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Image of Mother of God of Joy and Consolation Monastery, ca. 1918

Donald and Helen Lowrie Papers (RS 15/35/53)

The University Archives, with over 15,000 cubic feet of records, includes 15.3 million historical manuscripts. Organized in 1963, the Archives includes collections containing original source material on Russia and Eastern Europe.

A unique resource in the University Archives is its collection of published and unpublished reference material on archival and manuscripts practices and resources in other repositories. These include directories of archival agencies in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, papers and proceedings of the International Council on Archives, finding aids for collections relating to Russia and Eastern Europe in the National Archives and other American and western archival and manuscript repositories.

Temira Pachmuss Papers and Vladimir Zlobin Collection

Temira Pachmuss and Vladimir Zlobin Collection including personal papers of Temira Pachmuss (Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, 1961-99). (These papers are currently unprocessed). The collection also includes the archives of Russian émigré writers Dmitiri Merezhkovskii, Tatiana Manukhina, Anna Hippius and Zinaida Hippius which were purchased in the 1960s. These archives include publications, literary manuscripts, personal correspondence, business correspondence (primarily with publishers), newspaper clippings relating to the authors' works and lives, photographs, and memorabilia. The collection also includes the archives of Vladimir Zlobin, secretary to Zinaida Hippius containing manuscripts of Zlobin's works, correspondence regarding the publication of Merezhkovshii's works, and articles regarding Boris Saviknov

American Library Association Archives, 1853-1995 (1805 cubic feet)

Administered by the University Archives, the ALA Archives comprise 1184 record series on aspects of librarianship, college and research libraries, library education and international assistance programs, including a few files on relations with Russian and East European librarians. The Donald Davis Papers, 1991-92 (ALA Record Series 70/1/21; 1 cubic foot) and Marianna T. Choldin Papers, 1987-91 (UA RS 35/1/27; 1 cf) contain photographs and posters relating to the collapse of the Soviet Union. A microfiche guide to the ALA Archives was issued in 1988 and major series were listed on the Internetin 1994, revised in 1997, and updated continuously.

Paul B. Anderson Papers, 1913-82 (RS 15/35/54; 35 cf)

This major collection of a YMCA World Service official relates to work in Russia (1917-67), religion in the USSR (1939-82), Russian Orthodox Church (1926-82) and seminaries (1925-79), Russian Student Christian Movement (1926-77), Tolstoy Foundation (1942-61), YMCA Press (1921-82), East European Fund (1950-57), Chekhov Publishing House (1956-79), and the education of Russian emigres (1922-41). Published 107 page finding aid.

Watson F. Lewis Papers (RS 15/35/59; .8 cf)

Papers of Watson F. Lewis (1882-1949) YMCA Secretary serving in Archangel, Russia (1918-19) and Harbin, Manchuria (1920-21) contain correspondence, photographs, postcards, travel souvenirs, and YMCA reports regarding war relief and youth programs work of the YMCA in Archangel and Harbin (1918-21).  Photographs and correspondence with Mildred Lewis and others in the United States document Lewis' experiences and other observations on World War I, the Russian Revolution, and Bolshevik Revolution, British and other allied nations involvement in revolutionary Russia, Japanese involvement in Manchuria and Vladivostok. Unpublished 3 page finding aid.

Boris I. Balinsky Memoir, 1988 (RS 15/35/57; 3 cf)

Typewritten 341 page memoir of Boris I. Balinsky (1905-), including recollections of his early life in Kiev and Irpen; family and relatives; the Russian Civil War (1917-21), the College of Paul Galahan, appointments and research in embryology and histology; research on newts, stoneflies and mice; the Omelchenko Biological Institute; the Ukranian Academy of Science; the Kiev University; summer excursions to the Crimea and the Caucasus; scientific colleagues; the Communist Party; NKVD raids and trials; the imprisonment of his wife Katia (1937-39); military service (1935); World War II and the German occupation of Kharkov and Kiev; and emigration to Pozan, Berlin, Tubingen, Heidelberg, and Munchen; second marriage to Elizabeth Stengel (1947); research at the Institute of Animal Genetics in Edinburgh (1947-49); and departure for Johannesburg (1949).

William and E.H. Brandt Papers, 1807-1919 (RS 15/35/50; 8 cf)

The business archives of a London house trading with Archangel, St.Petersburg and the Hanse ports. 29 page finding aid.

Avery Brundage Collection, 1908-75 (RS 26/20/37; 139 cf)

A collection of documents on Brundage's career and international athletic competition. From a visit as a competitor after the 1912 games in Stockholm to official visits as president of the International Olympic Committee (1952-72), the Brundage Collection contains documentation on Soviet Sports, participation in international competition and Moscow's bids for the games. Published 317 page guide.

John R. Case Papers, 1889-1984 (RS 26/20/65; 1.3 cf)

Documents relating to athletic competition and travel in Russia in 1912.

Jack R. and Harry V. Harlan Papers, 1905-85 (RS 8/6/25; 6.7 cf)

Papers of plant geneticists and explorers who surveyed food resources in Eastern Europe (1919) and worked with N. I. Vavilov. 6 page finding aid.

Steven P. Hill Papers, 1965, 1968 (RS 15/20/20; .1 cf)

Tape recorded interviews of Russian filmmakers.

Samuel A. Kirk Papers, 1933-67 (RS 10/14/20; 7.3 cf)

Papers of an educational researcher, containing a report of a 1962 presidential mission to study Russian techniques and developments in treating mental retardation. 18 page finding aid.

Simon Litman Papers, 1865-1965 (RS 9/5/29; 6 cf)

Papers of an Odessa-born professor of Economics containing material on life in Russia before 1905 and Russian affairs until 1955. 5 page finding aid.

Donald and Helen Lowrie Papers, 1911-65 (RS 15/35/53; 1.6 cf)

Papers of a YMCA secretary who served in Russia and Eastern Europe (1916-32) and his wife who served in the same area (1917-24), including diaries, correspondence and photographs on work with prisoners of war, relief missions (1921-22) and Russian emigres in Czechoslovakia and Istanbul. 5 page finding aid.

F. F. Lumberg Manuscript, 1921 (RS 15/35/55; 1 cf)

Letter requesting aid for Russian technical personnel living in Finland.

Albert H. Lybyer Papers, 1876-1949 (RS 15/13/22; 19.3 cf)

A member of the American Commission to Negotiate Peace and the King-Crane Commission after World War I, Professor Lybyer specialized in the history of the Ottoman Empire and the Balkan States. 3 page finding aid.

Philip E. Mosely Collection, 1922-72 (RS 15/35/51; 40.6 cf)

Papers of an international relations professor who served as a State Department advisor on Russian affairs and president of the East European Fund (1952-61). Records relate to Chekhov Publishing House, Bilderberg Group, Dartmouth Conferences, Communist Party and Russian area studies. 79 page finding aid.

Andrew V. Nalbandov Papers, 1924-80, 1986-87 (8/7/27; 1.7 cf)

Papers including Vladimir S. Nalbandov's personal memoirs on his family in the Simferopol region, history of the 1917 revolution in the Crimea, emigration documents (1920-48) and journal (1924-54). V.S. Nalbandov (1874-1954) was the father of geneticist A.V. Nalbandov. 3 page finding aid.

Olympic Collection, 1975-88 (RS 26/20/137; 5.2 cf)

A collection of materials deposited with the archives to supplement the Olympic source material in the Avery Brundage Collection (RS 26/20/37), including publications and reports relating to Avery Brundage and the publications of the Montreal (1976), Moscow (1980), Los Angeles (1984) and Seoul (1988) Olympics and Olympic Organizing Committees (1976-88) relating to accreditation, ceremonies, competitions, events newsletters, staffing, meetings, reports, arts festival, public relations, programs, transportation and the Olympic games and villages. The collection includes documents relating the winter olympics at Lake Placid (1980), Sarajevo (1984), and Calgary (1988).

Charles E. Osgood Papers, 1939-82 (RS 13/5/20; 31. cf)

Material on psycholinguistics, semantics and cross-cultural research in Finland and Yugoslavia. 38 page finding aid.

Postcard Collection, 1895- (RS 39/2/28; 6.3 cf)

Views of East European and Russian communities and buildings.

Sophie Pregel - Vadim Roudneff Collection, 1926-74 (RS 15/35/56; 1.3 cf)

Emigre literary manuscripts including poetry, short stories, correspondence and publications relating to Novosselye and Sovremennya Zapiski, modernist poetry, emigre cultural life and links with the Soviet Union during World War II. Correspondents include Ivan Bunin, Aleksei Remizov, Nadezhda Teffi and Yurii Terapiano. 11 page finding aid.

Eugene I. Rabinowitch Papers, 1943-68 (RS 15/4/23; 8.6 cf)

1964 recollection of emigration in 1918. 15 page finding aid.

Russian Area and East European Studies Center File, 1954-84 (RS 15/35/1; 25.6 cf)

Area Studies center administrative file on exchanges, funding, publications and projects. 19 page finding aid.

Russian Student Fund Records, 1919-74 (RS 15/35/52; 7.3 cf)

Correspondence with applicants and recipients of loans from the Russian Student Fund. Four volumes of the Russian Student containing writing and art contributed by recipients and announcements, editorials and registers of students by curriculum and college. The series includes files relating to students, a directory of colleges attended by recipients, books, articles, awards and honors won by recipients; personal correspondence of Alexis Wiren; student data sheets and financial statements. 2 page finding aid.

Slavic and East European Journal Editor's File, 1968-76 (RS 15/20/51; 6 cf)

Correspondence, reviewer's evaluations and related material concerning manuscripts submitted for publication. 7 page finding aid.

Sound Recordings, 1936- (RS 13/6/5; 82.8 cf)

Taped recordings of lectures given on campus by Manley O. Hudson (1946), Alexander Kerensky (1944), Foy D. Kohler (1971), Countess Tolstoy (1949) and others and speeches on Soviet-American relations.

Soviet Interview Project Archives, 1980-87 (RS 24/2/50-51; 23.6 cf)

Soviet Interview Project Files relating to the systematic interviewing of a 2,750 person sample of emigres from the U.S.S.R. (1979-81) including contracts with the National Council for Soviet and East European Research and modifications (1979-88); correspondence with research team members, administrators and staff (1980-88); design, coding and validation of questionnaires G-1, G-2 and military experience questions (1982-86); coding manual; recruitment, language skills, and training of interviewers by the National Opinion Research Center; meetings with subcontractors, consultants and interested parties; Airlie conferences (1985-86); budgets (1980-84); progress reports, specialized projects concerning ethnic factors, emigration policy, Jewish studies, media and arts, food, women, computers, health, and mortality, construction industry, justice system, librarians, and science and technology data analysis and sampling at the Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (1983-88); research team and staff meeting (1979-85); conference papers and publications; publicity (1982-87); microfilming, security and archival procedures; specialized projects; and emigre interview projects at Harvard (1953) and in Germany (1983-87). RS 24/2/51, containing microfilm copies of questionnaires, is restricted. 23 page finding aid.

Soviet Interview Project Publications, 1980-87 (RS 24/2/852; 6 cf)

Project Publications (32/2/852), include 43 working papers prepared from the data obtained from questionnaires used in 1983 and 1986 interviews and include bound copies of ten papers given at the Airlie House Conference on, "The Soviet Modern Sector: Life, Work and Politics in Soviet Cities" (October 27-29, 1985).

John L. Strohm Papers, 1927-87 (RS 26/20/75; 29 cf)

Papers of John L. Strohm '35 (1912-87), including correspondence, journals, dispatches, manuscripts, publications, photographs, and films and recordings relating to agricultural journalism, foreign correspondence, Latin American trip (1941), European and Russian trips (1946), Europe and Saudi Arabia (1948), Southeast Asia (1950), Republican agricultural policy (1954-59), Russia and China (1958), Reader's Digest (1947-66), Terra Chemicals (1964-80), World Seeds (1966-82), Pakistan and Vietnam (1966-68), and the University of Illinois Foundations (1971-85). The papers include documents on hosting a Soviet farm delegation (1955), and speaking on world food production and hunger.

George W. Swenson Papers, 1957-77 (RS 11/6/21; 1 cf)

Report of a 1961 visit to Russian radio astronomy installations.

Joseph T. Tykociner Papers, 1900-69 (RS 11/6/20; 23.4 cf)

Material of a Polish research professor of electrical engineering who worked in Russia from 1900 to 1918. 69 page finding aid.

University High School Social Science Curriculum Study Center Materials, 1966-71 (RS 10/12/8; 2.3 cf)

Manuals and teaching materials on Russia.

George W. White Papers, 1924-83 (RS 15/11/23; 31 cf)

Geologist's papers including files on the Moscow Geological Congress (1937) and field trips to the Caucasus and Novaya Zemlya; and history of geology meetings in Yerevan (1967) and Prague (1968). 39 page finding aid.

Stanley and Zdenka Winters Czech and Slavic Posters, 1920-91 (RS 35/2/53; 3 cf)

Collection of poster art for cultural, political, and public events. 32 page finding aid.

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