NEH Grant Preservation of Stewart Howe Fraternity Collection

In December 2007, the Student Life and Culture Archives received $5,000 from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to re-house and conserve specific components of the Stewart Howe Fraternity Collection, a world renowned collection of national fraternity and sororities materials.  Soon after his 1928 graduation from the University of Illinois, Stewart Howe (1905-1973) established the Stewart S. Howe Alumni Service to provide alumni relations, communications, management, and fund-raising assistance to fraternities and sororities through 16 regional offices across the country.  The collection contains publications and records created by Howe operations as well as Howe’s personal collections of fraternity material.  The Stewart Howe Fraternity Collection serves as the centerpiece of the Student Life and Culture Archives’ national fraternity holdings and offers researchers from across the country an invaluable resource for understanding collegiate life. The grant will be completed July 1 2009.