George P. Stauduhar:

An Inventory of the George P. Stauduhar Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Catalogs, Books, and Printed Materials

13 Certificates, 1898-1899, 1912, 1949, 1955 (Left)
Dallas, Texas--Promotional brochure and city plan, c1911 (Right)
Decorator's Supply Company Mantel Design Catalog, n.d. (Right)
Follansbee Estimate Book and Cost Record for Architects, 1915 (Right)
Hollow Metal Construction Architectural Series(Right), 1917
Jackson's Famous Pictures--photograph set of the Columbian Exposition, Chicago(Left), 1895
J.G. Braun & Co. Wrought Iron Moulding Catalogs(Right), 1900, 1909
National X-Ray Reflector Lighting Catalog(Right), 1915
14 New World Architectural Issue (Catholic Cathedral Architecture)(Right), 1898
Newspaper clippings and posters dealing with politics and Franklin Delano Roosevelt(Left), 1936-1937
Posters and sketches(Left), 1870-1926
"Standard" Plumbing fixture posters(Left), 1925-1926
Terra Cotta Catalogs, n.d. (Right)
Zouri Drawn Metals Catalog, n.d. (Right)

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