George P. Stauduhar:

An Inventory of the George P. Stauduhar Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Trade Literature

33 1.Accurate Blue Print Co., Inc., Chicago, IL, n.d.
2.Acetol Products, Inc., New York City, NY, glass, ca. 1930
3.Frank Adam Electric Co., St. Louis, MO, n.d.
4.Aerofin Corporation, Newark, NJ, heating, ventilation, 1924
5.Allen Filter Co., Toledo, OH, water coolers, 1924
6.Allen, Myers and Co., Rock Island, IL, heating, plumbing, n.d.
7.W.D.Allen Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, Fire Protection, 1923
8.Alpha Portland Cement Co., Easton, PA, n.d.
9.Ambler Asbestos Co., Ambler, PA, roofing, n.d.
10.American Abrasive Metals Co., New York, NY, Stairs, n.d.
11.American Asphalt Paint Co., Chicago, IL, 1927
12.American Blower Co., Detroit, MI, heating, ventilation, 1924
13.American Brass Co., Waterbury, CT, water systems, 1930
14.American Cast Iron Pipe Co., Birmingham, AL, 1915
15.American Chamber of Commerce, Berlin, Transatlantic Trade, 1921
16.American Hydraulic Press Brick Co., St. Louis, MO, n.d.
17.American Green house Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
17 1/2.American Institute of Architecture (?), 1925
18.American Institute of Steel Construction, New York, NY, 1924
19.American Laundry Machinery Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
20.American Radiator Co., Buffalo, NY, 1922
21.American Radiator Co., Chicago, IL, 1910
22.American Rolling Mill Co., Middletown, OH, ironwork, 1921
23.American Rubber Products Corporation, New York, NY, n.d.
24.American Seating Co., New York, NY, 1922
25.American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York, NY, elevators, 1921
26.American Tar Products Co., Pittsburgh, PA, roofing, n.d.
27.American Terra Cotta Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
28.American Walnut Manufacturers Association, Chicago, IL, paneling, n.d.
29.American Wiremold Co., Hartford, CT, electrical supplies, 1922
30.A.H. Andrews Co., Chicago, IL, School Supplies, furniture, n.d.
31.Anthracite Coal Service, Philadelphia, PA, heating, ventilation, n.d.
32.Architects League of Hollywood, Hollywood, CA, price estimation, n.d.
33.Architects Small House Service Bureau, Denver CO, house plans, 1924
34.Architectural Book Publishing Co., Inc., New York, NY, catalogue, books, n.d.
35.Armstrong Cork Co., Lancaster, PA, flooring, linoleum, 1920
36.Armstrong Cork and Insulation Co., Pittsburgh, PA, water coolers, 1917
37.Armstrong Steam Trap, Three Rivers, MI, heating, ventilation, 1926
38.Arrow-Hart and Hegeman Electric Co, Hartford, CT, 1922
39.Arrow Window Glass Co., Pittsburgh, PA, 1927
40.Art Metal Radiator Cover, Co,. Chicago, IL, n.d.
41.Asphalt Products Co., Inc., Syracuse, NY, n.d.
42.Association of American Railroads, Washington, D.C., 1936
43.Associated Builders of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1931
Bulletin, 1922-25
44.Associated Metal Lath Manufacturers, Youngstown, OH, 1912
45.Associated Tile Manufacturers, Beaver Falls, PA, 1921
46.Assyrian Asphalt Co., Chicago, IL, pavement filler, 1898
47.Atlas Portland Cement Co., New York-Chicago, 1909
Contractor's Atlas, 1922-25
48.Automatic Devices Co., Allentown, PA, theatre curtains, n.d.
49.Automatic Refrigerating Co., Hartford CT, n.d.
50.Automatic Ticket Selling and Cash Register Co., New York, NY, n.d.
51.Babcock and Wilcox Co., New York, NY, steam boilers, 1891
52.Banner Iron Works, St. Louis, MO, n.d.
53.Barber-Colman Co., Rockford, IL, garage doors, n.d.
54.Barrett Co., New York, NY, heating, ventilation, plumbing, n.d.
55.Barrett-Christie Co., Chicago, IL, heating, ventilation, 1928
56.Barton system of Reinforced Concrete, Chicago, IL, n.d.
57.Bastian-Morley Co., LaPorte, IN, heating, ventilation, 1922
58.Bates Expanded Steel Truss Co., E. Chicago, IN, 1927
59.Batson Lumber Co., Cumberland, MS, 1921
60.Beardslee Chandelier Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, lighting, 1927
Beardslee Talks, 1924
61.Beil and Hermant, Chicago, IL plaster ornaments, 1906
62.Benjamin Electric Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, 1920
34 63.Benziger Bros., New York, NY, church ornaments, 1905
64.Berger Manufacturing Co., Canton, OH, steel ceilings, 1916
64 1/2. Berger Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, Metal laths, file cabinets, flooring, 1915, 1924
65.Bethlehem Steel Co., South Bethlehem, PA, 1911
66.Bettendorf Lumber and Supply Co., Bettendorf, IA, house plans, n.d.
67.F. P. Bhumgara and Co., New York, NY, furnishings, Indian, ca. 1895
68.Henry Birks and Sons Limited, Winnipeg, Canada, jewelry, 1923
69.Blang Stainless Cement Co., Allentown, PA, hist. geog. of Lehigh Valley, ca. 1909
70.Julius Blum and Co., Inc., New York, NY, ornamental metalwork, n.d.
71.Bodelack and Vanselow, Grand Rapids, MI, ornamental plastering, n.d.
72.Bommer Spring Hinges, New York City, NY, 1922
73. Bostwick Stell Lath Co., Niles, OH, catalogue, Princeton University work, 1920, 1922
74.S. F. Bowser and Co., Inc., Fort Wayne, IN, water systems, n.d.
75.J. G. Braun, Chicago, IL, steel mouldings, iron ornaments, 1900
76.Brayman Water Tight Drain Co., New York, NY, calendar, 1921
77.Brazil Clay Co., Brazil, IN, bricks, n.d.
78.Brick Manufacturers' Association, Cleveland, OH, n.d.
79.British Fire Prevention Committee, London, G.B., 1912
80. Brotherhood of PaintersDecorators and Paperhangers of America, LaFayette, IN, The Painter and Decorator, 1931
81.William H. Brown and Co., Chicago, IL, Building movers, 1923
82.E. L. Bruce Co., Memphis, TN, oak flooring,Bruce, 1926
83.Bryant Electric Co., Bridgeport, CT, 1924
84.Buckeye Blower Co., Columbus, OH, heating, ventilation, 1926
85.Buffalo Forge Co, Buffalo, NY, air conditioning, n.d.
86.J. E. Burke Co., Fond du Lac, WI, radiators, n.d.
87.Burnham Boiler Corporation, Irvington, NY, 1926
88.A. M. Byers Co., Pittsburgh, PA, wrought iron pipe, 1919
89.Samuel Cabot, Inc., Boston, MA, paint, sound proofing, 1930
90.Cambria Steel Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1898
91.Campbell Heating Co., Des Moines, IA, ca. 1926
92.Canson and Montgolfier, New York, NY, paper, 1926
93.Capehart Corporation, Fort Wayne, IN, music systems, n.d.
94.Carnegie Steel Co., Pittsburgh, PA, 1908
95.Carter-Mayhew Manufacturing, Minneapolis, MN, water coolers, ca. 1925
96.L. Castelvecchi, New York, NY, statuary, plaster, ca. 1888
97.Celotex Co., Chicago, IL, acoustical tile, 1925-27
98.Central Brass Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, OH, plumbing, The Faucet, 1912-14
99.Chain Products Co., Cleveland, OH, door chains, n.d.
100.Chamberlin Metal Weather Strip Co., Inc., Detroit, MI, 1925
101.Chicago Architectural Iron Works, Chicago, IL, 1894
102.Chicago and Riverdale Lumber Co., Chicago, IL, 1926
103.Chicago Faucet Co,. Chicago, IL, 1916
104.Chicago Hardware Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, 1895
105.Chicago Hydraulic-Press Brick Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
106.Chicago Plastic Relief Co., Chicago, IL, ornamental plaster, ca. 1900
107.Chicago Signal Co., Chicago, IL, hospital supplies, communication systems, 1925
108.Chicago Technical College, Chicago, IL, 1930-31
109.Climax Engineering Co., Clinton, IA, refrigerators, n.d.
110.Clinton Wire Cloth Co., Clinton, MA, metal laths, 1913
111.James B. Clow and Sons, Chicago, IL, plumbing, 1902
112.Coburn Trolley Track Manufacturing, Holyoke, MA, n.d.
113.Cochron-Sargent Co., St. Paul, MA, well pumps, n.d.
114.Cold Spring Granite Co, Cold Spring, MN, 1926
115.Colson-Chicago Co., Chicago, IL, hand trucks, n.d.
35 116.Columbia Radiator Co., McKeesport, PA, n.d.
117.Columbia School Supply Co., Indianapolis, IN, seating, n.d.
118.Columbia Window Shades and Rollers, n.d.
119.Columbus Rolling Door Corporation, Columbus, OH, ca. 1930
120.Concrete Engineering Co., Omaha, Nebraska, n.d.
121.Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute, Chicago, IL, 1931
122.Concrete Steel Co,. New York, NY, ca. 1926
123.Concrete Steel Products Co., Chicago, IL, 1914
124.Contract Waterproofing Co., St. Louis, MO, ca. 1921
125.Copper and Brass Research Association, New York, NY, 1924
126.P. and F. Corbin, New Britain, CT, hardware, 1892
ca. 1905, 1906, 1910
127.Crane Co., Chicago, IL, plumbing, n.d.
Valve World, 1916-18
128.Crane Co., Davenport, IA, surgical and dental supplies, 1919
129.Creo-Dipt Co., Inc., North Tonawanda, NY, roofing, n.d.
130.Crex Patent Column Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
131.Crouse-Hinds Co,. Syracuse, NY, electrical supplies, n.d.
132.Curtis Lighting Co., Inc., Chicago, IL, 1929
133.Curtis Bros. and Co., Clinton, IA, woodwork, 1921
134.D. and T. Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, MO, heating, ventilation, 1916
135.Dahlstrom Metallic Door Co., Jamestown, NY, 1917
136.A. DaPrato and Co., Boston, MA, statuary, plaster, 1906
137.DaPrato Statuary Co., Chicago, IL, statuary, plaster, n.d.
138.Davey Tree Expert Co., Kent, OH, 1929
139.Davis and Geck, Inc., New York, NY, surgical supplies, n.d.
140.John Davis Co., Chicago, IL, hardware, plumbing, 1907
141.Dayton-Dowd Co., Quincy, IL pumps, 1926, 1922-23
142.Dearborn Foundry Co., Chicago, IL, ironwork, 1898
36 143.Decorators Supply Co., Chicago, IL capitals and brackets, 1905
electrical equipment, n.d.
grilles, 1899
mantels, n.d.
plaster castings, 1917
144.Delco Light Co., Dayton, OH, n.d.
145.Denning Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, OH, hardware, notions, ca. 1906
146.Detroit Show Case Co., Detroit, MI, n.d.
147.Detroit Steel Products Co., Detroit MI, n.d.
148.Diebold Safe and Lock Co., Canton, OH, n.d.
149.Eugene Dietzgen Co., Washington, D.C., slide rules, 1915
150.Dispatch Printing Co., St. Paul, MN, newspaper, n.d.
151.Dubuque Alter Manufacturing Co., Dubuque, IA, n.d.
152.Durabilt Steel Locker Co., Aurora, IL, n.d.
153.C A. Dunham Co., Chicago, IL heating, ventilation, 1919
154.James S. Earle and Sons, Philadelphia, PA, statuary, plaster, 1886
155.Edison Electric Appliance Co., Inc., Chicago, IL, 1927
156.Edwards and Co., Inc., New York, NY, communication systems, ca. 1922
157.Elaterite Paint and Manufacturing Co., Des Moines, IA, n.d.
158.Electric Engineering and Supply Co., Syracuse, NY, n.d.
159.Elkay Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, plumbing, 1929-30
160.Embosser Sales Co., New York, NY, stationary, supplies, n.d.
161.Engineering and Contract Publishing Co., Chicago, IL, Building News, 1923-24
162.Erkins Studies, New York, NY, mantels, garden furniture, n.d.
163.Evans, Almerall and Co., New York, NY, heating, ventilation, 1906
164.Everson Filter Co., Chicago, IL, swimming pools, n.d.
165.Fairfacts Co., New York, NY, plumbing, 1926
166.Farley and Loetscher Manufacturing Co., Dubuque, IA, hardware, 1921
167.Federal Furnace League, Philadelphia, PA, heating, ventilation, 1912
168.Ferro Enamel Corporation, Cleveland, OH, n.d.
169.Fischer and Jirouch Co, Cleveland, OH, plaster ornaments, n.d.
170.W. F. Fitzgerald, Chicago, IL, directory, architects and engineers, 1927
171.Fond du Lac Church Furniture Co., Fond du Lac, WI, n.d.
172.Ford Motor Co., Detroit MI, Ford News, 1936
173.Franklin Pottery, Lansdale, PA, 1926
174.Friedley-Voshardt Co., Chicago, IL; decorative metalwork, ca. 1926
175.Fulton Co., Knoxville, TN, thermal controls, n.d.
176.General Electric Co., Bridgeport, CT, 1925-26
177.General Fireproofing Co., Chicago, IL, 1919
178.Genuine Bangor Slate Co., n.l., Roof Salad, 1909-12
179.Gerlach and Wiedling, Vienna, Austria, art supplies, n.d.
180.Gladding McBean and Co,. San Francisco, CA, roofing, tiles, 1923
181.C. P. Goerz American Optical Co., New York, NY, photographic supplies, 1906
182.Goodell-Pratt Co., Greenfield, MA, tools, ca. 1924
183.Gordon-Van Tine Co., Davenport, IA, hardware, lumber, n.d.
184.Gorton and Lidgerwood Co., New York, NY, heating and ventilation, n.d.
185.Gould Co, Chicago, IL, pumps, 1896
186. Grinnell Co., Providence, RI, water systems, fire protection, heating ventilation1, 921-22
187.Albert Grosfield, Inc., New York, NY, furniture, 1927
188.Gross Metal Products Co., St. Paul, MN, doors, n.d.
189.Edwin F. Guth Co., St. Louis, MO, lighting, 1925
37 190.E. Hackner Co., LaCrosse, WI, furniture, church, 1914
191.Frank A. Hall and Sons, New York, NY, hospital supplies, ca. 1914
192.William Hall and Co., Boston, MA, hardware, 1911-12
193.Hardwood Products Co., Neenah, WI, doors, 1921
194.A. D. Harnisch, Syracuse, NY, plaster ornaments, 1898
195.Harrisburg Star Boiler Co., New York, NY, heating, ventilation, 1913
196.Harrison Bros. and Co., Philadelphia, PA, paints, Specification Reminder, 1892
197.Hecla Iron Works, New York City, NY, ca. 1900
198.R. Heilman, New York City, NY, plaster ornaments, n.d.
199.Heine Safety Boiler Co., St. Louis, MO, heating, ventilation, 1899
200.Heinz Roofing Tile Co., Denver, CO, n.d.
201.Hess Warming and Ventilating Co., Chicago, IL, medicine chests, 1921
202.Heywood-Wakefield Co., Chicago, IL, furniture, school, 1921
203.William H. Hirsch, New York, NY plaster ornaments, 1886
204.Hires Tuner Glass Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1927
205.Hockaday, Inc., Chicago, IL, paints, ca. 1930
206. Hollow Building Tile Manufacturers Association of America: Cleveland, OH, ca. 1915
207.Honeywell Heating Specialty Co., Wabash IN, 1912
208.A. C. Horn Co., Long Island City, NY, waterproofing, n.d.
209.Henry W. Horst Co., Rock Island, IL, contracting, ca. 1914
210.Hospital Supply Co., New York, NY, n.d.
211. E. F. Houghton and Co., Philadelphia, PA, heating ventilation, The Houghton Line, 1916
212.Hub Electric Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
213.Hulson Grate Co., Keokuk, IA, heating ventilation, 1923
214.Hydraulic-Press Brick Co., St. Louis, MO, 1914
215.Robert Leal Hyett, Chicago, IL, architectural drawings, n.d.
216.I-XL Pump, Lumber and Manufacturing Co., Goshen, IN, 1893
217.Ideal Boilers, n.l., n.d.
218.Illinois Blue Print and Supply Co., Danville, IL, n.d.
219.Illinois Hydraulic-Press Brick Co., St. Louis, MO, 1894-95
220.Illinois State Department, of Trade and Commerce, Springfield, IL, safety procedures, 1917-18
221.Illinois Steel Co., Gary, IN, Rules and Regulations, 1922
222.Indiana Flooring Co., New York, NY
223.Indiana Limestone Quarrymen's Association; Bedford, IN, 1921-22
224.Institute of Industrial Research, Washington, D.C., metallurgy engineering, 1913
225.International Casement Co., Inc., Jamestown, NY, windows, 1915
226.International Harvester Co., Chicago, IL, tractors, n.d.
227.International Heater Co., Utica, NY, 1914
228.International NIckel Co., Inc., New York, NY, plumbing, 1929
229.Ivanhoe-Regent Works (G. E.), Cleveland, OH, electrical equipment, n.d.
230.Jacobson and Co., New York, NY, plaster ornaments, n.d.
231.J. H. Jansen, Cleveland, OH, books, architectural, 1930
232.Janusch Manufacturing Co., New York, NY, fireplaces, n.d.
233.Jarvis and Jarvis, Inc., Palmer, MA, wheels, 1930
234.Jiffy Fire Hose Rack Co., New York, NY, n.d.
235. Johns-Manville Architectural Service, New York, NY, electrical equipment, flooring, roofing, 1912
236.Johnson-Beckwith Equipment Co., Davenport, IA, heating, ventilation, 1927
237.R. R. Johnson and Co., Wauseon, OH, window shades, n.d.
238.Jones and Laughlin Stell Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, 1903
239.Kalman Stell Co., New York, NY, 1930
240.Kellogg-Mackay Cameron Co., Chicago, IL, heating, ventilation, n.d.
241.Kent-Castikyan, New York, NY, flooring, rugs, n.d.
242.Kerner Incinerator Co., Milwaukee, WI, 1928-29
243.Kewanee Boiler Corporation, Kewanee, IL, heating ventilation, 1900-01
1911, 1919
1921, 1923
38 244.Kewanee Manufacturing Co., Kewanee, WI, laboratory equipment, 1914
245.Kieley and Mueller, Inc., New York, NY, heating, ventilation, 1923
246.George Kilgen and Sons, St. Louis, NO, organs
247.Kinnear Manufacturing Co., Columbus, OH, doors, garage, n.d.
248.Kirsch Manufacturing Co., Sturgis, MI, draperies, n.d.
249.Kohler Co., Kohler, WI, plumbing, Heating, ventilation, 1928-29
250.Theodore Kundtz Co., Cleveland, OH, furniture, church, n.d.
251.J. and R. Lamb, New York, NY, furniture, church, 1893
252.Lathrop-Hoge Gypsum Construction Co., Cincinnati, OH, flooring roofing, n.d.
253.P. M. Lattner Manufacturing Co, Cedar Rapids, IA, heating, ventilation, ca. 1926
254.James Leffel and Co Springfield, OH, heating, ventilation, n.d.
255.Lehigh Portland Cement So., Allentown, PA, 1925
256.Libbey-Owens, Toledo, OH, glass, n.d.
257.George B. Limbert and Co., Chicago, IL, heating, ventilation, 1915
258.W.H.S. Lloyd Co., Inc., New York, NY, wall coverings, n.d.
259.Lockwood Glass Co., Ottawa, IL, 1913
260.Robert Loebeck, Chicago, IL, architectural drawings, n.d.
261.Lone Star Cement Corporation, New York, NY, 1934-35
262.Louisiana Lumber and Shingle Co., Dallas, Texas, 1921
263.Ludowici-Celadon Co., Chicago, IL, roofing, tile, 1930-32
263a.Lumberman's Association, n.l., The Lumberman's Handbook, 1880
264.Lundenheimer Co., Cincinnati, OH, hardware, engineering works, 1906
265.David Lupton's Sons Co., Philadelphia, PA, window casements, 1925-26
266.Lussky, White and Coolidge, Inc., Chicago, IL, tools, 1924
267.Lyon Lumber Co., Decatur, IL, house plans, n.d.
268.Lyon Metallic Manufacturing Co., Aurora, IL, furniture, home, n.d.
269.Majestic Co., Huntington, Inc., garage doors, n.d.
270.Major Equipment Co., Chicago, IL, lighting, 1928
271.Manistee Iron Works, Manistee, MI, pumps, 1924
272.Maple Flooring Manufacturers' Association, Chicago, IL, 1815
273.Marietta Manufacturing Co., Indianapolis, IN, vitreous marble
274.Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, 1924
275.Master Builders Research Laboratories, Cleveland, OH, flooring, concrete, n.d.
276.Mayer and Co., Munich, W. Germany, ornamentation, church, n.d.
277.McCray Refrigerator Sales Corporation, n.d.
278.McEwing and Thomas Clay Products Co., St. Louis, MO, bricks, ca. 1913
279.McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Inc., New York, NY, Engineering Record, 1927
280.McKeown Bros. Co., Inc., New York, NY, roofing, trusses, 1927
281.Merchant and Co., Inc., Philadelphia, PA, roofing, tin, 1894
282.Mesker Bros. Iron Co., St. Louis, NO, windows, n.d.
283.Mid-Continent Clay Co., Chicago, IL, roofing, tile, n.d.
284.Mid-Continent Construction Co., Chicago, IL, Wacker Drive, 1926
285.Midland Terra Cotta Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
286.Miles Laboratories, Elkhart, IN, almanac, 1936
287.E. L. Miller, Kansas City, Mo., heating, ventilation, 1923
288.Milwaukee Ornamental Carving Co., Milwaukee, WI, ornamental stucco, n.d.
289.Milwaukee Vault and Cabinet Co., Milwaukee, WI, plumbing, n.d.
290.Monarch Metal Products Co., St. Louis, MO, windows, weatherstripping, n.d.
291.Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, Doylestown, PA, n.d.
292.J. L. Mott Iron Works, New York, NY, heating, ventilation, plumbing, lighting, 1906
293.Morgan Co., Oshkosh, WI, woodwork, 1938
294.Morton's Salt, n.l., ca. 1933
294a.Mueller Co. Decatur, IL Mueller Record, 1938
295.W. H. Mullins Co., Salem, OR, sheet metal, ornamentation, 1904
296.Munich Statuary and Altar Co., Milwaukee, WI, ca. 1921
296 1/2.Elba Murphy Doorbell Co., n.d.
297.Murray Roofing Tile Co., Cloverport, KY, n.d.
298.National Association of Cement Users, 1912
299.National Association Master Sheet Metal Workers: Philadelphia, PA, 1909
300.National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York, NY, 1921
301.National Boiler and Radiator Manufacturers' Association, Geneva, WI, 1924
302.National Building Granite Quarries Association, Inc., Boston, MA, 1920
303.National Concrete Masonry Association, Chicago, IL, ca. 1940
39 304.National Electric Lamp Association, n.l., 1907-10
305.National Fire Protection Association, Boston, MA, 1913
306.National Highways Association, Washington, D.C., 1914
307.National Lathe and Tool Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1891
308.National Lead Co., New York City, NY, paint, 1913
Dutch Boy Painter, 1909-11
309.National Lime Association, Washington, D.C., 1921-23
310.National Lime Manufacturers Association, Pittsburgh, PA, 1916
311.National Lumber Manufacturers Association, Washington, D.C., n.d.
312.National Metallic Sash Co., Chicago, IL, windows, 1925
313.National Ornamental Glass Manufacturer's Association, Washington, D.C., 1919
314.National Paving Brick Association, Washington, D.C., n.d.
315.National Pressed Steel Co., Massillon, OH, 1919
316.National Radiator Co., Johnstown, PA, 1925
ca. 1927
317.National Slate Association, Philadelphia, PA, n.d.
318.National Steel Fabric Co., Pittsburgh, PA, metal laths, n.d.
319.National Terra Cotta Society, New York, NY, ca. 1923
320.National Terrazzo and Mosaic Contractors Association, n.l., 1926
321.National Union Radio Corporation, New York, NY, 1935
322.National X-Ray Reflector Corporation, Moline, IL, heating, ventilation, ca. 1916
323.Herman Nelson Corporation, Moline, IL, heating, ventilation, 1921
324.Nemadji Tile and Pottery Co., Moose Lake, MI, n.d.
325.Nevis and Haviland, New York, NY, wall paper, 1889
326.New Jersey Zinc Coil, New York, NY, roofing, gutters, 1925
327.Niagara Radiator Co., n.l., n.d.
328.Northwestern Expanded Metal Co., Chicago, IL, concrete, 1906
329.Northwestern Terra Cotta Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
330.Oak Flooring Bureau, Chicago, IL, 1924
331.Oil City Boiler Works, Oil City, PA, n.d.
332.Pacific Steel Boiler Corporation, Detroit, MI, 1930
333.Paige and Jones Chemical Co., Inc., New York, NY, 1924
334.Paine Lumber Co., Ltd., Oshkosh, WI, n.d.
335.Victor S. Pearlman and Co., Chicago, IL, lighting, n.d.
336.Peerless Unit Ventilation Co., Inc., Long Island City, NY, heating, ventilation, 1925
337.Perfection Shade Adjustor Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
338.Leonard Peterson and Co., Chicago, IL, laboratory equipment, ca. 1917
339.T. F. Phillips Altar Co., Dubuque, IA, n.d.
340.Phoenix Iron Co., Philadelphia, PA, wrought iron, 1886
341.Phoenix Slate Co., Wind Gap, PA, school supplies, blackboard, n.d.
342.Pittsburgh Reflector Co., Pittsburgh, PA, lighting, 1925
343.Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory, Pittsburgh, PA, engineering works, n.d.
344.Plymouth Quarries, Inc., n.l., n.d.
345.Portland Cement Association, Chicago, IL, 1919
ca. 1926
ca. 1933-34
ca. 1937
346.Nicholas Power Co., New York, NY, cameras, 1916
347.Pratt and Lambert Inc., New York, NY, paint, 1915
347 1/2.Proterol Corporation, wood
348.R.C.A. Victor Co., Inc., Camden, N.J., motion pictures, 1932
349.Radford Architectural Co., Chicago, IL, building plans, 1913
350.Radigan Bros., Gary, IN, furniture, office, n.d.
40 351.Rambusch Decorating Co., New York, NY, lighting, 1924
352.Refinite Co., Omaha, NE, water softeners, n.d.
353.Reflectolyte Co., St. Louis, MO, lighting, 1920
354.Republic Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, plumbing, n.d.
355.Reynolds Electric Co., Chicago, IL, kitchen machinery, n.d.
356.Reynolds Machine Co., Massillon, OH, automatic garage doors, n.d.
357.Richards-Wilcox Manufacturing Co., Aurora, IL, doors, 1926
358.Richardson and Boynton Co., Chicago, IL, heating, ventilation, 1921
359.Richey, Browne and Donald, Inc., New York, NY, windows, 1926
360.J.J. Ridgway, New York, NY, hardware, locks, n.d.
361.Oscar C. Rixson Co., Chicago, IL, hardware, 1926
362.Rock Island Bridge and Iron Works, Rock Island, IL, garage, n.d.
363.Rock Island Sash and Door Works, Rock Island, IL, 1911
364.Rock Wall Plaster, Chicago, IL, 1894
365.Rockwood Pottery Co., Cincinnati, OH, tiles, 1912
366.Roddis Lumber and Veneer Co.Marshfield, WI, n.d.
367.H. Roessing, Chicago, IL, stencils, n.d.
368.Robert Rossman Co., New York, NY, tiles, n.d.
369.Rolscreen Co., Pell, PA, furniture, draperies, Rolscreen Topics, 1930-31
370.E.W.A. Rowles Co., Chicago, IL, school supplies, blackboard, n.d.
371.Royal Bavarian Art Institute For Pictorial Paintings on Glass, Munich, Germany, 1908
372.Ruggles-Klingeman Manufacturing Co., Boston, MA, heating, ventilation, n.d.
373.Ruttan Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, heating, ventilation, 1888
374.Joseph T. Ryerson and Sons, New York and Chicago, hardware, n.d.
375.Sager Metal Weatherstrip Co., Chicago, IL, 1929
376.St. Louis Brass Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, MO, lighting, 1921
377.St. Paul Foundry Co., St. Paul, MN, cast iron, structural steel, 1922
378.Sargent and Co., New Haven, CT, hardware, doors, n.d.
379.Sasgen Derrick Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
380.Scanlan-Morris Co., Madison, WI, hospital supplies, n.d.
381.Schlage Lock Co., San Francisco, CA, n.d.
382.Conrad Schmitt Studios, Milwaukee, WI, stained glass, n.d.
383.F. D. Schoedinger, n.d.
384.Schwab Safe Co., LaFayette, IN, n.d.
385.Sectional Cottage Co., Chicago, IL, roofing, metal laths, n.d.
386.Frank A. Seifert Plastic Relief Co., St. Louis, MO, plaster ornaments, 1898
387.Serviceised Products Co., Chicago, IL, tile, n.d.
388.H. Sheeler and Son, Chicago, IL, building movers, n.d.
389.Sheet Steel Trade Extension Committee, Pittsburgh, PA, 1926
390.Sherwin-Williams Co., Cleveland, OH, paint, 1920
The Spectrum, 1906-11
391.Hamlin L. Shute, Indianapolis, IN, imitation stone, n.d.
392.Joseph Sibbel Studio, New York, NY, statuary, 1916
393.C. Sidney-Shepard and Co., Chicago, IL, roofing, 1892
394.Philip Insz Co., Baltimore, MD, glass cutting, n.d.
395.Simmons Co., New York, NY, hospital supplies, furniture, n.d.
396.Edward Smith and Co., New York, NY, paints, ca. 1901
397.Snead and Co. Iron Works, Louisville, KY, 1890
398.E. G. Soltman, New York, NY, architect supplies, ca. 1905
399.Southern California Home Builders; Los Angeles, CA, building plans, 1913
400.Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association, New Orleans, LA, lumber, 1910
401.Souther Lumber Manufacturers Association, n.l., 1904
402.Spaulding-Moss Co., Boston, MA, paper, n.d.
403.E. H. Stafford Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, school equipment, n.d.
404.Standard Plumbing Fixtures, 1920
405.Standard Steel Sections, Inc., New York, NY, stairs, n.d.
406.Standard-Tyler Co., Chicago, IL, elevators, n.d.
407.Stanley Works, New Britain, CT, hardware, 1926
408.L. S. Starrett Co., Athol, MA, engineering equipment, n.d.
409.Sterling Engineering Co., Buffalo, NY, electrical generators, ca. 1921
410.Stover Manufacturing and Engine Co., Freeport, IL, n.d.
411.Structural Slate Co., Pen Argyl, PA, tiles, 1921-23
412.Structural Steel Society, Chicago, IL, 1919-20
413.B. F. Sturtevant Co., Boston, MA, heating, ventilation, 1896
414.Charles C. Svendson, Cincinnati, OH, church ornamentation, n.d.
415.Sykes Co., Chicago, IL, doors, n.d.
416.Halsey W. Taylor Co., Warren, OH, water coolers, 1927
417.N. and G. Taylor Co., Philadelphia, PA, roofing, tin, 1909
The Arrow, 1908-13
41 418.W. H. Taylor, Des Moines, IA, coal chutes, n.d.
419.Thatcher Co., Newark, NJ, heating, ventilation, 1914
420.Timely Topics Co., New York, NY, watches, 1893
421.Toch Bros., 1908
422. Todhunter Inc., New York, NY, lamps, 1930
423.Trane Co., LaCrosse, WI, heating, ventilation, 1926
424.Traverstone, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, imitation stone, 1928
425.Trenton Potteries Co., Trenton, NJ, 1921
425 1/2.Tri City Brick Co.,1923
426.Truscan Steel Co., Youngstown, OH, 1926
427.Trussed Concrete Steel Co., Detroit, MI, metal laths, 1912-13
428.Trussed Concrete Steel Co., Youngstown, OH, n.d.
429.Trusswall Co., Peoria, IL, cement, n.d.
430.Turner Construction Co., Chicago, IL, building contracting, Turner Constructor, 1930-31
431.W. S. Tyler Co., Cleveland, OH, hardware, The Latch String, 1909
432.Union Fibre Co., Winona, MN, insulation, 1924
433.United Railways Company of St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, 1926
434.United Stated Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., sanitation, 1913
435.United States Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C., sanitation, 1923
436.United States Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., USGS, 1921
437.United States Gypsum Co., Chicago, IL, 1914
438.United States Metal Products Co., New York, NY, 1912
439.United States Radiator Corporation, Detroit, MI, 1922
440.United States Roofing Tile Co., Parkersburg, WV, n.d.
441.United States Rubber Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
442.United States Rubber Flooring Institute, Providence, RI, 1930
443.Universal Portland Cement Co., Chicago, IL, 1914
444.University of Illinois Engineering Experiment Station, Urbana, IL, steel, concrete, 1912
445.University Prints, Newton, MA, architectural supplies, 1927
446.Vendor Slate Co., Inc., Easton PA, n.d.
447.Vonnegut Hardware Co., Indianapolis, IN, Von Duprin Magazine, 1920-25
42 448.W.H.S.L. Co., New York, and Chicago, wall coverings, n.d.
449.Wagner Manufacturing Co., Cedar Falls, IA, garage doors, n.d.
450.Walworth Manufacturing Co., Boston, MA, hardware, 1925
451.Warner Elevator Manufacturing Co., Cincinnati, OH, ca. 1920
452.Waverly Oil Works, Pittsburgh, PA, n.d.
453.Wayne Oil Tank and Pump Co., Fort Wayne, IN, 1919
454.Weil-McLain Co., Chicago, IL, plumbing, 1926
455.W. M. Welch Scientific Co., Chicago, IL, laboratory equipment, 1915
456.Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., E. Pittsburgh, PA, n.d.
457.Wheeler Condenser and Engineering Co., Carteret, NJ, n.d.
458.White Door Bed Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
459.H. B. Wiggin's Sons Co., Bloomfield, NJ, wall fabric, 1903
460.William Bros. Boiler and Manufacturing Co., Minneapolis, MN, 1924
461.Williams Oil-O-Matic Heating Corporation, Bloomington, IL, ca. 1926
462.Wilson and Marshall, Chicago, IL architects, 1900
463.Wilson's California Bungalow, Los Angeles, CA, house plans, n.d.
464.Winkle Terra Cotta Co., St. Louis, MO, n.d.
465.Winn, Milmore and Porter, Chicago, IL, engineering supplies, n.d.
466.Winslow Bros. Co., Chicago, IL, ornamental iron, 1893
467.Wirt and Knox Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, PA, Fire protection, n.d.
468.Wisconsin Land and Lumber Co., Hermansville, MI, 1930
469.Max Wacher and Son Co., Cincinnati, OH, hospital supplies, n.d.
470.Wood Conversion Co., Cloquet, MN, insulation, 1925
471.L. Wolff Manufacturing Co., plumbing, 1905
472.Worthington Pump and Machinery Co., New York, NY, 1925
473.Yale and Towne Manufacturing Co., New York, NY, hardware, 1889
474.Yellow Pine Manufacturers' Association, St. Louis, MO, 1906
475.Youngstown Pressed Steel Co., Warren, OH, n.d.
476.F. X. Zettler, Munich, W. Germany, stained glass, n.d.
477.Zouri Draw Metals Co., Chicago Heights, IL, storefronts, metal

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