How to Donate to the NCTE Archives

The first step in donating materials is to contact the NCTE Archives Assistant regarding the materials you intend to donate.  The Archives may need some additional paperwork.  It is also important that the Assistant knows to look for your donation in the daily deliveries.


Once approved, donated materials should be transferred in the order in which they were created and maintained, preferably in their original folders with the folder titles.  A letter identifying the material (and if possible, an inventory or box list) should accompany the transfer.  Please include the following: donor’s name, address, relation to NCTE, and a brief description of the activity to which the material relates. 


Please see our contact information for the Archives' mailing address.


The Archives can also accept electronic materials. Please contact us for further instructions. Donations received electronically are maintained electronically; no print versions are being created at the present time. Received files will be converted to .pdf and made available on the web, unless other handling is requested.