Transfer Guidelines

Official Documents


Personal Papers


Documents that generally should not be transferred without prior consultation include:


All information formats (e.g., published, typescript, audio-visual, and electronic data, such as computer disks and files) are appropriate for consideration for transfer.  For documents in formats requiring any form of machine intervention, such as videotapes and computer files, consideration should be given to transferring the equipment needed to access the documents or, preferably, converting the documents to a format accessible to the archives' users.  Early consultation with the NCTE Archival Assistant is encouraged for all such materials.


This list is intended as a general guide.  If there are questions about records not listed here or questions about the retention or disposal of specific items, please contact the NCTE Archival Assistant.


Copyright Ownership Note

The National Council of Teachers of English Archives welcomes donations of all materials that give evidence to the history of the Council and its divisions, sections, and members. The Archives has recently expanded its services to accept electronic materials as many divisions and sections no longer print their newsletters, meeting minutes, and other historically significant materials. However, the NCTE Archives will not be able to accept electronic materials unless the depositor can provide proof that they have received copyright permission from the owner. The exception to this are materials authored by NCTE employees in the course of their NCTE work assignments, including the publications of NCTE units.