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The Archives has several digitized records available to researchers. This list provides information abut accessing some of those records. All of them can be accessed via the University Archives website

  • Digitized Board of Trustee Minutes (record series 1/1/802)
    The Board of Trustee Reports from 1867-1994 are accessible via the Archives website. Click the search box on the Archives homepage and search “1/1/802.” When the results page appears, look for “Trustees Reports, 1867-” and click on that link. This will take you to the description of the materials. On the left is a link for “show digital content links.” Click the following links until you arrive at an index with all of the files. Click on the file name for the year corresponding to the last year of the Trustees Session (e.g. 1934.pdf = Minutes for July, 1932 – June, 1934).

    The BOT minutes can also be accessed via the UIHistories site linked on the Archives homepage. When you access the UIHistories site, click on “Digital Library” in the bottom left, then select the volume from the dropdown list accessed in the “Jump to Object” list.

    To access the minutes from 1994-Present, visit and use the links under Trustees and then Meetings.
  • Digital Daily Illini (record series 41/8/801)
    The Daily Illini (1916-45) and Urbana Courier (1903-35) are digitized and are maintained as part of the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection. Search for the Daily Illini on the Archives website or visit
  • Digital Illio Yearbook (record series 41/8/805)
    The Illio Yearbook has been digitized from 1970-89. This can be accessed by searching for the Illio on the Archives website or visiting
  • Digital Pocket Facts (record series 39/1/806)
    Pocket Facts is an informational pamphlet published by the University Administration and gives a brief summary of information about the three University of Illinois campuses. These files are digitally maintained on the UIllinois site -, but can also be accessed via a link on the Archives website.
  • UIHistories Project
    External resource created by Kalev Leetaru and officially linked through the Archives webpage. Contains numerous digitized resources including reference books, Board of Trustees Reports, course catalogs, campus maps, and building dedications. This resource is accessible via a link on the Archives homepage or via the following link:
  • U of I Student Life and Culture Digital Resources
    The SLC Archives at the University have created and compiled several useful resources including a timeline of University history, oral history projects, Greek housing and fraternity chapter histories, and several research guides that can point users towards resources built around a theme. This can be accessed via the SLC site.