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Disability Digital Resources: Textual Documents

Accessibility Standards Project File (1955-1974)
The Accessibility Standards Project File has records spanning from 1955-74 from the work regarding the activities of the American Standards Association Steering and Sectional Committees, formed in 1959 to study the problem of architectural barriers in buildings used by people with physical disabilities (Project A 117). This is an interesting section if you would to learn more about the development of architectural and accessibility standards as it took place at UIUC.
Delta Sigma Omicron's Sigma Signs (1949-2007)
Sigma Signs is a publication produced by Delta Sigma Omicron since 1949 which covered the operations and activities of the rehabilitation service fraternity. The University Archives' collection consists of publications from 1953-57, 1960-63, 1965-67, and 1970-.
Delta Sigma Omicron Records (1948-2006)
Delta Sigma Omicron Records (1948-2006) contains correspondence, meeting minutes, financial records, event schedules and programs, publications (Sigma Signs, 1949-2006; The Spokesman, 1967-91), newsletters, announcements, by-laws, photographs, newspaper clippings, and press releases concerning the operations and activities of the rehabilitation service fraternity Delta Sigma Omicron, including awards banquets, fundraising activities (Wheel-A-Thon, 1979-2001), special events (Children's Holiday Party, 1976-2002), membership, funds, donations, committees, alumni information, event sponsorship, wheelchair athletics, and disability awareness. Major correspondents include Barbara Baum, Terrie Brewer, Peter Garceau, Joseph Gerardi, Maureen Gilbert, Bradley Hedrick, Phyllis Jones, Tom Jones, Joseph Larsen, Jeanette Nugent, Timothy J. Nugent, and Dale Prochaska.
Disability Reference File (1949-2002)
The Disability Reference File, 1949-2002, covers records from disability-related subjects, such as rehabilitation, wheelchair athletics, recreation, sports medicine, and others. Some contributors to this reference file include Frank M. Brasile, Stephen Figoni, Bradley N. Hedrick, Stan Labanowich, Marty Morse, and Timothy J. Nugent.
DRES Administrative Subject File (1948-2004)
Digitized Records from the DRES Subject File document the early history of the DRES program and also include annual reports and student orientation letters.
Expanding Horizons: History of DRES (1998- )
Expanding Horizons: A History of the First 50 Years of the Division of Rehabilitation-Education Services at the University of Illinois, an illustrated history of the Division complied by a commemorative book preparation and publication committee, including narratives, biographies, and photographs concerning the faculty, students, programs, and services of the division.
Gizz Kids/Ms. Kids File (1948-2006)
Digitized Records from the Gizz Kids/Ms. Kids File include administrative correspondence and promotional materials, illustrating ways in which the teams' activities built confidence and promoted better understanding of people with disabilities.
National Wheelchair Basketball Association Newsletters
The NWBA Newsletters provide an excellent method to track the expansion of wheelchair basketball from its development in the late 1940s at the University of Illinois. The record series in which these materials are held offers similar documentation for other allied organizations.
Recreation and Athletics Subject File (1948-2003)
The Recreation and Athletics subject file illustrates the ways in which DRES and its students used sport to build skills and respect within the University and state. We have digitized a small number of items shedding light on the growth of sports programs.
Tim Nugent Papers (1939-2007)
At present this section only contains items from Box 21 of the collection of Tim Nugent's papers. This box contains three items from the Folder 18: Architectural Barriers and Accessibility, 1936, 1958-62 and one item from Folder 8: Newsletters Related to Disability, 1980-99.