Third Armored Division Association Archives

An Inventory at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Articles & Books

18 Historical & Pictorial Review, Third Armored Division, 1942
Historical & Pictorial Review, 36th Armored Infantry, 1942
Historical & Pictorial Review, Maintenance, Supply & 45th Medical Bns., 1942
Historical & Pictorial Review, Division Headquarters Company, 1942
19 Armored Force: Armoraiders Pictorial Sketch Book, 1942
Call Me Spearhead & Spearheading, 1944-45
Division HQ, Third Armored Division, 1945
"Dear Mom" by Glen A. Davison, 1945
36th Armored Infantry Personnel Directory, 1st edition, November 1945
Combat History of the 391st Armored Field Artillery Battalion (Neu Isenberg: Derndruck, 1945
Glen A. Jenkins, Battle History of "A" Battery, 391st Armored Field Artillery Battalion, 1945
Mission Accomplished, VII Corps, 1945
Anti-Anything: 486th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion, by Maj. John K. Walker Jr. ed., 1945
History of the 36th Armored Infantry Regiment, 1945
Five Stars to Victory...Task Force Lovelady by A. Eaton Roberts, 1949

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