John C. Houbolt:

An Inventory of the John C. Houbolt Papers at the University of Illinois Archives.




46 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
AIAA 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1981-1982
AIAA 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1981-1982
AIAA awards (correspondence), 1975, 1984
AIAA elections and honorary fellows, 1976, 1980
AIAA Fellows; Grade committee, 1980
47 AIAA Honorary Fellows
AIAA membership (correspondence), 1968
AIAA Princeton Section: information on possible speakers; colloquium series of NYU Department of Electrical Engineering
AIAA Princeton Section: meetings
AIAA scientific publications: J.C. Houbolt, Effect of non-uniform spanwise gust, correspondence concerning its publication, notes, 1975
AIAA tape series (on series of recorded lectures)
AIAA - treasurer's report, memos and correspondence, 1965-1968
AIAA VP and Fellows' letters (also contains three issues of the paper "Booster")
Local AIAA business: AIAA Princeton Section
American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Honors Assembly (Spirit of St. Louis Medal), 2000
Applicants (resumes)
Asim Sen, "Derivation of cross-spectra for two-dimensional gust structures" (paper, handwritten tables and graphs)
Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton, Inc. (ARAP)
ARAP - about the company: description, general information
ARAP: memorandums and notes
ARAP: memorandums, expense accounts
ARAP: official papers and records
"Life with Lois" - a farewell report for Lois (the secretary to J.C. Houbolt?)
48 California Institute of Technology: on electric analog computers
Astro-flying Club
Black Rock Gun Club
Cavaliers, 1977, 1986
Club 55
Club membership
Gun Club
Gun Club (NASSAU Gun Club)
Kiwanis International Club (Certificate of appreciation)
Letters; various action items
National Exchange Club - Freedom Shrine
Trap analysis
Trap and skeet analysis
Trap and skeet information
49 Cosmology (notes on cosmological problem)
Defense Science Board (DSB) (correspondence, appointments), 1992
The differential analyzer of the University of California, Los Angeles Ca., 1947
Department of the Air Force:MIL-A-008861A (USAF) and MIL-A-87221 military specifications
Department of Defense (security forms and notes), 1994
Dinner at the Century Plaza Hotel (guest list), August 13, 1969
Equipments (manuals)
Computers (HP calculators; correspondence)
Hewlett-Packard 97 (manual)
HP Fourier Analyzer System 5451A (system operating manual)
50 Texas Instruments: Programmable calculator (manuals)
Texas Instruments: SR-52 (Math Library MA 1) (Manual)
Texas Instruments: SR-52 (Statistics Library ST 1) (manual)
US Department of Commerce: Weather science study kit
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
FAA: technical proposal, reports, correspondence, 1975-1977
FAA (drawing), 1985
Garrick, I.E.
Garrick, I.E., Birds and bees and ESP, in the Torch, 1978
Garrick, I.E. (Flight flutter talk; correspondence), 1949-1950
Garrick, I.E., Non-steady wing characteristics
51 Inventions (contains letters and articles from journals)
"Kooky" Inventions
Joliet Junior College: Dedication and Open House, Oct. 22, 1972
Lunar Orbit Rendezvous and Interplanetary Missions (See also Map case drawers)
Apollo (clippings from different papers)
Apollo Rendezvous study evaluation (notes, correspondence), 1962
Apollo 11 (correspondence)
Apollo 11 observer certificates (2 copies)
Apollo 16 and Apollo 17: Tribute to Apollo Program (invitation), 1972, 1973, 1983
Briefing on Rendezvous for Dr. Seamans, Jr., Dec. 14, 1960
Grumman Aerospace Corporation: NASA/Grumman Apollo Lunar Module
Handbook of Lunar materials. NASA Reference Publications, 1980
J.R. Hansen, The genesis of the Lunar Orbit Rendezvous concept (first chapter of the draft and a letter from the author)
History of LOR
J.C. Houbolt, Lunar Orbit Rendezvous and manned Lunar landing, 1962 (contains copy of the article, photos and material for presentation)
Interplanetary missions model (drawing), 1963
Landing on the moon (5 color photos)
Life, Time, and LOR letters
LOR (briefing on the research of LOR; Trajectory consideration, by W.H. Michael, Jr.; handwritten notes and overheads), 1962
52 LOR (correspondence, Langley Researcher of March, 1983 and a special supplement to the Los Angeles Herald Examiner)
LOR and MOR (handwritten calculations)
LOR talks (handwritten notes and NASA publication "Apollo 8: man around the moon"), 1965, 1969, 1979
Lunar Committee, NASA/Langley (notes, memos, minutes), 1960
Lunar Rendezvous (charts)
Lunar Science Subcommittee (notes), 1961
Material for the two volume report on LOR
Mercury flights (proceedings of the conference on results of the first US manned suborbital space flight), 1961
Minutes of the meeting at Rockwell, Oct. 18, 1978
More on LOR: historical interest (notes, correspondence, journals: Aerospace Historian, 1971; R.C. Seamans Jr.: Action and reaction (the 1969 Minta Martin Lecture))
A. Rand, Apollo 11 (copy of the article)
NASA Ames Research Center: Adventure with Apollo
NASA Honor Award, 1963-1964
NASA Inter-center Rendezvous meeting, Feb. 27-28, 1961
NASA Lunar Orbit Rendezvous (handwritten calculations; hearing before the Committee on Science and Astronautics US House of Representatives), 1962
NASA: Planetary and Lunar sciences subcommittees (meetings, reports, correspondence, notes), 1961-1962
53 NASA/Langley Research Center, Manned Lunar landing through use of LOR (v. 1, 2), 1961
Rendezvous (references)
Reproduction of big charts _ LOR (contains negatives)
Salute to Apollo: National Space Club (an invitation), Jan. 22, 1973
Science and Technology (contains printout of articles by J.C. Houbolt, Manned Lunar landing via LOR and Technical aspects of the LOR; correspondence and visual material)
Scientific American (correspondence, notes and a copy of the article by J.C. Houbolt, Rendezvous in space), 1962-1963
Space Exploration Council (presentations), 1961
Various historical papers, 1960
Various Rendezvous meetings, 1969-1962
Viking 1 and Viking 2: sunrise and sunset on Mars
National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
National Academy of Engineering: 26th Annual meeting (correspondence, new members yearbook), 1990
54 National Academy of Engineers (correspondence, resumes), 1997-1999
NASA: Reunion, (Ashville, N.C.), 1976
NASA: Reunion II (Williamsburg, Va.), 1982
NASA Appointment
NASA: Equipment user's information, 1990
NASA: Honor Awards Program, 1969
NASA: Information
NASA: Organizational charts, 1962
NASA/Langley Research Center: Album on occasion of J.C. Houbolt's retirement, 1985
NASA/LRC, Dynamics Research Lab: memos and progress reports, 1960-1962
NASA/LRC "Non-supervisory performance appraisal" form, 1984-1985
NASA/Langley: Dynamic Loads Division - activity and personnel, up to 1962
NASA/Langley: Landing loads branch - key papers, current jobs, etc.
55 NASA memorandum: Reliability of complex research devices, 1960
NASA/Langley: monograph (correspondence, notes, space vehicle design criteria program)
NASA: design criteria monographs, 1967
NASA: space sciences (memos, program), 1960
NASA: TIROS III (photos), 1961
National Geographic Society: The Earth's Moon (map)
NATO/AGARD: Von Karman Lecture and other papers by R.C. Seamans, Jr., 1972
On Management (notes)
Odd problems (odd jobs; words; Data Guide's summaries)
The Orient Express of McDonnell Douglas, 1986
Pilot Exams
Aeronautical charts: NY, Philadelphia, Washington, Norfolk
Airplane (various articles)
AOPA Air Safety Foundations: Instrument written exam course; information manual and flight procedures; notes
Federal Aviation Agency: Instrument pilot examination guide; aircraft inspection handbook; flight test guide
Handwritten notes and graphs
Jeppesen airway manual services and pilot accessories; flight charts
56 Jeppesen instrument rating course for pilots
Pilot training manual (courses, tests)
REAC computers
Reissner, E. Lectures on topics from non-steady lift theory, 1948
Reports on meteorology
Rotor blades (various publications by different authors and handwritten notes)
Small aircraft - turbulence (various articles and papers by different authors)
Theoretical mechanics division
Travel (vouchers)
European trip (correspondence)
Log (travel info; US highway map and air atlas)
57 Travel vouchers, travel request forms, itineraries, 1983-1987
Travel reservation forms, 1972-1975
Travel reservation forms, 1963-1975
Travel vouchers, 1983-1996
Travel request forms, vouchers, correspondence, 1948-1963
Travel request and authorization forms, itineraries and tickets, 1976-1982
58 USAF Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)
Ad Hoc Committee on Air Base Performance (agenda of the meeting, presentation, contains overheads), Dec., 1986
Department of AF: monthly report of the Senior Executive Secretary, SAB, 1985
Members 1994: SAB membership rosters
On Rendezvous program, Sept., Nov., 1960
R.J. Patton and Associates (correspondence), 1994
R.J. Patton (correspondence), 1995-1997
SAB - orders: special orders for SAB trips; members list
Summer study (presentation, correspondence), 1995
Spring Workshop and Summer study, 1995
University of Illinois
Illinois Achievement Awards, 1980
Illinois Alumni Association: Reunion (includes photo), 1987
Illinois Alumni News: Article Eagle landed on the Moon, 1969
College of Engineering Alumni Award for Distinguished Service (notes, correspondence), 1997
College of Engineering: Structural Research Newsletters and correspondence, 1953-1955
Homecoming (correspondence), 1997
Homecoming (correspondence, itinerary, U of I, CE Home Awards Convocation, Illinois Alumni of July/Aug. 1997 and Jan./Feb. of 1998)
Univ. of Illinois: 1970 Commencement (commencement program, schedule of activities, correspondence)
University of Tennessee Space Institute (Tullahoma, Tennessee): To J.C. Houbolt In recognition of your efforts on behalf of the Space Institute, 1977
Dr. I. Velikovski (articles and correspondence)
"Venture" (notes on the boat "Venture")
59 W. Weeks, Independent determination of atmospheric turbulence scale and severity, 1971 (with acknowledgment to Dr. J.C. Houbolt)
Why space and the Moon (article from papers, notes, correspondence, statement made by J.A. Michener before subcommittee on science, technology and space in 1979, the National Geographic reprinted from July 1960)
Write Brothers: "Volume four - The nearness of distance"
Write-ups on future research ideas