Fraternity Communications Association Archives

Fraternity Communications AssociationAs early as 1883, editors of 14 men’s fraternity magazines met in Philadelphia to promote the concept of interfraternal cooperation. Editors of National Interfraternity Conference member organizations met at an annual dinner for many years before officially organizing in 1923 as the College Fraternity Editors Association (CFEA). In 2008, CFEA became the Fraternity Communications Association (FCA).

In the late 1960s, discussions with editors of professional fraternity publications and women’s sororities brought about the realization that all editors would benefit from belonging to a single association. Since 1969, FCA has sought the participation of all Greek-letter society editors and their staffs in a spirit of interfraternalism that today encompasses more than 300 members including a virtual “alphabet soup” of Greeks: NIC, NPC, NPHC and PFA member groups. FCA is the oldest and most inclusive interfraternal organization and celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1998.

FCA editors were initially involved primarily in magazine production for their respective groups. Today, they embrace all formats of written and verbal communication, including public relations, promotional pieces, video projects, annual reports, and maintenance of web sites.

Fraternity Communications Association Archives

College Fraternity Editors AssociationFCA deposited its materials at the University of Illinois in 1999.  Archival records include minutes, administrative correspondence, officer and committee notebooks and packets, financial documents, historical scrapbooks and clippings, photographs, and publications regarding annual meetings, committees, daily operations, and the history of CFEA and the journals of its member fraternities and sororities.

Please visit the Archives database for detailed information on the contents of the Fraternity Communications Association Archives.


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