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Mission Statement

May 16, 2002

THE CENTER ON DEMOCRACY IN A MULTIRACIAL SOCIETY (CDMS) is a unique interdisciplinary research and service institute organized around a commitment to the practice of democracy, equality, and social justice within the changing multiracial society of the United States. It includes a network of UIUC-affiliated scholars with an expertise in and sensitivity to the persistent and significant role of race in many aspects of life in the Unites States. The Center’s three core principles are to:

  1. Learn how to fully realize the benefits of diversity, negotiate conflicts, and form coalitions with individuals and groups of various racial and ethnic backgrounds;
  2. Empower members of the University of Illinois community to live in racially diverse communities, maintain friendships with people of different backgrounds and function more effectively in an increasingly diverse workplace by teaching and learning about racial diversity in formal classroom activities and informal interactions on campus;

  3. Prepare students for civic engagement and participation in a democratic society.





Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society
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