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Co-sponsored Events 2006-2007

April 2007

  • A History of Violence
  • Critical Research Collaborative
  • Recognizing Our Latino Youth
  • 3rd Annual Race Against Racism
  • Women and HIV/AIDS in Africa and the Diaspora
  • Public Lecture: Doug Massey speaking on "Understanding America's Immigration 'Crisis."

February 2007

  • Illinois Programs Research Humanities Rhetorial Studies Reading Group
  • Purificando Nuestra Tierra/Purifying Our Land
  • Faith in a Multicultural Society
  • A Lecture by Philip Goff: "When I Feel Your Pain" Creates More Pain: Some Dangers of Creating Intergroup Empathy
  • Latino/a Youth Conference
  • 3rd Annual Qualitative Congress
  • Las Krudas: Women, Power, and Resistance
  • Activism, Language, and Literacy Research
  • Justice for Women of Juarez
  • Midwest Asian American Students Union spring conference
  • Lights, Camera, Indians
  • Young Professionals Mixer II
  • The War on Human Right
  • Capoeira
  • U.S. Congressman Luis Gutierrez's visit on campus
  • Wu Quing: A Global Perspective on Socially Responsebility
  • Coalition of Immokalee Workers Visit Champaign-Urbana

November 2006

  • Athenian Democracy: A Breeding Ground for Racialism
  • Solidarities Across Borders: Gender, Race, and Class in Post-Disaster Reconstruction
  • Film Festival: Screening of After Innocence
  • Other Heroes: African American Comic Book Creators and Characters
  • Floating Images and Ideas
  • In the Wake of 'Nigger Pixie'
  • The Future of Schooling and the Future of the World
  • Anti-Racist Conference
  • Asian American Studies 10th Anniversary
  • Aqui Luchamos, Aqui Estamos
  • Generation Change New Orleans Project
  • A Public Forum: Tim Wise speaking on White Privilege and Racism

September 2006

  • Chang-Rey Lee: A Public Reading and Forum
  • Helen Zia: Coalition Building among Marginalized Communities
  • Intersections of Aesthetics: A Conference on Asian American Performance
  • Latin American Film Festival
  • Jim Crow's Last Stand




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