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Guide to Life Science Resources

When the university opened on March 3, 1868, seventy students began their classes. In April, Gregory employed Thomas J. Burrill as Assistant Professor of Natural History. Active in the Illinois Natural History Society, Burrill had graduated from Illinois State Normal College in 1865 with a degree in Natural History. He was in close contact with the leaders and literature of academic science.


The departmental Subject File, 1914-65 (Record Series 15/4/2; 7 cubic feet) contains correspondence about courses, personnel, publications, research, and space. The Newsletter, 1939-58 (RS 15/4/805; 1 c.f.) provides annual reports on staff activities, alumni, appointments, travel, visitors, and buildings. Statistical Reports, 1964-71 (RS 15/4/5; 1 c.f.) show staff appointments and time allocated to instruction, research, and service.

The Thomas J. Burrill Papers, 1854-1931 (RS 15/1/20, RS 15/4/1, RS 15/4/20; 1 c.f.) contain material on bacteriology, plant pathology, microscopy, and the application of scientific research to the agricultural and commercial needs of the state. The Charles F. Hottes Papers, 1891-1965 (RS 15/4/21; 2 c.f.) relate to plant physiology and adaptations, cytology, botanical research, German science, lumbering, and travelogues. The William Trelease Papers, 1868-1945 (RS 15/4/22; 3 c.f.) include material on biologists, taxonomy, oaks and agave, Wood's Hole, Missouri Botanical Garden, and the history of biology.

The Arthur G. Vestal Papers, 1899-1964 (RS 15/4/24; 3 c.f.) contain documents on botany field trips, grasslands research, and plant communities. The Robert Emerson Papers, 1923-59 (RS 15/4/28; 3 c.f.) relate to photosynthesis, solar energy, and publications. The Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers, 1924-73 (RS 15/4/23; 14 c.f.) contain material on photosynthesis, photochemistry, and nuclear policy. The Harry J. Fuller Papers, 1932-73 (RS 15/4/25; 1 c.f.) relate to botanical instruction and the Plant Sciences Bulletin. The Lindsay M.Black Papers, 1929-90 (RS 15/4/29; 4 c.f.) include files on plant viruses and cell structures.


The Stephen A. Forbes Papers, 1871-1931 (RS 43/1/15, 43/1/20; 41 c.f.) relate to entomology, ecology, the Illinois Natural History Laboratory, field work, and the collection of scientific information. The William P. Hayes Papers, 1907-67 (RS 15/8/21; 9 c.f.) include material on corn borers and insect taxonomy. The Gottfried S. Fraenkel Papers, 1925-84 (RS 15/8/22; 9 c.f.) concern marine invertebrate physiology, animal nutrition, insect pest studies, and marine biological laboratories.


The Frederic R. Steggerda Papers, 1924-71 (RS 15/17/20; 20 c.f.) contain material on medical research, high altitude stress, soybean nutrition, and calcium metabolism studies. The C. Ladd Prosser Papers, 1939-79 (RS 15/17/23; 1 c.f.) relate to departmental administration and marine research. The Don C. DeVault Papers, 1956-90 (RS 15/17/22, 8 c.f.) include files on photosynthesis, electron tunneling, biophysics, and cancer research. The Govindjee Papers, 1955-82 (RS 15/17/21; 1 c.f.) contain material on photosynthesis and chlorophyll.


The Henry B. Ward Papers, 1885-1960 (RS 15/24/21; 3 c.f.) relate to parasitology, German scientific research, microscopy, salmon research, and marine pollution. The Charles Zeleny Papers, 1890-1939 (RS 15/24/22; 9 c.f.) contain files on graduate work and research in experimental embryology, regeneration, and heredity. The Victor E. Shelford Papers, 1896-1965 (RS 15/24/20; 4 c.f.) include files on the ecological study of biotic and animal communities, natural areas, grasslands research, wildlife management, and ecological instruction.

The Leverett A. Adams Papers, 1919-61 (RS 15/24/25; 2 c.f.) relate to animal physiology and museum work. The Wilbur M. Luce Papers, 1924-79 (RS 15/24/27; 2 c.f.) document genetics research based on drosophila melanogaster. The Lyell J. Thomas Papers, 1908-66 (RS 15/24/23; 3 c.f.) include material on parasitology and the Illinois Junior Academy of Science. The S. Charles Kendeigh Papers, 1919-85 (RS 15/24/26; 34 c.f.) relate to ornithology, avian ecology, bird migrations, animal biology, and natural areas. The James B. Kitzmiller Papers, 1945-82 (RS 15/24/28; 1 c.f.) contain files on the cytogenetics of mosquitoes and malaria control. The Edwin M. Banks Papers, 1943-85 (RS 15/41/20; 12 c.f.) include material on animal motivation and instinct behavior, vertebrate psychology, and social behavior.

Departmental Records

Information on the development of academic departments, enrollments, and appointment of faculty is contained in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences' Departmental and Subject File, 1913-72 (RS 15/1/1; 72 c.f.). The School of Life Sciences Administrative and Research File, 1951-65 (RS 15/30/1; 6 c.f.) includes curricular material, administrative reports, and budgets.

Related Holdings

Information on early plant and animal life may be found in the archives of the Paleontological Society of America (RS 15/11/20; 25 c.f.).

Small collections relating to parisitology include papers of Ernest C. Faust, 1919-64 (RS 26/20/1; 1 c.f.), William W. Cort, 1964 (RS 26/20/2; 1 c.f.), and Paul C. Beaver, 1929-70 (RS 26/20/78; 1 c.f.). The Demitri B. Shimkin Papers, 1935-92 (RS 15/2/26; 21 c.f.) contain extensive source material on public health and tropical medicine. The Allan Chase Papers, 1933-93 (RS 15/19/120; 18 c.f.) relate to genetics and the history of medical science.

The Natural History Survey Subject File, 1879-1931 (RS 43/1/5; 25 c.f.) contains files on wildlife management, especially birds, fish, and insects. Entomological field work is covered in Correspondence Files, 1888-1919 (RS 43/4/15; 7 c.f.) and forestry field work is covered in Correspondence Files, 1919-29 (RS 43/2/1; 4 c.f.). The Ralph Yeatter Papers, 1932-70 (RS 43/7/20; 7 c.f.) include material on prairie chickens and habitats. Natural History Survey publications include research studies.

Additional source material for research in the life sciences may be found in official records, personal papers, and publications of the Colleges of Agriculture and Medicine and Department of Chemistry.

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This document is available as Life Sciences Research Resources at the University of Illinois Archives, Information Leaflet #8, March 1995, from the University Archives.

Last updated June 17, 1996.