Current Co-sponsored Events
Past Co-sponsored Events:

Co-sponsored Events 2005-2006

April 2006

  • Jeffrey St. Claire's "Grand Theft Pentagon" Book Tour
  • The Future of Reform in Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Poetry, Politics, and the Profession: A Tribute to Cary Nelson
  • HIStory: A Tribute to August Wilson
  • "Reconociendo A Nuestra Juventud Latins" / "Recognizing Our Latino Youth"
  • Indigenous Rights in a Global Arena: Globalization from Below
  • Underfire: The Politics of Verticality
  • Race, Roots & Resistance: Revisiting the Legacies of Black Power
  • The Hidden Truth featuring Malik Yusef
  • Illinois Rainbow Families Conference

November 2005

  • Congress of Qualitative Inquiry
  • Emancipation Betrayed
  • Toxic Drift
  • Tuskegee Airman-Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Event
  • One Man Show
  • Sisters in Cinema
  • Rolando Hinojosa Lecture Series
  • Undocumented Students and Higher Education
  • Millercom Lecture Series: Judith Halberstam's

September 2005

  • WILL- The Struggle of Black America
  • Difficult Dialogues
  • Graduate and Profession Students of Color (GPSC)
  • Art, Activism, and the Fight against the Prison-Industrial-Complex
  • Rethinking Secularism in an Age of Belief
  • Global Peace and Social Justice Speaking Tour
  • Mexico Solidarity Network




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