Third Armored Division Association Archives

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Donor Correspondence & Recollections

52 Andrew Barr
Subject Files, 1942-95
Personal Affairs of Military Personnel and Their Dependents (War Department Pamphlet), 1942
Division HQ: Third Armored Division. Annotated Copy with family photos, greeting cards, and personal notes.
Spearhead in the West, address rosters, shipping tickets, and correspondence, 1946
Spearhead in the West, Andrew Barr's personal copy with clippings and annotations.
Arlington National Cemetery, Plaque Presentation, 1961-62
Third Armored Division Association Directories, 1961, 1970, 1978, 1988, 1991
53 Clippings, Christmas cards and letters, photos and obituaries re: Third Armored Division personnel, 1965-75.
Story of the Publication of Spearhead in the West, 1974
Publication of Spearhead in the West, 1974-77
Mons Headquarters Plaque Dedication, 1976
William Edie, Task Force Lovelady in the Ardennes, 1980
Archives Project, 1980-82
Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, 1982-95
Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge Maryland and D.C. Chapter, 1982-95
54 Correspondence Files, 1947-95
Third Armored Division Association Constitution, (2 folders), 1947-1990
Chapter Leaders, 1979-93
Domestic Inquiries, 1976-89
Reunion, St. Louis; Turner Publishing History Book, 1991
Reunion, 1992
Reunion, 1993
Fort Gillem Memorial, 1897-90
Third Armored Division Sundry, 1986-91
Wallace Caillouet, 1986-88
Haynes Dugan, (2 folders), 1989
55 Haynes Dugan, (2 folders), 1993-95
Robert Kaufmann, 1976-92
Division Personnel, 1950-90
Marvin Mischnick, 1986-92
Ernest DeSoto, 1975-87
Theodore Black, 1965-88
William Castille, 1986-87
56 Gunter von der Weiden, 1983-87
Frank Woolner, 1972-88
Helen Smith, 1986
General Correspondence (8 folders), 1982-95
Photos, mostly of Third Armored Division Association Reunions, 1991-92
Obituaries, 1995
57 William A. Castille, 1986-90
Reference File: 33rd Armored Regiment (includes insignia pins, regimental system pamphlets and correspondence, 1988-91.
Correspondence re: Third Armored Division Association, 1987-90
Correspondence with Fort Knox, KY U.S. Army Armor Center, 1986-90
Correspondence with Washington DC, 1987-90
Correspondence re: 33rd Armored Regiment , 1986-88
Colonel Welborn project, 1988
Coat of Arms project, 1988-89
Petitions for additions to Distinguished Unit Insignia for 33rd Armored Regiment, 1989.
58 Alfred S. Roxburgh, 1943-45, 1992-95
Correspondence, 1994-95
The 290th and 289th Regimental Combat Teams in Action, 24-26 December, 1944
This is Phase II of Roxburgh's project, released in July 1994)
The 290th and 289th Regimental Combat Teams in Action, 24-26 December, 1944--Sources; two folders, February 1995
The 29th and 289th Regimental Combat Teams in Action, 27-28 December 1944 (Phase III); two folders, April 1995
575th Signal Company program, Thanksgiving Day, 1943
After Action Reports and Journals, 289th Infantry, December 1944
75th Infantry Division Pictorial History, 1944
After Action Report, 897th F.A. Battalion, Dec. 1944-Feb. 1945
Dolphin Blue Diary, Third Battalion 289th Infantry, ca. 1945
King Company in Combat, 289th Infantry, ca. 1945
Recollections of Robert Keller from 1944-45, December 1992
Cannon Company and the Bulge, 289th Infantry, by Harold Shaddhay, Feb. 1995
Recollections of Philip R. Brodley, Jan. 1995
From Breckenridge to Braumlauf, First Battalion 289th Regiment 75th Infantry Division, by Tom Lehmen, May 1995.
75th Infantry Division History Conclusion, October 1995
Manhay-Grandmenil-Soy-Hotton Recollections, 1997-98
59 Alphabetical File, 1936-94
Baker, Manuel (54AFA), Clarence DeHaven, Mortain, Mons, Walheim, 1985-89
Balestrieri, Ralph (58AFA), 1984-89
Articles and annotated copy of The Story of the 58th Armored F.A. Bn
Ball, Claude, 1993
photographs, clippings on Maurice Rose
Boulger, Jack A. (G-1), Assignment to 36AIR, CPs, "Omaha Forward", 1941, 1945, 1987, 1998
Brewster, Olin F. (32AR), (2 folders), 1990
Ardennes, Manhay, Belle Haie, 1944-45
Armor on a Corps Boundary (re: Manhay, Malempre, Grandmenil; research paper by group of officers at Advanced Armor School in , late 1940's or early 1950's
"On the Job Training" by Elliott Goldstein (598FA, 106 Inf. Div.) on Baraque de Fraiture, Dec. 23, 1944, 1997
Brown, Dale E., 1986
Carney, William J., 1988
Cook, Leland (Jack), (3 folders), 1942-48, ca. 1988-91
Names and Addresses, 36th A.I. Regiment Directory, 1945-49
Photographs (some annotated), 1941-45
Training Notebook, 1938-44    Includes address lists, clippings and portion of diary (1944).
Corbin, Charles, (391AFA), 1988-89   Memories of Parfondruy, Belgium Dec. 1944
Corrigan, Paul W., 1987-89
Davison, Glen A. (HQ), 1946    Dear Mom (collection of letters)
DeSoto, Ernest J., 1986
Dessente, Ferdinand, 1994
The Ambush at Limont, Belgium, Sept. 1944
Dougherty, Edward E., 1988
Fontaine, Serge, 1991
The Fights of December in Stavelot, Belgium, 1994
Ford, Fred, 1936-37   Clippings of Col. L.L. Doan
Forsberg, Archie, German films, 1986
Goff, Leonard L. (32AR), Gen. Rose's death, 1983
Greenwalt, John M., 1989
Gregg, Lawrence (32AR), Propaganda leaflets, German photos, 1983
60 Correspondence, Abookire - Koski, 1988-
Hemphill, William, 1991   Three Normandy photos
Hill, William D., 1985-86
Hoover Institution, World War II holdings, 1991
Hoover, John, reunion plans, 1987
Jones, John T. (G-3), recollection of March 30, 1944 action at Paderborn when Ge. Rose was killed, 1992
Kauffman, Robert F. (36AIR), 1983, 1996
Grandmenil capture during the Bulge
"Emmaus resident rewrites World War II History" by Jim Knecht, ca. 1998
Koukl, Frank (G-2), 1987-96
Leonard, John J. 1948 Chicago reunion, 1985
Lindstrom, Harold, 1996   Combat History, F. Company, 2nd Battalion, 289th Infantry, 75th Inf. Div., Battle of the Bulge; A Veteran's Story: World War II
Lovelady, W.B., 1983-90   The Aachen battles, Sept.-Nov. 1944
61 Mahr, Donald O. (45th Medical Bn.), 1963
McIntire, Richard O., 1982, 1988   Diary, 20 June, 1944-7 May, 1945
Milto, Johnny J. (36AIR), 1941, 1944-45   clippings and pamphlets
Mischnick Marvin, 1985-96   1985 Newspaper photos
National Archives, Eisenhower Library, 1989-96
Peyser, Martin (83ARB)
Correspondence, Photos, and Military Documents, 1945-97
Medals and Dog Tags
Studio Photos from Camp Polk (1941) in Camp Polk frames, and reunion photographs
62 Raabe, Richard W., 1945, 1964, 1985, 1993   Command post locations
Reardon, Mark J., 1992-93   Oral histories on Battle of Mortain, Aug. 1944
Reinsche, Robert (143ASC), recollection of Nordhausen, 1995
Rogister, Henri, 1988-95
Kampfgruppe Peiper, 15-26 December 1944
Russell, Carlton P. (Executive Officer, 36th Armored Infantry Regiment), 1984, 1990
D-Day Recollection; Autobiography
Orders transferring officers from 2nd Armored Divison to 3rd Armored Division, 15 April 1941
Carlton Parish Russell: A Civilian Soldier, 1978 (revised edition, 1996.)
Ruth, Bill, 1994
The Last Request, Diary of tour of England, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, Sept. 1994
"A Pictorial Account of the May 12-241994 delivery of 27 memorial plaques to towns liberated by the Third Armored Division"., ca. 1995
"My World War II Experience with the Third Armored Division...Dec. 2, 1942 - Dec. 7, 1945", ca. 1998
63 Sanders, Frank J. (HQ), 1995
Maps, clippings, and documents, (2 folders), 1944-45
Scarbrough, George M. (23AEB), Liege liberation, 1989
Schneider, Verne (MB), 1990
Smoyer, Clarence, Köln tank battle, 1945
Socha, Edmund, 1996
Company C, 23rd Armored Engineering Battalion at Soy/Hotton, Dec 20-21, 1944; 1996
Spain, Cyril J. (36AR), 1988
Swenson, Harley E. propaganda leaflets, 1984-85
64 Third Armored Division, Dan Peterson, Frankfurt, 1987
Third Armored Division Association Archives, 1981-83
U.S. Military Academy, Holdings & George C. Garton Papers, 1991
U.S. Military History Institute, Carlisle, PA, 1991
Ussery, Leon , List of Col. John A. Smith material, 1982, 1985
Walker, John K. (486AAB), 1986
Warden, Jack B. (36AIR), 1990-95
The Battle for Hotton, December 1944
Weiden, Gunter von der, 1983-84
Willis, Donald J., 1988
Woolner, Frank, 1982-83
Young, Ralph F. (33AR), 1988
Zsido, George, 1982
Correspondence, Laing - Zimmerman, 1985-

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