National Archives Conference for Fraternities and Sororities June 12-14, 2014


RS 41/63/536 Box 16: Purdue Convocation, 1954

Press Release


Welcome to the National Archives Conference for Fraternities and Sororities!


Building on the success of the first National Archives Conference for Fraternities and Sororities in 2010 and the following conference in 2012, the 2014 conference will bring speakers to the University of Illinois to discuss issues important to both the volunteer and professional archivists charged with preserving and maintaining the histories of their affiliated organizations.


This year's conference will address issues related to preserving digital objects, digitizing journals, artifact storage preservation and display, exhibit design, programs using interns and volunteers, and educational programming.


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“My sincere thanks to you for all of the excellent materials you made available to me and the other archivists in attendance at the recent seminar. I also have valuable notes that I made during every presentation. The two workshops that I attended have provided confidence that my information is correct and the knowledge I have gained has helped me to decide which ideas to submit to our board and executive director. I gave a 12-point presentation following the workshop showing how we could improve the museum and archives space. I received direct support from our ED and Board. We will soon be renovating our headquarters to reconfigure and add more office space. Part of that renovation will be a museum update and will provide more area to the museum. Also being added is an up-to-date space for storage of precious historical and archival items. The first planned office for the Museum/Archives manager will be included. Your workshops inspire me. Thank you for the time spent making the event worthwhile. I look forward to future seminars." --Shirley Gee, Kappa Delta Sorority


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Stewart S. Howe Endowment - Student Life and Culture Archival Program, University of Illinois Archives


North-American Interfraternity Conference


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