2000 Annual Conference
Chicago, Ill.

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Review of AGENDA and REPORT from Midwinter Meetings, 15 January 2000
    1. Progress on Projects for 2000
      1. Membership drive
      2. Directory of Armenian publishers and bookstores Arleen St. Aubin
      3. Web Page Ani Matosian is looking for an appropriate site to transfer it as she has now graduated from UCLA and will no longer have access to the student site
      4. National Library of Armenia
      5. Bilingual guide
      6. Armenian Library Association
        1. Interest in sister library relationship

  3. IFLA Jerusalem, 17 August 2000
    1. Tour of Armenian Quarter, Program at Calouste Gulbenkian Library, and Reception at Armenian Patriarchate Sylva Manoogian
    2. Survey instrument development

  4. ALLIC/AAIP/Armenian Library Assn Library Travel Tour 2001 (Armenia) Shahé Sanentz
    Connect with IRC Eurasia Central Asia Subcommittee re possible regional conference in 2001; also, Opritsa Popa, UC Davis, who coordinated the Romania Library symposia; and Nancy Bolt.
    Sylva briefed the group on her preliminary discussions with Nerses and other leaders in Armenia. Shahe felt that the scope of the event ought to be defined: Would this be a plenary meeting leading up to a first international conference on Armenian librarianship in 2002? Would representatives from around the world be invited? Sylva will follow up with Nerses.
    Tour dates
    All agreed that 10 days would be an ideal period. Araxie felt strongly that more time ought to be spent in Armenia; likely ratio: 7 days in Armenia and 3 in Artsakh. September/October 2001 is the targeted timeframe. Arlene underscored the importance of dovetailing the tour schedule with other events/activities commemorating the 1700th anniversary.
    Prominent Armenian leaders to invite
    Sylva will approach His Beatitude Archbishop Torkom Manoogian. Other dignitaries will be considered.
    Tour logistics
    Sylva will coordinate with travel agents, with whom she has done business before, to fashion a travel package. Ara Manoogian (in Armenia) may help with touring/travel itineraries and logistics. Participants may stay with relatives, at hotels, with fellow Armenian librarians/families, etc. The estimated cost is roughly $2,000 per person.
    Tour objectives
    Visiting key libraries, universities, and museums and networking with leading librarians, curators, and intellectuals, as well as government officials concerned with information infrastructure in Armenia/Artsakh (Ministries of Education, Culture, etc.); an audience with the Catholicos of All Armenians; exploring the possibilities for establishing a library organization in Artsakh; Shahe suggested developing an ambitious agenda, involving a vision for an international Armenian federation of libraries/librarians, as this tour/gathering has the potential for becoming a launching pad for such an undertaking.

  5. ALA Annual Conference 2001, 17 June 2001, 2-5 pm, "Armenian Spirit through Its Folk Traditions"
    1. See minutes of 2000 Midwinter Meetings
    2. Appoint local arrangements committee

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