W. McNeil Lowry:

An Inventory of the W. McNeil Lowry Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.




1 List of speeches and articles, ca. 1971
Ph. D. thesis--"Aldous Huxley: Humanist and Mystic: The Revolt Against the Reason in the 20th Century," University of Illinois, 1941
Bibliography, 1941
Abstract, 1941
Handwritten manuscript on death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, March 12, 1945
"Problems of Interpretation in Pirandello's Plays"--photocopy of handwritten manuscript
Journalism, 1947-49, 1951
Dayton Daily News editorials, 1947
"Balance Sheet on the Great Debate" (on foreign policy debate in Congress), The Progressive, March 1951
"Wanderer's Return" (on Non-Communist Left and liberals), The Antioch Review, Winter 1948-49
ANPA speech on responsibilities of the press, first draft, April 22, 1954
Dwight D. Eisenhower speech at Columbia University on intellectual freedom (written by Lowry--first draft, 1954), May 31, 1954
Published text, June 1, 1954
"Higher Education and the Individual," speech at Louisiana College Conference, March 1, 1957
"Institutional Cooperation in Higher Education," Midwest Conference on Graduate Study and Research, April 1, 1957
"The Role of the Foundation in American Society," The Nassau Club, Princeton, April 16, 1958
"Patronage of the Arts--The United States," Congress for Cultural Freedom, Berlin, June 21, 1960
"The Economics of the Arts in America," Voice of America Forum Lectures, Forum Visual Arts Series , 1960
"Music and the Ford Foundation," Music Journal, April, 1961
"The Ford Foundation and the Theatre," Equity Magazine, May, 1961
Talk on FF Program in Humanities and the Arts, American Federation of Arts Convention, Chicago, Ill., April 14, 1961
Arena Stage Dedication Address, Washington, D. C., October 9, 1961
Microfiche of Lowry speeches and articles, 1962-69
"The Ford Foundation and the Creative Arts," Los Angeles, Ca., January 10, 1962
"The University and the Creative Arts," Educational Theatre Journal, May, 1962
Reprint in The Art Journal, Summer 1962
"The Role of the Arts and the Humanities" by Lowry and Gertrude S. Hooker, American Assembly report on International Educational and Cultural Exchange, August 24, 1962
2 "The Arts and Philanthropy," Poses Lecture Series, Brandeis University, December 10, 1962
"How Are the Arts Best Supported?" Pomona College, February 21, 1963
"How Are the Arts Best Supported?" Arts & Architecture, May 1963
Remarks at Juilliard School Commencement, May 29, 1964
"The Foundation and the Arts," Manhattan School of Music Symposium, November 11, 1963
"The Commitment to Culture and the Arts," 46th Annual Meeting of the American Council on Education, Washington, D. C., (reprinted in The Educational Record, Winter 1964), October 2-4, 1963,
The Arts and the University by Lowry et al., Council on Higher Education in the American Republics, 1964
Eulogy for William McPeak, April 1, 1964
"Encounter with the Arts: The Clergyman and the Surrounding Culture," Jewish Theological Seminary--notes, October 20, 1964
"The Contemporary University: The Arts," supplement to Houghton Mifflin reprint of Fall 1964 Daedalus, March, 1965
"Art and Intensity," Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, Aspen, Colo., The Martha Graham Convocation, July 30, 1965
"So Much Activity, So Little Intensity" (adapted from "Art and Intensity"), Chicago Daily News, October 9, 1965
"The Resident Professional Theatre," transcript of background interview for NET, July 1, 1965
"Opportunities for Philanthropy in the Arts," Conference of Southwest Foundations, Houston, Texas, April 14, 1967
"The University and the Creative Arts: II," First Annual Fine Arts Festival, Edwardsville, Ill, April 16, 1967
"National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities: Part I - National Endowment for the Humanities," statement, Joint Open Hearing of the Senate Special Subcommittee on Arts and Humanities and the House Special Subcommittee on Labor, Washington, D. C., July 12, 1967
"Part II - National Endowment for the Arts", July 12, 1967
"Community Objectives in the Arts," The Arts in Missouri conference, Columbia, Mo., October 2, 1967
"The Arts in Education," Bank Street College of Education at FF new building, New York City, December 9, 1967
Commencement Address, Minneapolis School of Art, Minneapolis, Minn., May 3, 1968
Article for Houston Chronicle on Nina Vance, October 1968
"This Moment in the Arts," New Alley Theatre Dedication, Houston, Texas, October 13, 1968
"The Economic Crisis in the Arts: The Need for a National Policy," Ford Foundation Annual Report, November 1968
Reprinted in Cultural Affairs No. 5, 1969
"The Milieu Crisis in the Arts," Delos Symposium, 1969 Athens Ekistics Month, July 15, 1969
"The Role of Foundations in the Arts and Humanities," draft (unpublished) written for Encyclopedia of Education, August 1969
Speech on education of young people in the arts, Smith College--draft, October 3, 1969
"National Endowment for the Humanities," statement to House Committee on Education and Labor, February 4, 1970
"The Question of Balance," drawn from February 4, 1970 statement on "National Endowment for the Humanities," Cultural Affairs, Spring 1970
Presentation of Association of American Dance Companies award to Roger L. Stevens, June 5, 1970
Remarks on retirement from Century Club board of management, December 16, 1970
"Comparisons with a Large Foundation," chapter from The University as an Organization, Carnegie Commission, June 1971
"The New Centurions," speech welcoming new members of Century Club, October 5, 1972
Testimony on the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities, Select Subcommittee on Education, House of Representatives, March 20, 1973
Speech on future of opera and FF programs in opera, Central Opera Service, October 15, 1973
Comments on FF programs in music, Chairmen/Presidents meeting of Association of Independent Colleges of Music, Juilliard School, New York, October 30, 1973
"On Bearing Witness" (role of arts and humanities), Association of College, University and Community Arts Administrators, New York, December 16, 1973
Speech on role of arts, The Maryland Institute, April 28, 1974
Speech on and for Lyric Opera of Chicago, May 6, 1974
"The Arts and the Society," Jo Tyler Lecture, University of Missouri at Kansas City (see reel-to-reel tape, Box 54), May 7, 1974
"Notes on the Economics of Music," Duke University, Durham, N. C., October 18, 1974
Notes for Arden House talk on museums, American Assembly, November 1, 1974
"The Arts in America: Evolution and Tradition," Library of Congress, May 6-7, 1976
"Towards a Public Policy for the Performing Arts," Theatre Communications Group National Working Conference, 1976
"Art and Public Policy," Metropolitan Cultural Alliance Annual Meeting, Boston, Mass., March 9, 1977
NeWorld, Inner City Cultural Center, 1977
"Grant Makers, the Arts and Public Policy," Foundation News, March-April 1978
Letter to New York Times in response to "Cultural Apartheid" by Donal Henahan, September 11, 1977
"The Art Museum and Its Responsibilities to Society," Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, Fort Worth, Texas (2 folders), October 29, 1977
Unfinished book on arts after World War II--cross reference sheet (see "American Council of Learned Societies--Lowry book on arts since World War II (unfinished)," Box 40), 1975-77
Foreword to book by Danny Newman, ca. 1977
The Performing Arts and American Society, edited and with Introduction, Chapter 1 and Conclusion by Lowry, 1978
"The Role of the Artist in Education," Central Opera Services meeting, San Francisco, Calif., April 14, 1978
"The Arts in Twentieth Century America," Southern Assembly, January 1979
"Patronage of the Arts--The Private Sector," Harvard University, April 18, 1979
Statement on National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities, Subcommittee on the Department of the Interior and Related Agencies, House Appropriations Committee, April 24, 1979
"The Arts and Public Policy," Mid-America Assembly on the Future of the Performing Arts, September 13, 1979
Tribute to Ralph Thompson, 1979
Tribute to Nina Vance, Alley Theatre, Houston, Texas, March 3, 1980
Acceptance speech, Gari Melchers Gold Medal, Artists' Fellowship, April 24, 1980
"The State of the Arts Today," Great Lakes Assembly on the Future of the Performing Arts, Cleveland, Ohio., September 4, 1980
Letter to New York Times in response to "Needy Arts: Where Have All the Patrons Gone?" by Waldemar Nielsen, November 9, 1980
"The Role of Private Foundations in the Ninth Decade," National Council of Arts Administrators, November 14, 1980
Acceptance speech, First Annual John F. Wharton Theatre Award (see audiotape, Box 50), December 4, 1980
Tribute to Arthur Mitchell, Dance Theatre of Harlem, December 1980
"The Mix of Funding Sources and Objectives in the Arts Left by the '70's," excerpt from talk at Advanced Seminar on Corporate Contributions, The Conference Board, New York, April 30, 1981
"Orchestral Growth in the 80's - Blessing or Burden?" 36th National Conference of the American Symphony Orchestra League, Dallas, Texas, June 18, 1981
Presentation for panel "A National Theatre: Who Needs It?" American Theatre Association Convention, Dallas, Texas, August 9, 1981
"The Arts and the National Interest: A Time of Transition," Northeast Assembly, Yale University, September 24, 1981
"The Economics of the Arts," Encyclopedia Americana, 1981
"Humanism and the Humanities: An Effort at Definition," Conference on International Philanthropy and the Humanities, Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio, Italy, November 17, 1981
"The Evolution of Cultural Policy in the United States," U. S. National Commission for UNESCO, December 9, 1981
Tributes to Theodore Roszak, 1981
Tribute to Iris Siff, February 24, 1982
"Volunteerism Is Not for Free - Anybody's Business Is Nobody's," for New York Times, March 1982
"Tradition and Evolution in Public Policy in the Arts," Journal of Arts Management and Law, 1983
Presentation for panel Art and Contemporary Society, San Francisco Conference, Council on Foundations, April 6, 1983
"Why We Are Here," centennial of Bancroft School, April 1983
"Conversations with Balanchine," New Yorker, September 12, 1983
"Shepperd Strudwick (1907-1983)"--tribute, revised, November 1, 1983
"The Changing Scene in the Arts for Young Students," award to Arthur Mitchell, November 14, 1983
Malcolm Charles Moos memorial, 1983
The Arts and Public Policy in the United States, edited, introduction, and conclusion by Lowry, 1984
"Creativity and Maturity - Evolving Institutional Forms" (on relationship between boards of directors and artistic directors), Dance/USA Conference, San Francisco, Calif., January 27, 1984
"Who Are the Gift-Bearers?" adapted from "Creativity and Maturity" for possible talk for Independent Committee for Policies in the Arts, January 27, 1984
"Artists and Policies in the Arts," Century Club, March 1, 1984
"Funding for the Arts," Women's City Club of New York, October 22, 1984
Testimony on reauthorization of National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities Act of 1965, Subcommittee on Postsecondary Education, House Committee on Education and Labor, September 17, 1984
"Purging the Citadel," adapted from "Creativity and Maturity," American Theatre, October 1984
"The View from Today" (on Tamarind Institute), 25th Anniversary of Tamarind Institute, University of Southern California (see audiotape, Box 51), December 2, 1984
"Twenty Years Later" (on professional arts training), Commencement, North Carolina School of the Arts, June 1, 1985
"The Americanization of Classical Dance," Twelfth Annual Meeting, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle, Wash., June 26, 1985
Statement on charitable contributions, House Ways and Means Committee, July 8, 1985
"Creativity and Maturity - Evolving Institutional Forms," Ballet Review, Summer 1985
"Leadership Connection: The Board-Staff Relationship," 1985 Joint Meeting of the Mountain-Plains Museum Association, Western Museums Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 18, 1985
"Public Policy in the Arts," United States Information Agency seminar, Munich--note cards, June 27, 1986
"The Artistic Collective," National Association of Regional Ballet Artistic Directors Seminar, Sarah Lawrence College, July 29, 1986
"A Movement Comes of Age," on FF and theatre, Profiles, Theatre Communications Group (see first draft in "Theatre Communications Group," Box 47), 1986
"A Look at America's Resident Theatre Movement," Houston, Texas, September 6, 1986
Tribute to Mack Scism, November 5, 1986
"Conversations with Kirstein," Parts I and II, The New Yorker, December 15 and 22, 1986
Review of The Golden Donors: A New Anatomy of the Great Foundations by Waldemar A. Nielsen, ca. 1986
3 Woodstock Opera House, Woodstock, Ill. (correspondence), March 19, 1987
Tribute to Robert Mayer Lumiansky, ca. April 1987
"The Ford Foundation's Economic Survey," American Council for the Arts, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pa., December 3-4, 1987
"Homage to Vicente on His Eighty Fifth Birthday" (on Esteban Vicente), January 20, 1988
"Purging the Citadel - II" (on governance of dance groups), Dance/USA, January 31, 1988
Remarks at ground breaking of Irvine Theatre, University of California at Irvine, March 14, 1989
"From Patron to President: The View from Inside" (on Lowry as president of San Francisco Ballet), written for New York Times but not published, July 1989
"Strengthen the Structure of the NEA - Don't Weaken It," written for New York Times, December 4, 1989
"Alan Schneider the Man," University of Wisconsin, Madison, March 10, 1990
"The State of Governance in the Arts," Journal of Arts Management and Law, Summer 1990
Statement on artistic standards for Independent Commission on National Endowment for the Arts, July 23, 1990
Review of Holding on to the Air by Suzanne Farrell with Toni Bentley, Ballet Review, Winter 1990-1991
"I Remember Bill Ball," written for American Theatre but not published, 1991
"How Many Muses? Government Funding for the Multi-Cultural," review of Public Money and the Muse, Journal of Arts Administration and Law, 1991
"Aesthetic Choices and Social Changes: Art Institutions in the 90's," Arts Summit, CALARTS, July 12, 1991
Review of By With To and From...A Lincoln Kirstein Reader, ed. Nicholas Jenkins, November 1, 1991
"Helgi Tomasson"--Dance Magazine Award presentation, April 13, 1992