Current Co-sponsored Events
Past Co-sponsored Events:


Co-sponsored Events 2008-2009

April 2009

  • Committee on Institutional Cooperation-American Indian Studies Consortium Tenth Annual Graduate Student Conference
  • Community as Intellectual Space Symposium: Critical Pedagogy/Community Building as Curriculum
  • Women of Color’s 20th Annual Conference: The Renaissance of the Black Woman
  • Dennis H. May Conference on Diversity Issues and the Role of Counseling Centers

February 2009

  • Latina Youth Conference
  • Semana de la Mujer (Week of the Women)
  • Feminist Futures
  • Rolando Hinojosa Smith, Jr. Lecture Series: Junot Diaz, a reading

November 2008

  • Art and Resistance
  • Terquedades/ Nuevos 'Sitios y Lenguas': (Re)Imagining Gender, Sexuality and Feminism in Latina/o Studies

September 2008

  • Scholarship of Engagement Learning Community: Perspectives on  Diversity and Service-Learning Reading group
  • Public talk by Dr. Sunaina Maria
  • 5th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry: Advancing Human Rights Through Qualitative Research






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