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Computer Systems and Software Instructions

A Guide to the University Archives' Drives

  • groupfiles on Libsys5 : Archives administrative working space

  • Electronic Records Repository on Libsysdigi : electronic records processing and storage space (\\\archives)

  • archivesweb on Cooper : online content (\\\archivesweb)

  • Libsysmartin : audio-visual processing (Transcode folder) and storage (Preservation->Archives folder) (\\libsysmartin\Preservation or \\libsysmartin\Transcode)

Mapping Drives

  1. Go to My Computer. Under Tools, select Map Network Drive.

  2. Keep the Drive suggested. If you know the exact path to the server, type this information into the Folder space. If you do not know the exact path to the server you wish to map, input the drive you need to map from the above list and select the browse button. Select the appropriate folder path until you arrive at the appropriate folder.

  3. Click finish.