Research Guides at the SLC Archives

U of I History Projects:
A depression-era mural of campus life, circa 1930s.

Student Life at the University of Illinois: A Timeline

A timeline that spans the entire history of the University of Illinois: from 1867 to the present day. The document covers several facets of student life on campus as well as general milestones in the history of the University.


Daily Illini reporters in the newsroom, circa 1937.

Oral History Projects at the Student Life and Culture Archives

A page dedicated to the oral history projects being conducted by the SLC Archives. These projects document the stories of students during the Great Depression and the Second World War, as well as provide interviews with students, faculty and administrators involved with the efforts to create greater access to education for minority students during the late-1960s and early 1970s.

The Alpha Chi Rho House, circa 1956.

Greek Housing History at University of Illinois

The Society for the Preservation of Greek Housing (SPGH) and seeks to provides histories of fraternity and sorority houses at the University of Illinois.


Milk maids at the May Fetes, circa 1909.

Fraternity Chapter History Project

The Fraternity Chapter History Project is funded by Society for the Preservation of Greek Housing (SPGH) and seeks to provide chapter histories of every social fraternity and sorority that has existed, or continues to exist, on the University of Illinois campus.


Homecoming program, circa 1926.

Origin of the University of Illinois Homecoming

This paper details how the tradition of homecoming began at the University of Illinois and was influence by alumni traditions at other colleges and universities around the country.


Research Guides and Tools:

Housing erected for WWII veterans near University Stadium, circa 1946.

The University of Illinois in the Cold War Era, 1945-1975

This is an extensive research guide which details the SLC archival collections during the era of the Cold War. It includes brief summaries of record groups and background history that places the materials in their proper context. The guide covers free speech on campus, student life during the Cold War, civil rights struggles at U of I , student protest to the Vietnam war and university politics.

Primary Source VILLAGE Tutorial

A tutorial for students and researchers working with primary sources.

Ethnography of the University Initiative (external link)

UI cross-campus initiative sponsoring interdisciplinary undergraduate research on the University.


Resources on African Americans at Illinois

An overview of sources and bibliography about African Americans on the U of I campus.

Research Topics in the SLC Archives

A list of potential research topics that could be based on material from University of Illinois Archives.

Citation Guide

Guidelines for writing citations of documents in the University of Illinois Archives.
Digitized Publication Indices:

Digital Daily Illini Student Newspaper, 1874-1945, 1954, 1962-1985 (external link)

Daily Ilini Spectrum index, 1961-1978

Daily Illini Story Search Engine, 2004-present (external link)


Illio Yearbooks, 1895-2000 (external link)

Illinois Digital Magazine and Yearbook Collection (external link)

An digital archive of Illinois student publications: The Illio (1970-1989), The Illinois Society of Architects Monthly Bulletin (1916-1932), The Illinois Chemist (1915-1921), Arts for America (1894-1900).


Digital Board of Trustees Minutes, 1867-1996

University of Illinois History Resources:

University of Illinois History Bibliography (external link)

A comprehensive overview of primary and secondary sources related to U of I history.

UI Histories Project (external link)

A student project that traces the history of the University.

University Archives Blog

Updated regularly by University Archives staff with entries on items found in the archives, campus legends, University trivia, and new Archives acquisitions.

History of the "Fighting Illini"

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the term "Fighting Illini and its association with Illinois.

History of the Ku Klux Klan at the University of Illinois

An inquiry into the origins of the Ku Klux Klan organization on the University of Illinois campus. (PDF format, to download, right click and select "Save As")

World War II and the University of Illinois

An essay that details the dramatic changes on the University of Illinois campus during the era of the Second World War. (PDF format, to download, right click and select "Save As")

Sources from the Illinois Archives - For Undergraduate Rhetoric Program

A collection of digitized sources from the University of Illinois Archives.