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Joining ICA-SUV

We warmly encourage archivists of university and research institutions from across the globe to join ICA-SUV. You can join ICA-SUV by joining ICA and specifying ICA-SUV as your section. You will find the necessary form and information at this ICA website.

You can join as either an institutional member (Category C) or an individual member (category D). Presently, the ICA website does not list the exact fees, but you can obtain that information by completing and returning the ICA’s “Pre-Application Form” found on the ICA’s site.

When you send the form to ICA, please also send an e-mail to the ICA-SUV’s Membership Committee. In this way, we know about your application and might be able to help expedite the process. If you need help with the process of joining, please contact one of the Membership Committee members below.

Membership Committee Members:
Juliane Mikoletzky:
Megan Sniffin-Marinoff:
Pat Whatley: p.e.whatley@DUNDEE.AC.UK
Moshe Somer (Honorary):