John C. Houbolt:

An Inventory of the John C. Houbolt Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.




11 Meeting of Langley Committee on Propellers: Talk before the subcommittee on propellers of aircraft, 1948
Research department meeting talk: on visit to Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough, England, 1949
"Institute paper": A recurrence matrix solution for the dynamic response of elastic aircraft (contains overheads), 1950
Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences: 18th Annual Meeting and Honors Night Dinner (agenda), Jan. 1950
Review of NACA research relating to fatigue and repeated loads: Analytical studies of the relative response of flexible airplanes, May, 1950
"Loads-Structures Conference": Some considerations of wing flexibility on airplane response due to gusts, March, 1951
"Conference on loads, flutters, structures": Correlation of calculation and flight test studies of the effect of wing flexibility on structural response due to gusts (contains overheads), 1953
Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, 22nd annual meeting: Some applications of generalized harmonic analysis to gust loads on airplanes, Jan. 1954
NACA Vibration Panel of Subcommittee on Propellers for Aircraft (comments, talk, minutes), 1954
NACA Vibration Panel of the Subcommittee on Propellers for Aircraft (minutes, agenda), 1954
ANC-1 Panel on Flight Loading Conditions; Symposium on Structural Aspects of Dynamic Response of Aircraft Gusts, June, 1954
Talk for High School Science Club (notes), 1954
Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, 23rd annual meeting: Coupled bending and torsional deformations of twisted rotating blades under arbitrary loading, Jan. 1955
School of Aeronautics, Perdue University: Talk on the analysis of aircraft structures subject to random loading, May 1955
NACA conference on Aircraft Loads, Flutter and Structures: On spectral analysis of runway roughness and loads developed during taxiing (contains overheads), 1955
NACA Vibration Panel of the Subcommittee on Propellers for Aircraft (minutes, summary of progress, notes), March 1956
NATO/AGARD (Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development), 3rd meeting of the Structures and Material Panel (agenda, summary of papers), April 1956
Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft fur Luftfahrt (WGL) meeting (Essen, Germany) (correspondence in English and German, agenda), April 1957
Paper presented at WGL meeting: On the response of structures having multiple random inputs (contains overheads), 1957
Research Department Meeting: Spanwise effects on the structural response of flexible airplanes in random gusts, Dec. 1957
26th Shock and Vibration Symposium: On the response of panels subject to a flow field containing random disturbances (contains negatives), May 1958
Flight Flutter Testing Symposium: On the prediction of critical flutter conditions from subcritical response data and some related wind-tunnel experience (contains overheads), May 1958
12 NATO/AGARD (Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development), 8th General Assembly: R.V. Rhode and J.C. Houbolt, The impact of space technology on research and development - structures and materials; J.C. Houbolt, Progress and recommended research activity on the runway roughness problem, Oct. 1958
NATO/AGARD (Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development), 8th General Assembly (correspondence and program)
"Structural Dynamics - Talk for Congress" (correspondence, agenda, visual material), 1959
Conference to Correlate Airfield Pavement Design with Aircraft Design (agenda), May 1959
American Society of Civil Engineers, Annual Convention: Some runway roughness studies in the aeronautical field, 1959
USAF Pavement Conference: Runway roughness studies, 1959
USAF Symposium on Fatigue of Aircraft Structures: J.C. Houbolt and R. Steiner, Prediction of gust loads in airplane and missile operations, 1959
USAF Symposium on Fatigue of Aircraft Structures (correspondence, abstract of the paper presented, notes), 1959
Aeroscience Laboratory Colloquium Series (abstract of the lecture delivered, correspondence), 1959
Institute of Navigation, 15th annual meeting (agenda, catalogue for Weems System of Navigation), 1959
Navigation in Space - sequence of lectures presented to the project Mercury astronauts: Some concepts in space navigation (includes overheads), 1959
Institute of Aeronautical Sciences (IAS)/NASA/The RAND Corp.: Manned Space Stations Symposium (program), 1960
"Re-entry Vehicle Conference": Some landing studies pertinent to re-entry type (includes overheads), 1960
American Rocket Society (ARS), Space flight report to the nation (agenda, notes, correspondence), 1961
International Academy of Astronautics, International Symposium on Space Flight and Re-entry Trajectories: Problems and potentialities of space rendezvous, 1961
NASA Administrator briefing: Rendezvous in space, 1961
NASA/Industry Apollo Technical Conference: Considerations of space rendezvous, 1961
G.C. Marshall Space Flight Center: Orbital docking study - Oral presentation, 1961
13 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) National Aeronautic Meeting, 1961
Institute of the Aerospace Sciences (IAS), Annual meeting, 1961
IAS, Aerospace Technology Panel for Aeroelasticity (correspondence), 1961
NASA/G.C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Saturn Program (SA-7) Conference, 1961
NATO/AGARD 12th General Assembly (program, correspondence, abstracts of papers presented), 1962
NASA-University Conference On The Science and Technology of Space Exploration (program, memos), 1962
American Rocket Society, 17th Annual meeting and Space flight exposition (program, discussion of papers presented), 1962
FY 1963 Budget Talk: Space Vehicle Research and Technology
New York University, department of Electrical engineering: colloquia (announcement), 1963
Symposium on Aerolastic and Dynamic Modeling Technology (security reminder with handwritten notes on it), 1963
American Mathematical Society: Rendezvous problem, 1963
General Precision, Inc.(GPI): talk on Some concepts in space navigation (report and handwritten notes, correspondence), 1963
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Guidance and Control Conference (notes, correspondence, program), 1963
IAS, 31st Annual Meeting (program, correspondence, abstracts of papers), 1963
14 Institute of Navigation, National Space Meeting (abstract of paper: Concept of navigation in space), 1964
AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (program, correspondence), 1964
AIAA 1st Annual Meeting (correspondence), 1964
Princeton University: E.G. Baetjer II Colloquia in Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences (announcement), 1965
General Electric - Aerospace presentation (contains overheads), 1965
AIAA 3rd Aerospace Sciences Meeting (correspondence, program), 1966
National Aerospace Electronics Conference (NAECON) (abstract of paper: On low altitude speed flight; correspondence), 1966
AIAA/ASME Structures and Materials Conference (abstract of paper: On gust response analysis; correspondence), 1966
Meeting on ground wind load problems in relation to launch vehicles (program), 1966
Amateur Astronomers Association of Princeton, NJ. (abstract of paper presented at the meeting), 1966
AGARD Specialists' Meeting on Stability and Control (agenda, correspondence), 1966
Royal Aeronautical Society's Centenary Congress/International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) 5th Congress (correspondence, abstracts of papers), 1966
AGARD Flight Mechanics Panel: On aeroelasticity for large aircraft (notes, figures, graphs), 1966
AIAA 3rd Annual Meeting and Technical Display (program, correspondence), 1966
International Conference on the Mechanics of Composite Materials: Abstract of the paper by J.S. Humphreys and J.C. Houbolt, Fatigue properties of composites, 1967
ASEE-NASA Summer Faculty Institute: Lecture on numerical methods in dynamic analysis of structures (handwritten notes, correspondence, program), 1967
Institute of Environmental Sciences (IES) 14th Annual meeting (program, correspondence), 1968
International Aeronautical Federation1968, 19th Congress (program, correspondence)
AIAA 6th Aerospace Sciences Meeting: Gust design procedures based on power spectral technique (includes figures, notes), 1968
15 AIAA/ASME 9th Structures, Structural Dynamics and Material Conference: E.G. Menkes and J.C. Houbolt, Evaluation of aerothermoelasticity problems for unmanned Mars entry vehicle(correspondence, visual material), 1968
Commencement address at Sweet Briar (abstract, notes, correspondence), 1970
AIAA/ASME 11th Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference (correspondence, handwritten notes), 1970
AAS/AIAA Technology Utilization Program Award Conference (agenda, correspondence), 1970
AGARD/NATO 31st Meeting of the Structures and Materials Panel: Abstract of paper on gust frequency response determination (also correspondence, agenda), 1970
Symposium on Aircraft Wake Turbulence (correspondence, published abstracts of papers), 1970
Talk at Joliet Junior College dedication ceremony (speach, correspondence, pages from various papers and journals), 1972
"Peak count (AGARD paper)" (contains calculations and correspondence), 1972
Dryden Lecture at AIAA 10th Aerospace Sciences Meeting: Atmospheric Turbulence, 1972
AGARD/NATO Symposium on Flight in Turbulence (correspondence, visual material), 1973
The Tau Beta Pi Association: talk on energy sources (visual material), 1973
"DGLR talk" (program, notes, overheads), 1973
Conference on a Proposed Power Spectral Gust Design Procedure: Short period response and 3-d gusts (overheads and notes), 1974
Seminar by J.C. Houbolt on Subcritical Flutter Testing Techniques, 1974
AGARD/NATO Meeting of the Structures and Materials Panel (correspondence, handwritten notes), 1974
NASA Symposium on Flutter Testing Techniques (agenda, correspondence), 1975
Slides for LRC Talk, 1975
NASA/Langley Directorate Symposium (notes, overheads), 1976
Transportation Research Board (TRB): Ride Quality workshop (correspondence), 1976
16 TRB Workshop on Vehicle Ride Quality (correspondence, agenda, final report), 1976
OAST Aviation Meteorology RD Retreat (correspondence, notes, minutes of the workshop), 1976
US Energy Research and Development Administration: Wind Characteristics Workshop (correspondence, progress report), 1976
NASA/OAST Program "Knowledge of Atmospheric Processes" (agenda), 1977
University of Tennessee Space Institute: Annual Workshop on Aviation Meteorological and Environmental Inputs to Aviation Systems: Abstract of paper: Airplane design for gusts (contains overheads), 1977
NASA Aviation Meteorology R&D Retreat (agenda, correspondence), 1977
NASA/UK Ministry of Defense meeting on joint aeronautical programs (agenda, correspondence), 1978
NASA Aviation Meteorology R&D Retreat (notes, agenda, correspondence), 1978-1979
University of Tennessee Space Institute: 2nd Annual Workshop on Meteorological and Environmental Inputs to Aviation Systems. Paper presented: Effects of spanwise gust variations (contains also correspondence, agenda and handwritten notes), 1978
Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics: Lecture Series "Aeroelastic Problems in Aircraft Design". abstract of paper: Flutter suppression and structural load alleviation, 1979
Meeting of Aerospace Flutter and Dynamics Council (agenda, correspondence, abstracts of papers), 1979
University of Tennessee Space Institute: 3rd and 4th Annual Workshops on Meteorological and Environmental Inputs to Aviation Systems (contains overheads), 1979-1980
Meeting of Aerospace Flutter and Dynamics Council (correspondence), 1980
Presentation: "Active Controls - A Review and Some New Notions" (contains overheads), 1980
NASA Symposium on Computational Methods in Non-linear Structural and Solid Mechanics (agenda, correspondence), 1980
Air Force/Industry Workshop on Fatigue Load Spectra Development for Aircraft (correspondence), 1980
17 AIAA 22nd Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference (correspondence, flyer)
AIAA 19th Aerospace Sciences Meeting. abstract of paper: Rolling moment induced by non-uniform spanwise gusts, 1981
University of Tennessee Space Institute: 5th Annual Workshop on Meteorological and Environmental Inputs to Aviation Systems, 1981
University of Tennessee Space Institute: 5th and 6th Annual Workshop on Meteorological and Environmental Inputs to Aviation Systems. Paper presented: Some gust research problems of the next few years (contains overheads), 1981, 1985
"Talks on Space Shuttle" (correspondence, notes, pictures), 1982
"DAR Talk" (articles from papers and journals about Soviet space shuttles, chemical weapons, etc. materials for presentation), 1983
"The USSR Threat" (overheads and their file prints), 1983
"Air power in the 21st Century" (overheads only), 1984
NASA-Langley: Wind Shear/Turbulence Inputs to Flight Simulation and Systems Certification Workshop (presentation, some overheads, notes), 1984
2nd Naval Space Symposium (program, correspondence, notes), 1985
About the "Talk on Twin-fuselage aircraft", 1986
Engineers' Club of the Virginia Peninsula: Presentation on The Cousteau Society "Turbosail" design ship Alcyone (overheads and their file print), 1986
"NASP": Visit of NASP Hypersonic Technology Group (presentations on hypersonic scramjets, key problem areas, etc.), 1986
"AGARD (John Glaser)": abstracts of papers and a paper by H.N. Murrow, K.G. Pratt, and J.C. Houbolt, NACA/NASA research related to evolution of US gust design criteria (also contains overheads), 1988
Talk at the 60th Shock and Vibration Symposium: Recent developments and directions in aeroelasticity and structural dynamics (contains overheads and their file prints), 1989
60th Shock and Vibration Symposium (correspondence), 1989
AIAA Workshop on Turbulence Forecasting, Measurement and Modeling with Emphasis on Fatigue Factors Affecting Commercial Airlines: presentation on problems of fatigue (contains overheads and their file prints), 1989
"Remarkable new findings for gust response of airplanes" (contains overheads and correspondence), 1989
"Robins Workshop" (Robins AFB, Ga.): Abstract of paper: Random thoughts on MSD in aging aircraft; presentation on fracture mechanics - MSD (contains overheads), 1991
18 The Lifelong Learning Society of Christopher Newport University (Va.): "Hampton Roads - The Cradle of Aerospace" (schedule and lecture notes), 1992
Virginia Air and Space Center: Apollo and Viking Anniversary Panel (contains correspondence and handwritten notes of the talk), 1993
AGARD 78th Meeting of the Structures and Material Panel. Paper presented: Special effects of gust loads on military aircraft, 1994
Master copy of the paper for presentation at Gust Specialists Group Meeting (contains overheads), 1999
Civil Service Retirement: materials for J.C. Houbolt's talk
Talk on Civil service retirement (overheads)
Talk on Civil service retirement (file print of overheads)
"Completed talks" (correspondence)
Fighter aircraft engine sizing trends (file prints of overheads)
Fighter aircraft engine sizing trends (overheads)
"Gust lectures" (handwritten notes)
"Navy" (overheads and their file print)
Presentation containing overheads [NASA, space shuttles]
Simplified Gust