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Guide to Sports Research Resources


The Avery Brundage Collection, 1908-75 (R.S. 26/20/37, 139 cubic feet) is the preeminent North American source for the study of the modern Olympic movement. It includes extensive files on the International Olympic Committee and its members, publications, circular letters, minutes and committees; National Olympic Committees; sports federations and organizations; the Amateur Athletic Union; U.S. Olympic Association and Committee; Olympic Games and regional games; over 100 scrapbooks; speeches; and periodicals. The Brundage Collection is supplemented by the Frederick Ruegsegger Collection, 1950-75, containing the papers of Brundage's chief advisor.

Other Olympic material is in the papers of John R. Case, 1889-1984, a hurdler in the 1912 Olympics, (R.S. 26/20/65, 1.3 cubic feet), and the papers of Harold M. Osborn, 1917-83, a high jumper and decathlon participant and medalist in the 1924 and 1928 Olympics, (R.S. 26/20/77, 1.6 cubic feet). Films of the 1936 games are in R.S. 26/20/76 and 26/20/88. An Olympic Collection, 1975-93 (R.S. 26/20/137, 6.4 cubic feet), contains publications and research studies for Olympic games since 1972. The archives also holds files on individual students and staff who have participated in the Olympics.


The Larry Miller Sports Videotapes, 1985-90 (R.S. 26/20/88, 145 cubic feet), include source videotapes, films and sound tapes for video movies on the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals professional baseball teams and the St. Louis Blues hockey team. The Lloyd S. Burdick Papers, 1911-49 (R.S. 26/20/27, 1.0 cubic foot), include clippings and documents about a football player with the Chicago Bears.


The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics (Record Group 28) includes football programs (1898-1993); basketball programs (1944-94); football films and videotapes, 1937-93 (31.9 cubic feet); basketball films and videotapes, 1940-93 (45.4 cubic feet). The archives includes films and videotapes of football highlights, 1946-92, and football and basketball coaches shows, 1985-93.

For the Athletic Association (1890-1989), the archives contains correspondence (1934-59), minutes (1924-31), conference minutes (1908-40), eligibility files (1936-53), financial statements (1921-52), interviews (1967-83), media information guides (1902-93), scrapbooks (1930-76) and the papers of Director George Huff, 1883-1947 (R.S. 16/1/21, .6 cubic feet) and faculty representative Leslie Bryan, 1907-68 (R.S. 4/2/12, 9.3 cubic feet).

The papers of Bob Zuppke, 1900-57, (R.S. 28/3/20, 3.7 cubic feet) and Ray Eliot 1922-79,(28/3/23 1.1 cubic feet) relate to football coaching from 1913 to 1959. The Forrest Peters Papers, 1922-60, (R.S. 26/20/48, .3 cubic feet) and Harold "Red" Grange Papers, 1923-91 (R.S. 26/20/177, 1 cubic foot) include clippings documenting football players' activities.

The Larry Miller Sports Videotapes include source films, videotapes and sound tapes for video movies on athletic programs at Kansas University, University of California at Los Angeles and University of Illinois.

Intercollegiate fencing is covered in the papers of Maxwell Garret, 1940-72 (R.S. 16/5/21, 3.2 cubic feet) and gymnastics in the papers of Hartley Price, 1928-77 (R.S. 16/3/22, 2 cubic feet).

The archives contains still photographs of players, athletic events, and facilities in the Photograph Subject File, 1890-1994 (R.S. 39/2/20), Daily Illini Photographs, 1967-90 (R.S. 41/8/11), and News-Gazette Photographs, 1935-64 (R.S. 39/2/20).

The archives holds film and taped interviews of Claude "Buddy" Young, Burt Ingwersen, and Doug Mills.


Intramural & Recreational Sports Scrapbooks, 1918-68, (R.S. 16/7/5, 9.1 cubic feet), and Participation Point Books, 1923-42, (R.S. 16/7/6, 1.3 cubic feet) record undergraduate involvement in organized sports activities.

The archives holds announcements, schedules, calendars, programs, guides and handbooks for later intramural programs. For 1930-35, the Chester Jackson Papers (RS 16/3/20, .4 cubic feet) include "interscholastic circus" material on competitive gymnastic stunts performed by student organizations.


Photographic holdings provide extensive coverage of state high school track and field competitions for the 1930-42 period (R.S. 26/30/5 and 39/2/20).

The archives holds Illinois State High School Basketball Tournament Programs, 1922, 1942-93, (R.S. 28/5/814), tournament films and videotapes, and local photographic coverage of tournaments and area high school games (R.S. 39/2/20 and 39/2/30).

The Larry Miller Sports Videotapes include films and videotapes on Indiana High School boys (1911-86) and girls (1976-86) basketball tournaments.

Sports Studies

The papers of psychologist Coleman Griffith, 1919-63 (R.S. 5/1/21, 18.3 cubic feet) contain files on his 1919-40 sports psychology investigations relating to university teams and the Chicago Cubs.

Sports psychology is also represented in the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity Archives, 1965-90 (R.S. 16/3/60, 2 cubic feet).

Sports conditioning and physical fitness are documented in the Thomas C. Cureton Papers, 1930-75 (R.S. 16/3/21, 3 cubic feet) and in the papers of A.W. "Fritz" Hubbard 1925-90 (R.S. 16/3/27).

Wheelchair sports are represented in the Rehabilitation Education Services Scrapbooks, 1947-86 (R.S. 16/6/12, 3.5 cubic feet).

Women's sports are documented in the Laura Huelster Papers, 1914-86 (R.S. 16/4/22, 5.3 cubic feet).

The Alyce Cheska Papers, 1966-89 (R.S. 16/4/23, 2 cubic feet), include the files of The Association for the Anthropological Study of Play, 1974-89.

Sports Slides, 1900-35 (R.S. 16/1/11, 1.1 cubic feet) include historical views of about seventy sports.

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This document is available as Sports Research Resources at the University of Illinois Archives, Information Leaflet #6, April 1994, from the University Archives.

Last updated June 17, 1996.