George P. Stauduhar:

An Inventory of the George P. Stauduhar Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Oversize Rolled architectural plan files    
1894 12D IL, Moline, Guyer's Store
1902 1B IL, Moline, Union Electric map of city
n.d. 3D IL, Peoria, St. John's Church
n.d. 9D IL, Rock Island, Rock Island County Court House
1923 S,P,1B IL, Seneca, St. Patrick's Church
n.d. S,P,1D IL, Urbana, St. Patrick's Church
n.d. 4D IA, Muscatine, Bishop Residence, proposed
n.d. 41D NE, Omaha, U.S. Custom House and Post Office
c1905 1D OH, Franklin, St. Mary's Church
n.d. 8D Exercise Drawings
1887 4D Statics diagrams (truss, P & S)
n.d. 1T unidentified
c1894 5D Unidentified schools and city buildings, paintings and sketches

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