Call for CDMS Co-sponsorship Requests

The Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society (CDMS) invites requests for co-sponsorship during each academic year. Requests in support of on-campus diversity programming that focus on race, diversity, and campus climate at Illinois should be submitted by the following semester deadlines: September 15, November 15, February 15, and April 15. CDMS reserves the right to request evaluation material from groups or organizations receiving funding. As part of our evaluation efforts, the Center collects feedback from event organizers. The feedback provided will help assess the quality of our programming, as well as direct future improvements. A CDMS Co-sponsorship Committee, working in conjunction with the Center's Director, will review all requests for co-sponsorship support. Requests must be submitted on or before the deadlines in order to receive full consideration. To help ensure an equal distribution of funds, $ 125 is the maximum amount funded per request with no more than $ 250 maximum funding granted to any one unit during an academic year.

Requests for support should be submitted using the "Co-sponsorship Request Form" located below.  All forms should be sent electronically to Decisions regarding support will be sent to applicants within a few weeks of each semester's deadline.

Co-sponsorship Request Form











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