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Co-sponsored Events 2009-2010


April 2010

  • "The Slant World of Mexican Origin Populations”, a workshop on applied research with Dr. Carlos G. Vélez-Ibáñez
  • Annual Sociology Z Lecture given by Professor E. Anderson

February 2010

  • 3rd Annual Semana de la Mujer
  • 19th Annual Daniel S. Sanders Peace and Social Justice Lecture
  • 50 Years of Public Computing at the University of Illinois
  • Abriendo Caminos: A Family-Centered Approach to Wellness for Latino Children
  • CU Haiti Relief
  • Gilberto Cardenas - the role of Latina/o Studies in the Midwest and the art of successful fundraising and external grant writing
  • Ramón Gutiérrez “The Religious and Political Thought of Reyes López Tijerina”

November 2009

  • 2010 Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Symposium

September 2009

  • "And I Make All the Cracks in the Sidewalk: Chicanas and the Everyday": A reading and workshop with Marisela Norte
  • Marketplace Solutions: Segregationists and the Surprising History of School Vouchers
  • Human Rights Trials and Truth Commissions: What the U.S. Can Learn from Latin America
  • Learning to be Illegal: Undocumented Youth and the Confusing and Contradictory Routes to Adulthood
  • Julian Dibbell as a MillerComm Visiting Professor






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