Third Armored Division Association Archives

An Inventory at the University of Illinois Archives.

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Maps, 1942-45

51 Cross reference sheets to oversize map collections in map file drawers
Andrew Barr
William D. Hill
Individual map gifts
Headquarters command map of Frankfurt
Red Cross maps of London and Paris
Cloth "escape maps" of France and Germany
Road Maps (folded) of France (1:1,000,000) and Western Germany, 1944
Brick, William B.
Combat Command B. S-2 Maps, 1944-45
Dugan, Haynes
Sachsen-Mitteldeutschland Shell Strassenkarte #12
France and Germany (Fabric,1:2,350,00)
Holland, Belgium, North East France, West and Central Germany, South East France, South West Germany, Switzerland, and German and Belgium Frontier (Fabric, scales)
Reference Legend, William D. Hill maps for overlays, 1942-45

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