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home_logoSince its inception in 1902, the National Panhellenic Conference aims to bring cooperation and cohesion to issues affecting the whole of its membership while supporting and strengthening the autonomy, individuality, and diversity of each member sorority. All proposals brought before NPC must have unanimous approval of all members, allowing for individual prerogatives while striving for consensus. In tackling numerous issues, NPC emphasizes that its members are “groups of friends.” As stated in Baird’s Manual of American College Fraternities, “this principle has been scrupulously observed, and the historic record is a source of pride among Greekletter women.”

Because of NPC’s outstanding accomplishments as the oldest interfraternity organization, its historical records are valuable source material for research into the American Greek-Letter organization movement and women’s education. It is the purpose of the National Panhellenic Conference Archives, which is housed at the University of Illinois, to maintain historical records for research use.

National Panhellenic Conference Members, undatedNational Panhellenic Conference in the Archives

Archival records include subject files, individual fraternity records, conference proceedings, national conference files, Chairman’s files, committee files, photographs, slides, film, publications, directories, manuals, programs, reports, bulletins, and the National Panhellenic Review.  Please visit the Archives database for detailed information on the contents of the National Panhellenic Conference Archives.

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