hoped", Ted Smith, Feb. 2, 1948
P. 17 Article: "Golden Age for Athletes" by Edwin Ellis, March, 1948
Cherry Circle Club
P. 18 Program: The 21st Texas Relays, April 2-3, 1948 Article: "Avery's Oilers" - John Lardner, Apr. 12 1948
P. 20 Clippings: Study Chicago's Olympic Games Facilities May 19, 1948
P. 21 Old Stars to Greet New At Trials---Thorpe Leads Group, May 19, 1948
Article: Avery Brundage--He's Generally the Center of a Raging Rowabout Amateur Sports, May 6, 1948
P. 22 "Brundage, target of mud-slingers" Herb Graffis, Aug. 5, 1948
"Olympic Men to Travel" Wendell Smith Aug. 8, 1948
P. 23 Jag hoppas pa fotboll, tvivlar pa "haivproffts", sager Avery Brundage
P. 24 Clippings: U.S. Olympic Team to Take Food Along, May 12, 1948
Brundage Warns of Cuts in US Olympic Squads Unless Funds are Subscribed, July 7, 1948
P. 24 Article: "Many A Star to Stay Home" - harry Sheet, July 12, 1948
P. 25 Letter: TO THE EDITOR: "Brundage Thanks Daily News for Olympic Tryouts Here, July 14, 1948
Article: "Erskine, A Star of Yore, to see Olympic Trials" Mildred Bolger, July 8, 1948
P. 26 Clippings: -260 U S Olympic Lads and Lassies Shove Off Today, July 14, 1948
- US Sport Odyssey Begins
P. 27 -American Athletes Leave 260 Strong for Fourteenth Modern Olympic, July 15, 1948
P. 28 Clippings: --Brundage Will Step Down as Head of U S Olympic Set-Up After London Games, July 20, 1948
P. 29 -Olympic Team Watches Behavior on Way Over, July 18, 1948
-Final Olympic Trip-Brundage
-260 Americans Find Atlantic Like Mill Pond, July 18, 1948
-Brundage to End Olympic Reign, July 20, 1948
-Brundage in Line for Top Olympic Post, July 22, 1948
P. 30-U S Olympic Forces Enter Olympic London Camp, July 22, 1948
-Amateur Pay Stand Told by Brundage, July 27, 1948
P. 31-New Olympic Test: Pay Vs. Amateurism, July 24, 1948
-Amateur Pay Decision Due Next Month, July 24 1948
-Grumbling U S Olympic squad lands in England July 22, 1948
P. 32-See Japan, Germany in '52 Olympics Brundage Lauds US Athletes
P. 33 Article: "The Man Behind the Olympics" - Irving Wallace, June 1948
P. 35 "Life with Avery" Time Magazine, Aug. 2, 1948
"Next Olympiad in U.S." Gene Kessler, Aug. 3, 1948
P. 36 Clippings: Track Lines Blamed for Relay Ban, Aug. 8, 1948
Article: "Sportscripts"-Paul Zimmerman, Aug. 17, 1948
"Carriers 'Who Clicked'...Newspaper Carriers, Oct. 22, 1948
P. 37 Only Sport is Amateur---Brundage, Nov. 19, 1948
Picture: Amateur Officials Meet, Nov. 19, 1948
Clippings: Canuck Olympic Plan Obsolete--Brundage (U.S. Scrapped Same System 30 Years Ago) Nov. 20, 1948
P. 39 Brundage to Resign as U S Olympic Head, Dec. 1 1948
Sportsmen's Club to Extend Eight Lifetime Memberships, Dec. 2, 1948
P. 40 Editorial: A Call for Amateurs, Dec. 10, 1948
Article: "Grid Heroes Are Still Boys" - Chauncey Durden, Dec. 3, 1948
Clippings: BRUNDAGE STEW: AAU Annual Convention Begins in New York Today, Dec. 2, 1948
MacArthur Hopes Japan will be in '52 Olympics, Dec. 7, 1948
P. 41 Clippings: Old Dominion Grid Stars Honored, Dec. 2, 1948
P. 43 Rhodes is Named Columbus' No l Sports Figure for 1948, Jan. 13, 1949
P. 44 Air of Mystery and Drama Centers Around All-Sports Dinner Tonight, Jan. 12, 1949
P. 45 US Olympic Chief Speaks Here Thursday (Reo Industrial Club), Jan. 12, 1949
P. 46Detroit's Chance Good for 56 Olympic Meet, Jan. 14, 1949
Softball Heads Open Meeting Here Today, Jan. 29, 1949
Article: About Avery Brundage---Roger Treat, Feb. 4, 1949
Clippings: Barbara Ann Turns Pro to Aid Children, Feb. 1949
P. 47 Article "S. F. Committee Plans for Games" Bill Leiser, Mar. 24, 1949
"Long Road Ahead for SF in Games Bid-Brundage" Jack McDonald
P. 48 Clippings: Brundage Leaves for Rome Talks, Ready for Battle on Olympic Cuts, Apr. 15, 1949
Olympic Group Favors Cuts in Size of Games
Russians May Hold Their Own Olympics
Accent is on Streamlined Games as Olympic Group Meets in Rome, Apr. 24, 1949
Olympic Men Dispute Pay for Athletes, Apr. 25, 1949
P. 49 Olympic Rule Hits Political Pressure on Sports, Apr. 28, 1949
Six U. S. Cities Present Bids Today for '56 Olympic Games
P. 50 Winter Games Go to Italian Resort, Melbourne Gets 1956 Olympics, Apr. 29, 1949
International Group to Nominate One U. S. City for Olympic Host
P. 53 By Davis J. Walsh
P. 55 -Avery Brundage, Secretario del Co ite Olimpico Internacional, Arribo Anoche, por via Aerea A Mexico, Nov. 1949
-Llego Ayer a Mexico, Mr. Avery Brundage, Nov. 24, 1949
P. 56 -El Deporte, Para el Amateur es Una Diversion; para el Professional, es Obligacion, Nov. 29, 1949
-Los eventos internacionales deben ser unicaments para deportistas amateurs, declaro Avery Brundage, Nov. 29, 1949
College 'Pros' Barred in Olympics: Brundage
P. 57 Brundage Rips Colleges for 'Betrayal' 1951
Propose Ban on Foreign Athletes Here, Dec. 9, 1949
P. 58 -Streamlined Olympic Games Planned, MU Officials to Meet at Copenhagen Next Spring
-1952 Olympics to Break Marks Says Brundage
- Helsinki Excited Over Olympics: Brundage
P. 59 Article: "Olympic Problem June in January"' - Will Connolly, Dec. 10, 1949
Clippings: Brundage Stand on Scholarships Causing Split Among AAU Leaders
P. 60 Retiring AAU Prexy Answers Brundage, Dec. 12, 1949
P. 61 Avery Brundage Reelected Olympic Association Heed, Jan. 9, 1950
Olympic Group Moves to Bring Games to U.S.
P. 62 Article: By Davis J. Walsh, Jan. 22, 1950
P. 63 Broncos Reap Honors at Sports Banquet...Avery Brundage Guest Speaker at MMP (Members of Munich Military Post) Dinner Heck-cerpts - Ted Heck, Sept. 15, 1950
P. 64 "Stop-Look- and Listen" - Avery Brundage
P. 65 "Mathias Exceeds Perfection Gauges by Decathlon Table" - F. J. Powers, July 10, 1950
P. 66 Clippings: Olympic Bids for Germany, Japan Foreseen
- Herrn Brundagea Amateurs Unbescheldene Forderungen der Amerikaner in Schweden
- Avery Brundage ist begeistert, Sept. 7, 1950
- Avery Brundage bei Ritter von Halt
- Avery Brundage in Munchen
P. 67 Talking of Chicago Sports Figures, Oct. 11, 1950
Article: "Brundage Aplomb Gets Jolt" - Davis J. Walsh, Oct. 22, 1950
P. 68 "Reports on IMF Congress" - Avery Brundage, Nov. 1950
Clippings: Chicago Hails Jesse Owens, Track Star, Humanitarian
P. 71 Article: "Chastity to the Rescue" - Davis J. Walsh Feb. 12, 1950
P. 72 "Report of IOC Meeting, Denmark, May 1950 ' Avery Brundage, July 1950
P. 77 Clipping: The First Pan American Games, Jan. 20, 1951
P. 78 Article: "Sport Must be Free, always Independent" - Avery Brundage, Jan. 1, 1951
P. 79 Clipping: Estados Unidos Trae al Panamericano un Gran Equipo en el que Figuran Muchos
Campeones Mundiales, Dice A. Brundage, Feb. 21, 1951
Article: Personalities: Avery Brundage, Feb. 22, 1951
- Pan American Games Open--(100,000 Watch Ceremonies) Feb. 26, 1951
- Pledge Pan-Am Games to Sport, Says Brundage...Politics Ignored by U.S. Olympic Head, Feb. 22, 1951
P. 80 -American Legion Entertains Mr. A Brundage, Mar. 6, 1951
- The Only Sport is Amateur...Avery Brundage, Mar. 6, 1951
- Invitation: Dinner Given by Avery Brundage for Members of the International Olympic Committee attending Primeros Juegos Deportivos Panamericanos
P. 83 -Mr. Brundage Elogio en el Comite Olimpico el Principismo Uruguayo
- Every Brundage nos Adelanto la Bondad de la Olimpiada de 1954, Mar. 17, 1951
P. 85 Brochure: Helms World Trophy NORTH AMERICA--1918 Avery Brundage
P. 86 Articles: "Welcoming Our Red Brothers" - Arthur Daley, Apr. 26, 1951
"Don Avery Tilts With the College Windmills" - R. G. Lynch
P. 88 "Sports Slants" - Dick O'Brien, Sept. 20, 1951
Clippings: Brundage Says Sports Reform is Simple Task, Sept. 19, 1951
Brundage Hits Grid Morons, Oct. 8, 1951
P. 89 Article: "Olympics, with Crowds and Russ, Getting too Big, Says Brundage" Davis J. Walsh, Oct. 11, 1951
Clipping: Olympic Head Sees Success for '52 Games, Oct. 26, 1951
Photographs: Candid Pictures of Brundage in Buenos Aires with Mme. Peron
P. 90 Clippings: 500 AAU Delegates Expected to Attend National Meeting Here, Nov. 18, 1951
Educators Have Betrayed Sports for Profit, Brundage tells AAU, Dec. 1, 1951
Interview: Question to Avery Brundage: Who is the greatest athlete you have ever seen in the Olympics?, Nov. 18, 1951
P. 91 Clipping: Subsidized Athletes Out of Olympics
Article: Besuch in der Welstadt Chicago - von Heinz Lorenz
P. 92 Clipping: Angry Avery
P. 93 Clippings: Olympics Group to Intensify Screening of "Paid Athletes, Dec. 3, 1951
Brundage Says Pro Events Not Sports, Dec. 6, 1951
And Speaking of Hr. Brundage, Dec. 9, 1951
Esta en Caracas Avery Brundage, Dec. 5, 1951
P. 94 Article: About Avery Brundage - Bob Stedler, Dec. 6, 1951
- No hay Termino Hedio en el Deporte Afficionade, Dec. 5, 1951
P. 96 -Empiezan los Bolivarianos, Dec. 6, 1951
P. 97 Brundage Forsees Battle on Olympic Curtailment, Apr. 1949
Memorandum: COMITE INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIQUE-BULLETIN DE VOTE-1952: Brundage-30, Burghley-17, Blasse-2
P. 98 Clippings: Edstrom Holds Little Hope for Chicago Games
Aim to Limit U.S. Bidders for Olympics, Jan. 8, 1950
Article: "On the International Front" - Arthur Daley, Aug. 29, 1950
Clipping: Brundage Escapes Injury in Crash, Dec. 8, 1949
P. 99 Article: "Brundage, Wife Truly Great People" - Davis J. Walsh
P. 100 Clipping: Retiring AAU Chief Defends Athlete Aid...Rhodes Opposes Brundage, Declares Sport
Scholarship Recipient Not a Pro, Dec. 12, 1949
P. 100 Photograph: Avery Brundage Addressing Athletes in Helsinki - 1952
P. 101 Clipping: AAU Approves 37 Records Urged to Act on Fitness Plan
Clipping: Re-elect Brundage Olympic President - Jan. 9, 1950
Clipping: Brundage Aims at Bringing'60 Olympics Here - Jan. 8, 1950
Clipping: Six U.S. Cities Present Bids today for '56 Olympic Games
P. 102 Clippings: Athletic Scholarships Hake Holders "Pro"...Brundage Says: Dec. 11, 1949
Clippings: Patton 200 meter Record Accepted, Dec. 11, 1949
Clippings: Brundage Warns, Olympics Hay Ban Athletes on Scholarship
P. 103 Clipping: Brundage Expects Japan to Compete in 1952 Olympic Games at Helsinki, Dec. 9, 1949
Clipping: News from AAU Front
P. 104 Clipping: Brundage, the Athlete, Finds Link with Art
Clipping: Olympic Card Remains Same
Clipping: Olympic Association Winds Up Two-Day Sessions Today, Jan. 9, 1950
Clipping: AAU Delegates Predict Sizzling Prexy Race, Dec. 10, 1949
Clipping: Brundage Low, Trippi High in Thorpe Ratings, Dec. 30 1949
P. 105 Clipping: Brundage Disputed: AAU Prexy for Athletic Scholarships, Dec. 12, 1949
Clipping: Athletic Free Ride: Rhodes Differs with Brundage on Scholarships
Clipping: Brundage Stand on Scholarships Causing Split Among AAU Leaders, Dec. 12, 1949
Clipping: Ice Hockey Plans for 1952 Revealed, Jan. 9, 1950
P. 106 Clipping: Single U.S. City must Bid for Olympics: Brundage, Jan. 8, 1950
Clipping: Brundage Outlaws Aid to Athletes, Dec. 10, 1949
Clipping: Tighter Olympic Rules Planned to Govern Choice of Game Sites, Jan. 8, 1950
Clipping: 1952 Olympics to Break Marks Says Brundage
P. 107 Clipping: The First Pan American Games, Jan. 20, 1951
Scrapbook Number 6: Sport, 1952-1955    
P. 3 Article: "How Stupid Can They Get" - Arthur Daley
Getting Olympics Back to Ideals of Old Greece Takes Some Selling - Davis J. Walsh, Jan. 22, 1952
Clipping: Brundage says Soviets accept Olympic Rules
P. 4 Article: "Olympic Officials will have to accept Russians at their word," Hy Boldberg, Feb. 6, 1952
Says Olympians don't face purge over Amateur Status - Ed Friel, Feb. 6, 1952
Clippings: Brundage Brings Wassail Bowl, Feb. 7, 1952
P. 5 Olympic Committee Expects Russia to End Cash Awards to Athletes
Brundage denies Red China Team is barred from Olympics, as Claimed by Moscow Press
Picture: Brundage at Oslo, Norway (VI Winter Oly pic Games - 1952)
Sketches: CIO's kongress pa Grand, Feb. 14, 1952
P. 6 Clipping: Brundage makes plea for Refugee Athletes
Pictures: Brundage at Oslo, Norway
Olympisk Fesk I Radhuset
P. 7 Clipping: Brundage Olympic Head?--May Break European Control
P. 8 Photographs: VI Winter Olympic Games, 1952, Oslo, Norway
Clippings: Work of Olympic Committee Headed by Avery Brundage cited by Newt Feldman, May 1952
PP. 9-13Various Clipping from Norwegian Newspapers during Winter Olympics, some with translations.
P. 14 Article: "A New Olympic Specialty," John Lardner, Har. 1952
Chicago Bid for '56 Olympics Awaits Pleasure of Melbourne, Davis J. Walsh, Mar. 3, 1952
P. 15 Brundage Unified Plan Merits Support, Fred Delano
Getting Acclimated, Arthur Daley
P. 16 Chicago in Running for 1956 Olympics, Dan Desmond, Mar. 19, 1952
Clipping: Brundage to Lead U. S. Olympic Team to Finland, Apr. 19, 1952
P. 17 Certificate: BOB HOPE-BING CROSBY OLYMPIC TELETHON, June 21-22, 1952
P. 19 Clippings: Get Together for Telethon to Aid Olympic Team, June 4, 1952
Brundage and Thorpe Meet Again, June 25, 1952
P 20 Article: "Millions Cheer Film Stars but Not in Theatres," Hedda Hopper
P 21 Article: "Recreation Needs of Youth Re-emphasized" - Fred Delano, May 4, 1952
P. 22 Picture: Mayor Presents Brundage with Key to Patterson-- - Circus Saints and Sinners
P. 24 Program: Los Angeles Coliseum Relays
Clipping: Not Candidate - Avery Brundage, president of the U.S. Olympic Committee, said he was "not a candidate" for president of the International Olympic Committee
Photograph: Oslo, Norway Winter Olympics
P. 26 Clipping: BRUNDAGE NEW OLYMPIC HEAD - Succeeds Sweden's Edstrom, July 1952
Photographs: U.S. Olympic Officials and Team marching into Helsinki Stadium
P. 27 Bulletin: U.S. Olympic Committee Information and Instruction for Members and Officials of the United States Olympic Team
P. 28 Photographs: Various Candid pictures of Avery Brundage with Olympic Officials
P. 34 Clippings: Lausanne et les Jeux Olympiques, Feb. 1954
PP. 34-35Brundage attending PANAMERICAN GAMES - MEXICO, Mar. 1954
P. 56 Brundage Speech at Athens Stirs up Olympic Meeting, May 11, 1954
PP. 37-40Photographs: Various pictures of IOC Meeting in Athens, May 1954
P. 41 Clippings: Chicago Launches Bid for '60 Games - Have Brundage's Blessing
P. 42 La commission executive du CIO a admire le stade olympique lausannois, May 5, 1954
Article: "Rumbles From Down Under" - Arthur Daley, May 6, 1954
PP. 45-53Photographs: Candid pictures of IOC meeting in Japan
P. 53 Invitation: Marquis de Polignac
Photographs: With the Marquis de Polignac
PP. 54-58Photographs: Display of Students from Moscow Institutes
P. 59 Clippings: Le probleme de statut amateur, May 7, 1954
Qui est M. Avery Brundage? May 7, 1954
P. 60 Deux conceptions de l'amateurisme s'affrontent
P. 61 Pas de problemes particuliers pour l'Amateurisme varitable, May 7, 1954
Meet Avery Brundage - The President, May 9, 1954
P. 62 International Olympic Committee Meets - Tribute Paid to Founder of Modern Games
Map Quiz on Olympic Athletes, May 13, 1954
P. 65 British Open Olympics to Chinese Reds, May 15, 1954
P. 68 Olympics Probe "Pro-Amateurs" June 8, 1954
Article: "Olympic Body to Probe Amateur Status of Reds: Long Zatopak Practice Cited: Brundage to Press Inquiry" - Lou Miller
P. 70 Clippings: Russia in Olympics Brundage Believes, July 20, 1954
P. 71 Brundage in Moscow, Sees Russ in 1956 Olympics, July 20, 1954
P. 74 Brundage O.K. 's Russ --Clears Amateur Athletes
Article: "Brundage Reports Russian Sports System as Amateur" - Ed Friel
P. 78 Clippings: Brundage Amazed at Rapid Growth of Russian Sports, Aug. 1, 1954
PP. 72-79Various clippings from several countries pertinent to Brundage's visit to Russia
P. 73 (Translation)--Russian Gymnastics 20 Years Ahead of the USA's
P. 74 Brundage Praises Russian Athletes, Aug. 31, 1954
P. 79 Picture: CLASS REUNION - 45th Class 1909 Reunion
P. 80 Article: "Brundage Says U.S. Getting Fat, Lazy, with its Success," Ron Lawfer Nov. 5, 1954
P. 81 Brundage Blasts College Football, Jack Powell, Nov. 5, 1954
P. 82 Brundage Defines 'Amateur,' Dave Nightingale, Nov. 5, 1954
Soft Life in America May Bring Disaster, Avery Brundage Says Coryl Crandall
Brundage Didn't Make 'Poor Jim' Poor..., Bert Bertine
Avery Brundage to Speak at Franklin Park Manufacturers Luncheon
P. 83 Clippings Explains Olympic Woe - Cost too high for Europeans, Apr. 5, 1955
Various Clippings on Melbourne Inspections Visit
Aussies Win New Hope on 56 Olympics, Apr. 14, 1955
Blase Aussies Roil Brundage, Apr. 11, 1955
Olympic Head Notes Aussies Lack of Space, Apr. 5, 1955
Brundage Blasts Aussies, Apr. 11, 1955
Prime Minister Gets Brundage Views Today Apr. 12, 1955
P. 84 Another Olympic Feud-- Spain Snubs Israei, Apr. 20, 1955
Picture: Avery Brundage, Honorary Member, American Ex-Servicemen's Assn.
Clippings: U. S. Athletic Reign in Peril, say Brundage, Apr. 25, 1955
Avery Brundage Calls on Emperor Hirohito, May 5, 1955
P. 85 Brundage Made Honorary Citizen of Tokyo
Brundage Back, Thinks Aussies to Keep Games, May 9, 1955
P. 86 Brundage Asks Probe of Santee, June 15, 1955
PP. 88-90Photographs: Visit to Philippines - Photograph with Magsaysay
PP. 91-92, 107-116Articles about Brundage's Visit to Australia
P. 104Articles: "Don't Use Athletes for Propaganda: Brundage" - Wendell Smith, Mar. 17, 1955
In the Wake of the News - Arch Ward, Mar. 19, 1955
P. 106Clippings: Brundage Rips US "Cold War" Use of Sports, Mar. 15, 1955
Brundage to Check Aussie Setup, April 1955
Scrapbook Number 7: Sport, 1956-1959   
P. 1Clipping: Royalty Opens Olympic Games Riding Events, June 9, 1956
Picture: Avery Brundage, Medal Presentation at VIIth Winter Olympics
PP. 2-3 Clippings: Several newsclippings of VII Winter Games at Cortina d'Ampezzo
P. 2 Article: "Italians Spent Eight Million on Olympics" - Associated Press
Photographs: Equestrian Events
P. 5 Clippings: MELBOURNE - 1956 - OLYMPIC GAMES
-Games Leader Leaves Impressed by Mr. Menzies' Assurance
-Monday is Day of Pride or Shame
-Quarantine Difficulties in Australia
-Brundage Holds Key to Olympic Games
Editorial: Mr. Brundage
P. 6 Clipping: Olympic Group Still Stymid by Aussie Law
Photograph: Melbourne Stadium
P. 9 Clippings: --Olympic Contests Begun by Athletes of 67 Nations, Nov. 22, 1956
Picture: Avery Brundage with Britain's Duke of Edinburgh
P. 10 Clippings: Games Chief Here as our Friend
Commercialisation and Politics are Threat to Olympic Games, Nov 19, 1956
Mr. Olympics, "Confident you will do a fine job"
P. 11 Brundage Declares in Osaka that Pro Sports Organizations are Free To Give Fund to Olympic Team
Picture: Avery Brundage, Medal Presentation at Melbourne Olympics, Dec. 10, 1956
P. 12 Clipping: Geiberger Feted at MCC Luncheon
Picture: Avery Brundage at Flemington Race Track in Melbourne, Australia
P. 13 Clippings: Middle East Fighting Clouds Olympics--Perils Status of 3 Nations, Egypt Out, Nov. 1, 1956
Big Games Chief Flies In
P. 14 Spain Wooed Back to Olympics, Nov. 9, 1956
-Bravo le C.I.O.
P. 15Aussies to be Ready for Olympics; Brundage Dig brings Action, Feb. 14, 1956
Criticism Spurs Aussies, Olympic Construction Going on Schedule, Jan. 2, 1956
P. 16Brundage Sees No Threat to Games, Nov. 14, 1956
P. 17Flame Dies to End the Games, Dec. 10, 1956
Brundage Pleased By Games Success, Dec. 8, 1956
P. 18 Editorial: The Unforgettable Olympic Games, Dec. 10, 1956
Article: "With Respect to Mr. Brundage, there's not a chance of his precept being fully obeyed" - Douglas Wilkie, Nov. 20, 1956
P. 19Clippings: US Skater Ken Henry Declared Pro, Feb. 3, 1956
Ruled Out of Olympics by Brundage
Chicago Ice Star Banned for Golf Job
P. 20Athletes Steal Show at Races (Flemington Race Track-Melbourne)
P. 21Article: "Australia May Lose Games" - Kirwan Ward
Interview: Brundage Tells of Russ Olympics, Mar. 16, 1956
Clipping: Brundage Raps State-Run Teams
P. 22 Clippings: Keep Politics Out, Says Games Leader
Organisateurs de Melbourne et Comite international olympique sont bien loin de s'entendre, July 30, 1956
Attaque par le secretaire du comite d'organisation des J.O. de Melbourne le C.I.O. replique, July 3, 1956
P. 23Photograph: Avery Brundage with 1st General Manager of Melbourne Games (In Mexico)
P. 25 Clippings: Brundage Blasts U.S. Olympic 'Hysteria', Apr. 8, 1956
Games Chief Says Sport a Means to Prevent War, Nov. 20, 1956
Olympia-Beste sollen Amateure bleiben, Ein Expose des IOK-Prasidenten Brundage, Aug. 17, 1956
Brundage Praises '60 Games Site, Oct. 22, 1956
P. 26 Reduce Olympic Costs, Avery Brundage Says, Dec. 17, 1956
ESU Speaker to be Avery Brundage
OPC Luncheon Speaker to be Olympic Head, Avery Brundage, Oct. 13, 1956
Olympic Chief deplores political hatreds, Nov. 12, 1956
Article: "M. Avery Brundage recoit les journalistes", M. Jeanneret
P. 27Clipping: Flame Dies, Flag is Burled on 1956 Olympics, Dec. 10, 1956
Letter: From Avery Brundage to Time Magazine, "Of Human Brundage"
P. 28Clippings: "Progress" Retards Athletes, Brundage Claims, Feb. 23, 1956
Avery Brundage Warns New Concept is Needed, Feb. 20, 1956
-A Lesson to Our Statesmen
P. 29 -IOK und die Presse Article: "Just as Expected", Arthur Daley
P. 30 Clippings: Sports "Unite" Germans - East, West Athletes Merged, Feb. 6, 1956
Brundage Warns Prestige of U.S. is Sofia Issue
-M. Brundage confirme...en dementant
-Concession americaine pour les J. L. d'hiver
Avery Calls PCC Collapse 'A Disgrace'
Brundage Speaks at Commonwealth Club Today
P. 31 Olympic 'Civil War' - Winter Setup Rapped Brundage Still Wants Oath,
Oct. 19, 1956
Brundage Fights Games Tax
P. 32 Brundage Blasts U.S. Hysteria
P. 33* Reds Assure Brundage of Amateurism
U.S. Sports Supremacy Periled by Easy Living, Brundage Says
P. 35 Television: VIP Interviews Avery Brundage, Aug. 3, 1958
Editorial: Sports Illustrated: On Avery Brundage "Memo From the Publisher", Aug. 3, 1958
Picture: Avery Brundage et al at Easter Relays at the University of California
P. 36Article: "Gadfly Brundage Good for Sports", Will Connolly
Clippings: Les Americains de les Australiens passent leur vie sur la piste et dans la piscine
De la Culture des Phenomenes au dilemme des "jeux"
P. 37 A revele le plan de reforme Olympique de M. Avery Brundage
P. 38 Zahneputzen hilft dem olympischen Team
Brundage kritisiert amerikanische Athleten
Klare Antwort durch Brundage
A propos de la reduction du programme des Jeux olympiques
Brundage Clarifies Olympic Viewpoint
P. 33 State Dept. Policy Imperils US Olympic Future: Brundage, July 11, 1957
-Bulgaria Visit for Brundage?
-Brundage in Threat to Resign if Trip to Bulgaria Denied
-Brundage Bails U.S. Decision
P. 39 Clippings: "Press Misquoted Me" claims Olympics' President, Avery Brundage holds Conference in Cairo, May 28, 1956
P. 41 Melbourne Will Reap Great Rewsrde, says Mr. Brundage
P. 42 Brundage Calls Games a Boon, Jan. 23, 1956
p. 43 Article: "Ancient Ruins to Form Rome Games Backdrop", Curley Grieve
p. 44 Clippings: Olympics Body Deliberates on Games for '60
-U.S. Athletics Brings Attack from Brundage
-IOC To Try to Define "Amateur"
P. 45-Olympics Here in 'Mess', says Chief (Melbourne)
-Olympic President Has Come to Help Melbourne
P. 46 Photographs: Avery Brundage addressing Melbourne Games
PP. 47-50Photographs: Candid Shots of Avery Brundage in Egypt
P. 51Clippings: IOC To Pick '64 Site Today - Tokyo, Innsbruck Get '64 Olympics
P. 52 Brundage Says Japan Ready For Olympics
Motion "Negre Blanc" a propos de la segregation raciale en Afrique du Sud
Red China Quits IOC, Blasts at Brundage
P. 53Photographs: Candid Shots of Avery Brundage at Bulgaria (Sofia) IOC Session
p. 54 Article: "Kiwanis 'All Star Day' Tops in Sports Luncheons" - Leo Fischer
Sittin In With the Athletes, Sec Taylor
Roman Holiday, Red Smith, Nov. 6, 1957
P. 57 Last Amateur of Sports Pounds Away at His Last - Int'l News Service, July 16, 1957
Clippings: What are Chicago's Chances for Landing Olympic Games?
Mar. 10, 1957
Chicago Medal of Merit - Leading Citizens to Mark Chicago's 150th Birthday
From Broadcast by Avery Brundage: Brundaga cites Olympics as model for World Statesmen, Jan. 1957
P. 59City, 120, Looks to Future
P. 60 Brundage Tells Doubts on Team Sports' Status
Brundage Attacks "Near-Pro" Sports
Olympics Too Big - Brundage, June 9, 1957
P. 61 Editorial: Asian Games - The Pakistan Games
Article: "City Launches Plea for 1964 Olympic Games", Bob Glass
PP. 63-64Photographs: Candid Shots of Avery Brundage in Korea
P. 65Clippings: -Toni Sailer, candidat aux Jeux olympiques de Squaw Valley?
-Sailer, amateur pour la F.I.S., le sear-t-il aussi poule CIO?
-L'affaire "Sailer" jugee a Stockholm en juin
-Sigge Bergman: "Peu d'espoir pour Sailer
P. 66 -Toujours a propos de Toni Sailer
PP. 65-68-La Federation internationale de ski contre le C.I.O.?
-Athletisme..M. Avery Brundage en Egypte
-L'amateurisme mar ron
-Sailer "Pro" pour le C.I.O
-Sursis pour Toni Sailer que la F.I.S hesite a juger?
-Toni Sailer professional
-Die Kongress von Sofia und die Presse (more on Toni Sailer in manila folder in back)
-La ideologia olympica gira alrededor del concepto del amateurismo
-Les Jeux Olympiques et le Professionalisme
-M. Brundage a le Choix
-MM. Brundage et Otto Mayer le savent bien...
P. 69Clippings: A Rival for Olympics?...Brundage Opposed to IAAF "Tax" Apr. 9, 1958
Threaten to Set Up 2nd Olympics...Amateur Groups Feud Over Money,
Apr. 9, 1958
Olympics Face Split, Apr. 9, 1958
P. 70Photographs: Avery Brundage in Japan
Clippings: Le Japon tremble en attendant la decision du C.I.O.
P. 71Reduction in Size of Olympics Seen Major IOC Topic, May 11, 1958
Olympics Group Sets Munich Meet
IOC 54th General Assembly Opening in Tokyo Wednesday
Pro Tinges Peril Sports in Olympics
P. 72Interview: Brundage Gives Views: Pro Sport No More than Entertainment, May 13, 1958
Editorial: IOC Assembly in Tokyo
P. 76 Clipping: Rome Olympic Program Set; Entry Size Lopped, May 10, 1958
P. 77Article: "Gists of Speeches at IOC Assembly" by Avery Brundage,
May 15, 1958
PP. 79-88Photographs: Avery Brundage at Tokyo IOC Assembly
P. 84Clippings: Chicago Plays Trump in Olympic Bid, Sept. 4, 1958
Mayor Booms Olympics Here - Meet on U.S. Bid Tonight, Sept. 5, 1958
P. 86-Brundage auf Inspektion in Rom
-Brundage a Roma
-Brundage Likes Rome's Facilities for Olympics
P. 89Article: "Chile Ira con 100 Depostistas a Chicago" - Mr. Dickens,
June 7,1959
P. 91Brundage, Ferris Honored - William R. Conklin, (Bowditch Award), Feb. 1958
Clipping: Don't Gouge Fans, Brundage Warns Will Seek Troops for Squaw, Apr. 4, 1959
PP. 95-97Photographs: Avery Brundage inspecting facilities at Rome
P. 97Clipping: Pro Aspects Threaten Sports on Olympic Card, May 16, 1958
Photographs: Avery Brundage in Formosa
Picture: El Presidente del Comite Olimpico Internacional en Granada
P. 98Article: "In The Wake of the News" - David Condon
Clippings: Pan Am Will Offer Chicago Challenge
-Games Ticket sale "Terrible", July 9, 1959
P. 99 -Pan Am Games in Good Hands
-Committee Awards Chicago Pan American Games for 1959
P. 100 -Will Chicago Be Ready for Pan Am Games? Nov. 30, 1958
-Speed Pan-Am Work Olympic Chief Warns
P. 101 -City Launches Drive to Back Pan-Am Games, Jan. 19, 1959
-Mayor Greets Pan-Am Units
-Torch, 5000 Doves to Open Pan-Am Games
P. 102 -Urge Pan-American Games Backing - Leaders Told of Problems by Brundage
PP. 103-105Photographs: Avery Brundage in Japan
PP. 106-107Avery Brundage in Portugal
P. 106Clipping: Olympic Official Scores Rivalry - Brundage Says Athletic Race of United States, Russia, is Peril to Games
Scrapbook Number 8: Sport, 1960-1963   
P. 1Article: "Red China Olympics Protests Overruled", Fulton Lewis, Jr.
Clippings: Way is Opened for China to Compete But Team Must Carry Taiwan Banner
Early Decision Due on Reds in '60 Games Feb. 4, 1960
'Open' Olympic Games Ruling by U.S. Waited
Avery Backs Formosa Bid
P. 2 Clippings: Nationalist China, India not Barred at Squaw Valley
China Entry Cleared, Feb. 17, 1960
Brundage Boosts Free China
China Entry Cleared
Brundage Here, Lauds Olympics
P. 3 Brundage Tells Role of China for Olympics, July 14, 1959
Formosa: Hesitation
Brundage OK's Nationalists
Avery Bracks Olympic Door
Brundage Hails U. S. Decision
P. 4 State Department Ruling Will Determine Olympics
Editorial: New Light on Olympics
An About-Face
Clippings: Find Favored in Sunset Handicap
Brundage Aids Formosa Bid
Formosa Athletes Allowed to Take Part in Olympics
Olympic Head to Support Nationalists
Ask Olympic Committee to Admit China
Brundage Now Backs Formosa
P. 7 Brundage Arrives to Spur Games
Squaw Valley Olympics Set Back Six Days
Article: "Sports Parade - Brundage Tells California to Get Down to Planning and Building", Curley Grieve, Sept. 10, 1955
P. 8Clippings: Brundage in Advice to State, Apr. 5, 1959
Brundage Cites New Threat to Squaw Valley
Progress on '60 Winter Games Told
Squaw Valley Plans Praised by Brundage
Olympic Chairman OK's Squaw Valley
P. 9 Brundage to Address Commonwealth Club Today, May 6, 1960
Quote: Brundage: "The Moral Side of the Sport Program is as or more important than the Physical Side", Feb. 12, 1962
Clippings: Prise de Position du C.I.O....M. Brundage croit encore au pere Noel
Vingt-quatre heurs de sport dans le monde...Le probleme de l'entrainement physique de la jeunesse vu par
M. Brundage, president du CIO
P. 10 Article: "Yes, Brundage Knows His Sports", Bill Leiser
Clippings: Avery Brundage Buys Property - (From Estate of Dr. Huggins)
Brundage Bid for IOC Job is Challenged
P. 11Article: "Socially Gay Week Memorable", Litti Paulding, Feb. 19, 1960
Clipping: Olympic Officials Praised by Brundage
PP. 11-12Photographs: Miscellaneous candid shots of Avery Brundage at Squaw Valley games
P. 13Article: "Olympic Travelers Visit La Pineta", Litti Paulding, Feb. 18, 1960
Brundages Fete International Set, Litti Paulding, Feb. 17, 1960
PP. 13-22Photographs: Miscellaneous candid shots of IOC at La Pineta
P. 14Clippings: Olympic Officials Bask in Sun on Way to Winter Games, Feb. 21, 1960
Santa Barbara, Olympics Headquarters (for a while)
P. 15M. Brundage est amateur (de belles receptions)
P. 18Brundage Calls it 'Best" (Santa Barbara) Dec. 17 23, 1960
P. 20Olympia und die hohe Politik
San Marino Issue Honors Brundage
P. 23Pick Stanford for Olympic Track Tryouts
Wine-Tasting Olympics Proposed
Brundage Praises Support
P. 23Clippings: Dans les milleux dirigeants de l'olympisme
Mature Living Salutes...Avery Brundage, Admiral Chester Nimitz
Article: "Brundage Proves to Bay Area He is a Warm and Fun-Loving Personage" - Jack Hanley May 12, 1960
P. 24Russians 'Cinch' Olympics Already, Bill Leiser, May 12, 1960
Mr. Avery Brundage is Not in Politics, Charles McCabe
Clipping: Games IV Money to State, June 4, 1958
P. 25Article: "Curley's Corner Mecca for Admiring Throngs", Prescott Sullivan, Feb. 25, 1960
Clippings: Brundage Bids for Good Will at Olympics
Avery Brundage Closes Winter Olympic Games
P. 26Article: "Games not All Athletics", Joan Winchell
Clipping: Nixon Opens Winter Games
Article: "Brass Agrees California Did Terrific Job", Curley Grieve
Editorial: A Salute
P. 27Let's Set the Record Straight..."Altogether too much publicity has been given to the vindictive attacks of discharged employees" Avery Brundage, Feb. 1959
P. 28Article: "Brundage Has a Sense of Humor", Bill Leiser, Feb. 17, 1960
Avery Brundage is Much Maligned Man, Will Connolly, Feb. 16, 1960
Olympics have Tough, Righteous Chairman in Avery Brundage, Len Elliott, Feb. 17, 1960
P. 29Clippings: E. German Reds Rip U.S. for 'Skiing Cold War'
Blyth Ice Arena is Dedicated
Article: "Rapt Crowd At Olympic Ceremoonies", Clint Mosher
Clipping: Winter Games a Big Success, Feb. 3, 1960
P. 30Article: "Brundage Hurls German Ban Back to State Department", Phil Berman
IOC Asks Freedom of Press, Phil Berman
Clipping: East Germany Protests Ban from Ski Meet Participation
P. 31Article: "Valley's Rally Pleases Brundage", Art Rosenbaum, Feb. 21, 1960
P. 31Clippings: Games Draw Acclaim
Brundage Praises Ike's Aid to Games
P. 32Article: "'60 Winter Olympics Setup is Lavish", Harry Jupiter
Olympic Report, Melvin Durslag, Feb. 18, 1960
Clipping: Olympic Donnybrook - East Germans to Protest Ban on Press; Brundage Denies It, Feb. 15, 1960
P. 33Article: "Games End Midst Tears", Cholly Angeleno, Mar. 2, 1960
Olympics Worth Cost, Vincent X. Flaherty, Mar. 1, 1960
Clipping: Squaw Valley Olympic Games a Great Success, Feb. 3, 1960
P. 34 Article: "Olympic Glory Gilds the City", Litti Paulding
Mr. Avery Brundage Dons His Halo Again, Charles McCabe
Clipping: Squaw Memories Snowball
P. 35Article: "Politicos Put Olympics On Bad Spot", John P. Car ichael
Newspictures: Lighting the Torch
Medal Presentation (Avery Brundage)
P. 36Clipping: Hale Welcomes World
Newspicture: Avery Brundage declaring the close of the Winter Games
P. 38Program: Avery Brundage Gang Dinner Guest (The Press and Union League Club) May 2, 1960
PP 39-40Program: Avery Brundage Homecoming, Oct. 7, 1960
P. 41Article: "Brundage Says U. S. 'Soft'; Defends Amateur 'Pledge,'" Ed Wick
USSR Subsidizing No Worse than Athletic Scholarships, B. Schrader
p. 42UI, SAS Leaders hail Avery Brundage as 'Great Citizen,' B Schmelle
Clipping: Plan Special Day for Avery Brundage at Illinois Campus
P. 43Article: "Olympics Scoring Methods Called Silly by Brundage", Ron Cohen
Clippings: 270 Honor Brundage at SAE Banquet
Tribute From Ike Awaits Brundage
P. 44Article: "U.S. Must Realize Importance of Body Training: Brundage",
D. Young
Column: Broadwalk Tatler (Fran Myers)
P. 45Reservation Form: For Avery Brundage Homecoming, Oct. 7, 1960
PP. 46-47Letter to Members: For Avery Brundage Homecoming
P. 48Clipping: Alumni Hailed at Large and Small Parties
Itinerary: Avery Brundage (At Homecoming)
P. 49Clippings: Brundage's German Flag Plan Adopted
Hymns, Flags Stir Row
Olympics Minus Flags Proposed, Feb. 14, 1960
Editorial: Flags at the Olympics
P. 50Open Letter: To Avery Brundage from the American Club of Rome,
Sept. 9, 1960
P. 51Clipping: Il Presidente del CIO visita gli impianti olimpici
Photograph: Avery Brundage and Otto Mayer
P. 52 Clippings: Brundage Hits U.S. 'Soft Living'
Brundage on Amateurism
Olympische Kunstwettbewerbe in Deutschland
P. 53Atenas: 1896...Roma: 1960
Article: "Olympic Mess", Stanley Woodward, July 17, 1960
Clipping: Rome Games Periled as Leaders Tiff
P. 54Article: "On The Street Where Carletta Lived", Red Smith Nov. 4, 1960
P. 55Clippings: -Il presidente del CIO Brundage ha consluso ieri la sua visita a Roma
Cordiale colloquio a Roma fra Brundage e Onesti
Brundage flog nach Rom
Brundage Prods Italians
P. 57Exciting Olympiad Predicted
Photographs: Of Rome IOC Meeting
Of IOC Reception
P. 58Article: Column: In the Wake of the News, David Condon, Sept, 15, 1960
Clippings: Soccer Pools Finance Stadia for Olympics
Avery Brundage's Proposal Opposed (Discarding of Anthems and Flags)
P. 59Article: "'Professional Amateurs' Star for Russians", Will Grimsley, Aug. 19, 1960
Clippings: Brundage Keeps IOC Presidency, Aug. 23, 1960
Brundage Rips Soviet Proposal, Aug. 19, 1960
Editorial Olympic Puzzle, Aug. 19, 1960
P. 60 Clippings and Newspictures: Brundage Re-Elected Olympic Head, Aug. 24, 1960
P. 61Notables At Olympics Ball Tonight, Feb. 15, 1960
Olympic Ball a Schussboomer
PP. 62-63International Olympic Ball, Feb. 21, 1960
P. 64Clipping: Way Clear for Nationalist China India to Compete at Squaw Valley,
Article: "Olympics Board Slaps U. S. for Barring Red Newsmen", Clint Mosher, Feb. 16, 1960
P. 64Clippings: Brundage Asks Squaw Troop Aid
P. 65Brundage Decries U. S. Soft Living
Games Flame Off to Rome in Ceremony
Consolini to Give Olympic Oath, August 25, Aug. 13, 1960
Article: "Olympic Exhibit to Show Sports' Influence on Art", Henry Gaggiotini
P. 66Clippings: Le film des jeux de rome sera realize par le CONI
Le governement italien refuse les visas aux amateurs de l'Est
Photograph: Avery Brundage with Pope John
P. 67 Clipping: Brundage Answer: "Won't Resign - It's Definite"
Editorial: New Light on Olympics, July 20, 1959
Clippings: Brundage To Stock to His Post
Brundage Considers Retiring
Brundage to Answer Foes on China Issue
P. 68 Brundage To Quit Olympic Post?
Brundage Plans to Help Chinese
Confermate Le Nostre Rivelazioni...Brundage dichiara a Losanna fail CIO a riconoscere una sola China
Newspicture: Olympics High Command
P. 69Editorial: A Letter from the Editor on Olympic Medals Distribution, Sept. 4,1960
Clipping: Would Trim Swim Suits, Aug. 19, 1960
P. 70Article: "Fights On for Olympic Ideals - Avery Wins Another battle", Bill Furlong, Aug. 25, 1960
Avery of Sparta, Red Smith, Sept. 13, 1960
P. 71Clippings: Eye Draft of Brundage, Aug. 18, 1960
Re-election of Brundage is Said to Be "Certain" Aug. 23, 1960
Russ Bid for Top Job - Brundage's Post Aim of Soviets
Russians Begin Drive to Replace Brundage
Brundage Bid for IOC Job is Challenged
P. 72Brundage to Remain as Olympic President...Limit Sports to 18, Aug. 23, 1960
Brundage Wins Election, Soviet Bloc Blocked
Brundage Wins a 3rd Term
Soviet bloc backs UK to oust Brundage
P. 73 Brundage Renamed Games Chief
Rome hails Brundage, Elliott, Aug. 21, 1960
Avery Brundage is Re-elected International Olympic President
P. 74 Telegrams: From Prentis Hale...Congratulations on Re-Election
P. 75Clippings: Brundage Into Fight for IOC Re-Election
IOC Eyes Brundage For Another Term...Secret Session will Ponder Drafting Him
P. 76Brundage Won't Confirm Report He'll Retire as Olympic Head, Aug. 18, 1960
Brundage is Re-Elected Unanimously as International Olympic President, Aug. 23, 1960
P. 77Brundage Renamed Olympic President
Brundage Assails Russ Games Plan...Threat to Existence
Deny Hearing to Brundage on Tax Refund
P. 78Polemica ad Atene Le Olimpiadi e il Calcio
Scrapbook Number 8A: Sport, 1960-1963   
P. 1Article: "Olympics Have Tough, Righteous Chairman in Avery Brundage", L.Elliott Feb. 17, 1960
Clipping: Brundage Dedicates Ice Arena
Article: "An Olympic Endurance Test Stages on Powell & Gearym", M. McCabe, Feb. 15, 1960
Clippings: Irish Coffee Season
Brundage Praises Squaw Valley Progress; Ring Squashes Rumors
P. 2 China, India on Sidelines for Olympics
China to Conform to Olympic Rules
How California Got 1960 Olympic TV Rights
P. 3 Ban Nations' Flags, Says Games Chief Feb. 14, 1960
Assembly ORs Olympic Audit
P. 4Olympics Minus Flags Proposed
P. 5 Squaw Valley Still Hopes to Get Chinese In
China Entry Cleared
Nationalist China, India not Barred at Squaw Valley
P. 6 Hail 'Finest' Winter Games Foreign Experts Agree, Feb. 29, 1960
Olympics Furor Begins
Miracle of the Skies Cleared Visibility of Start of Games, Feb. 19, 1960
Weiterer gunstiger Rapport uber Squaw Valley
P. 7 Olympics Winner: Peace
Japan bids for Olympic site in '64
Brass Agrees California Did Terrific Job, Feb. 26, 1960
P. 8Article: "Olympic Report", Melvin Durslag, Peb. 19, 1960
Clipping: Dans 13 jours: Squaw Valley
P. 9 Articles: "Wife of 'Mr. Olympics' Shuns the Limelight", Frances Moffat Feb. 15, 1960
Olympic Travelers Visit La Pineta, Litti Paulding, Feb. 18, 1960
PP.10-11Newspictures: Of Olympic Officials at La Pineta
P. 12Clipping: Japan to Host '68 Games, Avery Hints
Article: "Greatest Winter Games' - Garland", Braven Dyer, Feb. 29, 1960
P. 13Clipping: Impressive Ceremony Closes VIII Winter Olympic Games
Classic Attracted 240,904, Feb. 29, 1960
Article: "Some Olympian Notes on the Old Games", Charles McCabe
P. 14Fabulous Olympic Ball, Frances Moffat, Feb. 16, 1960
P. 15Clipping: Notables at Olympic Ball Tonight
Article: "The Olympic Ball was Elaborate", Yvonne Mero Baker Feb. 16, '60
P. 16San Franciscans Go to Reno Ball, Frances Moffat, Feb. 27, 1960
Clipping: San Marino Issue Honors Brundage
P. 17Invitation: with photograph from Le Grand Marechal de la Cour
P. 18Photographs: Avery Brundage with Pope John
P. 19Clipping: Olympic Sports Code Tightened, June 21, 1961
P. 2015 Nominees for 'Chicagoan of the Year' Title
Ike Tribute to Brundage to be Read (SAE Banquet)
P. 21SAE Prepares to Pay Honor to Brundage
Publication: Of Lion Tattler, "Reunion Snowballing", Sept. 1960
P. 23Article: "Youth, Optimism Mark Convention", Tom Horgan
P. 24-28Photos: Of IOC Meeting in Greece
P. 28Avery Brundage with Prince Constantine of Greece
P. 30Avery Brundage in Office with Art Collection
P. 29Picture Card: From Amos Alonzo Stagg on his 99th Birthday, Aug. 16, 1961
P. 31Article: Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine, "The Man who has Everything", by Edith Weigle, July 30, 1961
P. 34Clipping: Brundage Loses Tax Appeal
Invitation: "The President and Mrs. Kennedy request the pleasure of the company of Avery Brundage, Oct. 16, 1961
P. 35Clipping: Brundage Urges Athletics Leaders to End Olympic Games Fund
Articles: "A Hard Look at Amateurism", L. Dana Gatlin, Dec. 22, 1961
A Family Ouarrel, Jim Murray, July 11, 1961
P. 37Kennedys Welcome Finn President, James E. Warner, Oct. 17, 1961
Brundage in Biggest Fight, Ted Smith
P. 38Brundage Signs de Young Plans, Carolyn Anspracher, July 26, 1962
For $18 Million, Avery Expects Best, Frederick A. Storm, July 26, 1962
P. 39Newspictures: Avery Brundage in San Francisco for de Young Museum contribution
P. 40Clippings: Brundage Art Wing May Open in 1964, July 26, 1962
Todo Puede ser...Avery Brundage
Avery Brundage tayttaa 75 vuotta, Sept. 10, 1962
P. 41Brundage Plans Red 'Card' Trick, Feb. 21, 1962
Officials Split on Olympic Edict, Sept. 27, 1962
P. 42 U.S. Cold to Brundage Ice Plan, Feb. 21, 1962
East Germans be permitted to play in World ice hockey, Feb. 23, 1962
Brundage Still Cleaning Up
P. 49Article: "Basketball Out of Olympic Program as Showdown Nears", Leo Fischer
Hiring College Athletes A Disgrace, Ted Suits
P. 50Telegrams: Avery Brundage - 75th Birthday
P. 51Photographs: Avery Brundage in Mexico
P. 53Christmas Card: Avery Brundage Citius-Altius-Fortius
Clipping: Monday-Go-Round, Oct. 23, 1962
Articles: "Graffis Sees Olympia, Sides with Brundage", Herb Graffis, Nov. 24, 1962
P. 54Brundage applauds sporting subsidy, Frank Rostron, Dec. 14, 1963
P. 55Clipping: Don't Mix Sports, Politics Brundage
Newspicture: Avery Brundage with Nikita Khrushchev at IOC meeting in Moscow, June 13, 1962
P. 56Clippings: Avery Wars on Politics...IOC Boxx in Moscow Fears for U.S. Games, June 2, 1962
Olympic Reorganization Plan of Russia Under Fire, June 5, 1962
Brundage Issues Warning Over Olympics Restrictions
P. 57Brundage Warns U.S. - Won't Tolerate Bans, June 2, 1962
May Warn S. Franciscans, ROK Group
Brundage to Fight Red Bid to Reorganize Olympic Unit, June 6, 1962
Photographs: Avery Brundage in Moscow for IOC Meeting
P. 59Clipping: Conference de presse du CIO HM Avery Brundage et Jean de Beaumont exposent devant les Chefs de delagations aux Jeux de l'Anitie les buts et les projects d'Aide du Comite International Olympique, Apr. 16, 1963
Pass: Officiel - Haute Personnalite - Avery Brundage
P. 60 Clippings: M. Avery Brundage President du Comite Internationale Olympique
P. 61Avery's Principles are Color-Fast, Oct. 17, 1963
Column: This Morning with Shirley Povich
Who's Who: Avery Brundage
P. 62 Clipping: Brundage Impressed by Detroit, Sept. 10, 1963
P. 63Newspictures: Detroit on Display for "Mr. Olympics", Sept. 11, 1963
P. 65Clippings: "La Candidature de Lyon au Jeux de 1968 parfaitment valuable", 23173
P. 66Le CIO demande aux Federations de n'attribuer des Championnats officiels a une ville ou a un pays qu'a condition que tous les athletes y aient libre acces
P. 67M. Avery Brundage, president du Comite International Olympique et S. Ex.
Olympic Group Sets 7-Point Plan to Stop Political Interference
Brundage Draws Battle Lines for Olympics, June 14, 1961
Brundage Threatens to Quit, Mar. 2, 1962
P. 68L'assemblee extraordinaire de CIO a Lausanne Une aeule equipe allemandepour Innsbruck et Tokio, Feb. 12, 1963
-Le Commission executive du CIO et Les Federations internationale precident leur point de vue sur le theme "Politique et Sport"
P. 69-La Reunion Mondials du Sport, A Lausanne, Feb. 5, 1963
-Politique et Sport...Declaration du CIO, Mar. 29, 1962
P. 70 -Une lettre importante de M. Avery Brundage aux sportifs du monde
P. 71-M. Brundage plane dans les nuages et n'a aucune intention d'en revenir
-M. Avery Brundage menace de demissioner
P. 70Olympics to Bar Bias, Anthems? Feb. 8, 1963
P. 72 -M. Brundage change brusquement d'opinion
P. 73 -M. Avery Brundage, "C'Est l'OTAN qui a favorise le choix de Mexico
Scrapbook Number 9: Sport, 1964-1967   
P. 1Clipping: Sporting Old Folks Something in Chicago Air, Dec. 20, 1964
Article: "Avery Brundage Attacks College Athletic Scholarship Programs", Paul Zimmerman, June 14, 1964
P. 2Clipping: Few Amateurs Left, Oct. 24, 1964
P. 3 Articles: "Brundage Gets Another Test", Paul Zimmerman, Oct. 5, 1964
Northwest News, Don Fair, Dec. 18, 1964
Kup's Column: "The La Salle Hotel is Denying its Sale"
P. 4Clipping: (Portland) City Honors Schollander, Dec. 14, 1964 (Photographs of dinner in booklet in back of scrapbook)
P. 6Letters From: Arthur H. Steinhaus George Williams College, May 27, 1965
P. 7Donald F. Hull...AAU of the U.S., Aug. 30, 1975
PP. 8-9Franz Josef Strauss...(with translation), June 15, 1965
P. 10Clippings: Brundage Takes Up New Sport - Lawn Bowling, Mar. 14, 1965
P. 11El Presidente del Comite Olympico Visito a Diaz Ordaz", Cupliremos
Dignamente" Mar. 26, 1965
P. 12Vine a ver Como se Prepara la Olimpiada dijo Avery Brundage, Mar. 29, 1965
Brundage Arrives to Check on Mexico's Olympic Plans
P. 15Brundage Satisfied with Mexico's Olympic Work, Apr. 23, 1965
PP. 15-21On Mexico's Preparations for the Games of 1968
P. 22Our Triumphant Athletes Return HOME WITH THE LOOT Kenya, July 27, 1965
P. 23Mr. Brundage Impressed with Kenya's Attitude Towards Country's Sport
PP. 27-29Of IOC Meeting in Madrid...April 1965
PP. 29-31Photographs: Of Avery Brundage with Dignataries at the Madrid Meeting
P. 32Brochure: Of the Unveiling Ceremony of Dr Seiichi Kishi's Bronze Statue, Sept. 30, 1964
PP. 34-42Photographs: Of Avery Brundage Visit to Matzue
PP. 43-45Of Avery Brundage at Olympics in Japan, 1964
Drawing: Of Brundage Coat of Arms
P. 46Article: A fresh start after disaster...Frances Moffat, March 29, 1965
P. 49Open Letter: The Brundage Collection....What it Means to the San Francisco Area
Photographs: Avery Brundage with Pope Paul, April 28, 1966
PP. 50-51Les Membres du Comite International Olympique le jour de cloture de la 60 Session de Baden-Baden 1963
P. 52Illini Panel at work in CBS's New York Studio Avery Brundage, Allan Sherman, Milton Mumford, March 1966
P. 53Article: "Brundage's Viet Solution", Bert Willard, Feb. 21, 1966
P. 55Clipping: Brundage Hints Value of Art Collection High, Sept. 22, 1965
Invitation: From President and Mrs. Johnson, Jan. 12, 1965
P. 56Clippings: Chicago-Rejected Art "Priceless", Brundage Says, June 8, 1965
Brundage Art Wing...Opening Planned, June 30, 1965
P. 60Bid Looks Good, Apr. 12, 1966
P. 63How Reds Control Olympic Site Vote, May 12, 1966
P. 65Olimpiadas no se Hacon Para Batir las Marcas, Apr. 22, 1966
P. 69La Olimpiada, la Mejor Inversion si Sigue los Programas Trazados - Oct. 22, 1966
P. 71More Fuel Put on Fire by Brundage, Dec. 11, 1965
PP. 72-77Photographs: Visit to Mexico City, Oct. 1966
P. 78Mr. Olympics, Oct. 8, 1967
Scrapbook Number 9A: Sport, 1964-1967   
P. 1Clippings: Brundage Lauds Japanese Efforts, May 30, 1964
Brundage Arrives Here: Won't Accept Those Breaking Rules, July 25, 1964
Brundage Shocked, Sends Sympathies (Riotous Latin Zone Football Qualification Match), May 26, 1964
P. 2350 Killed in Peru as Rioting Erupts at Soccer Match
Various Clippings and Photographs (News Pictures) from Japan
P. 3Brundage to Address SSA at Banquet, May 9, 1964
Brundage S s IOC Will Work to Save Olympic Principles, May 25, 1964
Brundage Likes Japan's Olympic Preparation, May 27, 1964
P. 4Ikeda Hopes for Indonesia's Participation in Olympics, June 11, 1964
P. 5Brundage Checks Facilities: Pleased, May 26, 1964
P. 5-7Photographs: Various Photographs of Brundage in Japan
P. 7Clippings: Olympic Facilities Here Impress IOC President, May 27, 1964
P. 8Detractors Zero in on Brundage, Apr. 8, 1964
Paper Says IOC Imperialistic, May 29, 1964
P. 9Feud may Block Brundage Re-election, Jan. 31, 1964
Article: "Brundage Scathes Nation's Colleges", Gary Wright, June 14, 1964
P. 10Article: "Mr. Brundage Hates Politics", Charles McCabe
Clippings: -Un Solennel Appel du Comite International Olympique
-Interroge ce matin a Lausanne, Feb. 12, 1964
Niemand kann sich eine Olmpische Medaille erkaufen
P. 11Help Sukarno See the Light
IOC Political Tool of US, Says Peking Athletic Body, May 27, 1964
P. 13Brundage Firm on Games Rules, May 25, 1964
Ikeda Urges Sukarno to Change Olympic Policy
P. 14Interview: Round Table Discussion with Mr. Avery Brundage, May 27, 1964
P. 15 Clippings: Brundage Fate Safe to February
M. Brundage et Innsbruck
Innsbruck, St. Anton Split the Crown
P. 16 Japanese have Big Yen for Olympics, Apr. 25, 1964
Les Grandes Illusions
P. 17 IOC Prexy Avery Brundage Arrives for 3-day Tour, June 6, 1964
P. 18 Sports Competition Should Be Free from any Discrimination, June 7, 1964
US Cries for Subsidies "Sour Grapes", Brundage
Un Terrain Solide
P. 19 Brundage Speaks Out: Whitfield's Boycott "Stupid", Apr. 25, 1964
Photographs: Autographed by Russian Ice Skaters...The Protopopov's (World Champions)
P. 20Clippings: Sports Activities can Check Rise of Juvenile Delinquency
Brundage Not Planning to Meet Pres. Sukarno, June 10, 1964
P. 23Games Door Open If Indonesia Obeys Rules: Brundage, June 11, 1964
Article "Avery Wronged by Swiss Critic", Paul Zimmerman, Feb. 18, 1964
P. 24-28Photographs: Avery Brundage Arrival in Korea
P. 29Invitation: From President Chiang Kai Chek
P. 31Special Orders: United Nations Command in Korea: Invitational Travel Orders
P. 34Address: Brundage, World's No. 1 Amateur Sports Leader, to Give Major Talk
P. 36Photographs: Of Functions in La Salle Hotel, Mar. 28, 1964 P. 37-38
Of Brundage in Tenrikyo, June 26, 1964
P. 41Clippings: No Decadence of American Youth, Dec. 21, 1964
Tokyo Government, 2 Others to Get IOC Awards, Oct. 21, 1964
P. 42-It'll Be an Automated Olympics, Aug. 1964
Special Guard Assigned to Brundage
Brundage Speaks on Representation
P. 44 Marine Underdog Pulls Olympic Upset, Oct. 15, 1964
P. 45 Brundage Hits Olympic Nationalism, Oct. 24, 1964
P. 44 Editorial: Oiympic Scoring, Oct. 26, 1964
P. 45 Clipping: Brundage Calls Halt to Scoring, Oct. 24, 1964
Articles: "Mr. Olympics has His Fingers Crossed", Jack McDonald
P. 46 By AVERY BRUNDAGE: "How Olympics Should Be" June 27, 1964
P. 47 Clippings: Ban on Indonesia is Lifted by IOC, June 27, 1964
IOC Head Hits GANEFO, June 5, 1964
P. 49 Articles: "What Price Glory: Just Ask Tokyo", Doug Gilbert
Brundage Stresses Olympic Movement
Clipping: Avery Avoids "Feud" Stand, Dec. 15, 1964
P. 50Brundage Concepts Upheld? 0ct. 9, 1964
P. 51 Avery Attacks Medal Tally Some Ran to Freedom. 0ct. 31, 1964
P. 53Clipping: Brundage Lauds Japan's Contribution to Olympics, Oct. 6, 1964
Article: "With Matchless Pageantry", Arthur Daley
P. 54Clippings: A Welcome to Olympians, Oct. 6, 1964
P. 5514 Day Olympic Carnival Draws to End, Oct. 24, 1964
Article: "Sayonara Means Farewell", Arthur Daley
P. 56Clipping: Japanese Handle Crowd with Military Precision, Oct. 29, 1964
P. 58Photographs: Of Avery Brundage with Mr. C. Kurata-Chairman of the Board, Hitachi Co.
PP. 61-69Of Avery Brundage visit to Japan
P. 69Of Avery Brundage visit to Mexico
Scrapbook Number 12A: Avery Brundage - General    
P. 1Photograph: C.A.A. Man is the All-Round Athlete in the Country, 1916
P. 2 Clippings: The Champion of Champions; The Greatest Athlete of Your Day, Sept. 28, 1918
Chicago Star Wins National Track Honors
P. 3 Articles: "Bahai Temple and its S.A.E. Builder", Albert Z. Horning, Sept. 1923
Brundage Right Man for MU Presidency, Edward J. Geiger, Nov. 23, 1928
P. 5Brundage's 25 Years with Amateurs, Edgar Munzel, 1930
Clipping: Who's Who in Chicago Sports - Avery Brundage, 1930
P. 6Article: "A Big Night for Brundage", James Braden, Oct. 1930
P. 7Sketches: Old Familiar Faces - Avery Brundage - by Gus Uhlmann, Mar. 31, 1931
Articles: "Brundage Proves Good Man Can't Be Kept Down", Jimmy Corcoran, Jan. 23, 1931
P. 8Among Out Own Sportsfolk - Avery Brundage, Jack Barrett, 1932
All-Round Program by All-Round Star - No Fair Worrying - That's Avery Brundage's Slogan, Bob Starrett
Brundage and Thorpe Come Close to Best - Perfect Track Star Must Be Able to do Everything, Charles E. Parker
AAU Loses Great Leader as Avery Brundage Resigns, Edward J. Geiger
P. 9 Brundage Awarded Coveted Trophy (James E. Sullivan Trophy), Feb. 1935
A Medal for Avery Brundage, George M. R. Holmes
P. 10 A Word for Brundage, Ole Timer, Aug. 14, 1936
Clipping: Olympic Officials Meet at CAA, Mar. 2, 1936
P. 12 Tribute: 1st Sullivan Award Dinner - Excerpt from Speech by Amos Alonzo Stagg, Feb. 26, 1931
P. 13 Letter: From Douglas MacArthur on West Point quotation, Apr. 18, 1939
Clipping: Champions of Handball, Jan. 21, 1939
P. 15 Article: Open Letter to Avery Brundage: "Jim Thorpe, Now 52, Entitled to Return of Olympic Trophies", Edward W. Cochrane, Feb. 19, 1940
Clipping: Brundage Takes over La Salle, Jan. 18, 1940
P. 16 Article: "Stars Who Had Everything - #4 - Avery Brundage", Eugene Gleason
Olympic's Brundage Becomes Hotel Boss, Jan. 18, 1940
P. 17 Clippings: "Why I'll Vote for Willkie", Avery Brundage, Sept. 10, 1940
A Towering Figure - Avery Brundage, Feb. 3, 1940
P. 19 Article: "The Badge Rides Again", John Lardner, Sept. 17, 1945
Sportcature: "Avery Athletic Executive", Roy Nelson, Nov. 9, 1945
P. 20Article: "Brundage Bounced Swimming Star - Met Hitler During Olympics in Berlin", Vincent X. Flaherty, Feb. 11, 1946
P. 21What Goes on Here, Brenda Ueland, June 1946
P. 22Avery Brundage Fall Guy for MU Moguls - Eleanor Holm's Sea Incident Stirs Talk, Vincent X. Flaherty June 8, 1947
Clippings: Avery Brundage is Subject of Yearn by Tom Siler, 1947
P. 23A Question of Definition, June 30, 1947
Article: "Olympic Controversy", Arthur Daley, Dec. 18, 1947
Chief Abused but Seldom Wrong---Brundage Takes It-for Nothing, Too!, Tom Siler
P. 24Brundage Smiles, Jesse Abramson, July 29, 1947
The Umpire, H.G. Salsinger, May 20, 1947
P. 25Sketch: "Avery Brundage, USA, Hypocrisy Apostle", Hagg and Arne, June 13, 1947
P. 26Articles: "L'Affaire Holm Featured Last Olympic Crossing", Joe Williams,
In Search of Money, Arthur Daley, July 5, 1948
P. 27Letter: Letters to the Editor: From Avery Brundage: Brundage Thanks Daily News for Olympic Tryouts Here, June 1948
Articles: "Leaders - That Man Brundage", Leo Fischer, July-Aug. 1948
P. 28Brundage Won First Title in Birmingham - Brundage's Series of Wins Never Equaled, Zipp Newman, June 11, 1948
Clipping: "Brundage, 'Whipping Boy' for Amateurs, Can Take It", Jan. 29 1948
P. 29Articles: 'What's This; A Kind Word for Avery Brundagel", Joe Williams, Feb. 18, 1948
The Olympic Flame Flickers Again, Joe Wray, 1948
P. 31Courtly Is the Word for Avery, Red Smith, Jan. 3, 1950
P. 33Clippings: Brundage's Independence Guides Olympics, AAU, Nov. 4, 1951
Sportrait of a True Amateur, Avery Brundage, Nov. 3, 1951
P. 34Letter: Open Letter to Avery Brundage "Avery Howsabout writing memoirs?"
Articles: "Brundage Elected, Shakeup Predicted", Ben Phlegar, July 17, 1952
Bing and Bob Revive Sports, Herb Graffis, June 30, 1952
P. 35-36Clippings Several Clippings on gaining Presidency of IOC - Foreign News Press
P. 37Program AVERY BRUNDAGE - As Fall Guy - Circus Splits and Sprinters Club, June 23, 1952
P. 39Articles "The Sports Events Parade", Leo Fischer
P. 42Avery Reaches Highest Olympic Post on 'Amateur' Ticket, Jack Ryan, July 17, 1952
P. 43Ein Ambassadeur des Friedens, Kurt Bernegger
More Deadly Than the Male, Arthur Daley, Feb. 8, 1953
P. 44In the Wake of the News - "Avery Brundage" - Arch Ward, May 28, 1953
PP. 46-47Newspictures: Of Santa Barbara Residence of Avery Brundage, La Pineta
P. 47Clippings Brundage Gives Inside Picture of Russian Athletic Ambitions, Oct 23, 1954
P. 48Brundage Urges Strengthening of Olympic Movement, Jan. 1954
P. 49 Picture: Picture of 45th Reunion of Illini Class of '09, Nov. 1954
Clipping: Russians Amazing - "Coddled Youth" Here Rapped by Brundage, Oct. 9, 1954
P. 50 Article: Translation: "A Quarter of an Hour with M. Brundage, Who is Coming Back from a Trip in USSR", H. F. Berchet, Aug. 17, 1954
P. 51 Clippings: Famed Athletic Official Talks to Reno Group, Oct. 22, 1954
Avery Brundage Raps U S Foreign Policy, Oct. 10, 1954
Brundage Retires as U.S.O.A. President, Jan. 1954
P. 52-53 Article: "Fabulous Oriental Art on the Avery Brundage Collection" Townsfolk, Mar. 1954
P. 54 Clipping: Brundage Addresses U.S.O.A. Banquet, Jan. 1954
P. 55 Article: "Hectic Career of 'Slavery' Brundage", Paul Reid, Mar. 8, 1953
Scrapbook Number 12B: Avery Brundage - General    
P. 1 Stock Certificate: Western Television Corporation
P. 2 Nevada Uranium Production Company
D.S.C. Check Treasurer of the United States---DSC Idle Tires--Amount $.20
P. 4 Stock Certificate: Central Republic Bank and Trust Company
P. 3 Bond: Russia
P. 5 Articles: "Chicago Realty Bondholders Get $24,000,000 in Cash Payments to Date, Survey Shows", Al Chase, Mar. 21, 1937
Bond Committee Obtains Clear Title to Forty-nine Properties
Avery Brundage Outlines Work on Stone Issues, Al Chase, Dec. 9, 1934
P. 6 Clipping: Brundage's Chinese Bronzes on Display at Art Institute, Sept. 1948
Article: "Brundage Urges Change be Made in Mortgage Act", Harry M. Beardsley
P. 7 Photograph: Olympic Congress - Berlin - 1930
P. 8 Clipping: Revive Illini Spirit- -Brundage, May 23, 1937
Editorial: "Contests versus Shows" - The Chicago Daily News, Apr. 23, 1934
P. 9 Clipping: Led American Olympic Hopes, 1936
Address: To Commonwealth Club: Reports Ruthless Extermination of Kremlin Foes---Few Old People, Oct. 18, 1954
P. 11 Decoration: Clippings, program etc. from NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, Centennial Convocation
P. 13 Articles: "For Honor of Country and Glory of Sport", Avery Brundage, Aug. 1934
P. 15 Frowned on Saturdage, John Lardner, July 4, 1935
Avery Brundage Gets the Job Done, Art Rosenbaum, Oct. 17, 1955
P. 16 Traffic Indicator - Brundage Method Might Help Us, (Australian Newsclipping) Douglas Wilkie, Apr. 13, 1955
Brundage Has Put Melbourne on its Mettle", Richard Cloake, Apr. 26, 1955
Before Brundage, Earl Lofquist, Apr. 13, 1955
P. 17 Interview: "Declarations de M. Avery Brundage avant son arrivee a Paris" Gianni Brera, 1955
Clippings: Chicago Awards 6 Medals of Merit
P. 18 The Montecito Country Club, Nov. 25, 1961
P. 19Article: "Stories of Russian 'Pros,' and Like Sour Grapes", Harvey Barcus,1955
P. 20 Clipping: Brundage Makes 'Em Toe Line, 1955
P. 21 Articles: In the Wake of the News - Arch. Mar. 19, 1955
Peepshow - Kirwan Ward, Nov. 28, 1955
P. 22-23 Chinese Bronzes: Ancient Art with Modern Spirit, Kenneth Shopen, Oct. l, 1955
P. 23 Avery Brundage was a Star, Ray Barber, Apr. 13, 1955
P. 24 Clipping: Brundage is Figure of Hot Controversy, Apr. 22, 1956
Article: "Right or Wrong, Brundage Not One to Duck Issues", Leo Fischer, Feb. 1, 1956
P. 25 Clippings: "'Russ Sports Idea not for Us'--Brundage", Feb. 22, 1956
'Progress' Retards Athletes, Brundage Claims---Tells Why
Russians Advance, Feb. 23, 1956
Program: Iranian Olympic Committee, May 11, 1956
P. 26 Clipping: Brundage Amateur Purist - Right or Wrong, Apr. 22, 1956
P. 28 Article: "Olympic President", Poppy Richard, Aug. 22, 1956
P. 29 Pictures: Newspictures of La Pineta
Clipping: Brundage Back with Warning - Soviet Challenge Grows, Feb. 17, 1956
Editorial: Word of Appreciation for the Good Work of Avery Brundage,
Nov. 8, 1956
P. 30 Articles: "U.S. Athletics Bring Attacks from Brundage", Henry Gaggiottini, Feb. 2, 1956
Just as Expected, Arthur Daley, Dec. 20, 1956
Maybe Avery Cut the Pledge, Art Rosenbaum, Oct. 17, 1956
P. 31 Amateur Sport's Man of Battle Rich Avery Brundage Rules Roost with Iron Hand--and Takes the Abuse, Too, Bob Myers, Apr. 22, 1956
P. 32 Clippings: No Cause for Alarm--Brundage, Nov. 14, 1956
Mr. Avery Brundage Flies in to Christchurch, Dec. 10, 1956
P. 33-38 Article: From: Sports Illustrated: "The Embattled World of Avery Brundage"
Of Greeks--and Russians, Jan. 30, 1956
P. 38 Picture: Newspicture of Avery Brundage and the Duke of Edinburgh
P. 40 Clipping: Critics of Russian Way Rapped by Brundage, Apr. 9, 1956
P. 41 Article: "Ritratto di Avery Brundage re dei grattacieli e presidente del C.I.O." - Luigi Gerrario, Sept. l, 1956
Clipping: Brundage Hits "Games Quitters", Nov. 1956
P. 42 Articles: "Tower Lights - Avery Brundage", Dick Praul, 1956
In the Wake of the News - Arch Ward, 1956
Clipping: Brundage Warns U.S. On Olympics, 1956
P. 43 Article: "Brundage Remains Dedicated in Hail of Rocks", Jack McPhaul, Feb. 24, 1957
Clipping: Brundage Gets OK for Meeting in Red Bulgaria, July 16, 1957
P. 44 Articles: "Puritan of Simon Pures", Al Stump, Oct. 27, 1957
P. 45 Brundage Put in Class by Himself, Bill Furlong, Dec. 19, 1957
P. 46 Things About Avery Brundage That Don't Always Make the Headlines - He's Country's Outstanding Collector of Oriental Art, Dec. 1957
Clipping: Avery Brundage Heads Rail Holding Company, Sept. 14, 1957
P. 47 Article: "Politique et Jeux olympiquea", Frederic Schlatter, Sept. 10, 1959
P. 48 Sketch: "We Found it Necessary to Make a Few Changes - Mr. Herter", L. D. Warren, June 30, 1959
Article: "Avery Attacks Used Beer Cans", Art Rosenbaum, April 4, 1959
P. 49 Avery Brundage, en Espana
P. 51 Open Letter: From Avery Brundage: Comite International Olympique (July 31, 1959) Re: Formosa in Olympics
P. 51-54 Clippings: All Pertinent to the China Question: "Two Chinas and the Olympics", "We can Holler Foul, but Few Listen", "Voice of the Press", "The Semantic Games", "Olympic Games & Politics", "Sorry Spectacle", June 12, 1959, "Brundage is Correct", June 11, 1959
P. 55 Article: Panathlon Italiano - Mr. Brundage con la Caravella d'Oro del Comune di Genova, Oct. 1959
P. 56 Many Christmases Lay Behind That Metal Door, Alfred Frankenstein, Sept. 13, 1959
P. 61 Editorial: Mr. Brundage Chalks up A Worthy Score, Sept. 27, 1957
P. 63 Article: "Brundage Warns of 'City's Disgrace' if 1959 Meet Fails" Robert Cromie, Aug. 29, 1958
Brundage's 'Get With 'Em' Plan Gets Foreign Test in Nationals, Red Smith, 1958
P. 64 Clipping: Brundage Busy With Plan to Streamline '64 Games, 1958
Olympic Chief Charges: We Let Reds Take Over - Yanks Get Softer and Softer, According to Avery
Brundage, 1958
P. 65 Article "Call Games A Success - U.S. Domination Will be Reduced in Future", Bill Jauss, Sept. 9, 1959
Clipping: Brundage Ducks Questions About China in Games, Oct. 28, 1959
Articles: Headliners - "Avery Brundage" - Samuel T. Williamson
P. 66 Brundage Raps 'Free Ride' Theory, Fen Wheeler, April 1, 1959
P. 56 Photographs: Montecito Country Club
P. 68-70 Clippings: (Translation) - New Animation (energy) in the IOC, May 8, 1953
P. 71 Article: "Valley Rally Pleases Brundage", Art Rosenbaum, Feb. 20, 1960
Editorial: Flags at the Olympics, Feb. 16, 1960
P. 72 Article: "Brundage Says Olympics Should be for Men Only", Prescott Sullivan, May 11, 1960
P. 73 Olympics for Men Only - "Brundage Speaks at Safe Range", Mildred Schroeder, May 11, 1960
Big Daddy Brundage Takes on the Dollies, Charles McCabe, Esq., May 1960
P. 74 Gals are All Right in their Place, Millie Robbins, May 12, 1960
P. 74-75 Clippings: RE: D'Un Jugement Check for Un Centime April 2, 1960
Brundage Sues French Mag...Olympic Oath Called Lie, March 21 1960
P. 75 Article: "Mr. Avery Brundage dons his Halo Again", Charles McCabe, Esq., Feb. 16, 1960
Stamp: San Marino Issue
P. 77 Invitation: The American Club of Rome
P. 78 Photographs: Visit to Olympia, Greece, June 1960
P. 80 Article: "Boss of World Sports", T. D. Parthasarathi, Jan. 2, 1960
P. 82 Avery Wins Another Battle - Bill Furlong
Brundage - Modern-Day Sir Galahad, Dick Hackenberg
P. 83-84 Photos: Miscellaneous Photographs of Avery Brundage in Italy
P. 85 Article: Avery Brundage Gang Dinner Guest, May 2, 1960
Clipping: Collapse of PCC a "Disgrace", May 7, 1960
P. 86 Article: "Brundage - A Champion of the Amateur Unpopularity Acquired in Good Cause", Poppy Richard, May 17, 1960
Clipping: Amateur Sport is Way of Life to Brundage, Sept. 1960
P. 87 Avery Brundage e le Olimpiadi, Aug. 1960
P. 88 Brundage Re-elected IOC Chief, Aug. 24, 1960
P. 89 Brundage - Self-Made Man, Aug. 1960
Article: Illinois Beta Reunion in Honor of Avery Brundage by William J. Schmelzie
P. 90 Picture: Avery Brundage receiving Decoration from Japanese Government, Oct. 1960
P. 91-92 Photos: IOC Meeting in Italy
P. 93 Article: "Gadfly Brundage Good for Sports", Will Connolly, Dec. 22, 1960
P. 95 Address: To Commonwealth Club: Art, Sports Linked in Olympic Games' Beginnings, Says Brundage;
Sees U.S. Need for Amateur Spirit. May 16, 1960
Editorial: Our Idealistic Autocrat, 1960
Picture: Newspicture of Avery Brundage with Pope John, 1960
P. 97 Clipping: SAE'S Honor Brundage, Dec. 1960
P. 98 Article: "Yes, Avery Can Laugh", Jack Hanley, 1960
Who's Who: Biographical Text
P. 99 Award: Silver Antelope Award Photographs and News Clippings
P. 101 Photographs: In Lima Peru
With McDermot, Huzzach Gaidzak Belote, Byrd, Lindberg, Delaney, Mucks, Brundage, Irons, Murphy,
Patterson, Menaul
With President Einaudi of Italy
With Von Halt,Edstrom
With Otto Mayer and Wife
With Officers of the U.S. Olympic Association
Of the Alexander Revell-Field Museum Expedition to Alaska in 1927
At Grave of Pierre de Coubertin
With J. Lyman Bingham
At St. Mortiz
With Lord Aberdere
With General Guisan
Bernie Wefers
And Miscellaneous Other Photographs
Scrapbook Number 16: Tenri (Tokyo) Visit, 1958   Pictorial Memories of the 54th Session of IOC May, 1958 Tokyo From: Tokyo Metropolitan Government   Photographs:    Avery Brundage Met by Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Yasui   Vice-Chairman Massard and Others Arrive at Haneda Airport   Prince Mikasa Conferring with Prince Axel (Denmark)   Avery Brundage Visits Metropolitan Government Office    Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Yasui Submits Tokyo Bid for 1964 Olympic Games to Avery Brundage   Reception for IOC Members   Inspection of National Athletic Stadium    Inspection of Soccer Playing Grounds   Fashion Show   Ancient Court Music Gagaku   Avery Brundage Addressing Opening of IOC Meeting   Reception of IOC Members at Imperial Hotel    National Museum Visit   Emperor Hirohito with Avery Brundage   Part at Kiyosumi Garden    Avery Brundage Visits Bunraku Puppet Doll Performance   At Garden of Heian Shrine in Kyoto   Garden Party at Numura Villa   Visit to Great Buddha in Nara    Avery Brundage Watching Deer Calling at Nara
Scrapbook Number 16A: Tenri (Tokyo) Visit, 1958   Photographs: Miscellaneous Candid Photographs of Avery Brundage and IOC Members....    At Poolside   Viewing Museum Pottery Collection   At Construction Sites    Various Receptions and Visits to Shrines
Scrapbook Number 16B: Tenri (Tokyo) Visit, 1958   Photographs: NARA...With IOC Officials   At Deer Watch    At Great Buddha   TENRI..Addressing IOC Members    Luncheon   Visiting Shrine   Visiting Museum    HORYUJI..Visiting Shrine
Scrapbook Number 17: Tokyo Visit, 1955   "Memory", 55 in Japan Presented to Avery Brundage by Seiihiro Yasui, Governor of Metropolitan Tokyo   Photographs:    Arrival at Airport   In Yasui Offices   At Dinner with IOC Members   Addressing IOC Members    Inspection of Stadium    Visit to Shrine and Gardens   Inspecting Swimming Facilities
Scrapbook Number 18: Avery Brundage - Participation in Athletics   
P. 1 Clipping: Finalists Meet Today in Hard Handball League
Newspics: Track Men Ready for A.A.U. Meet, Mar. 7, 1910
P. 3 Clippings: City's Legal Lights and Girl Assistants Display Skill in Athletics,11-Jul-09
NOTE: Avery Brundage, a nephew of the corporation counsel, had to be taken home after the hurdle race in which he had captured first place. He was overcome with the heat. (Newsclipping)
P. 5 Article: "New Orleans Meet a Big Success", William Bartholomay, Jr., 1910
Newspic: CAA Delegation to New Orleans
P. 7 Photographs: Miscellaneous Candid Photos
Clipping: After Athletic Title - Many Are Planning to Compete in "All Around" Tourney Here on Aug. 12
Good Seating At Big Indoor Meet...Newspic: Avery Brundage, Who will enter Shot Put, March 9, 1910
P. 9 Clipping (Newspic): Crack Athletes Entered in Irish-American A. C. Games, Jan. 8, 1911
P. 11 Newspics: Athletes Who Competed for AAU All Around Title Yesterday, Aug. 13, 1911 Clipping: All Around ( hampionship by Points
P. 13 All Around Title to Star Coast Athlete, 1910 Sullivan Comes for Championship Meet, 1910
P. 15 All Around Track Stars Come Former Illinois Athletes Figure in AAU Meets Newspics: Three Track Men in AAU Al1 Around Championships, 1910
Clipping: Thompson Wins Games J. H. Gillas Tallies 6,909, While Brundage of Chicago Runs Up 6,020 1/2 at Total, 1910
Chicago Star Wins National Track Honors...Brundage of CAA takes All-Around Title in Contests in Newark
P. 19 Title to Thompson Princeton Athlete Retains the All-Round Championship, 1911
Newspic: All Around Athletes Visit Chicago, 1911
Clipping: NOTE: ??? The Failure of Brundage to get better than fourth attributable to overtraining -- Coach Delaney declared that Brundage was almost unmanagable the last week. ???
P. 21 AAU Honors to F. C. Thomson, 1910
Order of Events: The All-Round Championship, 1910
P. 23 Clipping: Plan to Revive interest in Handball in Chicago
Newspic: Track Men Represent Chicago Clubs
P. 25 Clipping: New Factor in Boy's Meet (R. T. Crane has Brundage, the find of the Season in high school athletics)
Hyland Meets Brundage for Handball Title of CAA
Avery Brundage Takes CAA Handball Honors
With Newspic of Avery Brundage and Coach Harry Gill
Postcard: To Avery Brundage from Finland
Newspic: Chicago Track Men in Gaelic Meet, 1911
P. 27 Clipping: Five Men Left in City Handball
Team Picked for Olympics (1912), Jan. 8, 1912
CAA and Illini Track Teams Clash Tonight, 1911
Newspic: Avery Brundage, Winner in the Pentathlon, 1912
Clipping: Brundage Takes Thorsen for Four Straight Games
Photograph: Avery Brundage going over hurdles, July 1909
Clipping: Avery Brundage, Cherry Circle Athlete Regains Title as All Around National Champion
P. 30 Photograph: Avery Brundage at Trackside with Teammate
P. 31 Newspic: Chicago M Stars Here for Championship Games Today and Tomorrow, June 30, 1911
Photograph: Of High School Team, 1905
P. 35 Newspic: Chicago Huskies on Hotel Schlenley Steps, 1911
Clipping: Cherry Circle Athletes are After Honors, 1911
P. 37 Newspic: Star Athletes Who Compete in Gaelic Games Tomorrow, 1911
Clipping: "All Around" is Next, 1911
C. A. Athletes Score Victory, 1911
P. 39 Newspic: Athletes in Gaelic Meets, Aug. 28, 1911
P. 41 Clipping: Two CAA Men Seek Decathlon Title at Games, 1912
P. 41 Clipping: Brundage and Mehaul in Pentathlon Trials, May 17, 1912
Thorpe Wins Place on Olympic Team, 1912
Olympic Trial to Brundage . . . CAA Athlete Defeats Austin
Mehaul in Pentathlon, 1912
P. 43 Three Qualify in the Trials for Decathlon, 1912
Scorecard: Decathlon, 1912
Clipping: To Try for Olympic, 1912
Newspic: Miniature of CAA Olympic Team
P. 45 Postcards: Of Various Athletic Activities at the Stockholm, 1912 Games
P. 47 Clipping Cherry Circle Wins 49 Points with Great Team
Photograph: Of U.S. Olympic Teas entering stadiuD at Stockholm, 1912
P. 49 Article: Olympic Games - G. W. Axelson, 1912
P. 51 Telegram: Advising Avery Brundage that he has been selected a member of the U.S. Olympic Team...From James E. Sullivan
Newspic: Of U.S. Team aboard ship bound for Stockholm
Photographs: Of U.S. Team aboard ship bound for Stockholm
P. 53 Newspic: CAA Olympic Track Team on Board the Finland
P. 55 Photographs: Several Pages of U.S. Athletes training aboard ship
P. 57 Several of workouts in Stockholm
P. 59 Clipping: Records Fall in Eastern-Western Meet
Photographs: Of Avery Brundage Crossing the Finish Line
P. 61 Clipping: About Avery Brundage (Illini Club Bulletin)
P. 63 Photographs: Numerous small photographs of tour through Europe after Games
P. 65 Clippings From Russian Newspapers of Tour through Europe and Russia
P. 67 From Swedish Newspapers
P. 69 Photograph: Of Competition in St. Petersburg in 1912
P. 71 Article: Avery Brundage, Illinois '09, Premier All Around Athlete of America by J.G.E. Kipp
P. 73 Clipping: Delaney Shatters an Old Superstition, 1914
Goelitz Breaks World's Record in Hurdle Event, 1913
Kennedy Scores Long Run Victory, 1913
Brundage Repeats Triumph, 1914
P. 75 Photograph: Of Track Team, 1912
P. 77 Clipping: High Honor to Cherry Circle Brunage of CAA Wins All-Round Athletic Championship, Sept. 19, 1914
Brundage is Proof Persistent Effort Will Make Athlete, 1914
Brundage off for Meet, 1914
Title Games Billed Today...Avery Brundage, Ex-ChaDpion Will Try to Regain Laurels, 1914
Leave for Title Contests, 1914
Cherry Circle Leads in Portage Park Meet, 1913
Photograph: 880 Yard Walking Race
P. 79Avery Brundage Pole Vaulting
P. 81 Clipping: Brundage Wins All-Round Championship...Avery Brundage Becomes National All Round Champ, Sept. 20, 1914
Handballers to Start League Play Tomorrow
Brundage to Referee Illini Relay Carnival
Brundage on "Big 9" Board, 1914
Sig Alph is Given Athletic Honors
Brundage does A "Come-Back", 1914
P. 83 Clippings: Brundage Fears Ritchie in Meet at Fair Grounds, 1914
P. 85 Brundage Takes Central Title; Goelitz Second CAA Star Piles Up 6,671 Points in All Around Contests at Grant Park, 1914
P. 87 Thousands to Witness Big All-Round Meet Today...Gilbert Ritchie Expected to Win Honor, 1914
Brundage Wins Athletic Title...Chicago AA Star Leads in National All-Around Meet at Birmingham, Alabama...Scores 6,999 Points...Victor Has Good Margin Over Ritchie, Dixie Man Who Counts 6,743 1/2, 1914
Scorecard: All-Around (1914) BRUNDAGE...RITCHIE, 1914
P. 89 Clippings: Joie Ray is Winner At The Dairy Show, 1914
Purple Men Take Relay; Danish Quintet Second, 1914
We are glad to see that the president of the AAU backs up our statement that Avery Brundage is the champion all-around athlete of the country
Cherry Circle Athletes are Making Athletic History, 1914
Advertisement: National Dairy Show, 1914
Clippings: Avery Brundage Captures Title in AAU Contest, 1914
P. 91 Chicago Athlete Wins National Title, 1914
Avery Brundage Nation's Champion Athlete, 1914
P. 93 Avery Brundage Wins AAU All-Around Championship, 1914
P. 95 Avery Brundage is Star Athlete of the Season; Illinois College Champ, 1914
Brundage Gives Advice to Athletes, 1915
Pay Tribute to Brundage,
List of Champions of 1914, 1914
Chicagoans On Roll of Honor....Loomis, Ahearn, and Brundage on All-American Athletic Team Picked by Lill
Expect 500 at Athletics Assn Meet
Delaney Saves CAA Stars from Quarantine, 1914
Track Stars Enter Games
P. 97 New Coach of the First Regiment and Some of the Stars Who Will Compete in the Soldiers' Annual Indoor Games
Brundage is Speaker at Association Meet
P. 99 Photograph: Of Athletic Team, 1915
Clipping: Cherry Circle Boasts of Army of Track Stars
Newspic: Avery Brundage (Putting Shot)
Clipping: Ex-Athletes "Make Good"
Photograph: Avery Brundage
Clippings: Brundage Wins
Champion Athlete Wears Specs
Newspic: All-Around Athlete
P. 101 Newspic: Avery Brundage in 880 Yard Walk
P. 102Photograph: Avery Brundage in 880 Yard Walk
P. 103 Clippings: Brundage Keeps His All-Around National Title
Brundage is Crowned All-Around Champion
Avery Brundage All Around King
P. 104 Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
Clipping: Avery Brundage, Chicago AA, Proves Best All Around Athlete in Country, 1916
Photograph: Avery Brundage Putting Shot
P. 105 Clippings: Industrial Titular Games Open Sept. 3
Avery Brundage's Victory in the All Round Championship was not a Surprise
Kalvelage Loses to Brundage...MAC Star is Eliminated by Chicago Handball Artist, 21-18, 21-6
P 106 Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
P. 107 Clippings: Great Race Between Hummel and Meanix
Brundage Keeps Title as All-Around Athlete
Fast Events Are Scheduled for this Afternoon
Brundage Wins All-Round Title
Avery Brundage New All Around Athletic King
CAA Athlete Wins National Track Laurels
Chicago Athlete is Champ
PP. 10 8-109 Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
Clippings: Brundage Second in Decathlon Event
Decathlon to Alva Richards
Richard IAC Wins Decathlon at Coast Games..Beats Brundage 4 points
Brundage Creeps up on Richards
Photograph: Of Avery Brundage and others at Starting Line
P. 112 Clippings: Avery Brundage Regains His Title as Champion Athlete of US
All Around "Champs" To-Day
Hummel to Meet Meanix in Big Hurdle Contest
Favor "All Around Title"
Best National Athletes in Final Champs
P. 113 Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
Silhouette: Of Avery Brundage, 1915
Clipping: ..."All of which, when boiled down into a nutshell, shows Brundage as one of the greatest all-round athletes of history"
Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
Clippings: Brundage Regains Athletic Laurels....Richards Quits Before Last Event, After Being Disqualified in the Hurdle Race
Brundage Leads in All Around Event Crowd of 18,000 Sees Great Athletic Struggles Held at Weequahie Park
Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
Clipping: Brundage Captures All-Around Title Deposes Alva Richards, Former Champion
Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
P. 115 Clippings: To Play Handball Finals
CAA Makes Clean Sweep...Brundage 's Victory in All Round Contest Gives Honor to Club
Big Ten Heads are Re-Elected
Brundage Shows Class in Chicago Handball League
Is Best All-Round Athlete
Events in Which Avery Brundage Excels Are Shot-Putting, and Hammer and Discus Throwing
Newspic: CAA Man is the All-Round Athlete in the Country
Avery Brundage...This sterling performer is accounted the very best all-round man in the country at the present day
Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
P. 114 Nine New York Champions on All Star Team
Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
P. 117 Of Avery Brundage and others at Starting Line
P. 119 Program: National All-Around Championship of the AAU of the US
Newspic: All Round Champion - Avery Brundage
P. 120 Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
Article: "Seen in the World of Sport", Ed A Goewey
Photographs: Of Avery Brundage
LETTERS: From Frank H. Purinton, Attorney at Law, Fidelity Building, Portland, Maine
Advertisement: Pertinent to the Above: Tomorrow will be printed portions of a strange correspondence between Avery Brundage and a representative of an eastern college, which was in search of promising kid athletes like Avery.
Article: Pertinent to the Above: "In the Wake of the News", Ring W. Lardner, FAME...A Drama in Three Acts
LETTER: Pertinent to the Above: From Ring Lardner to Mr. Brundage, returning the above letters.
Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
P. 121 Article: Cherry Circle Athletes Win Honors in Junior and Senior AAU Championships at Newark
Clipping: American Olympic Committee Increased; Chicagoans Appointed
P. 122 Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
Clippings: Avery Brundage Wins New Honors Rapid Growth of Fine Athletes
Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
P. 123 Clippings: Brundage is '18 Star
Chicago Athlete, All-Round Star of AAU Meet, Sept. 26, 1918
All-Round Title Championship
Champions of the Year in all the Sports, 1916
P. 127 Program: First Annual Indoor-Relay Carnival, 1917
Fifth Annual Indoor-Relay Carnival, 1922
Clippings: Brundage Named Track Referee of Illini Games
P. 128 Tests in Food Only Safe Plan for Athlete; Concentration Necessary, Oct. 14, 1918
Champion of Champions...The Greatest Athlete of Your Day
Series by Avery Brundage:
l-What the All-Round Means
2-Training for the All-Round
3-The Best System of Training
4-Be Careful of Your Diet
5-Don't Lose Interest in Training
6-Plain Food is Always the Best
7-Study Yourself-Make Your Own Rules
P. 169 8-Doing What You Think is Impossible
P. 128 9-Games Are Best Exercise of All
10-The Convenience of Track Sports
P. 159 ll-Taking a Long Step Forward
12-The Businessman as Athlete
P. 128 Avery Brundage Wins Title for Third Time; Hellum Second
P. 130 Chicago AA Team Victor in Memorable National Games, Sept. 22, 1918
P. 131 College, School, and Club Athletics Men Who Handle Affairs of Intercollegiate Conference Athletic Association, Known at "Big Ten" Conference
P. 132 Brundage of CAA Takes AAU All-Around Title Veteran Shows Old Time Skill for Third Time
P. 133 From The Illini Club Bulletin: Avery Brundage
P. 135 Curran Wins in Handball
P. 136 Clipping: Can Anyone Beat Harry Gill's Record? April 1925
P. 137 Article: Athletic Meet a Huge Success CAA Athletes Triumph
Avery Brundage Wins All-Around Championship
Clipping: Big Ten Leaders May Add Boxing to Sports List
P. 138 Track Men Represent Chicago Clubs, Feb. 3, 1911
P. 139 Illinois Action in Stagg Meet is Upheld, Decried
P. 140 Avery Brundage is Star Athlete of the Season, Illinois College Champ
Champion Brundage is a Star Made to Order
Clark-Nelson Still in Lead
Harry Goelitz New All-Round AAU Champion
Harry Goelitz Wins Title in St. Louis
Local Athletes in Hall of Fame....Loomis and Brundage, CAA, and Ahearn, IAC on All-Star Team
Brundage Wins All-Round for the Third Time
P. 141 Article: "So They Tell Me", Warren W. Brown
Clippings: Alumni of Illinois Give Dinner To-Night for Gill
Illini Club to Dine Grid Squad Tonight
Form Industrial League for Athletics Tonight
Noted Swimmers to Compete in NAAU Title Events Here
Photographs: Miscellaneous Candid shots
P. 142 Clippings: Avery Brundage Wins Title for the Third Time; Hellum Second
P. 143 AAU Meet Greatest Ever Held in US, Says Bailey
All-Star Teams in AAU Track Sports Slected by Rubien
Champions of 1918
Avery Brundage Again Demonstrates He is Best Athlete in Country
P. 145 Some Champions of 1916 Athletic Season
Avery Brundage Boosts Athletics....Former All-Around Champion Presents Baseball Cup at CA of C
Promote Handball League
P. 147 High Athletic Honors to Avery Brundage, Oct. 1918
Newspic: World Events in Pictures (Avery Brundage Best Athlete in America)
P. 149 Clippings: Local Clubs to Start Handball Meet Oct. 21st
Brundage and Nelson will Play for Crown
CAA Star is Ahead in Handball
20 Players Seek Title in City Handball Meet
Local Handball Players Begin Games Tonight
Rival Chicago Athletic Clubs Bury Hatchet
Brundage Hurt in Match....Palm Torn Open in Fall During Title Match
Handball League Standings
Brundage and Nelson Reach Handball Final
Brundage Wins Pair of Handball Matches
Photographs: Of Avery Brundage Throwing Hammer, and Running Sprint
P. 151 Clippings: As A Monument to Past and an Inspiration to Present and Future Teams - Avery Brundage Subscribes $1000
38 Olympians Return . . . Brundage of U S Committee Lauds Showing of Finns, 1924
Avery Brundage to Referee Prep Tilts at Urbana
Avery Brundage Praises Yankee Olympic Stars
Newspics: Completing the Lake Shore AC-----By A1 Demaree
P. 153 Postcards: Stockholm, Sweden....Stadium...and Stadium at Athens
Photograph: Candid Shot of Athletes on board SS America
NOTES: Avery Brundage Personal Notes of 1918 Competition for All Around
P. 155 Newspic: Here's Closest Walking Race Ever Walked BRUNDAGE & FRITTS, Sept. 29, 1918
Clippings: CAA Triumphas as 8,000 Watch Athletic Meet
Brundage Wins from Clarke in Handball Meet
P. 157 Avery Brundage Tells How Youth Should be Prepared for Athletics
It Is The Clean Life that Counts
Article: IN THE ILLINI VINEYARD All-Around Avery Brundage, '09
Newspic: America's All-Around Champion and His Stringent Rules for Athletic Success.
P. 160 Clippings: Avery Brundage Bags Individual Honors, 1918
Avery Brundage Wins Highest Honors in National AAU Games
P. 60 The Champion Brundage He Ranks with DePalma, automobile racer, Ty Cobb, baseball player, Hoppe, billiards
P. 160 To Settle Handball Title Avery Brundage and Louis Nelson Meet To-Day at CAA
When a Real Champion Tells His Story Some Highly Interesting Reading is bound to Result!
P. 161 Pat O'Connor, East's Hope in Decathlon
Brundage Wins All-Around....Kyronen First in Marathon
Kyronen Wins Marathon in City Streets...Hundred Thousand, Lining Course, Cheer Runners on Way....American All-around Championship at Park Won by Avery Brundag
P. 162 Photograph: Of Avery Brundage, 880 Yard Walk
P. 165 The Olympic Club Luncheon
Clipping: Cherry Circle Team Goes West Tonight for National Meet
Photograph: Of Avery Brundage
P. 169 Clipping: Grit, Confidence Greatest Assets for Athlete Just Starting
P. 170 Brundage Again Wins National Track Title
Scrapbook Number 19: Sofia Visit: 53rd Session of IOC , Sept 1957   
P. 1 Photographs: Arrival at Baneasa Airport
P. 2 Clippings: Avery Brundage: "No Political or Commercial Interest Influence Games, "Rumania is Capable of Organizing Big Competitions
PP. 3-45Photographs: Various Photos of Bucharest... Stadium Sports Park Peles Castle Candid Shots of Avery Brundage During Visit to Countryside Athletic Events (Competitions)
Scrapbook Number 19A: Sofia Visit, 53rd Session of IOC , Sept. 1957
Scrapbook Number 20A: Madrid Visit
Scrapbook Number 21: Partenkirchen Visit , 1934
Scrapbook Number 22: Hungary Visit, 1953    SOUVENIR DE BUDAPEST A M. AVERY BRUNDAGE....Le Comite Olympique Hongrois, Sept. 20, 1953
PP. 1-4 Photographs Only: Shots of City of Budapest
PP. 5-8 Athletic Venues under Construction
PP. 10-12Candid Shots of Avery Brundage
PP. 14-16Athletes (Hungarian) Harching into Budapest Stadium
PP. 19-29Various Shots of Gymnastics on AthleField
P. 32Picture of Model of Stadium
Scrapbook Number 23: Field Museum Expedition to Alaska , 1927
Scrapbook Number 24: Iran Visit , 1956   Photographs:
PP. 1-2 Shah of Iran
PP. 3-11, 28-31of Iranian Athletes
PP. 12-14, 17of Mosque
PP. 14-16 of Shah and Queen
Scrapbook Number 24A: Iran Visit , May 22,1956   From Iranian National Olympic Committee Mosque, Shah of Iran, meetings, luncheons, Iranian Boy Scouts, Queen of Iran, 38pp.
Scrapbook Number 24B: Iran Visit, May 23, 1956    Avery Brundage visiting mosque and temple ruins and viewing architectural details and works of art, 33pp.
Scrapbook Number 25: Olympic Games - Berlin, 1936
Scrapbook Number 26: Olympic Games (Melbourne), 1956
Scrapbook Number 27: Korea Visit - US 8th Army , 1955
Scrapbook Number 27A: Korea Visit , May,1955
Scrapbook Number 28: Beta Reunion, 1960
Scrapbook Number 31: Leipzig - Deutsches Turn Und Sportfeld , 1956
Scrapbook Number 32: Original Stoke Torch    Photographs Of Avery Brundage and Other IOC Officials Receiving Stoke Torch, Rome, Italy
Scrapbook Number 33: Australia Visit , April 5 - July 2, 1955   Newspaper clippings from the Argus, Age, Sun and Herald on Brundage's visit to Melbourne, criticisms and Olympic facilities, arrangements and management, 25 pp.
Scrapbook Number 34: Sport, 1914-1930
Scrapbook Number 35: Tokyo Visit - 54th IOC Congress, 1958
Scrapbook Number 35A: Tokyo Visit - 54th IOC Congress, 1958
Scrapbook Number 35B: Tokyo Visit - 54th IOC Congress, 1958
Scrapbook Number 36: Munich Visit - CIO (IOC) , 1959   
PP. 1-2 Photographs: Munich.....
PP. 3-4 Candid Shots of IOC Delegates
PP. 5-6 Receptions
P. 8 Board Meetings
PP. 9-11 Concerts
PP. 12-17, 23-24Numerous Candid Shots of Avery Brundage and IOC Members
Scrapbook Number 37: Madrid Visit    Photographs Only: Avery Brundage and members of the Spanish Olympic Committee, with miscellaneous candid pictures at the meeting. Airport, receiving line, press conference
Scrapbook Number 38: Red China's Participation in Olympic Games, 1959
Scrapbook Number 40: La Pineta    Photographs of six art works; three photos of garden, one of surroundings; one of drive; Avery Brundage at La Pineta, two color photos of fire in mountains around Santa Barbara, California.   


100 Homes Lost in Santa Barbara Fire, LA Times, Sept. 25, 1964

"Tractor Driver Killed, 34 Injured; Flames Sear 40,000 Acres"

Flames Leap El Camino Cielo

Planes, Men Battle Holocaust The Worst Fire Yet...Giant Blaze Runs Wild on 4 Fronts

Montecito Fire Rages Unchecked...Mansions and Homes Charred List of Damaged, Destroyed Homes;

Priceless Loss for Avery Brundage "A Fresh Start After Disaster" - Frances Moffat

From Santa Barbara Post: Picture of Entrance to Brundage Residence The Small Town That Had to Die .... Days and Nights of Fire Terror Of Swirling Flames burning in all directions

Where Fire Raged: The Formal Gardens of Avery Brundage Fiery Furnace...Flame Fury Co parable Only to War

Supervisor Chief Urged to Ask Brown Declare Disaster Area No Disaster Declaration Made So Far

Fire Destroys Luxury Home of Olympic Chief County Declared a Disaster Area Trash Burning Said to be Cause of Fire "Sick at Heart - Brundage Sees Treasures Burn" - R. E. Praul

   Photographs: 33 photographs of fire damage to Brundage Residence Envelope in back of scrapbook containing extra photographs and clippings.
Scrapbook Number 40A: La Pineta - Clippings: , Sept. 24,1964   

Fire Rescue Drama...Helicopters Pluck 28 Fighters from Death Arson on Sonoma Fire

Flames Encircle CB

Brundage's Loss is Museum's Too

The Holocaust of SB

An Inferno at SB

Avery Brundage Finds Montecity Home in Ashes

Fog Aids in Firefight

Brundage Asian Art, Home Lost in Fire

136 SB Homes Burn

Newspics: Brundage Home

70 Homes Sacrificed to Halt Fire

Brundage Mansion Lost in California Fire

Explosive Fury of Blaze Awesome

10 Mile Blaze at SB

SB Threat Recalls Bel-Air Blaze

Priceless Brundage Art Lost in Southland Fire

Men Run as Backfires are Lighted in SB

US Finds No Major Fire Disaster

2400 Fight Fire

SB Fire Runs Wild

SB Reseeding Hills

The Worst Fire Yet

20-Mile Fire Uncurbed in S. Calif.

Avery Brundage Maneion Treasure Burns

Fire Losses . . . List of Structures Lost, Sept. 28, 1964

1 Dies 34 Hurt in West Coast Fire

Wind Turns Fire Away from SB

Scrapbook Number 41: Iran Visit - photographs:
Scrapbook Number 42: Mexico Visit, April 27 - May 2, 1962    Clippings and photos of arrival at airport, Little League world series, Avery Brundage receiving "Aquila Azteca" decoration and addressing testimonial dinner, visit to National Palace and departure.
Scrapbook Number 44: 60th IOC Session - Baden-Baden - 1963 - Photographs:
Scrapbook Number 45: Visit of Mr Avery Brundage, President of the International Olympic Committee to the Republic of China, June 6-8, 1964   With compliments of Olympic Committee of the Republic of China
Scrapbook Number 46: Visit of Avery Brundage to Matsue, Japan, September/October, 1964   
P. 1 Photographs: Statue of Dr Kishi
PP. 2-5 Arrival of Brundage
PP. 7-17, 24-42Visit to Shrines by Brundage
PP. 18-23Welcome Party
PP. 43-48Olympic Torch Parade
Scrapbook Number 47: Tokyo, October, 1964    Photographs of various athletes taken in the International Club - Olympic Village (XVII Olympiad)    Women Athletes in Kimono Style Show
Scrapbook Number 48 , November 1964    Visit of Mr Avery Brundage to Kyoto, Japan Photographs: Brundage and Japanese at Diner Souvenirs: Matchbook covers, book marks, etc.
Scrapbook Number 48A: Barcelona, Spain , February - March 6, 1967    Visit of Mr Avery Brundage to V Salon Nautico International, photographs: Arrival of Brundage, Candid Shots of Brundage
Scrapbook Number 49: Rome, April 26, 1965   Medaglie D'Oro Al Valore Atletico Omaggio Al Sig. Avery Brundage, Presidente del C.I.O. Photographs: Presentation of Medal Brundage and Italian Officials
Scrapbook Number 50: Athens, Greece , April 6,1967   

Celebration of Olympic Day, photographs:

King Constantine


Track events



Weight Lifting

Scrapbook Number 51: Tehran The 65th Session of the IOC, May 2-11, 1967   
P. 1 Photographs: The Shah and his Wife
P. 2 The Crown Prince
P. 5 Shah and Brundage
PP. 6-8 IOC Session
PP. 10-22
PP. 23-155, 167-173 Receptions (various shots of Brundage)
P. 4 Foreword
PP. 8-9 IOC Program
P. 10 Speech by the Shah
PP. 13-15Speech by the President of the Iranian National Olympic Committee, Prince Gholam Reza Pahlavi
PP. 17-22Speech by Bundage
PP. 157-166 IOC Delegates and Guests
Scrapbook Number 52: January 1968   Visit to Mexico by Avery Brundage 4 Volumes of Newspaper clippings from Mexican Newspapers
Volume 1 , Jan 19 1968   
P. 1 Clippings Avery Brundage Llega Hoy a Las 13 Horas
P. 3 Inaugura hoy D.D. la Olimpiada Cultural
P. 6 Brundage Podra Apreciar Avances en los Escenarios Olimpiaco
P. 10 Amenaza Brundage descalificar al equipo de EE. UU.
P. 14 La Inaguracion
P. 17 El Equipo de Estados Unidos en Peligro de ser Descalificado
Photographs (in back)
Brundage's Arrival and Inspection of Sites
Volume 2, Jan 20 1968   
P. 1 Clippings El Senor Presidente de la Republica
P. 6 Mexico es precursor de una Nueva Etapa en el Movimiento Olimpico, Dija Avery Brundage
P. 9 Elogiosas Declaraciones de Avery Brundage
P. 41 Esta Editorial Es de Las Que Mas Ha Hecho por el Deporte
P. 50 Avery Brundage "Se ha Comprobado una vez mas que en Mexico Todo es posible"
Photographs (in back)
Brundage Inspection of Sites and Models
Volume 3 , Jan 21 1968   P. 8 "Es lo Mejor que Conozco Hasta la Fecha", Declaro   P. 15 El Boicot de 108 Negros Solo Perjudicara a ellos Mismos    Photographs (in back)   Brundage Inspecting Construction Sites
Scrapbook Number 53: Grenoble , February 1968   Album of Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony and Mr Brundage receiving the Legion of Honor Medal was presented by Georges Pompidou, Prime Minister of France    


Olympic Torch

Opening of the Olympic Games

Georges Pompidou Giving the Legion of Honor to Avery Brundage

Letter From Louis Verger, Feb 24, 1968

Scrapbook Number 53A: Lisbon, Portugal, Feb 21, 1968   

Commemorative photograph album presented to Avery Brundage by the Portuguese

Olympic Committee

Press conference

Avenida Pierre de Doubertin memorial ceremony

Youthful athletes

Athletic facilities

Banquets, decorations

Clippings 19 pages of press clippings on Brundage visit

Scrapbook Number 54 and 54A: Visit of Mr Avery Brundage to Korea, June, 1968   Photographs taken during Korea Olympic Week With compliments of the Korea Amateur Sports Association   
PP. 1-3 Photographs: Brundage and Korean Officials
PP. 4-5, 7 Brundage Speaking
PP. 8-23 Brundage ant Korean Officials - seeing works of art, eating, visiting
P. 1 Seoul (?)
PP. 2-4 Opening of the Gases
PP. 5-9 Arrival of Brundage
PP. 10-35, 38-39Brundage and Korean Officials
PP. 36-37Gymnastics
Scrapbook Number 55 and 55A: Visit of Mr Avery Brundage to Korea Korea Olympic Week, J une 1968   


Arrival of Brundage

Brundage and Korean Officials

Brundage Speaking


Brundage and Korean Officials

Scrapbook Number 56: Visit of Mr Avery Brundage to Ostersund, Sweden(city that desires to Host the XII Olympic Winter Games in 1976) , with thanks from the City Council of Ostersund, March 17, 1969    
PP. 1-2 Photographs Arrival of Brundage
PP. 3-9 Meeting with City Officials
PP. 10-14, 18-19, 27Scale Models of Proposed Olympic Buildings
PP. 15-17, 20-21, 20-38Brundage Touring the City with City Officials
PP. 22-26Skiing
PP. 39-42, 44-47Rodeling and other Winter Sports
PP. 48-53Landscapes
P. 43 Program Alpine World Cup, Feb 7-9, 1969
Scrapbook Number 57: Avery Brundage Visit to German Democratic Republicon occasion of Vth German Gymnastics and Sport Festival - Leipzig , July 23-28, 1969   
P. 1 Photographs Arrival of Brundage
PP. 2-11 Touring the City with German Offieials
PP. 12-15Opening Ceremonies
PP. 16-37Touring the City
More Photographs in a Folder in Back
Opening Ceremonies
Scrapbook Number 58: Visit to Hungary, Sept 1970   
P. 1 Photographs Brundage and F Mezo, 1953
P. 2 Brundage, F. Mezo, and G. Sebes, 1955
PP. 3-4 Brundage at Athletic Event, 1953
p. 5 Brundage, 1953
PP. 6-8 Arrival Of Brundage in Budapest
PP. 9-13 Brundage and Hungarian Offieials
P. 14 Brundage Visiting with Engene Fock, Prime Minister of Hungary
PP. 15-20Brundage and Hungarian Officials
P. 21 Speech by Brundage
PP. S-25 Brundage and Hungarian Officials
Scrapbook Number 59: Visit to Hungary, Sept. 1970   

In front:

Three invitations

Two Menus

One Meghive

Photographs of Dinner Honoring Brundage

Clippings (all in Hungarian)


In Back:

Olympic Bulletin

Six Telegrams Wishing Brundage a Happy Birthday

Three Clippings (all in Hungarian)

Scrapbook Number 60: Lyon, France   Photographs of the City for a bid for the Olympics
Scrapbook Number 61: Visit to Mexico, August, 1967    (see also #52 which is dated Jan. 1968)   Photograph: Brundage and Diaz Ordaz, President Of Mexico    Brundage   Clipping: Apoya Brunaage la Olimpiado Cultural, Aug 19, 1967   Photograph: Mexican Officlas   Newsphoto: Visita Brundage las Obrae Olimpicas   Photograph: Brundage Inspecting the Sites   Newsphoto: Brundage at Camino Real Hotel, Sept. 1967   Photograph: Brundage Inspecting the Sites   Brundage at a Reception   Photograph: Brundage at a Reception   Clipping: Seeking Olympic Accord   Brundage Quedo Vivamente   Impresionado por Todoa los Aspectos de las Instalaciones Olimpicas, Dec. 20, 1967
Scrapbook Number 62: Executive Committee of IOC at Santa Barbara, Oct. 1966   
PP. 1-2, 4Photographs: IOC Delegates
P. 3 Clippings: Dismal Outlook for '60 Games, Oct. 31, 1966
P. 4 Olympic Committee Gathers Here
P. 5 Brundage Visit to Mexico City Stirs Olympic Rumor Pot
Preparing for 1960 Olympics
No Habra Problemas Respecto a las Instalaciones Para 1960
P. 6 Mexico: Sede de la Cultura Universal
Mexican Preparations Please Olympic Head
Brundage Assured on Olympic Plans X
P. 7 Photographs: IOC Delegate
Index to Photographs
Scrapbook Number 63: Visit to Greece, Sept. 1970   In Front: Photographs: Avery Brundage with Greek Officials Touring Sites
Scrapbook Number 64: A Tribute to Alfred Hajos, the First Hungarian Olympic Champion   
P. 1 Letter: Of Dedication, July, 1972
PP. 2-3 Speech: Yihaly Kocsis
P. 4 Olympic Diploma
P. 5 Photographs: Alfred Hajos, his medals, his building
P. 6 Program
PP. 7-9 Photographs: Reception
PP. 11-13Meeting held in honor of Hajos
PP. 14-23Speech: About Alfred Hajos by Mihaly Gedenyi, June 14, 1954
PP. 24-29Photographs: Meeting
PP. 30-53Speech: By Hajos, 1954 (?)
PP. 54-58Photograph: Dinner
PP. 59-62Summary: of the Conference
Scrapbook Number 65: Mexico, 1968   
PP. 2-6, 8 Photographs: Olympic Buildings
P. 7 Decal
PP. 9-10 Models for Buildings
PP. 11 Decal
P. 12 Rent Agreement for Reservation of Rooms
PP. 13-14Map of Mexico City
P. 15 Characteristics of Commemorative Money- Directive of Diaz Ordaz, President of Mexico
PP. 16-17Gymnastics
P. 18 Descrption of Cultural Events
PP. 19-20Aerial Views of Olympic Site
PP. 21-27Construction on Buildings
PP. 29, 33Food Coupons
PP. 29-31Baggage Tickets
P. 34 The Arrival (a painting by Manual Capdevila)
P. 35 Slides: Olympic Bus, Olympic Program
Scrapbook Number 66: Sport, 1968-70   
P. 1 Clippings: Swiss Thumbs Down, Nov. 8, 1969 (?)
P. 3 Zurichs Nein
Ablehnung der Olympiadekandidatus Zurichs
P. 4 Translation of Zurichs Nein
PP. 5-6 Reif in Wirtschaftlichen Belangen (with translation)
P. 13 Zurich Renonce
P. 15 Omega Renonce ana Jeux Olympiques
La Solitude du chronometreur
Longines candidate pour Munich
P. 16 Pas de candidature Omega Pour les Jeux de Munich
PP. 17-18Telegrams: Omega se retire du chronometrage olympique, Oct. 10, 1969 (with translation)
P. 19 Clippings: Ski Payoff May Boo Olympics
P. 21 Medals Yield Bonus
PP. 23-24Just One Living Lie After Another
PP. 25-31Le semi-professionnalisme des skieurs va precipiter la Fin des Jeux olympiques (with translation),
June 18, 1968, by Gerald Piaget
P. 33 Is success Spoiling Olympics?
P. 35 Press Release: Winter Games Should be Discontinued
PP. 37-41Article: To Promote International Ill Will, By Eric Greywood
P. 43 Clipping: Most olympians are Professionals, by Jack Clowser
PP. 45-50Article: Let's Ditch the Olympics, by Stanley Frank
P. 51 Clipping: Amateurs Are Big Business to Makers Of Ski Equipment, by Shirley Povich
PP. 53-55Article: Last Rites at Grenoble, by John Henry Aursn, Oct. 1968
P. 57 Photograph: Austrian Skiing Phenomenon Karl Schranz, March 1969
PP. 59-64Articles: The Name is the Name of the Game, by William Johnson, March 8, 1970
PP. 65-66Hero in the Dock, March 15, 1968
P. 67 Clipping: Importante Session du Grand Conseil Bernois
Un gros morceau a avaler: les depenses de J.O.
PP. 69-70Article: The Shadow Under the Table, Feb. 20, 1970
P. 70 Alpine Skiing, by Mike Katz
PP. 71-72Skiing Faces the Open Road, by Mike Katz, Feb. 22, 1970
P. 73 Clippings: Les Amateurs Ne Manquent Pas de Metierl
PP. 73-74Clippings: Marseille Ne Perd Pas le Nord
Scrapbook Number 67: Visit to Pakistan, Nov. 15-16, 1970   All photographs, Brundage and Pakistani Officials
Scrapbook Number 68: Reception by Los Angeles Olympic Committee Honoring Brundage in Munich, September 4, 1972   PP. 1-8 Signatures of Guests PP. 10-42 Photographs of Brundage and Guests
Scrapbook Number 69: Olympic Winter Games, Sapporo, Japan(all in Japanese), 1972   In Back: Photographs: Opening Day Ceremonies, Brundage at Cultural Show, Brundage Speaking
Scrapbook Number 70: Articles by or about Avery Brundage, 1929, 1934, 1938-41, 1948-55.   All Articles from AAU Publications    
Jan. 1929 New AAU Head Champion Athlete and Sportsman, p. 1
Aug. 1934 For Honor of Country and Glory of Sport, by Brundage, p. 3, 11
Dec. 1938 The AAU and the Olympic Games, by Brundage, p. 15, 56, 59
Jan. 1939 Olympic Fund Campaign, by Brundage, p. 11
Jul-39Cash Down, p. 11
Aug. 1941 Ideals of Amateur Sports, by Brundage, p. 7, 11, 12
May-47The Olympic Games and the Question of Broken Time, by Brundage,
p. 4, 16
Aug. 1948 The Olympic Games, by Brundage, pp. 4-9
Jun-49Report on International Olympic Committee Meeting, by Brundage,
p. 5, 26
Jul-50Report of IOC Meeting, Denmark, 1950, by Brundage, p. 6
Jan. 1951 First Pan-American Games, by Brundage, p. 6
Jul-51 Report of IOC Congress, by Brundage, p. 7
Aug. 1951 Brundage as honorary official, photograph p. 4
Jan. 1953 Brundage Says Olympics No Place for Politics, p. 8
Jan. 1954 Brundage Urges Strengthening of Olympic Movement, p. 11
Jan. 1954 Brundage Retires at USDA President, P. 11
Sept. 1955 Address by Brundage at IOC Congress, p. 10
Scrapbook Number 71: Articles by or about Brundage, 1951-53
Nov. 1950 Letter from Brundage, p. 87 (The Spectator)
Photograph of Brundage as Honorary Referee (Chicago Daily News Rela ys), p. 3, March 17,1951
Nov. 1951 Avery Brundage, Top Athlete, Builder, Leader, Peacemaker, p. 6 (ACE)
The United States Prepares for the 1952 Olympic Games, by Brundage, p . 8 (USA Life), Dec. 5, 1951
Feb. 1952 Friermood Praises Brundage on Peace, p. 4 (ACE)
Photographs of Brundage, pp. 1-3 (Second Pan-American Games)
The Sports Events Parade, pp. 16-18 (Chrysler Events)
March 1952 The Fumbled Ball, by Brundage, p. 351 (The Phi Delta Kappan)
US Champions Prepare for 1952 Olympics, p. 19 (People and Places)
Photograph of Brundage, p. 3 (Olympic Souvenir Book)
May 1952 Photograph of Brundage, p. 6 (High School Track Championship official program)
June 1952 My Biggest Olympic Battles, by Brundage, p. 10
Statement by Brundage on the XV Olympiad, Helsinki, Finland, p. 3 (Scottish Rite News)
Aug. 1952 Olympic Shell Games, p. 794 (The Freeman)
Seventy Nations Meet, by Brundage, p. 2 (World Communique)
Sept. 1952 Photographs of Brundage, pp. 4-5
Brundage New President, p. 6 (The Coach)
Chicago Star Wins National Track Honors, p. 4, Sept. 15, 1952
Minutes, pp. 20-29, pp. 32-34
Avery Brundage, pp. 53-61 (Bulletin du Comite International Olymique)
Jan 1953 Should We Prune the Games?, by Brundage, p. 3 (World Sports)
March 1953 Soll Man Die Spiele Kurzen? ,by Brundage, p. 1 (Olympisches Feuer)
Photograph of Brundage, p. 4 (Los Angeles Coliseum Relays), May 15, 1953
May 1953 Vollversammlung der "Vereinten Nationem des Sports", pp. 1-3, (Olympisches Feuer)
Pruning the Olympics, p. 6 (World Sports)
Summer 1953 Photograph of Brundage (Dia y Noche)
Avery Brundage, President du Comite Olympique International, nous parle du Stade Populaire et des sports hongrois, p. 23 (Bulletin Hongrois), Sept. 5, 1953
United States Olympic Committee Quadrennial Dinner, Nov. 30, 1953
Scrapbook Number 72: Articles by or about Brundage, 1954-55
Jan. 1954 Olympischer Tour d'horizon, pp. 3-5 (Bulletin, Comite Olympique Suisse)
Photographs of Brundage, pp. 10-11 (Bulletin du Comite International Olympique), Feb. 15, 1954
April 1954 Amateur Sport, by Brundage, pp. 36-38 (Skating)
Conceptos Sobre E1 Deporte Amateur, by Brundage, (Cadcoa)
Brundage retiree as United States Olympic Associations' Presidents p. 19, April 15, 1954
Avery Brundage on Amateur Sport and Broken Time, by Brundage, p. 20 (Bulletin Du Comite International Olympique) (Article in Arabic in Iranian Journal)
Hungary and the Olympic Games, by Brundage, p. 1 (Hungarian Olympic Gazette), May 1, 1954
(Article in Arabic in Bulletin Officiel du Comite National Olympique Iranien), May 15, 1954
A Message to the Olympic Committee of Thailand, by Brundage, p. 1 (The Olympic Committee of Thailand)
Photographs of Brundage, pp. 17-19, 23-26, June 15, 1954
Minutes of Executive Committee, pp. 28-33
Extract of Executive Committee, pp. 36-39
Abstract of IOC Session, pp. 47-55
Speech of the President, Avery Brundage, pp. 59-61 (Bulletin du Comite International Olympique)
Sept. 1954 President Avery Brundage Was in USSR, p. 8
The Members of the IOC, by Brundage, p. 13
The VII Central American Games, by Brundage, p. 20 (Bulletin du Comite International Olympique)
Reports Ruthless Extermination of Kremlin Foes, p. 222 (The Commonwealth), Oct. 18, 1954
Jan. 1955 The Olympic Games, p. 5, English Section (Physical Education Today)
A Circular by President Brundage, p. 1 (Hungarian Olympic Gazette), Jan. 15, 1955
July 1955 Zivilisation contra Sport, p. 24 (Internationales Sport Magaz`in)
Letter by Brundage, p. 32 (Sports Illustrated), Aug. 15, 1955
Dec. 1955 Time and the Olympic Game, p. 4 (La Suisse Borlogere)
Scrapbook Number 73: Articles by or about Brundage, 1956-1958
Jan. 1956 A Message of the President of the IOC, by Brundage, p. 3 (VII Giochi Olimpici Invernali Cortina)
1956 Sport Amateur et interruptions de travail, by Brundage p. 10 (XVI Olympiade)
Jan. 1956 Discours de M. Avery Brundage, President du CIO, p. 6 (Ouverture Solennelle)
The Embattled World of Avery Brundage, p. 43 (Sports Illustrated), Jan. 30, 1956
Part II: Avery Brundage, p. 30 (Sports Illustrated), Feb. 2, 1956
July 1956 The AAU Is Booting Our Olympic Chances, p. 26 (True)
Avery Brundage on the Spot, interview, p. 22 (Sports Illustrated), Aug. 27, 1956
Oct. 1956 Editorial: The IOC, p. 3, (Physical Recr ation)
Oct. 1956 Comment on the "Washington Plan", by Brundage, p. 7 (Washington University)
Jan-Feb. 1957 Message from Brundage, p. 16 (World Communique)
Message From Brundage, p. 21 (50th Annual Milrose Games Program), Feb. 9, 1957
July 1957 Must Keep Politics Out of Olympic Games Brundage Tells IOC Delegates in France, p. 8 (Amateur Athlete)
Oct. 1957 Puritan of Simon Pures, p. 116 (Coronet)
Dec. 1957 IOC President Brundage in Berlin, p. 2 (Bulletin of the National Olympic Committee of the German Democratic Republic)
Feb. 1958 Brundage, Ferris Honored, p. 8 (Amateur Athlete)
Scrapbook Number 74: Articles by or about Brundage, 1959   
Avery Brundage, The Renowned "Mr. Amateurism" (Translation from Taiwan periodical) 1959
P. 34 Is America a Second-Class Track Power? (Sports Illustrated) Feb. 2, 1959
P. 3 Mr. Brundage ospite di Losanna, June 1959 (Panathlon Italiano)
P. 28 La Coppa Olimpica consegnata al Panathlon dal Conte Faola Thaon di Revel, (Panathlon Italiano) June 1959
P. 173 Eroffnugsrede bei der Sitzung des Internationalen Olympischen Komitees, by Brundage (Die Leibeserziehung) June 6, 1959
P. 30 Brundage and Company Are Above Politics? Sports Illustrated, June 15, 1959
P. 1 L'Olimpiade alle porte (Panathlon Italiano) July-Aug. 1959
P. 3 Al C.I.O. il Premio Internazionale dello Sport (Panathlon Italiano) July-Aug.1959
P. 36 Russian Plan Shocks Brundage, (rlorld Sports), Sept. 1959
P. 4 El Preside del Comitéé Internacional, Mr. Avery Brundage, en Espana, (Atletismo Espanol) Oct. 1959
P. 1 Discusion Final sobre el Triple Salto, (Téécnicatléética) Oct. 1959
P. 25 Principles of the Olympic Movement, by Brundage, (JOHPER) Oct. 1959
P. 1 Itay Que Apoyar E1 Deporte Amateur; (Cuadernos Olimpicos) Nov. 2, 1959
   Back Cover: Avery Brundage en Espana (Cuadernos Qlimcicos) Nov. 2, 1959
Scrapbook Number 75: Articles by or about Brundage, 1960-1966   
P. 4 Articles: The Olympic Movement, by Brundage (AhHpER Journal) Jan-Feb,
P. 13 Brundage Replies to Russian Proposal, by Brundage, (Amateur Athlete) May 1960
PP. 28-71 Profiles (New Yorker) July 23, 1960
P. 270 Brundage-Self Made Man (The SAE Record) Aug. 1960
P. 8 Photograph: Of Brundage (Citius, Altius, Fortius) Aug. 1961
Articles: Lausanne et l'olympisme (Lausanne Rendez-vous) July 1962
P. 4 AAU, Amateur Athlete Bolstered, by Brundage, (Amateur Athlete) Oct. 1962
P. 24 The Olympic Games Movement, extracts from a Brundage speech (Official Report of Ireland's Participation in the XYIII Olympic Games) Oct. 1964
PP. 1,4,6,28,32,34 Photographs: Of Brundage (Quaderni dello Sport) April 1965
P. 3 Articles: "Las Olimpiada son una fiesta para todos" (Cuaderncs Olimpicos) Jun. 1965
Roma Primo Convegno dei Comitati nazionali Olimpici (Quaderni dello Sport) Oct. 1965
P. 17 A Man of Mary Talents (Amateur Athlete) June 1966
P. 5 Handball Retains 'Simon Pure' Image (ACE) Dec 1966
Scrapbook Number 76: Action Photographs IIa Mostra Fotografica dello Sport   


Il Portale Della Mostra Le Sale D'Esposizione

Track Events

Ice Skating





Mountain Climbing








Car racing





Scrapbook Number 77: 1948 Olympics    

All Photographs:

Departure of US Team

US Team on Ship

Athletic Events

Scrapbook Number 78: Trip to Pakistan, Nov. 13-17, 1970    

Photographs: Of Brundage and Pakistani Officials

Clippings: South Africa to be Kept Out--Brundage

Peking Welcome to Rejoin Olympics, says Brundage

Newsphoto: Brundage and Pakistani Officials

Clippings: IOC to Give Aide to Developing Countries

Brundage on Importance of Sports

Scrapbook Number 79: Construction of Olympic Sites in Rome, 1960   

3 booklets (All Photographs):

Pista Olimpica de Remo y Canotaje

Edificio en Reforma, No. 445

Estadio Olimpico

Scrapbook Number 80: Brundage's 80th Birthday: Speeches and Photographs from Banquet, September 29, 1967    

In front:

List of Those in Attendance




Brundage and Guests


List of Gifts

Texts of Speeches by Guests and by Brundage


Scrapbook Number 81: Brundage's 80th 8irthday: Messages, Cablegrams, and Letters: Countries Listed Alphabetically, Argentina to New Zealand
Scrapbook Number 82: Brundage's 80th Birthday: Messages, Cablegrams, and Letters: Countries Listed Alphabetically, Nigeria to Zambia
Scrapbook Number 83: Brundage's 80th Birthday: Thank You Letters, Press Clippings, and Personal Messages
Scrapbook Number 84: Brundage's 80th Birthday: Motion Pictures, Tape Recordings, and Photo Negatives    Tape Recording of Dinner Honoring Brundage (with Index) Motion Picture of Press Conference Photo Negatives Birthday Cards Letters
Scrapbook Number 85: Crisis of South Africa: French and Mexican Press, Feb.-April 1968    
P. 1 Clippings: Dans Deux Directions April 25, 1968
P. 2 L'Idee du Comte de Beaumont Fait Son Chem
P. 3 Beaumont Cree que no Habra Solucion con la 'Reunion' March 8, 1968
P. 4 Para L'Equipe, Brundage ya Perdio Sillon y el Prestigio, March 6, 1968
P. 5 Mexico Fresiono a Brundage Para Convocar a Otra Reunion, March 7, 1968
P. 7 Brundage Perdio ya su prestigio, dice Paris, March 6, 1968
P. 8 Mexico No Amenazo en Chicago con Betirarse, March 6, 1968
P. 13 Que Brundage Perdera la Presedencia del COI March 6, 1968
P. 23 DeBeaumont Confra en una Solucion Sabia, Feb. 29, 1968
P. 34 Francia, Contra el Boicot a la Olimpiada Feb. 23, 1968
P. 39 Avery Brundge es de las mas responsables March 5, 1968
P. 49 Diplomatico Soviéético Contra el Boicot, Feb. 26, 1968
P. 53 Translation of 'En Lausana se Dira Si Vene o no Sudafrica,' artic
P. 54, 4-Apr-68
P. 57La Hoia Cero y la Amistad de Brundage, April 4, 1968, and translation
P. 58 Confidence in a Convenient Solution Posed by South Africa, translation of article
P. 65 Brundage Does Not Recede: Mexico is Respectful of Human Freedom, translation of article on P. 66
P. 73 Appeal to review S. Africa's entry to Olympics, Feb. 27, 1968
Scrapbook Number 86: South African Readmission: Information, vol. I, English, French, Italian, and Mexican Press, Feb-April, 1968   English Press
P. 1 Why Liberals Go Wrong, April 28, 1968
P. 3 New IOC Meeting Possible--Brundage, Feb. 28, 1968
P. 4 Brundage Confirms Ouster of South hfrica
P. 5 Russia May Join Boycott
P. 7 Brundage flies in to avert possible Olympic Break-up, April 22, 1965
P. 8 Guide to Olympic crisis over South Africa, April 18, 1968
   French Press PP. 13-55 Feb.-April, 1968   Italian Press: one page, April 1968   Mexican Press: 110 pages, Feb-April, 1968 (continued in Scrapbook 87)
Scrapbook Number 87: South African Readmission: Information, vol. II:   

Press of Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United States

Mexican Press: 22 pages, Feb. 1968

South African Press: 33 pages, Feb-April, 1968

Spanish Press: 3 pages, April 1968

Swedish Press: 1 page

Switzerland's Press: 21 pages, Feb-April, 1968

United States' Press: 49 pages, Feb-May, 1968

Scrapbook Number 88: South African N.O.C., Pro: Press of the World   

Australian Press: 1 page

English Press: 5 pages

French Fress: 2 pages

Guatemala Press: 1 page

Irish Press: 2 pages

Mexican Press: 21 pages

South African Frees: 52 pages

Spanish Press: 2 pages

Press of Switzerland: 1 page

Press of United States: 28 pages (includes articles on possible boycott of the Olympics by American black athletes)

Scrapbook Number 89: South African N.O.C. Readmission, Against, vol. I   

Caricatures: Caricatures: 15 pages

English Press: 4 pages (two pages are from South Africa)

German Press: 1 page

African Press: 1 page

Clippings: English Press: 8 pages (one page is from the United States, a Sports Illustrated article)

French Press: 26 pages (includes "International HeraldTribune", which is in English)

Mexican Press: 35 pages (continued in Scrapbook 90)

Scrapbook Number 90: South African N.O.C. Readmission, Against, vol. II   

Mexican Press: 76 pages

Norwegian Press: 1 page

Press of the United States: 26 pages (includes articles of possible boycott of the Olympic Games by American black athletes)

Scrapbook Number 91: Boycott of USA Black Athletes of the XIX Olympic Games in Mexico City   American Press, September 1967-October 1968   Mexican Press, October 1968
Scrapbook Number 92: South African Controversy, 1969-1970   French, South African, and British press all mixed together
Scrapbook Number 93: Visit to Mexico, May 8-12, 1972   Mexican Press
Scrapbook Number 94: XI Winter Olympiad, SapporoBook I, 1972   Controversy concerning professionalism: trade names on ski equipment, endorsements of products    Articles about the Olympic events French, American, and Japanese Press    (The topics are all mixed together, but these three scrapbooks about Sapporo, 94,95, and 96, are in rough chronological order.)
Scrapbook Number 95: XI Winter Olympiad, Sapporo Book II, 1972   Controversy concerning professionalism: trade names on ski equipment, endorsements of products. Most of the Articles are about the Olympic events.
Scrapbook Number 96: XI Winter Olympiad, Sapporo Book III , 1972   Controversy concerning professionalism: trade names on ski equipment, endorsement of products. Most of the artcles are about the Olympic events.
Scrapbook Number 97: XI Winter Olympiad, Sapporo: Schranz Disqualification, 1972   Japanese, Austrian, and American Press, January-February, 1972
Scrapbook Number 98: Sport 1972    "Olympia Intern" magazine, January-March, 1972. All clippings in German. The "Olympia Intern" is a collection of articles, gathered from German newspapers and magazines. See front page for their names. Not all articles relate directly to Brundage.
Scrapbook Number 99: Controversy over the Olympic Games to be held in Denver in 1976   Mainly from American Press. Many from Colorado newspapers. April 1971-June 1972 "For" and "against"
Scrapbook Number 100: Controversial Opinions by or about Brundage   Table of contents is on the first page, listing publication title, date, and title or main subject of article.   1936, 1948,1959,1962,1964-1970 (mainly 1968-1970)   American, German, Spanish, French, Mexican, and British Press.    Most clippings concern the purity of amateurism in the Games: no professionalism, no politics.
Scrapbook Number 101: Encomium Clippings on Avery Brundage   Table of contents is on the first page, listing name of publication, date and title or main subject.    Articles are favorable to Brundage.    1936, 1947, 1948, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1962, 1964-1970, (most are from 1968-1970)    American, German, Italian, Canadian, Mexican, French and Japanese Press
Scrapbook Number 102: Trips, Interviews, and Special Events   Table of contents is on the first page, listing name of publication, date, and title or main subject of the article    1956, 1964-1970 (most are from 1967-1970)   American, Mexican, Filipino, Pakistani, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese Press
Scrapbooks received Oct. 13, 1976
Scrapbook Number 3: Honors and Awards   

Certificates: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1907

Tau Beta Pi, 1908

Diplomas: Sigma Xi, 1909

University of Illinois, Bachelor of Science, 1909, Civil Engineering

Passport: Emergency Passport to proceed to Russia, 1912

Certificate: 32nd degreee Mason, Chicago, Oct. 21, 1920

Diploma: Century of Progress, 1933

Membership: City of New York Commission Washington Bicentennial, 1932

Diploma: Olympischen Spiele 1936 (Berlin)

Decoration: Norway, Commander's Cross with Star of the Royal Order of Saint Olav and letter from W. Morgenstierne and three clippings

Diploma: Suomen Olympialaisen, 1952 (Helsinki)

Trophy: James E. Sullivan Service Trophy, 1934, six clippings

Degree: Honorary Degree, Springfield College, Massachusetts, Master of Physical Education, program citation and photograph, 1940

Title: Honorary Title and Scroll: Excelentisimo Senor Don de Santa Barbara, four clippings and letter, 1949

Award: Centennial Award: Northwestern University, 1951, copy of award, five clippings and program

Degree: Honorary Degree. George Williams College, 1955

Degree: Illinois Doctor of Laws, clipping, citation and program

Certificate: Avery Brundage Day, 1952, City of Santa Barbara, California

Membership: International Mark Twain Society, 1951, letter

Certificate: Friend of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1954, letter

Letter: Egyptian Olympia Committee, 1956 Decorations: France, Croix de Chavalier de la Legion d'Honneur, 1955 and letter, card and clipping

Finland, Golden Cross of Merit, 1955, letter

Germany, Das Grosse Verdienstkreuz mit Stern, 1955, clipping, publication

Sweden, Vasaorden, Forstaklassen, 1956

Iran, Sports Society of Iran, First Medal, 1956, translation

San Marino, Cavaliere Grand Ufficiale dell'ordine Equestre de Sant' Agata, 1956, letter

Lebanon, Officier de L'Ordre National du Cedre, 1956 and two letters with French translations and three clippings

Sweden, Ryttarolympiadens Fortjanstmedal, 1956

Japan, Order of Sacred Treasure, Second Class, 1960, letter and nine clippings

Bulgaria, Master Emeritus of Sport, 1959, clipping

Japan, Order of Sacred Treasure, First Class, 1964, Photographs and news items inScrapbook Number 3A

Certificate: Chicagoan of the Year in Sports, 1961

Membership: University of Illinois Citizens Committee, 1961

Honorary Citizen: Honorary TOKYO Citizen, 1955

Certificate: Anderson Award, 1956, American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Membership: American Ex-Serviceman's Association, 1957, clipping

Certificate: Silver Antelope Award, Boy Scouts of America, 1957

Plaque: John Perry Bouditch Memorial Award, 1958, For Outstanding Service to Humanity, two clippings

Award: Illini Achievement Award, 1958, four clippings

Decoration: Italy, Lauro d'Onore, Oro, 1958

Plaque: Sportsmanship Hall of Fame, 1958, two clippings, letter and text

Honorary Citizen: Honorary Citizen of San Francisco, 1959, Proclamation and clipping

Scrapbook Number 3A: Honors and Awards    

Membership: Greece, Honorary Member of the International Olympic Academy, 1961 letter

Article: Sports Illustrated, 1959; Avery Brundage letter to SI Re: Red China and cartoon

Certificate: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Minerva's Golden Sons, 1957, and clipping

Trophy: Italy, Prix Sportif International, 1960, clipping

Audience: Pope John certificate, 1960

Decoration: France, Commandeur dans L'ordre du Merite Sportif, 1959

Decoration: Korea, The Order of Cultural Merit, Republic of Korea medal, 1964, letter and seven clippings

Trophy: Silver Rosebowl, YMCA Tokyo, Japan, 1965, clipping

Medal: Austrian Olympic Medal, 1964, photograph and clipping

Stamp Issue: San Marino Stamp issue, 1959, cover and clipping

Decoration: Mexico, La Condecoracion Nacional de la Orden Mexicana del Aquila Azteca en el Grado de Placa, 1962

Decoration: San Luis Potosi, Huesped de Honor, 1962

Certificate: La Asociacion Potosina de Cronistas Depostivos, 1962

Certificate: Mexico: Amigo de Mexico, 1963, two clippings and photograph

Certificate: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1962

Certificate: Founder of the Levere Memorial Foundation Sustaining Fund

Award: For "All-Star Festival" record at IX Winter Games, 1964

Diploma: Confederacao Brasileira de Desportos, 1964

Decoration: Spain, Orden del Merito Civil-Gran Cruz, 1965 eight clippings and five photographs

Decoration: Japan, Order of the Sacred Treasure, First Class, 1964, four clippings and five photographs, (Certificate in Book No. 3)

Certificate: Han Yang Country Club Honorary Membership

Decorations: Illinois, Lincoln Academy, 1965, The First Order of Lincoln for Sports and Athletics, five clippings and program

Tunis, Golden Grotius Medal, 1965, two clippings and letter

Italy, Cavaliere di Gran Croce, April 26, 1966

Portugal, Grand Official of the Order of Public Instruction, 1967

France, Commandeur de la Legion d'Honneur, Feb. 16, 1968

Mexico, Diploma for Maria C. Mujica from Mexican organizing committee, Oct. 1968

Thailand, Knight Commander of the...Order of the White Elephant, 1971 letter

Puerto Rico, Senate Resolution, 1972

Scrapbook Number 10: Business   

Pre-Avery Brundage Company:

Construction Photographs

Cook County Courthouse, 1907

Morrison Hotel, 1914


Avery Brundage Company:

Construction Site, 1921

Illinois Life Insurance Company Building, 1922

Belmont Harbor Yacht Club House, 1923

Ford Motor Company-Chicago Plant, 1923

Sheraton-Brampton Apartments, 1924

Ramp Garage - Tower Automobile Corporation, 1924

Jackson Towers, 1924

Security Bank of Chicago, 1924

23rd Street Viaduct, Chicago, 1925

Ivanhoe Development, 1925

1448 Lake Shore Drive Co-operative Apartments, 1925

Article: "No more waste in cost of building, declares Brundage"

Shoreland Hotel, 1925

Hotel Gary, 1927

Sheridan-Grace Apartments, 1927

2440 Lakeview Avenue Apartment Building, 1927

Davis Hotel, 1927

Garrett Biblical Institute, 1927

Oak Park Cinema, 1933

Brinks Incorporated, 1937

Roanoke Real Estate Company: 3314 Lake Shore Drive Apartments


La Salle Hotel:

Article: "Brundage Takes over La Salle"

"Brundage gets ownership of Hotel La Salle"

"La Salle Hotel Fire", 1946

Photographs of La Salle Hotel Lobby after rennovation


Susquehanna Corporation:

Articles: "Brundage New Chairman of Susquehanna" 1957

"Brundage asserts N. Shore has obligation to Riders"

"Brundage's Aid Plan for N. Shore Line"

"Brundage Tells Rail Probe why he quit Susquehanna" and 7 clippings, 1957-61


H. O. Stone and Company: Article: "New Securities on Three Stone issues ready" 1934

Missouri Pacific Railroad Company: 1948

Silver Peak, Nevada Article: "To Pour Bullion at Peak Tuesday" 1958

California Operations: Articles: "Brundage Purchases Montecito Hotel," "Brundage Buys lot for $80,000" 1949

El Paseo: "Avery Brundage buys Shopping Center and El Presidio Cafes in California"

Montecito Inn: "Brundage regains Presidio property"

Montecito Country Club: "Brundage Sketches Plan to develop Montecito Club", "Avery Brundage, Sportsman, buys Country Club", "Montecito Plan Now Revealed" 1956 Clipping: Photographs of Country Club, 1952-57

Envelopes containing brochures and newsclippings, 1907-08

Scrapbook Number 11: Art    

Pamphlet: "Selections from the Avery Brundage Collection", 1960

Clipping: Chicago Art Institute Trustees Meet Tomorrow Night for Cezanne Preview, 1952

Certificate: Governing Life Member - The Art Institute of Chicago, 1951



"Many Christmases Lay Behind That Metal Door" Alfred Frankenstein

(From Brochure) - "Oriental Sculpture from the Avery Brundage Collection"- Dr. Howard Fenton


Invitation: To Preview the Collection of Mr. Avery Brundage (McCormick Gallery)

Editorial: Brundage Art Display Prize of "Treasure Hunt"

Clipping: Brundage Collection Shown, 1956



"Art Museum Exhibits Brundage Collection of Oriental Sculpture, Ranked Among Best" - Howard J. Fenton

"Ancient Oriental Art Enthralling Show at Museum" Litti Paulding, 1956


Clipping: "Arts of the Chou Dynasty" at Stanford, 1958

Clipping: Oriental Art Collection Put on Exhibition, 1956

Editorial: Brundage Collection, 1960


Clipping: The Brundage Art Collection

Clipping: N. Y. Art Heads Laud Museum, 1956

Article: From Time: Treasure from the Orient, 1959

Clipping: Brundage Collection Shown

Clipping: Mme. Lehmann to Give Benefit



From Townsfolk: Fabulous Oriental Art in the Avery Brundage Collection, 1954

From Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine: Institute to Open 10 New Far Eastern Galleries, 1958

From Chicago Daily News Roto: Chinese Bronzes: Ancient Art with Modern Spirit

From La Presse: L'Age du Bronze, 1948

From the Cherry Circle: Brundage's Chinese Bronzes on Display at Art Institute, 1948


News Release: From Art Institute of Chicago: Magnificant Collection of Chinese Bronzes Lent by Avery Brundage to the Art Institute, 1948

Clipping: Bronze Age Art

Article: "Chinese Ceremonial Bronzes" - Charles Fabens Kelley



Display Brundage Bronzes

Old Temple Bell Sold

Brundage Collection of Chinese Bronzes Shown at Institute, 1909



"Brundage, The Athlete, Finds Link with Art", Charles Bartlett, 1950

"In the Art Galleries...", Charles L. Mulligan (Photograph of Bust of Avery Brundage by Mauno Oittinen) 1952

From The Connoisseur: Some Bronzes from the Avery Brundage Collection, 1955

"Exhibition of the Brundage Collection of Chinese Bronzes'' Charles Fabens Relley

From The Connoisseur: "The Connoisseur in America" 1960

From Vogue: The Avery Brundage Collection, 1960

   Pamphlet: A World Treasure for San Francisco   


From Chicago Sunday Tribune Magazine: "The Man Who Has Everything" 1961

The Bank American: The Avery Brundage Collection, 1966

Bridgehead of Oriental Art, 1966

Society for Asian Art Newsletter, 1966

deYoung Museum Opening Program, 1966

deYoung Museum, 16 photographs

Bohemians Club Luncheon program, 1966

cards and clippings

Time article, June 17, 1966

Los Angeles Times, Sept. 11, 1966

Hong Kong Standard, July 10, 1966

The Record, Nov. 1966


Columns: San Francisco Visitors Where, Feb. 11, 1967

Columns: USJS Bulletin, Singapore Dec. 1966

Columns: San Francisco Examiner, June 9, July 18, 1967

Photographs: Located in envelope inside back binder of scrapbook -- Miscellaneous

Scrapbook Number 12: Avery Brundage - General   

Clippings: Avery Brundage -- National All-Around Champion Wins Title for Third Time, Sept. 24, 1918

Handball News: Avery Brundage Again Elected Chairman of Handball

Handball News: Chicago Star Wins National Track Honors...Brundage of CAA Takes All-Around Title in Contests in Newark

Newspic: Of Avery Brundage and Carl Buck in the 880-yard Walk, 1918

Newspic & Clipping: America's All-Around Champion from Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Oct. 8, 1916

Article: "Brundage's Sport Carnival Plan Merits Attention", Edward J. Geiger

Clipping: Avery Brundage Selected to Head Fair Sport Group, 1932

Clipping: World's Fair Sport Group is Headed by Avery Brundage, 1932

Newspic: Avery Brundage - New Jury Head, Dec. 4, 1931

Letter: From Gustav H. Gottshalk Company re Shoreland Hotel Company Stock, May 25, 1925

Article: By Avery Brundage: "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body" May 1919



Brundage to Aid Colleges in Olympic Fight, Chicago American Report, Oct. 26, 1937

Officials of AAU at Annual Convention, Kansas City Times and Code Ball, Nov. 17, 1931

Strengthening for Peace, 1941

   Letter: Avery Brundage Co.construction testimonial from War Department, Office of the Area    Engineer, F.E. Robbins, Mar. 16, 1943   


Champions of Handball, Jan. 21, 1939

College fraternity men who are distinguished in the business and professional life of Chicago

Corporation Leases Hotel La Salle for Eleven Years, Dec. 24, 1939

Brundage Syndicate Purchases 3314 Lake Shore Drive Apartment Building, May 4, 1941

   Brochure: "A Story of Speed" - Avery Brundage, General Contractor ca. 1925    


Stars Who Had Everything, Jan. 11, 1940

International Olympics Board Picks Brundage, 1945

Brundage Again Named Sports Federation Head

Brundage Awarded Sullivan Trophy Brundage May Be Drafted....Election as AAU Head Seen, Nov. 15,1939


Newspics: Avery Brundage, IOC Envoy, Visits Tokyo en route to London

Article: "Strengthening for Peace", Graffis, Aug. 1, 1940

Advertisement: Keep America Out of War, Chicago Tribune, Aug. 3, 1940

Article: By Avery Brundage: "Keep Eye to Future If I were Twenty-One", Nov. 25-26, 1939

Newspic: Japan in Pictures Brundage, IOC Envoy, May 1939

Clipping: Broader Program of Mass Athletics Urged by Brundage, 1942

Clipping: Rally Cheers Lindbergh Plea for U. S. Peace, Aug. 5, 1940

Address: Of Avery Brundage and Lindbergh at Rally, Aug. 4, 1940

Newspic: New Boss Moves In: Brundage Moves into La Salle Hotel, Jan. 14, 1940



A Towering Figure, Feb. 3, 1940

Lindbergh and McCarran Speak at Peace Rally in Soldier's Field, Aug. 5, 1940

Japanese News Article with Translation: Interview of Avery Brundage Professional Sport is a Circus Show, June 8, 1958

Chicago Association of Commerce Finds City Lagging--Advertising Clubs speech, March 9, 1939


Article: "Brundage, Target of Mud-Slingers" - Herb Graffis

Advertisement: How Should Chicago Advertise Itself? 1939

Clipping: Brundage is '18 Star, 1918

Message: From the President of the International Olympic Committee, Nov. 12, 1960

Caricatures: Completing the Lake Shore A.C.



Avery Brundage Makes Dirt Fly for New Theater

Ask Brundage to Enter Race Against Green

Brundage Tells Platform While Decision Waits, Feb. 20, 1944

Avery Brundage Possible Entry Against Green

News Release: 11-point Platform, 1944


Announcement: Avery Brundage. As Fall Guy . . . Circus Splints and Sprinters Club, June 1952

News Article: 1 - Most Important is to ARM AMERICA Janet Ayer Fairbank, Jan. 14, 1941

News Article: 2 - Most Important is to HELP ENGLAND Robert Anthony

Statement: By Avery Brundage on the Resignation of W. J. Bingham

Article: ART: Some Bronzes from the Avery Brundage Collection C. F. Kelley, Sept. 1955

Clipping: Four Beautiful Montecito Estates on Garden Tour

Clipping: Il Distintivo Del Panathlon all'occiello di Avery Brundage, 1939

Events and Discoveries: Brundage Reconsiders, Aug. 3, 1959

Brundage Tells Us: "You Haven't Done Enough"..Games Muddle-Melbourne-1956, Melbourne Herald, April 11, 1955



Cartoon, Adelaide News, April 12, 1955

DIG DIG DIG DIG - Frank Lanning



Brochure: Avery Brundage Company, 31 pp.

Blueprint: Unitrave Form-Free Fireproof floors

Brochure: 3314 Lake Shore Drive, 4 pp.

Cartoon: Avery Brundage (ca. 1928)

Japanese handbill

Clipping: What Kind of Fellow is Avery Brundage

Cartoon: Avery Brundage



Quit Susquehanna Over Speculators - Brundage, April 25, 1961 (2)

Brundage Hits U.S. Red Sport Ban, July 12, 1957

No Training Campus in U.S....Brundage

Jaycees Pick Top Citizen Wednesday, April 20, 1961

The Anti-Behan Line Forms at the Right - T. Weitzel

Mister Brundage 1st Optimist Sport Megaphon, Feb. 27, 1961

"Brundage A Roma....Un umanista dellosport", La Gazetta dello Sport, Oct. 4, 1957

"Le CIO va en appeler à le justice pour la premiere fois de Son histoire" 2 French clippings

"Hay que Mantener el deporte libre de sus enemigos: La politica y el mercantilismo" Jesus Fragoso-Spain, 1959

Cri d'alarme de M. Avery Brundage

Brundage tadelt seine Landsleute!

Rome en l'annee préolympique, 1959

Avery Brundage Presidente du Comite Olimpico Internacional esta em Lisboa Amoco em honra de A Brundage

   Article: "Avery Brundage - Self-made millionaire and heel-and-toe champion, he is the irascible high priest of amateurism in sports" by Roger Butterfield, Life, 1948   


Brundage -05, Shines, ca. 1928

Ex-Athletes "Make Good" ca. 1925

Notables of Sport Meet in Chicago, ca. 1935



-With Officials at London Games

-La Pineta

-With Baillet-Latour and Edstrom

-With Jim Thorpe - Olympic Fund Telethon

-With Bing Crosby and Bob Hope

-With Ramon Magsaysay - autographed

-With Officials at Oslo Games

-Lake Placid Games

-Stockholm, 1912

-With Crown Prince Paul (Greece)

-With Hold, Eledund, Mullegg

-With World Champions and State Ministers in Helsinki

-At IOC Conference

-With Mrs. Brundage in Habana, Cuba, Nov. 1949

-in Guatamala, March 1950

-With Juan and Eva Peron

-In Sweden, June 1947

-At Bonn

-At Grave of de Coubertin, Sept. 1950

-At Genoa

-With Theo Harder, Floyd Hanes, and Harold Berliner, July 4, 1951

-In Bermuda

-In Mexico (Edstrom, Moench, Clark-Flores)

-In Lebanon-Beirut, June 1955

-In Switzerland, May 22, 1951

-Columbia Pacific Network Sportsmen Award Dinner, July 16, 1952

-In Norway, Feb. 1952, 1956

-In Egypt, 1956

-In Bulgaria, ca. 1956

-with P.M. Robert G. Menzies (Australia) in Chicago, July 30, 1956

-American Forum of the Air broadcast panel

-In Portugal, Oct. 30, 1959

-Munchen, Aug. 13, 1957

-In Rome, 1949 --papal audience

-In Korea

-Washington, D. C., Jan. 8, 1950

-La Pineta

Scrapbook Number 12C: Avery Brundage - General   

Menu Cover: Restaurante del Paseo Santa Barbara, California

Photographs: Nine Photos of California Shopping Center EL PASEO

Clipping: Santa Barbara E1 Paseo Sold To Sports Leader

Clipping: Advertisement: E1 Paseo, 1952

Clipping: Montecito CC Golfers Keep Alert as "Cats" Begin Renovation Work, Nov. 5, 1954

Newspic: The Beauty of Old Things is Ever New La Pineta

Article: "Along the Way" - Serena Kamper, 1952



Avery Brundage Takes Full Control of Montecito Club;Co-Owner Sell

Brundage Denies Sale of Properties Planned, Dec. 1949

Narrow Escape, Dec. 9, 1949

In the Wake of the News, Dec. 29, 1949


Editorial: An Unusual Evidence of Agreement Among People Who Want Santa Barbara To Do Its Best, July 4, 1949

Editorial: More Than Just Another Realty Deal, Jan. 25, 1949

Newspic: Montecito Country Club Before the Fourth, July 3, 1949

Photograph: Of Montecito Country Club



Historic E1 Paseo Sold to Avery Brundage $450,000 Approximate Price, Jan. 23,1949

Shore Line Shows Profit for 2d Year, March 25, 1952

Brundage Will Decide Soon, 1954

Reports From Nye County's Mohawk Mine Read Like Old Time News of Bonanza Days, Feb. 1953

Mohawk Possibilities Unlimited: Brundage, Feb. 20, 1953

Article: "Illinois Beta Honors Harlan H. Horner, '01", W.J. Schmelzle 1961



1 - Brundages on liner, 1936

2 - 200 meters, ca. 1924

3 - Sprint, ca. 1924

4 - I.O.C. officers

5 - Boxer

6 - photographers

7 - runners

8 - runners

9 - runners

10 - Monument Olympia Greece

11 - Stadium Site Olympia Greece



RE: Chester L. Brundage (1891-1954) brother of A. Brundage

RE: Edward J. Brundage (1869-1934) 10 political (ca 1908)

-Brundage Boosts Free China, Sept. 20, 1959

-Brundage Ready to Support China

-Brundage to Support Taiwan Olympic Body

-Soft Living is Threat to U S Sports, Sept. 9, 1960

-Avery Brundage....Speaker....(The Chicago Builder), Dec. 2, 1952

-Le President n'a pas menace de s'en , March 5, 1962


Newspic: Farewell Banquet for J. Lyman Bingham, M y-July, 1954

Clipping: -Lyons Makes a Lavish Pitch To Be Site for 1968 Olympics

Clipping: -Brundage Says Sports Reform is Simple Task

Editorial: ... Dink Templeton


Clipping: -Brundage to Remain as Olympics President Limit Sports to 18, Aug. 23, 1960

Clipping: -Over 1,000 Art Treasures Lost in Brundage Fire

Photograph: Of IOC Members at La Pineta

Program: Of Avery Brundage's Visit to Taiwan, China, June 6-8, 1964

Clipping: Brundage's Lost Asian Art Fire Ruined 1,400 Objects, Oct. 14, 1964

Photographs: Of IOC Delegates in Japan (2)

Article: "Brundage's Fete International Set" - L Paulding, Feb. 17, 1960



Brundage's German Flag Plan Adopted, Dec. 13, 1959

Brundage is Elected IOC Prexy Again

Brundage Considers Retiring, June 11, 1959

Replace Brundage as IOC President....British Move

-Russians Seek to Replace Brundage, Aug. 20, 1960

-Reports Grow That Brundage Will Keep His Olympic Position, Aug. 19, 1960

-Brundage Re-Elected By Olympic Group

-Olympic Glory Gilds the City

-I.O.C. Asks Freedom of Press, Feb. 16, 1960

-Brundage Arrives to Spur Games

-Olympic Travelers Visit La Pineta, Feb. 18, 1960

-Brundage, In Rome, Disclaims Any Desire to Resign as Olympic President, Aug. 18, 1960

-Blyth Ice Arena is Dedicated, Feb. 18, 1960

-Bale Welcomes World

-Brundage Keeps IOC Presidency


Article: "Olympics Worth Cost" - V. X. Flaherty, March 1, 1960

Photographs: Candid Shots of Avery Brundage in Japan, including one of Illinois Alumni Club

Clipping: UI, SAE Leaders Hail Avery Brundage as "Great Citizen"

Newspic: Avery Brundage receiving Korean Decoration

Photographs: 4 Candid Shots of Avery Brundage in Korea

Article: THIS WEEK IN SANTA BARBARA Avery Brundage Calls It Best as he Lauds Santa Barbara, Dec. 17, 1960

Clipping: 270 Honor Brundage at SAE Banquet

Article: "This Big Man Brundage" - Doug Gardner, 1964

Photographs: 5 Candid Shots of Avery Brundage in Japan

Article: "'Soft Yanks' Grabbed 34 Gold Medals" - Red S ith, Sept. 14, 1960

Letter: To: Avery Brundage From: Bob Kiphuth, ca. 1960

Letter: To: Robert J.H. Kiphuth to James F. Simms about A. Brundage, Aug. 19, 1964



Lady, ca. 1900

Family Group of 6, ca. 1900

Avery Brundage Signing Register in Berlin, April 14, 1965

Avery Brundage, ca. 1965

Avery Brundage, ca. 1892


Letter: To: Avery Brundage From: Ei Shih Chiang, June 15, 1965

Membership Card: -Gezira Sporting Club Cairo

Membership Card: -Maadi Sporting and Yacht Club Cairo

Letter: Rudolf Kunert To Avery Brundage, June 21, 1965

Newspic: Of Lake Shore Drive from Brundage's Chicago Residence, 1963

Crossword Puzzle: Mr. Brundage, April 20, 1965

Photograph: Unidentified; David D. Henry and Avery Brundage at U of Illinois social affair

Clipping: Brundage Devoted Olympic Chairman

Article:"It's All In the Game" - T. O'Flaherty, Oct. 13, 1964

Article: "Brundage's Concepts Upheld?" - A. Grayson, Oct. 9, 1964

Clipping: Brundage, IOC President, Arrives Today

Photograph: Avery Brundage

Newspic: Avery Brundage with Senator Everett Dirksen, Aug. 28, 1965

Clipping: Las Olimpiadas No Las Forman Las Naciones, Sino Las Individualidades, Marca April 23, 1965

Photograph: Avery Brundage and friend, 1953

Certificate of Appreciation: Chicago Kiwanis Youth Foundation, 1961

Photograph: Avery Brundage, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Farber and unidentified couple at U of Illinois social affair

Newspic: Around the Conference Table Avery Brundage with Nikita Khrushchev, June 13, 1962

Clipping: "Vine aver Vomo se Prepara la Oiimpiada" dijo Avery Brundage, March 29, 1965

Newspic: Cartoon: Avery Brundage en Visita Official, Mar. 30 1965

Postcard: La Metamechanique de Tinguely Sculpture at Lausanne 1964

Advertisement: Order of Lincoln

Clipping: -Avery Brundage makes lawn bowling debut

Photograph: -Avery Brundage with Mrs. Brundage and two men

Photograph: -Avery Brundage at Montecito Country Club

Clipping: Brundage Takes Up New Sport - Lawn Bowling, March 15, 1965

Scrapbook Number 13: Miscellaneous Pro 1945   

Clipping: America's Champion, 1916

Clipping: Brundage Training Is Novel, 1913

Article: By Avery Brundage: "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body" May 1919



Brundage is '18 Star, 1919

Brundage Again Wins National Track Title, Nov. 6, 1916

High Athletic Honors for Avery Brundage

Brundage Wins All-Around For Third Time in Career, Sept. 24, 1918

All Around Athletes Visit Chicago, 1911

Headline: Chicago Daily Journal, BRUNDAGE ORDERS BEER headline, July 1, 1919

10 Clippings, card and letter on Crane Tech, A.A.U., handball, meetings and Avery Brundage, 1930-32

All-Around Championship, Great Lakes Bulletin, Sept. 24, 1918

Cheering Host Greets Olympic Team Visitors, Aug. 24, 1912

Clib Long's Peak

Harry Gill Dinner, March 14, 1925

Avery Brundage article in Sportsmanship, March 1929

AAU Bulletin, Jan. 1929

Avery Brundage Heads National AAU

Handball Dinner Program, March 24, 1925

Jack Bell to Avery Brundage re U. of Illinois Stadium, Sept. 15, 1924

Clipping on handballs Avery Brundage sent to Seward, Alaska

"Applies Athletics to Business" in The Cherry Circle, Sept. 1926

AAU Prepare to Meet New Problems

"Why Die When You Graduate", by Avery Brundage in Big Ten Weekly, Jan. 14, 1926

"The Importance of 'Fitting In,'" by Avery Brundage in Personal Efficiency, Aug. 1926

"Looking Forward", by Avery Brundage in The Amateur Athlete, Nov. 1932

"A Tribute to the Delays", by Avery Brundage in Franklin Field Illustrated, April, 1934

"A Salute to Olympians", by Avery Brundage in Hi-Ho, Spring 1932

"The Attitude of the AAU to the Carnegie Report", by Avery Brundage in Sportsmanship, Jan. 1930

Brundage Will Head Olympics, ca. 1930

Announcement: Avery Brundage talk to Chicago Engineers, Oct. 25, 1932

The Barbuti Case...by Avery Brundage, May 1929

Nurmi is Refused Reinstatement, Brundage & IMF, Sept. 1934

Honor "Tarzan" at Dinner, July 1932

"The Olympic Games", by Avery Brundage, March 1935

Brundage Shows Skill as a Handball Player, Nov. 25, 1933

8 clippings, 1932-35

Handball Standings

Avery Brundage Wins Singles handball Title, May 1937

2 clippings on athletic leaders, March and July 1936


Photograph: Avery Brundage in Ken, June 30, 1938

Clipping: Brundage Defends Self in Jarrett Case, Sept. 25, 1936

Clipping: Brundage Tells U.S. Side in Olympic Tangle, May 26, 1938

Clipping: German talk misinterpreted Declares Avery Brundage,

Invitation: 7 Invitations

Invitation: Certificates, advertisements

Invitation: Monte Carlo lottery tickets, 1938

Editorial: Article and copy of decision on H. O. Stone bondholders reorganization, Nov. 1935



Clippings: America First Committee letterhead, principles, objectives Peace Group Protest Haste on Draft Bill, July 29, 1940

City's Leaders Warn Against Dictated Peace, Jan. 19, 1941

6 Clippings, 2 handbills, Keep America Out of War Membership Card, 1940-41

Avery Brundage Boomed as GOP Holds Up Slate, Dec. 17, 1942

Slates Finished for Each Party...Brundage Quits, Feb. 22, 1944

Ask Brundage to Run in Race against Green, Feb. 17, 1944

7 clippings on politics

Petition: For Nomination of Avery Brundage for Governor of the State of Illinois, 1944

Clippings: Dewey-Bricker Sports Committee, 2 clippings, 1948

Avery Brundage Mentioned for Mayor of Chicago, 3 clippings, 1945

Cartoon: by J. P. McEvoy on building and athletic interests of Avery Brundage, ca. 1920

Clippings: Brundage Heads Grand Jury to Probe Bains, Dec. 7, 1931

Jury Ready for Bank Quiz, Dec. 8, 1931

Brundage Praises Trade Athletics, June 11, 1971

Brundage Proposes Annual "Sports Week" Be Held in Chicago

15 clippings on Sports Carnival, 1930-32

Park Leasing Condemned by Civic Advisers, ca. 1933

Civic Leaders Join War on Ruinous Tax Rates, March 10, 1939

High Taxes Called Blow to Business, March 9, 1939

8 clippings 8 notices

Photographs: Chicago Association of Commerce election, Jan. 1940

Golf Party, Oct. 1936


Swedish post card, Aug. 6, 1938

Avery Brundage in Miami, Dec. 8, 1934

AB in Garmisch (3), 1936

AB in Chicago



Avery Brundage Co.: NRA Gas Appliances and Apparatus Industry Code Authority, 1934 (3)

NRA construction Code Authority, 1934 (3)

Housing Drive

Letter from Mayor Edward J. Kelly, June 10, 1935

Letter from Homer J. Buckley, July 22, 1935


Chicago Leisure Foundation

"The Shoreland" opening, March 1, 1926

Unitrave Engineering Company announcement, Oct. 20, 1931

"Men Who Are Making Illinois" Avery Brundage, Illinois Journal of Commerce, July, 1926

-Sale of Ellis-Eleanor Flats Set for June 10th

-Secures Title to Madison and Lavergne Block, June 17, 1932

7 clippings and letter, 1929, 1931-35

-Avery Brundage Urges New Laws

4 clippings and letter, 1940, 1943

"Revaluing the Professions" by Avery Brundage in Builders Forum, Dec. 1936

-Olympics' Brundage Becomes Hotel Boss, Jan. 18, 1940

17 clippings, 1939-40, 1942-43

The LaSalle Hotel News, Oct. 1944

Scrapbook Number 14: Business   


Thomas H. Heneage to Avery Brundage, Feb. 27, 1931

F. D. Barber, Secretary, Chicago Engineers Club to Avery Brundage, Julian W. Curtiss, Chairman, A.G. Spalding and Bros. to Frederick Rubien re: Avery Brundage, June 29, 1938


Telegram: Avery Brundage to Romeyn Berry re: NCAA work, Dec. 28, 1936

Telegram: Romeyn Berry to Avery Brundage re: NCAA presidency, Dec. 27, 1936

Article: By Avery Brundage: "Drafting the Uniform Amateur Code" Jan. 1936

Advertisement: Avery Brundage - General Contractor

Article: Bahai Temple and Its SAE Builder - Albert Z. Horning

Postcard: Bahai Temple

Brochure: Avery Brundage - General Contractor

Article: "The Model for the Bahai Temple, Chicago Louis J. Bourgeois, Architect" - J. R. Reed

Brochure: -Jackson Towers

Brochure: -Sheridan-Brompton Apartments

Brochure: -Avery Brundage-General Contractor - A Story of Speed

Newspics: Aerial View of 23rd Street Bridge, Aug. 15, 1925

Brochure: -The Shoreland, July 1925

Brochure: -1540 Lake Shore Drive, Sept. 1925

Brochure: -Winter Building - Ford Plant

Newspic: Torrence Avenue Ford Assembly Plant, 1951

Advertisement: Avery Brundage Company



-Jackson Towers

-3500 Sheridan Road

-Sheridan-Brompton Apartments

-Avery Brundage Company, 1926



Davis Hotel Corporation, 899 Shares, June 1926

Davis Hotel Corporation, 6% Convertible Note, 1930

Shoreland Hotel, 700 Shares, June 10, 1926 with Letter from G. H. Gottschalk attached, May 25, 1925


Letter: William T. Anderson, Secretary of Chicago Trust Company to Avery Brundage advising Avery Brundage has been elected to Board of Directors of Chicago Trust Company, Jan. 13, 1927

Article: "Who is Avery Brundage?" - the WESTWARD Homecomer, Dec. 1926



President Brundage (Construction Division Association) Suggests a Nationwide Membership Campaign, Feb. 1927

Avery's "Bar" Story, Dec. 1927

President Brundage (CDA) Will Not Oppose Holding Meeting in N.Y., Dec. 1927

Letter to CDA from Avery Brundage


Menu: Of American Division Assoc. Annual Dinner-Dance Program, Feb. 11, 1928

Brochure: 3800 Sheridan Road

Article from: Engineering and Contracting "Construction Time Saved in Winter by Modern Methods", Avery Brundage Company, Feb. 1928

Article from: Union Steel . . . "A Better Job In Less Time", (Avery Brundage Company)

Advertisement: Avery Brundage Company (In Greek), May 3, 1930

Advertisement: Avery Brundage Company, May 14, 1931

Clipping: Rothschilds Loop Project Revised Avery Brundage Gets Award for Top Addition to State, Jackson Store, July 7, 1931

Clipping: Lets Contracts for Rothschild Store Addition, July 7, 1931

Newspic: $200,000 Remodeling Job Completed (Chicago Riding Club), Jan. 16, 1937, Feb. 1942

Advertisement: Avery Brundage Company, May 1938

Scrapbook Number 15: Olympic Diplomas    

Diploma: Xth Olympiad, Los Angeles, 1932

Certificate: New York World's Fair, 1939

Diploma: Les Jeux Olympiques d'hiver Saint-Moritz, 1948

Invitation: To Attend: XIV Olympiad, London, 1948

Diploma: Sextos Juegos Deportivos Centro-Americanos y del Caribe, 1950

Diploma: XV Olympia Helsinki, 1952

Certificate: United States Olympic Association, 1956

Diplomas: VII Giochi Olimpici Invernali Cortina, 1956

Diploma: Olympic Games, Melbourne, 1956

Diploma: V Juegos Deportivos Centroamericanos y del Caribe, 1946

Invitation: To Attend: Special West African Games, October, 1960

Photograph: Dinner Given in Honor of Count M. Soyeshima, Japan IOC Member, May 19, 1937

Photograph: Of U. S. Olympic Team (Track and Field), 1912

Seal: Of American Olympic Committee

Photograph: 6 Photographs of IOC Officials

Photograph: Of Jack E. Lovelock Setting World's Record for One Mile Run at Oxford 4 min 07.6 sec, July 15, 1933

Print: Of "Our Lady of the Sports" at Royal Ontario Museum of Archaeology

Clipping: L- Baronne de Coubertin entre aujourd 'hui dans sa lOOe Année

Pindaric Ode: By Byrd Mock THE OLYMPIC GAMES

Article: "On the Olympic Games" by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Pictures of Greek Art depicting Sports)

Print: Of Greek Games

Photograph: Of 1948 Stadium during Olympic Games, London

Photograph: Of 1940 VICTORY STAMP

Clipping: Team Games are Necessary in Olympics

Article: "Olympic Dreams Come True" - C. A. Bush, May 21, 1936



of Greek Team to Olympic Games

of Greek Arena

of Winter Games - Saint Moritz

of Zatopek Running 5,000 Meter

General View of Olympia

of Medal Struck for 1896 Olympic Games

of Greek Statues - Nike and Hermes


Clipping: Marathon Race description and route, July 25, 1908

Invitation: To Avery Brundage to Attend: Los Concurson y Fiestas que Tendran Lugan en Caracas, December 5-21, 1951



Olympic Games, Berlin, 1936

Los Angeles, 1932

Innsbruck, 1964

IVth degree, Jogos Pan-Americanos, 1963

Giochi Della YVII Olympiade, Roma, 1960 (2)

Innsbruck, 1964

New York World's Fair, 1964-65



American Olympic Committee Officials, Bushnell, Brundage, Wilson, Van Camp, 1948

Shah of Iran with President Eisenhower

Avery Brundage, G. T. Kirby, Major General Kirby - at Wembley Stadium

U.S. Team (Winter) in Oslo

U.S. Team Entering Stadium, London, 1948

St. Moritz Olympic Games (Winter), 1948 (2)

Scrapbook Number 43: De Young Museum Vote   This scrapbook was presented to Mr. Brundage by the City of San Francisco and is broken down into ten categories. On the back page of each categoric presentation various other items relevant to the de Young Museum have been affixed.   


Clippings: An $18,000,000 Bargain on the Ballot, June 5, 1960

Oriental Art Gets Cleanup, May 2, 1960

Art Lovers All? No One Opposes Prop. A.

$5,000,000 Gift to San Francisco Called Off...Brundage Cancels Gift of Art to San Francisco, Sept. 11, 1958

San Francisco in Strong Bid for Brundage Art, Sept. 11, 1958

Editorial: A Priceless Gift, Sept. 10, 1958



Clipping: City Nears Accord on Oriental Art for Museum, April 7, 1959

Editorial: Magnificent Gift to San Francisco, April 9, 1959

Clippings: San Francisco Step Nearer Art Collection, April 7, 1959

Clipping: City Maneuvering for Brundage Art Collection, Apr. 7, 1959

Clipping: Brundage's Art to Get San Francisco Home, April 7, 1959

Clipping: $12,000,000 Brundage Art Collection Given to 'Frisco, June 4, 1959

Article: "Brundage Art Will Go To West Coast" - Edith Weigle, July 1, 1959

Clipping: $12,000,000 Asian Art Gift For San Francisco Gets Supervisor's OK Greatest Collection in Western World, April 2, 1959


CATEGORY: PUBLIC OPINION SURVEY on Brundage Art Collection, Dec. 1959

Clipping: Showplace for Treasure, Aug. 10, 1959

Clipping: Brundage Art Value Set At $15,000,000, July 2, 1959

Articles: "Brundage Art Magazine Feature", Litti Paulding, Dec. 4, 1959

Articles: "Home for Chinese Art?" A.J. Bloomfield, Jan. 5, 1960

Clipping: City Hall Readies Bid for Rare Art, April 3, 1959

Editorial: San Francisco To Get The Brundage Art Collection, Feb. 19, 1960



Clipping: Samples of Brundage Art to Go On Display May 8, March 31, 1960

Clipping: Committee OK's Cut In Art Bond Issue, Feb. 11, 1960

Clipping: Brundage Unworried by Art Cut, Feb. 11, 1960

Editorial: The Brundage Art, Feb. 13, 1960

Clipping: Brundage Signs Art Gift Pact

Clipping: $18,000,000 Art Collection for San Francisco, March 29, 1960



Clipping: 'Frisco Seeks Our Art Collection Chicago Daily News Apr. 13, 1960

Clipping: Phones To Jingle for San Francisco Prop. A

Clipping: University Head Lauds Art Bonds

Newspic: Treasure for San Francisco



Clipping: Oriental Art Gets a Preview, May 15, 1960

Article: "Brundage", Blanche Burnett

Clipping: Chinatown Aid Pledged for Oriental Art Bonds

Clipping: Record Crowds See Asian Art, May 25, 1960

Clipping: 1,500 At City Hall Pay Tribute to Brundage, May 12, 1960

Clipping: Retail Merchants Back New de Young Museum Wing, May 11, 1960



Clipping: San Francisco Previews Famed Art Treasures, May 10, 1960

Clipping: The Brundage Preview, May 10, 1960

Clipping: Lectures on Brundage Collection, May 12, 1960

Clipping: Article: "Famed Brundage Jades Washed by Expert", A. Fried



Clipping: Youth Endorses Prop. A., May 9, 1960

Editorial: A is for Art

Editorial: For the Brundage Art

Clipping: Brundage Gifts Could Make San Francisco A Center of Oriental Art

Clipping: From Missouri? See Brundage Sample



Clipping: Look At Treasure, May 10, 1960

Clipping: 8,000 More Hike Brundage Crowds to 96,900

Clipping: Brundage Art for San Francisco Still Growing, May 7, 1960

Clipping: "Police Day" at Brundage Art

Editorial: Brundage Collection, May 21, 1960

Clipping: Mayor in Plea for Art Bonds

Editorial: The Brundage Art

Fortune Slip: From Fortune Cookies: "Thank You, Mr. Brundage"

Article: "The Vanguard of tne Brundage Collection" - Photographic Display from San Francisco News Magazine



Clipping: $18,000,000 in Oriental Art Uncrated

Clipping: Nearly 100 Groups Backing Art Bonds, May 31, 1960

Editorial: A Priceless Treasure, May 1960

Clipping: Art for Their Sake, May 28, 1960

Editorial: Brundage Collection A Gem to Add to San Francisco Treasures, May 19, 1960

Clipping: Prop. A. Wins

Editorial: Light Vote Perils Brundage Bonds, June 2, 1960

Article: "City Almost Lost Brundage Art", A. Bloomfield, June 14, 1960

Clipping: First Crates Arrive

Scrapbook Number 103    22 clippings on controversies over the ownership, administration, development and care of the Avery Brundage Collection of Oriental Art at the M.H. de Young Museum in San Francisco, Jan.-June, 1967.   120 page photostat copy of newspaper clipping publicity relating to the June 11, 1966 opening of the Brundage Collection of Oriental Art, 1965--Sept. 30,1966.
Scrapbook Number 104    311 snapshots of Brundage family scenes, largely of Edward J. Brundage's children (Edward J., Margaret G., Robert V. and Jacqueline L.) and aunts and uncles. From #38 to #311, there are many photographs of family, dogs, dinners, automobiles, swimming and boating scenes at "Oakland", Edward J. Brundage's residence at Twin Lakes, Michigan. Prom #91 to #127, there are many railroad, town and river valley scenes from the Campbell, Steuben County region in New York. #s 89-90, 143 and 149-153 are travel scenes in Great Britain. #s 154-163, 165-67. The scrapbook includes two photographs of Chester L. Brundage (brother of Avery Brundage) and several of grandmother Maria Armstrong Brundage-detailed listing in album.
Scrapbook Number 105   Photograph album presented to Avery Brundage with the compliments of the Japanese Olympic Committee and the Japan Amateur Sports Association, April 19, 1974, including photographs at the third Asian Games (1958), the 18th Olympic Games (1964), Sapporo Olympic Day (1968) and the 11th Olympic Winter Games (1972), in a 33x36x6 wooden box.
Scrapbook Number 106    Color "Springtime in Japan" Photograph Album presented to Mr. and Mrs. Avery Brundage with the compliments of Sogan Tsukamoto as a memento of an April 5-23, 1974 visit, 26 pages, in cardboard box, 35x36x6.
Scrapbook Number 107    
London, June 11, 19639
Dover to Ostende on a Belgian boat, June 14, 19636
Rouen, Grand Hotel d'Inglaterre, June 15, 1963 7
Chartres, June 15, 1963 5
Paris Notre Dame & Louvre, 1966 8
Blois, June 16, 1963 6
Amboise, June 16, 1963 11
Vichy, Hotel Ambassadeurs, June 17, 1963 12
Avignon, June 17, 1963 6
Valence, Restaurant "Le Pic", June 17, 1963 1
Antibes, Restaurant "Le Bonne Auberge", June 18, 1963 1
Aix en Provence, Hotel "Roy Rene", June 18, 1963 1
Switzerland, 1966 9
Nice, June 21, 1963 6
Beaulieu, "Hotel de la Reserve", June 19, 1963 10
Garden 9
Monaco, June 20, 1963 8
Alazzio-San Remo, Italy, June 20, 1963 4
Les Alpes, June 21, 1963 7
English towns 15
June 21, 1963 6
Aix le Bains, Hotel Splendit-Royal-Excelsior, June 21, 1962 2
Auxerre, June 22, 1963 3
Paris, June 23, 1963 16
Les Invalides, June 23, 1963 3
   In wooden and silver decorated Iranian album, 38x23x4.
Scrapbook Number 108   "Mister Brundage Mr Erimerung an die XI Olympischen Spiele 1936, Leni Reifenstahl"   
Greek scenes 2
Olympic torchbearer 3
Field events 2
Track 7
Women's field 2
Basketball 1
Pole vault 5
Marathon 5
Rowing 2
Sailing 3
Olympic flame 1
Scrapbook Number 109 "Leni Reifenstahl", 1936    
Olympic Village2
Field Events 4
Track 2
Women's gymnastics 2
Men's gymnastics 3
Equestrian 4
Polo 1
Swimming 5
Diving 9
Olympic flame 1
Light dome over stadium 2
Reifenstahl and Tschammer U. Osten1
Reifenstahl editing 1

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