George P. Stauduhar:

An Inventory of the George P. Stauduhar Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Trade Literature, Contents of Oversize

43 American Greenhouse Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
American Laundry Machinery Co., Chicago, IL, n.d.
Beil and Hermant, Chicago, IL, plaster castings, ornaments, 1906
Benziger Bros., New York, NY, church ornaments, 1905
J. G. Braun, Chicago, IL, steel mouldings, iron ornaments, 1926-27
Chicago Architectural Iron Works, Chicago, IL, 1894
Decorator Supply Co., Chicago, IL, grilles, n.d.
James E. Earle and Sons, Philadelphia, PA, plaster statuary, 1886
Friedley-Voshardt Co., Chicago, IL, sheet metal, iron ornaments, n.d.
Albert Grosfiels, Inc., New York, NY, furniture, 1927
Hecla Iron Works, New York, NY, ca. 1900
Henry W. Horst Co., Rock Island, IL, building contractors, ca. 1914
International Casement Co., Inc., Jamestown, NY, windows, 1915
Jacobson and Co., New York, NY, plaster castings, ornaments, n.d.
Ludowici-Celadon Co., Chicago, IL, 1930-32
J. L. Mott Iron Works, New York, NY, electric lighting catalogue, 1909
44 Munich Statuary and Altar Co., Milwaukee, WI, ca. 1921
W. H. Mullins Co., Salem, OH, sheet metal, iron ornaments, 1904
National Lathe and Tool Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1891
National Terra Cotta Society, New York, NY, n.d.
F. O. Schoedinger, Columbus, OH, metal ceilings, n.d.
Frank A Seifert Plastic Relief Co., St. Louis, MO, plaster ornaments, 1898
Hamlin L. Shute, Indianapolis, IN, imitation stone, n.d.
Snead and Co. Iron Works, Louisville, KY, 1890
Standard-Tyler Co., Chicago, IL, elevators, n.d.
United States Metal Products Co., New York, NY, The New Ear in Building, 1912
W.H.S.L. Co., New York, NY, wall coverings, n.d.
Winslow Bros., Chicago, IL, ornamental iron, n.d.

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