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A new print created from a conserved woodblock.

The physical exhibit “History As Art: Turner’s Woodblock Prints, 1946-1974” was curated by Angela Jordan. Her original blog post on the woodblocks and the exhibit can be read at the following link:

The online exhibit “History As Art: Turner’s Woodblock Prints, 1946-1974” was adapted from her research by Caitlin E. Crane. The woodblock prints and card images for the online exhibit were scanned by Zach Lindeman.

In determining the physical locations of the sites depicted in the woodblocks, we are grateful to Kim Heft, of the Onarga Community Public Library District, and to Jenny Barker-Devine, of Illinois College. Other resources used for determine the locations of the woodblock sites were:

Baughn, James and contributors. “Old Stone Arch Bridge.”

Grennan, Rory. “Life and Death of the Elephant: the Secret History of the First University Building.” University of Illinois Archives. 9 November, 2012.

Historic Pullman Foundation. “The Town | Clock Tower and Administration Buildings.”

Satterfield, Rick. “Nauvoo Illinois Temple.”

Satterfield, Rick. “Nauvoo Temple.”

 St. Peter’s Church Preservation Committee, Grand Detour, IL. “About.” Facebook.

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