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Army and Air Force Films, Captured German Films, 1936, 1940-45

32 Description of Archie Forsberg Motion Pictures, Sept. 13, 1985
Reel 1, Winter Olympics, 1936
Reel 2, Conquest of Belgium and France, First Part, 1940   German narration and music -- (first part broken off) officers; tanks; equipment; balloons; artillery; fortifications; trenches; ruined houses; Sedan; trucks; Verdun; bombing; aircraft; troops going through towns.
Reel 3, Conquest of Belgium and France, Second Part, 1940   City of Liege; pontoon bridge; horses; motorized column; Maas River crossing; Panzer attack; Stukas; French tanks; captured French soldiers going into camps; General von Reichenau.
Reel 4, U.S. Army film of 899th Tank Destroyer Battalion, 9th Infantry Division, First Army, 1945   V-2 on railroad car; German tank; U.S. tanks in German village; jeep; POWs; tank retriever; cleaning roads; German POWs; mine detection; autobahn; U.S. Army trucks; U.S. Armored column; swimming in river; oxen cutting grain; woman and boys cutting grain; boys and tent; boys and hay; oxen and reaper.
Reel 5, Air fights, 1944   Luftwaffe training film for the Focke Wolff 190 A-8 including about fifteen attack sequences on P-38 Lightning, B-24 Liberator and B-17 Boeing.

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