John C. Houbolt:

An Inventory of the John C. Houbolt Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.




22 I and II (calculations)
2 degree freedom
2 degree freedom
2 degree freedom paper (contains 2 copies of J.C. Houbolt's paper Remarkably condensed results for the spectral gust response of an airplane with vertical motion and pitch)
2 degree freedom, Kernel Fnc., Slope of lift curve
2 degree of freedom (ARAP) (contains results of the longitudinal-lateral gust response, handwritten calculations)
5 stager (handwritten calculations, graphs, a drawing)
757 Loran C Receiver (calculations, correspondence, manuals)
841-A. Circumferentially stiffened cylinders under lateral pressure, 1945-1946
23 841-B, 1946-47
A; Early N and P; New N and P (also contains correspondence)
Acoustic resonators
Acoustic sources and air damping
Advanced K kernel function
AGARD gust data (also contains correspondence)
Aircraft configuration (on fuel conservation possibilities)
[Aircraft weight and balance (model A23)]
Airships (calculations, also contains correspondence)
24 Algorithm on FFT (Flight Flutter Testing), 1975
Analog exp. (also contains microform copy of R. Buckley, The fast Fourier transform and its use in digital power spectral and correlation analysis, 1972), 1974
B-1 / Flight data, 1976
Blanket machine, 1961
Calculations of f4=
Cantilever excitation
Centrifugal lifting rotor
C.H.A. (spanwise effects) (1)
C.H.A. (2)
Convection and spacial correlation
Conversions, Φ's, R's, P's, Υc, L by mixing length, L by Φ filtering
25 Combining loads
Copies of P (X. T) study
Correction of root reaction, 1955
Cross coupling terms
Curved beam, 1971
Deployable interceptors
Derivation for gust paper and other work
Design problems (also contains presentation on GE-UDF engines and a memo), 1981
Dissapative systems
Dynamic analysis of centrifuge, 1963
Dynamics I: natural frequencies, structural response, 1946-1947
Dynamics II: landing, gusts, hydrodynamics, 1943-1944
Dynamics III: methods of analysis, forces and moments, fig and indicial functions, swept wings, 1947, 1955
Electra (1)
Electra (2)
26 Electra (3)
Electra (4) (contains an article and abstract of J.C. Houbolt and W.H. Reed, III, Propeller-Nacelle whirl flutter, 1961)
Electra (5)
[Equation of motion]
Exact difference equations (contains overheads)
Example - old, 1948-1949
Exceedance of interaction curves
Extensions, winglets, flaps, B-planes
ERD evaluation
Exact solution for the critical stress of an infinitely low flat plate with elastically restrained edges under combined shear and transverse direct stress
Fatigue (1)
Fatigue (2)
27 Fatigue by crack growth
Fatigue machine
Filters (on two high-pass numerical filters; paper on digital determination of power spectra, notes)
Filters, improved Φ TR-199 Φ, swept sine (contains two papers by J.C. Houbolt, Tentative improved procedure for the digital determination of power spectra, 1966; Illustrative applications and error determination)
Filtering and statistical properties (contains a draft of a report by J.C. Houbolt, High-pass numerical filters)
Flat and curved plates
Flight flutter testing
Flight flutter testing, 1971-1974
Flight flutter testing correction
[Flutter; energy equation for plates; rapid calculation for influence surfaces], 1956-1957
Flutter analysis, ca 1957
Flutter and Fourier analyzer
28 Formulas and derivations used by A. Regier, 1945
Fourier analyzer
Fourier analyzer
Fourier dev. of kernel function
Fourier transform of Φ and K
G.E. I
General exceedance curves
29 General exceedance curves and various mission analysis
Gliding h ′ v ′ wind shear
Gravity gradient
[Grid performance analysis; gust loads]
Gust analysis
Gust analysis - original recurrence analysis, modal solution, simple damped mass oscillator, etc.
Gust history
[Gust loads], 1952-1953
Gust response
Hang glider
[Houbolt's correction function]
Kernel cv
30 Kernel and SK
Kernel function and 3-d flutter
Lateral gust response
Lateral gust response 1-degree freedom
Launch vehicle
[Loads sources of flight]
Low μ
LRCA (contains a copy of J.C. Houbolt's paper Impact of technical advances (sensitivity), 1980)
Mars entry vehicle
Math probing
Matrix characteristic equation
Method of modeling
Mode determination from slope measurements, 1956
Model analysis results; flutter flight test data, 1976
A more general range equation
More on the kernel functions; slope of the lift curve
Multiple sensors
31 N and P graphs
NASA - gust program
NCAR (contains two articles on turbulence by C.S. Morse and L.R. Cornman)
New simplified 2 degree for K+N0+4 aircraft
New thought on gust response
Non-stationary turbulence
Non-steady . μ files
Non-steady aero ∫'s
Non-uniform spanwise gusts lift and roll
Numerical filtering, 1957
32 Numerical methods
Oper. 1-8 redo; outlines (contains presentation on Analysis of aircraft structures), 1955
Orbits (contains memo on interplanetary trajectory program), 1959
Optimum filter
Optimum pred. filter
Optimum staging
Optimum staging
Optimum staging
P(T) study
Panel flutter
Papers on aeroelasticity
33 Parameter identification
Probability and game
[Program E; atmosphere and constants; airplane engine data; Sf studies; sensitivity studies; coupling of two DC-9's; twin B-1; two JT9D-7; model design; lift on swept wings; stability]
PVA 93-30BBN
PVA 93-31
Range paper, 1969-1970
Re-entry vehicle; X-15 landing analysis
Re-evaluation of γ and P
Rigid body, P 2 + Q 2, misc. response, β from R and Φ
34 Rings and shells (notes, calculations)
Roll (calculations and graphs)
Roll-response (calculations, paper on vehicle roll response, tables and figures)
Root behavior and flutter (calculations and graphs)
Rotating blades
Runway roughness (calculations, correspondence, printed paper by J.C. Houbolt, Mathematical treatment involved in development of roughness criteria)
Rutgers (calculations, memo, correspondence)
Rutgers - on jet VTOL engines, V/STOL aircraft
[Sensitivity study, error in h; longitude w; longitude E; LHA and longitude; star chart]
Shuttle ascent loads
Simplified solution for gust problem
35 Simplified rocket ascent (on vehicle design and various optional staging studies)
Some technical graphs and information
Some unfinished work on the stability of a short column
Sonic boom
Sources and sinks (a letter concerning the paper "Some new concepts in oscillatory lifting surface theory" and notes, also tree other papers on the same subject)
Sources; grids; w(x); w(-x); K; Fourier transforms
Space and time variant noise
[Steering control problem; Booster capability], 1963
Structures (on determinations; stability; properties of metals)
36 Subcritical flight flutter testing (analog experiments), 1975
Subcritical flight flutter testing, 1975
Subsonic design
Subsonic design (cont.) and lecture figures
Surface winds and gusts (objectives; individuals; trip schedule; findings)
Taxiing stresses
Tip off (contains photo and negatives)
Tip propellers
Tip propellers (contains overheads)
Thin strip column (fixed ends, energy; pinned ends, energy; free and restrained edges), 1942-1945
37 Torsion of propellers
TR-199; on dynamic gust response (memos, notes), 1962
Transient aerodynamics and the isoclinic wing, 1949
Turbulence meter
Twin fuselage (contains correspondence, articles, overheads)
Upwash corrections
Various math
Various problems (contains B-1 data, memo on flutter problem; aerodynamic circuit)
Various spectral matters
Vehicle design studies
Wake turbulence
WF - gust
38 WF (mission consideration)
Wing-tip propellers (research papers of 1969-1984)
Ar and K0 for various aircraft
K, k0, downwash
K for incompressible flow
K for 1011, DC10, 747, 727 (letters and data from P. McGowan, F. Hoblit, N. Crabil)
, (Calculations and graphs), 1979
K ∫reduced to sub ∫; exact ∫ ; K report 4 airplanes
l-p (calculations)
Φn (r)= ∫0 ∞ P (l) dl, N/N0= ∫ ; Φ 1 + Φ 2
Φwith time variation spanwise gust distributions
F + iG functions
h by least squares
f4 (two-dimensional gust effect)
α 2, R 12, Φ12, Rf
h for gusts z and Φ
Δ's low power airships (contains overheads)
39 Kÿ with filter
Δ divergence
w from z w from Φw (Includes 3.5" floppy disk)
α(l) and N0 (L)
h(α) and Fn
n m PT N0 (graphs, data)
K0 for swept wing
N0 by 2 degree gusts (calculations and two reports on turbulence)
α, v, m and weight of wing
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations, ca 1956-57
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations, 1963
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations and graphs, 1964
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations, 1972-1973
40 Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations
Unlabeled folder with handwritten calculations